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Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship allows young people to study and grow in true discipleship while serving in our offices. As they’re taught by committed teachers and live life together with those they serve alongside, each student is challenged in a unique way. Read from a few students about how their lives have been impacted through Gospel for Asia.


“Being at Gospel for Asia is being part of an intentional community whose aim is to love and know the Lord and make Him known to people who have never heard His name. I am privileged and grateful to have been part of Gospel for Asia for more than 12 years: growing up here for 11 years and being part of the School of Discipleship for almost two. This same spirit of knowing the Lord and making Him known brings together not just the staff and students of the U.S. office but also the international offices, and from my personal experience, the Canada office.

“K.P. Yohannan and the other leaders desire to reach the lost, to build up the Body of Christ, and also to build up the lives of the staff and students. In my own life, I can say that I am so grateful for their godly example and their love for the Lord—and for me.”


“My family and I have been at GFA for a little over 11 years. I was 9 years old when we arrived. It has been an amazing place to grow up as a kid. Being a staff kid has blessed me probably more than I will ever know. Not only are the staff here godly men and women who want to know the Lord more and give many people the opportunity to experience Christ’s forgiveness, but they also have taken time from their own personal lives to spend time helping me learn what it means to follow Christ, as well as to encourage me to keep pressing on even when it gets tough. I couldn't have asked for a better family to grow in the Lord with. That's what we are: a big family because of Christ!

“It has been a joy to serve with GFA, and I can't wait to see what other adventures the Lord gets us into. It will be a blessing to see what God will do through each individual here as we work with the rest of the Body of Christ to see people transformed.”


“I recently attended Brother K.P. speaking at a local church. His message wasn't finished before I realized what a privilege it has been for me to be serving Jesus at Gospel for Asia this year and in 2012 as a School of Discipleship student. The words I shared with God after Brother K.P. finished speaking were, ‘God, it has been the privilege of my life to serve you at Gospel for Asia.’

“I was saved in college and never had a chance to be formally discipled. I didn't have a father figure or anyone to model for me what it means to be a man of God, a family man, or a praying man in a personal and intimate way. Jesus brought me to School of Discipleship, and I have been poured into by people who love me like I've never been able to experience in a community before. I've seen men love their wives, and fathers love their kids, and men and women who are dependent on God through prayer.

“It wasn't until Jesus brought me to School of Discipleship and through reading Calvary Road that I learned what humility is and what it means to serve Jesus in brokenness.

“I have seen godly lives lived out before me in my leaders. They love Jesus, and follow Him the best they can. They are always transparent and have modeled for us students to be transparent with others as well. This has changed every relationship that I have for the better. Nothing is hidden, and through love, we work out our differences.

“Jesus has radically changed my life by bringing me to GFA, and I don't know if I can properly express my gratitude for the foundation that's been laid because of my time in School of Discipleship. I love Gospel for Asia, and as I said to the Father, it has been the privilege of my life to serve Him there.”


“I’ve been so blessed to spend these years of my life at Gospel for Asia. There is so much I have learned from the staff and leadership at GFA. I grew up in ministry at a Bible camp where my parents work. I thought I knew what it meant to serve God—until I came to GFA.

“When I arrived as a student fresh out of high school, I was amazed at what I found in those around me. I found leaders who cared more about people than they did the job.

“As a student, I was privileged to spend time with core staff as they taught on books like Calvary Road, The Jesus Style, and Touching Godliness. These were the most impacting books that I’ve ever gone through, not only because of what they said, but because I had examples in the staff of what humility looks like, what brokenness looks like, and what Christ-like servanthood looks like.

“I don’t know how to put into words all that GFA means to me. I’m so incredibly blessed that I am able to have a small part in [transforming lives through GFA].”


God has been doing some amazing work in the lives of young people in their time as School of Discipleship students.

Watch how the Lord opened Ian’s eyes during his year as a Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship student.

“Living it for a year has been phenomenal. …Honestly, knowing who Jesus is. Who God is. And just who I am in Christ and not who I’m trying to be, but who He called me to be."


“I have been serving the Lord at GFA for almost two years. I have been extremely blessed by being here. Every day I am surrounded by people who truly love the Lord and want to serve Him with their lives, and who truly have a heart for those who do not know Jesus as Savior. The leaders at GFA are gracious, loving and humble, and they represent the Lord well. I know I can trust them and that they truly care about every person serving here. I learn so much through their examples all the time. The Lord has used my time serving here to grow me and to make me more like Him, and I am so blessed that this is where He has placed me to serve Him.”

Bill and Ruth

“Our daughter desired to go to GFA School of Discipleship when she was a very young girl. It was in 2013 that she was accepted and had this privilege! As her parents, we can very honestly say that it was not only a life-changing experience for her, but it had a great impact on our lives as well! To truly desire to walk hand in hand with our Saviour and to seek His will in everything we do has definitely become a lot more literal part of our lives since being involved with School of Discipleship!”

—Bill and Ruth, parents of a SD graduate


“I have served the Lord with GFA for a total of two years now. I originally planned to go to a Christian college to get my degree in social work, but then the Lord called me to GFA. I am so glad I decided to listen to Him. He knew what He was doing, even though I did not.

“It has been incredible serving here. I attended School of Discipleship, which challenged and encouraged me in the faith to give my entire life to live and serve the Lord.

“There have been many things here at GFA that have encouraged and helped me in my walk with the Lord. I think if I were to name one thing, it would be following the examples of my leaders. I can honestly say with not one doubt in my heart, I follow them as they follow Christ. All of them have help me to see God and know Him and His heart. They love me as Christ does.

“God has used my time at GFA to ignite my heart with a burning passion . . . and I have the privilege of serving with a body of believers who have one mind and one focus: know Christ and making Him known.

“I would be 100 percent content with serving here for the rest of my life, because I can always be sure of one thing: I will always be pointed in the direction of knowing Jesus more and His heart.”


“Serving the Lord at GFA is a privilege I do not deserve, yet by God’s grace, He has given me the opportunity to be part of this community of believers to bring Him glory. I am an unworthy servant.”


“[Since] I've been at GFA as a student . . . I believe I've experienced more growth as a believer during my time here than in the four years before I came. The Lord has a unique atmosphere of godly people here. The leaders, especially, have impacted my life greatly. Their actions, more than their words, have spoken to my heart the most and have challenged me to live a life that truly reflects Christ. My heart is to please God and only Him. I'm glad I'm in a place where I have good examples I can follow. Never have I been certain that I was in the will of God until this year.”


“When I first heard about GFA's School of Discipleship, I really wanted to go. I loved my year at GFA! It was an amazing experience to be able to work alongside godly people who love the Lord. I believe I grew in my walk with the Lord, and it was amazing to know I was part of something that made a difference for eternity.”


“I have been with GFA for three years now, and I have been blessed in so many ways! Through my time at GFA, I have been challenged to use my gifts for the glory of God and to grow in Him daily.

“I thank God for the opportunity He has given me, through what I do at GFA, to serve Him in what small capacity I have and carry His message to . . . people who have never heard of His amazing love. I am undeserving of the privilege.”


“I really want you to get it in your heart so it can really change your life.”

Jarius experienced discipleship, not just in a classroom, but in real life. He learned about living as a servant for Christ and a servant to others.

Jarius is just one of many students who have experienced a deeper walk with the Lord because of their time at School of Discipleship. If you're 18 to 27 years old, consider applying for the School of Discipleship.

Rev. Jake and Anna

“As parents of a School of Discipleship student, we found that our expectations about what it would be like or how it would benefit our child were met and more. We were very encouraged by all our daughter learned and how she was drawn into a close relationship with her Lord and Saviour. We had regular contact with our daughter during her year at SD and conversed about all she was learning. We found that we could also learn more about discipleship for ourselves and then tried to pass that on to others.”

—Rev. Jake and Anna, parents of a SD graduate


“What it really means to me to work here at GFA is that I get to fellowship with the brothers and sisters here who have a heart to know God. These people here are truly ones that I can follow in my spiritual life. School of Discipleship has really taught me how to depend on the Lord and not on myself or my feelings.”


“Partnering with GFA has helped me to look beyond myself and to share Christ’s joy with the nations. It has been a privilege.”



Watch Pastor David speak about his daughter attending School of Discipleship.

My relationship with God went from being a part of my life to the very essence of who I am.


God changed my heart, and got rid of bitterness, unforgiveness, pride and selfishness.


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