KP Yohannan has been crisscrossing the globe for over 40 years — challenging the Body of Christ to live a radical lifestyle with an all-out commitment to sharing Jesus with the lost world — leaving a lasting impact on nearly every continent.

GFA Minute is calling listeners to make the decision to live in the light of eternity

“I like that the feature is to the point. Messages and stories are challenging. Good quality sound and production. Offers a way for listeners to find out more.”

Colleen Dick
General Manager
WWIP Radio

“KP’s delivery is unique! The pace of delivery gives you time to think about his point. He delivers the feel of a wise, gentle sage as he delivers truth in love.”

Brian Harcey
General Manager
WLJN Radio

“I love this concept. I think the music is perfect. Content is solid. KP is such a fantastic storyteller. I wouldn’t change a thing about these. Well done!”

Big Wave Dave
On-Air Personality
KFSH 95.9 FM The Fish Los Angeles

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K.P. Yohannan - Revolution in World Missions

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The Lord is using Clean Water and Hygiene solutions such Jesus Wells, Bio Sand Water filters, and Private outdoor toilets in a powerful way. Providing safe, clean water is a practical way to show people how much God loves and cares for them. It also provides opportunities for missionaries to build stronger relationships with those in their community. In addition, more than a billion people worldwide have no choice but to go to the bathroom out in the open, which poses many risks, especially for women and girls who venture into open fields under the cover of darkness. Private outdoor toilets also spare families from disease and protects the dignity of men and women.

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