Join Us in Prayer

We invite you and your family to join us in prayer for the people of Asia and their needs.

Gospel for Asia staff has a live streamed prayer meeting the first Friday of every month; however, for a time, we are on a brief hiatus from this live streaming. We will still share prayer requests with you and will update this page each month with new requests that we, as a staff, have been praying for.

Please continue to pray with us, and together, let's keep on trusting the Lord to do great and mighty things!

Pray for These Topics

India's Water Crisis

Millions of people across India are struggling under a severe famine and drought. Many wells have dried up, and water reservoirs are extremely low. Villagers are abandoning dry farmland and flocking to cities in search of water and new livelihoods. Gospel for Asia-supported workers are providing drinking water daily to thousands of families, but the need is immense.

You can:

  • Ask God to provide drinking water for villagers and water for livestock and crops.
  • Pray farmers will not turn to suicide in their despair during the drought.
  • Ask God to give wisdom to local and government leaders responding to this crisis.
  • Praise God for enabling Gospel for Asia-supported workers to provide water for many families, and ask God to expand their relief work to many more villages.

Women's Fellowship Health Care Training

Gospel for Asia-supported Women's Fellowship groups across Asia are educating and training women about fundamental health and hygiene practices. Many women in Asia, especially those in rural areas, have never been exposed to the concepts of basic hygiene. These classes equip women to better care for themselves and their families, while also providing opportunities to demonstrate Christ's love to them.

You can:

  • Praise God for the women blessed through health care training so far, and pray many thousands more women will receive health care training.
  • Pray the women leading health care classes will have wisdom about how to teach women who have never before been taught basic health and hygiene principles.
  • Pray lives will be saved as a result of the material taught during these classes.
  • Ask God to keep the women leading health classes safe as they travel to various areas.

Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope Centers

Through Bridge of Hope, 75,000 children in Asia are experiencing the Heavenly Father's love and provision as they receive food, medical care and quality education. Foundational principles, such as honesty, hard work and kindness, are demonstrated by Bridge of Hope teachers, setting examples for the children to follow throughout their life.

You can:

  • Praise God for the sponsors around the world linking their lives with Bridge of Hope children.
  • Pray many more children will be able to attend Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope centers.
  • Pray children will experience the love of their Creator and share that love with their families.
  • Ask God to break the cycle of poverty as children receive an education and are encouraged to be good citizens and achieve their goals.
  • Ask God to give Bridge of Hope teachers wisdom as they pour into the lives of children living in difficult home environments.

Home Office Needs

The staff serving at any of Gospel for Asia's eight administrative offices around the globe are a vital link between the work on the field and those who pray for and support that work. While their roles vary, staff members work together to enable people in Asia to hear of Christ's great love.

You can:

  • Pray staff will have good health and wisdom to fulfill their roles well.
  • Praise God for His faithfulness to provide wisdom, and ask God to lead each project and work through it to bear eternal fruit.
  • Pray the machinery and technology used for communicating with ministry supporters will function well.
  • Ask God to raise up more staff to serve in each administrative office.

Help Minister to Those in Need — Join the Prayer Team

Join with us as we lift up in prayer the people of South Asia and their needs. Receive prayer request with a special focus each month from Asia. You can have a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer.

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