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General Questions

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What is School of Discipleship?

GFA’s School of Discipleship is a yearlong program designed to challenge and establish young adults in their walk with Christ through service in ministry, the careful study and application of God’s word, and fellowship with other like-minded believers who wholeheartedly love Jesus and want to make His name known.

Participation in School of Discipleship means serving with the largest missions organization working in Asia. Students receive practical training needed for living out a Christian life and equips them with missions ministry experience all while helping people in Asia find redemption in Jesus Christ.

Where will I live and what does it look like?

You will live in Gospel for Asia's campus housing - rooming with other students. GFA provides furniture and housing essentials. All you need to bring is your own bedding (twin-size), clothing, and toiletries. You will share cooking and housekeeping responsibilities, so please come with a heart to serve your roommates.

What's a typical day like?

6:00am — Home Devotionals
6:15am — Prepare for the Day
8:00am — Corporate Prayer
9:00am — Class
10:30am — Begin Vocational Training Assignment
4:30pm — End VTA
7:00pm — Scheduled Activities

Do I need to bring a car with me to Texas?

You may bring your car, but it is not necessary.

Will I have vacation during the year?

Yes, you will have five working days of vacation, which you may take at any time during the year as long as the time is coordinated with your leaders. You will have Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Good Friday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day off. The term beginning in August inlcudes five additional working days of vacation for Christmas.

How will I make a difference?

Students assist in providing the needed administrative, financial, technical and communicative support for thousands of GFA-supported national missionaries. While serving alongside Gospel for Asia's home office staff, you will play a significant part in transforming communities with Christ’s love.

What church will I attend while I am in Texas?

Students are required to attend a Sunday worship service. Students are able to choose the local church of their choice. Since Gospel for Asia’s campus is located in a rural area it has a Sunday worship service available to students, especially helpful for those without transportation.

What type of food can I expect during School of Discipleship?

You can expect tasty, balanced and nutritious meals. For those sensitive to food allergies, accommodations can be made.

Does the campus have internet and cell phone service?

Most cell phone carriers have service on our campus. The ministry headquarters where students serve and have class, as well as all student housing, are equipped with wireless internet service.

How much free time will I have as a student?

You will have a full schedule with limited free time throughout the week. Many evening and weekend hours will be filled with prayer meetings, service projects, evangelism, or other scheduled activities. However, you will have some free time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings.

How academic is School of Discipleship in nature?

Our main emphasis isn’t on academics; rather, it is on spiritual growth. We do, however, assign writing and speaking assignments that are designed to help students process what they are learning. We do not “test” students for a kind of grade, nor will they have assignments beyond their capacity to deliver. We only ask our students to apply themselves according to the grace of God in their lives.

Will I receive college credit for this program?

No, School of Discipleship is unable to offer college credit at this time.

Is the program only one year?

You do not have to stop after one year; GFA offers an optional second year, during which you can dig into additional studies of the Bible while developing practical skills and serving in the office.

What will I do after I complete the program?

Upon completion of the program, previous graduates have pursued further schooling and job careers, and many are now involved in full-time ministry. Our goal is to equip you to live a life devoted to the Lord no matter where He guides you.

Financial Questions

How much does it cost?

School of Discipleship is a program within the ministry of Gospel for Asia. Expenses for the program are paid for by contributions given to GFA School of Discipleship. Each student is responsible to provide $6,000 in donations to the program. This covers program costs such as tuition, housing, meals and curriculum. Student's personal expenses such as travel to and from Texas, medical coverage, and personal spending money are not covered.

How do students & families fund the cost?

$6,000 can be an intimidating amount of money to consider. Most students use a mixture of three methods to meet the program's financial deadlines:

  • Self-fund (savings, job earnings prior to coming to SD, parent's financial help)
  • Fundraising Events (car washes, bake sales, garage sales)
  • Support Raise (talk to people about donating monthly toward the $6,000 required total)

Most students who apply themselves to all three of these methods see God raise all the funding needed not only for the $6,000 but also the personal funds you'll need during your year. Upon acceptance, we will send you materials to help with fundraising events and support raising efforts.

The program begins each August, below is the financial deadline schedule:

Amount Due (Total) Donation Deadline
$2,000 ($2,000) Due by July 1
$1,500 ($3,500) Due by Nov 1
$1,500 ($5,000) Due by Feb 1
$1,000 ($6,000) Due by May 1
Can I work a part-time job while in the School of Discipleship?

The nature and intensity of the program will require a full-time commitment. You will not have time to work another job. Please discuss any financial concerns you may have with us.

Do I need to have medical insurance?

Yes, you will need medical insurance or a cost sharing program that will cover you while you live in Texas.

Admissions Questions

What is the ideal age to come to School of Discipleship?

The program is open to Christian single adults ages 18 to 27. As the program is designed to benefit young adults, High School and College graduates have used this program as a gap-year to prepare for their future. Some students have used this year as a time of transition into ministry and missions. No matter what your age, God can use this year to transform your life.

What are the application deadlines?
  • The term starting in August 2018 – Apply by June 15, 2018
Is it really worth it to delay my college education for a year?

Are you unclear on which major to choose? Do you find yourself wandering through college unsure of God's direction? Your time in the School of Discipleship will help you grow in your relationship with the Lord and understand His leading. You will also gain Missions experience and life skills that will equip you for the future. Is it worth it? For many, the answer is yes. This program might be just what God has for you.

When can I expect to hear from School of Discipleship regarding my acceptance?

We will need 3-4 weeks to review your application and contact your references. Once your full application has been received, we will contact you for a phone interview.

If I’d like to visit or have more questions who can I contact?

You are welcome to visit the Gospel for Asia campus at any time. To schedule a visit or ask additional questions you may call Student Recruitment Department at 972-300-3314 or email

Foreign countries we accept applications from:

At this time, we are unable to accept applications from outside of the United States.

Note: Canadian applicants please go to our Canadian website to find out more information concerning their Discipleship program.



Watch Pastor David speak about his daughter attending School of Discipleship.

My relationship with God went from being a part of my life to the very essence of who I am.


God changed my heart, and got rid of bitterness, unforgiveness, pride and selfishness.


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