Pray for Bridge of Hope Children

Children can lead their families and even entire villages to salvation through their simple faith. And the enemy starts attacking when they're young, to keep them from experiencing the depth of their Maker's love for them. That's why they need an abundant amount of prayer! Here are a few ways you can lift them up to the Savior:

Faith in Jesus

For many children, the only opportunity they have to learn about Jesus Christ and His love for them comes while attending a Bridge of Hope center. Pray that through the stories and songs they learn their faith will develop and remain steadfast as they grow older.

Good Health

Our Bridge of Hope centers provide each enrolled child with annual medical checkups. This is the only time most of these children see a doctor. While at the centers, they also get the chance to learn about the importance of vitamins and good hygiene to help them stay healthy. Pray they stay in good health throughout the year and the doctor gives each one a clean bill of health!

Protection: Bible colleges and believers' homes

Some Bridge of Hope centers get caught in the middle of riots and political or religious conflicts putting the children in danger. Centers have even been shut down because of safety concerns or demands placed on them by rebel groups, but your prayers have kept the children safe. Please continue to ask the Lord to send His angels to protect and guard His little ones.


Some of the children attending the Bridge of Hope centers come from families that worship local gods and goddesses. They're bound by tradition to their deities. There have even been times when parents of Bridge of Hope children will oppose their child's new belief in Jesus. But as their children continue attend Bridge of Hope, they begin to learn about the power of the real and living God. Many families have been redeemed because of the faith their child had in a God in whom they had never heard about before.

Please pray that the families of children enrolled in Bridge of Hope centers will come to know the Lord. Also pray for protection against any hostility these children might face from their families for their love for Jesus Christ.


Having an education is highly valued and treasured, especially among the lower caste people. But sometimes children aren't able to complete their studies because they lack funds to pay for their school examination fees or because family members fall sick, leaving them to become the breadwinner for their family. It seems like a hopeless situation, but Bridge of Hope helps provide for their most basic needs, giving them a chance to continue their studies. Graduating from school presents children with an optimistic future.

Please pray that Bridge of Hope children will stay faithful in their studies and be able to pass their examinations.

Their Teachers

Children who can't depend on parents or family for love and help know they can rely on their Bridge of Hope teachers to shower them with love and kindness. These children need people who can show them how to live right and develop and refine a deep faith in Christ.

Please keep the Bridge of Hope teachers and staff in your prayers as they continue to lead these precious children, that their love for God will overflow in love for their students. Pray, also, that each center will be staffed with loving, patient, godly examples for these children to look up to and follow.


When you are born a Dalit ("Untouchable") or from an "Other Backward Caste" (OBC), the future doesn't look so promising. Children from these social classes grow up to become nothing more than laborers who slave at degrading jobs. They're regarded as worthless by the rest of society.

But at Bride of Hope centers, these precious children learn they're the apple of their Creator's eye. Pray for the future of these little ones, that the Lord will bless them, provide for them and give them opportunities to become more than what the rest of their community expects of them.

Good Influence on Society

An emphasis at most Bridge of Hope programs is for children to become upstanding citizens in their communities. As they grow and are taught, they learn how to take care of their environment and reach out in love to those around them.

They take part in events such as Global Hand Washing Day, Community Day and anti-tobacco rallies where they enlighten the public about the importance of hygiene, caring for God's creation and the dangers of bad habits.

Pray that as the children learn about the love of the Lord and what is asked of His followers, they will prove to be a good influence on those around them and lead others to the truth as well.

Overcome Struggles within Society

Living in areas where it's difficult to be a Christian can take a toll on a person's spiritual development, especially if there's peer pressure. As these children grow older, they will face difficult issues that will test their faith and steadfastness in the Lord.

Remember them in your prayers and ask the Lord to help them overcome all temptations and struggles and be more than conquerors through Christ.

More Sponsors

At least 50,000 children still wait for the chance to enroll in a Bridge of Hope center. They look in longingly as their peers enjoy a hot meal, partake in fun games and action songs and learn new Bible stories. Join us as we plead to the Lord for more sponsors to support these beloved little ones.

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