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Missionary Chandra


I was born on August 3, 1970 into a non-Christian family in Nepal. We had many religious rituals to perform daily.
As I grew up, I hated all these practices, but was interested in social work. In spite of all these I had no peace in my life.
I was in search of peace and joy. One day I heard someone preaching the living God. I met the man who was speaking from the Word. After he finished, he gave us chance to submit our lives to Jesus. There I repented of my sins and received Jesus. Following the prayer, I was able to feel great happiness.
When the people of my society came to know about my decision to follow Christ, they started behaving strangely with me. I felt very lonely in that village, yet in the midst of all the trouble He strengthened me. Also I shared the Gospel with my parents and they also accepted Him as their Savior.
As I spent time in prayer, God spoke to me and I recognized my call to serve Him. I joined a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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