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On this page, you will find some very special gifts. These gifts will help a Dalit family break the cycle of poverty while also serving as a tangible expression of Jesus' love for them. Learn More

Consider giving gifts that have the power to change lives forever!


$11 per pair

The gift of chickens supplements a family’s income and often helps a family get on its feet financially. A hen can produce around 20 dozen eggs per year. Families can eat or sell the eggs, or hatch and sell the chicks. The family can also increase its revenue by keeping and raising the chicks. Two chickens can become four and then eight; before you know it, a family will have an entire flock on its hands!

“We encouraged our youth group to bring a donation to the youth group Christmas party so we could bless several families with chickens! It was fun to see the students participate by bringing what they were able, and we were thankful because it got them thinking outside of themselves and about the needs of others around the world.”—Matt, MI

Barnyard Bundle

Barnyard Bundle


The Barnyard Bundle includes three pairs of chickens, a pair of goats, a pair of pigs, one lamb and one cow. (Partridge in a pear tree not included!)

Bundle Includes:

6 Chickens: $33
2 Goats: $140
1 Lamb: $65
1 Cow: $375
2 Pigs: $65

“I donate with Gospel for Asia because I know I can trust them to make sure my donation gets to the people in need.” —Samantha H., Orange, TX



$65 each

A sheep’s rich milk is an excellent source of calcium and makes delicious cheese. Of course, if the recipient family receives two lambs, those sheep will reproduce, providing even more milk and meat for a needy family.

“It is a great blessing to me every time I make a donation, knowing someone else in great need will be blessed.” —Craig L., Loranger, LA

Women's Literacy Fund

Women's Literacy Fund


How can you enable women to protect themselves and keep their families healthy while giving them the opportunity to know Jesus more? Through Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Literacy Fund. When women learn to read, they can avoid harmful labor contracts, understand warning labels and avoid being cheated at the marketplace. After they graduate from the class, they’re also able to read God’s Word and grow in their relationship with Him. You can help more women in Asia learn how to read and write, and in so doing, they’ll find value in Christ.

VBS Scholarships

VBS Scholarships


At Vacation Bible School, children sing, dance and learn that God loves them! They make crafts, act in skits and learn cultural songs and dances, and on the last day of VBS, they perform what they’ve learned for their parents. You can help minister to children and their families by providing for Vacation Bible Schools.

“Before I learned to read the Word, I didn’t have much faith in the Lord since I didn’t know much about God’s Word. Now after reading the Word, I am able to understand the Word of God and His leading.” —Taanusiya

Help a Child for a Year

Help a Child for a Year

$420 to change a life

This gift provides the opportunity for a Dalit child to receive an education and the love of Jesus. When you give this gift you make it possible for a child to attend school for an entire year. You will provide school uniforms, books, tutoring and help with homework, at least one nutritious meal each day and a yearly medical checkup for this child. Best of all, children in the program will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Entire families are coming into the Kingdom through their child’s participation.

BioSand Water Filters

$30 each

For a family that can only access polluted water sources, a BioSand water filter purifies the dirty water so it’s clean enough for drinking, cooking and washing. The clean water will improve the family’s health and hygiene and will give them peace of mind—all of which are expressions of Christ’s care for them.

“I am thankful to [the people] and also to the God who has given this water filter. And through this, now my family and I are rescued from diseases.” —Sachika

Bible Society

Bible Society

$7 for Bibles and New Testaments

Many believers in Asia are first-generation believers who grew up knowing nothing of God’s ways, and they’re hungry for His Word. Your donation to Bible Society gives people in Asia their own Bibles or New Testaments, and helps them grow in their knowledge of God and walk more closely with Him.


$70 each

Goats provide plenty of milk for an entire family to drink and sell. The nutritious milk is rich in calcium and other nutrients, keeping families that can’t always afford medical care healthy and happy. Plus, the goats are pretty adorable.

Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells


A Jesus Well gives fresh water to an entire village, improving health and hygiene and even saving lives. The well won’t dry up even during the hottest parts of the year, and the local congregation takes care of maintenance. It shows people Christ loves them, and it shows Dalits, who are often banned from other water sources, that He values them. The verse on the plaque next to the well shares about the Living Water, and many ask the pastor or believers about it.

“We took the money we received as Christmas gifts from extended family to purchase a Jesus Well and are truly moved at the thought of changing the lives of so many people with life-giving water.” —Chad, CO

Church Buildings

Church Buildings

$10,000 – $40,000

For believers in many parts of Asia, a church is much more than just a building.

A church building:

  • Allows people to gather for services despite beating sun or monsoon rain.
  • Makes weekly prayer meetings and Women’s Fellowship meetings possible when, as is sometimes the case, they weren’t possible before.
  • Gives credibility to the believers and their God, which means villagers are less likely to persecute the church and more likely to listen to their message.
  • Brings many more opportunities for ministry, resulting in more people choosing to trust in the grace of God.

The largest of these church buildings can hold 500 people, which means there will be plenty of room for visitors!

“Since we built a permanent church building . . . the opponents are not creating problems anymore. They are coming to Sunday worship services.” —Pastor Haamid



$11 per pair

They're furry. They're cute. And they can change someone's life. A pair of rabbits will quickly multiply, providing a steady diet of healthy meat, and plenty of bunnies to sell.

“I donated as a Christmas gift for my dad. He has everything he needs and enjoys seeing the money I would spend on him go to a better cause.”—John, MN

Sewing Machine, Manual

$85 each

When you give a sewing machine, you change the recipient’s life. The person who receives your gift will be able to supplement their family’s income, helping them provide for basic necessities and giving this family a lift out of the cycle of poverty.

The recipient of your sewing machine will also get to hear the Good News that Jesus loves them and died for them.

“I love to sew, and I want to bless another lady with a sewing machine.” —Cay H., Smethport, PA


$65 per pair

Over their lifespan, a pair of pigs can produce several dozen piglets, each of which can be sold or raised to produce more pigs. Imagine all a family could do with the income it’ll receive from the pigs!

“I am so happy for God providing me these two piglets. … These two good-breed piglets [are] going to be a great help for my family.” —Laghuvi

Outdoor Toilet

Outdoor Toilet


Millions of families in Asia have no choice but to go to the bathroom out in the open. To avoid being seen, many women will relieve themselves only before dawn or after dusk, but they risk assault as they go out into an open field in the dark. Continually returning to communal waste grounds also puts families at risk of disease. You can help people in Asia, and especially vulnerable women and girls, by giving them a private outdoor toilet.

Where Most Needed

Where Most Needed


Through donations to Gospel for Asia's Where Most Needed fund, we are able to tell more people about the opportunities to transform communities through Christ's love in Asia. Help us to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.



$12 each

Most families in Asia have little or no insulation or indoor heating. Those who sleep on the streets are even more exposed to the cold. Help the poorest of the poor survive harsh winters with a cozy, warm blanket.

“I really wanted people to have gifts for Christmas, so I bought the blankets and winter gear and animals for poor people to show the love of Jesus.”—Jonathan (6 years old), CA
On his own initiative, Jonathan sold coffee and hot cocoa on a street corner, and by God’s grace, he raised more than $100. Praise God, and great job, Jonathan!

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets

$40 for pack of 4

Malaria is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Offer people in Asia protection and a restful night’s sleep, free from the sting of infected mosquitoes. And because many families in Asia sleep in the same bed, a net you give could provide protection for a whole family.

Widows and Abandoned Children Fund

Widows and Abandoned Children Fund


In many places in Asia, a widow is viewed as a curse. She is often blamed for her husband’s death and ostracized from family and society. Like widows, abandoned children are left to provide for their own livelihoods. These children weave in and out of busy city traffic, begging for spare change or searching for food in the garbage dump. The sidewalk is their bed.

These precious women and children are loved by God, but they need to hear it. The Widows and Abandoned Children Fund helps make it possible for Gospel for Asia-supported workers to give them practical help, pray for them and minister to them in other ways.

“As a widow myself, I know of the struggles involved in providing for those I love. May my ‘mite’ help in a small way to meet the needs of other widows.” —Susan, MS

Water Buffalo

$460 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk that can be drunk or sold, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. A water buffalo will greatly improve a family’s financial situation!

“We are so excited to be able to help them out through Gospel for Asia and give a needy family a water buffalo! We’re also thrilled that they will be hearing the Good News of Christ! Nothing is better than that!” —Kristen L., Newmanstown, PA


$110 each

With the help of a bicycle, traveling from village to village is no longer a difficult burden. Destinations that once required hours of walking are now just a short ride away. By donating toward bicycles, missionaries are able to tell more people about Christ than ever before.

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