Gifts that help rescue families from poverty & bring Christ’s love

Gifts that help rescue families from poverty & bring Christ’s love

You can touch the lives of the needy through gifts like chickens, rickshaws and Bibles. Your generosity through gifts like livestock will not only provide a source of income to people burdened by poverty—the gifts will also demonstrate Christ's deep love for them.

Over 100,000 families have been helped and many have embraced the love of Christ as a result.

100% of what you give for Christmas gifts goes to the field.

100% of what you give for Christmas gifts goes to the field.

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Chickens make lots of eggs

For only $11 a pair, it’s a great way to provide a steady income for a family in Asia.

Milk-Producing Goats

Goats provide plenty of milk to drink and sell. A poor family would be blessed by the gift of a goat.

Bicycles Move Missionaries

Traveling from village to village is no longer a difficult burden for missionaries with this gift.

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Jesus Wells Change Whole Villages

Wells are the most cost-effective way to provide clean, fresh water to hundreds of people.

BioSand Water Filters

These simple filters remove impurities, providing clean water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure.

Widows and Abandoned Children Ministry

Widows are viewed as cursed in South Asia. Abandoned children aren’t viewed much better. Provide them hope this year.

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See the entire catalog of ways to bless those in Asia.

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Visit the Gospel for Asia Store for books by K.P. Yohannan, DVD's, CD's and other helpful resources. The GFA Store is a separate shopping cart.

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Reach a Village Through Sponsorship

Give the Good News of Christ to a family or village by sending a national missionary or giving the gift of education to a needy child—for a whole year.

Reach a village

Christmas Packages

Save time on your Christmas Catalog shopping—choose conveniently prepackaged gifts and bless many families in Asia.

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Download four free Christmas coloring sheets to help your kids understand how simple gifts can impact those in Asia with Jesus’ love.

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