Live, work and worship with
GFA World

Serve in a community devoted to God and passionate about missions. This 6-month program gives you a real experience of what it is like to be a behind-the-scenes missionary as you join the staff at GFA World in worship, prayer, work and life together.

See if this is where you want to invest your life long-term. Or, simply be equipped to serve the Lord in any capacity with a heart for the lost world and a life of prayer and devotion.

Program Features

Work at the GFA World US headquarters

Work hours are Monday and Wednesday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Tuesdays are reserved for book studies, fellowship with other participants, meeting with mentors and prayer meetings. You will be assigned a department to serve in, such as Communications, IT or Facilities. Use the skills God has already given you or learn new skills to serve His Kingdom.

Live at Antioch Village

You will stay in single-family homes with other ministry apprentices. Houses are interspersed with GFA World’s staff homes, so you get an authentic experience of community. Walk to the office and church. Attend block parties. Really know your neighbors.


Pray and Worship with GFA World Staff

Tuesday night prayer meetings have been going on at GFA World since its inception more than 40 years ago. Join a tradition that spans the globe as all GFA World offices participate in this practice. There are also late-night prayer meetings the first Friday of every month and daily hours of prayer where we gather for 10 minutes three times a day. Sunday morning attend Believer’s Eastern Church on campus and get a glimpse of the churches on the mission field!

Program Costs

There is no financial cost to you to participate in GFA World’s Ministry Apprenticeship. As Jesus said in Matthew 10:10, “the worker is worthy of his support.” Housing and utilities are provided during your stay, along with a small stipend to provide for your food and other personal expenses. As GFA World’s campus is in a rural area, you will need to bring your own vehicle for transportation off campus.

Through my time at GFA, I have been challenged to use my gifts for the glory of God and to grow in Him daily.
I believe I’ve experienced more growth as a believer during my time here than in the four years before I came. The Lord has a unique atmosphere of godly people here. … Never have I been certain that I was in the will of God until this year.
quote two
God has used my time at GFA to ignite my heart with a burning passion . . . and I have the privilege of serving with a body of believers who have one mind and one focus: knowing Christ and making Him known.
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GFA World’s Ministry Apprenticeship

A 6-month recruitment program for single individuals 18 and older who are interested in serving full time with GFA World. Designed to allow you to experience what being a behind-the-scenes missionary is all about. Serve God, build relationships and invest in eternity!

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