The Christian life is meant to be lived within the Body of Christ.

St. Paul the Apostle’s declaration to “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1) remains a time-tested example of how the Christian life is to be lived. As we each journey with the Lord, we look to the example of believers—both living and departed—who have faithfully run the race ahead of us and whom we can pattern our own lives after as we also follow Jesus.

This is at the heart of GFA World's School of Discipleship.

Young men and women who join the GFA World community through the Discipleship Program will learn from the practical, real-life examples of GFA World staff and their families. Many of them have walked with Christ for decades and are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in the ways God has enabled and empowered them to do.

“One big thing that I’ve definitely learned here at [GFA World's Discipleship Program] and being at [GFA World] is that you cannot be a Christian on your own. You need that community, you need the church, you need the body of Christ, to really invest in you and you to invest in them.”
—Connor, alumni

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from faithful believers and live the Christian life in community through prayer, worship, service and outreach in a variety of ways during your year, including:

Worship and Prayer

School of Discipleship exists within the body and mission of GFA World. Our emphasis on prayer began more than 40 years ago when a small, faithful group of believers began meeting each Tuesday night in K.P. and Gisela Yohannan's living room. This heartbeat of prayer continues today with GFA World staff and families around the world gathering for prayer each Tuesday night. We also meet one Friday night per month for an extended night of prayer.

Students will attend Sunday worship services on GFA World’s campus—but worship of the Lord does not start and end on Sunday morning. In heaven, there is no beginning nor end to it. Sunday services give us the opportunity to join with the angels and saints in heaven who are continuously worshipping around the Throne of God.

Our liturgical form of worship provides a God-centered worship experience that engages not just our voices, but our bodies, senses, minds, hearts, wills and spirits. Each part of the liturgy used during services is meant to draw worshipers into God's redemptive narrative and into deeper fellowship with the Lord, impacting worshipers not just on Sundays but their everyday lives.

Behind-the-Scenes Service (Ministry Placement)

Students also serve alongside behind-the-scenes missionaries in the GFA World headquarters office on behalf of those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus. Ministry Placement Assignments give students the opportunity to develop practical job skills and be trained in ministry by experienced staff memebers. Each day students invest in something bigger than themselves that will impact the eternity of literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Home Life and Fellowship

Students live together in GFA World's campus housing within staff neighborhoods. Male and female students are housed separately. GFA provides furniture and other housing essentials. Each student needs to bring their own bedding (twin-size), clothing, and toiletries. (A complete list of required and suggested items can be requested in advance.) Cooking and housekeeping responsibilities are shared, so we ask students to please come with a heart to serve their roommates.

In the Classroom

Students go through a curriculum designed to develop the nature of Jesus in their lives. Each class, taught by a GFA World staff member in lecture or group discussion format, will teach you how to walk with Christ and will help you grow in Him.

What does a day look like?

6:00am – Home Devotionals with housemates

6:15am – Prepare for the Day

8:30am – Ministry Placement Assignment (MPA) Check-in – Daily (M-F)

9:00am – 10:15am – Class – Mon/Wed/Fri

9:00am – 10:15am – Study Hall – Tue & Thu

11:45am & 3:45pm – Prayer Times – Daily (M-F)

10:30am – 5:00pm – MPA – Daily (M-F)

5:00pm – 5:45pm – Flex time – (M-F as needed)

Weekends – Outreach opportunties, Sunday services

This is the most important time of your life.

The decisions you make now will set the path to making a significant impact. You have part to play in shaping the future for generations. Will you do it?

How to Apply