Give Livestock to Families in Need

300 Million Forgotten People

Asia is home to a group of forgotten people numbering in the hundreds of millions. Typically despised by many, to the point of being considered "subhuman," even the shadows they cast are believed to be cursed. They are the Dalits, the lowest of the low. Many Dalits' lives are being forever changed through so many of the gifts in GFA World's Christmas Critter Campaign.

The Dalit people can often be found in impoverished communities. Many live in slums like this one.

Believers' Children Weak and Sickly

Kalapi and Mudit couldn't afford to feed their children more than flatbread made of cornmeal. The lack of nutrition left the children vulnerable to frequent illnesses, and Kalapi and Mudit didn't have the money to buy medicine for them.

When GFA World-supported pastor Boro Rai visited these believers, he noticed the bareness of the home and the frail bodies of the children. Wanting to help, he spoke with his leaders and told them about the family's need.

Family Receives Life-changing Gift

Pastor Boro and his leaders decided to help meet the family's basic needs by giving Kalapi and Mudit a gift. Pastor Boro told Kalapi the good news that the church was going to help her family, and he invited her to a Christmas gift distribution.

Kalapi arrived on the appointed day. At the event, 20 pairs of goats, 24 cows, 25 water buffalo and several other useful items waited for Kalapi and other struggling families. Each gift, from a pair of tin sheets to a water buffalo, represented a helping hand from the Lord, who wanted these families to thrive.

That day, Kalapi went home with a cow and a calf. With joy in her eyes, she thanked those who had made it possible for her to receive the gift.

Cow Strengthens Children's Bodies, Fills Woman's Heart with Faith

Now, because God provided a cow and a calf for Kalapi, her family is enjoying a stability they desperately needed. The cow provides Kalapi's children with milk, a source of protein that has helped their bodies grow stronger. In addition, Kalapi and Mudit have been able to use the cow's dung to fertilize their crops, and when the calf grows up, they plan to use it to plow their fields.

These Christmas gifts not only helped the family's financial condition, but they also showed Kalapi how much God and His children care for her family. Seeing God's compassion on her family, Kalapi's faith grew. She prays to Jesus to meet her family's needs, trusting in Him to provide.

"I thank God who has . . . blessed us with a cow that provides milk," Kalapi said. "Now my children are able to eat chapatti [flatbread] with milk. I praise God . . . for helping such families as mine."

Through GFA World's Christmas Critter Campaign, families like Kalapi's (left) receive income-producing gifts like this cow and calf Pastor Boro (right) requested be given to help meet the family's basic needs.

Indeed, praise God for caring for the Dalits and others in great need, and praise Him for giving us, His Church, the opportunity to join Him in serving them.

Make a Difference for Forgotten People

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