What Others Are Saying about Gospel for Asia

Hear what others are saying about the ministry of Gospel for Asia.

Hear from Pastor Francis Chan, Pastor Ken Ortize, Pastor Jack Hibbs and others.

Recent comments:

  • I believe that the best way to reach the lost in Asia is through GFA. After reading the missionaries' testimonies, I felt called to sponsor three of them. I love how 100% of the money given goes directly to the mission field. God bless you GFA - may you continue to preach the Word to the lost souls in Asia.
    Sharon T. / Broadview Heights, OH
  • My wife and I had a miscarriage this past year. We know that the Lord gives and takes away. He is good in all things! The Baby would have been born in January, so we sponsored a Bridge of Hope Child that had a birthday similar to our baby's due date. We might have endured a loss, but God has urged us to give life in honor of what He has brought us through. Glory to God!
    Joe and Melissa M. / Corpus Christi, TX
  • Our family talked about making a new Christmas tradition. Instead of buying Christmas gifts this year, we all agreed we should sponsor a child instead.
    Pasty M. / Albuquerque, NM
  • I read Revolution in World Missions and was so moved by the effectiveness of indigenous missionaries. I wanted to sponsor a woman who was doing missions, because God has blessed me to bless others to participate in His Kingdom work.
    Elizabeth M. / Miami, FL
  • I have a passion for children. I want to reach out to all of them, but currently I'm in school. This is my temporary way to reach out to these children. I hope I help change their lives like they have changed mine.
    Jacie. Z. / Yukon, OK
  • I have had no lightening bolt moment that has caused me to sponsor, only a quiet conviction that it is the right and proper thing to do to show my love for a precious sister in Christ.
    Kristen S. / Blacksburg, VA
  • We are excited to be taking part in a more personal way in the Great Commission by enabling a national missionary to further the gospel.
    Liz S. / Indian Head Park, IL
  • I was given the book Revolution in World Missions from a GFA rep in my local church. I have always been missions minded, but this inspired me to sponsor an indigenous missionary where the Truth is greatly need. Thank you for all you do to serve our Master!
    Kathleen H. / Fair Oaks, CA
  • I spend money on things I don't need all the time. I thank God for GFA providing a vehicle that allows me to give to those who truly have needs. Thank you GFA!
    Corey M. / Tampa, FL
  • Time is getting late to share the gospel with the way the world is going. GFA just makes me blessed that I can be such a part of a work that ministers to neglected people who need the love of Christ!
    Gordon B. / Manchester, MD

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