Join Us in Prayer

We invite you and your family to join us in prayer for the people of Asia and their needs.

Gospel for Asia staff has a live streamed prayer meeting the first Friday of every month; however, for a time, we are on a brief hiatus from this live streaming. We will still share prayer requests with you and will update this page each month with new requests that we, as a staff, have been praying for.

Please continue to pray with us, and together, let's keep on trusting the Lord to do great and mighty things!

Pray for These Topics

Gospel for Asia-supported Street Children's Homes

As places of refuge for orphans, runaways or abandoned children, Gospel for Asia-supported homes for boys and girls have demonstrated the Heavenly Father's love to many children. Staff serving at these homes faithfully minister to the children, providing them with education, food, clothing, a safe home and a glimpse of Jesus' heart for children.

You can:

  • Ask God to enable more homes to open throughout Asia so more helpless children can receive care and love in Christ's name.
  • Pray Gospel for Asia-supported staff serving at children's homes will have wisdom as they care for each child's individual needs.
  • Praise God for the many children who have found help and hope through these homes.
  • Pray God will provide for and protect the millions of children living on Asia's streets.

Film Ministry in Asia

For many people in Asia, watching a film about the life of Christ is what God uses to start them on a journey of discovering His grace. Gospel for Asia-supported film teams come alongside local pastors and show films in their communities and in neighboring communities. Villagers who are not interested in speaking with pastors are often eager to see a movie displaying God's love.

You can:

  • Praise God for the many lives Jesus has transformed through films about His life.
  • Ask God to protect film teams as they travel on treacherous roadways or encounter people who do not want films to be shown.
  • Pray God will raise up more workers to share Christ's story among the people of Asia.
  • Ask God to touch many hearts through the ministry of film teams.

The Persecuted Church Around the Globe

Believers around the world suffer for the sake of Christ, enduring beatings, imprisonment, mockery, loss of property and rejection from their families. Scripture frequently warns believers that hard times will come and exhorts the Church to pray for the brethren "as if chained with them" (see Hebrews 13:3).

You can:

  • Ask God to strengthen and encourage believers undergoing severe opposition, and pray for their protection and provision.
  • Pray believers will have access to God's Word during their trials and will hold fast to the truth it contains.
  • Pray new believers facing persecution will mature in their faith and continue following Christ steadfastly.
  • Praise the Lord for His promise to be with His children during all situations and trials.

Gospel for Asia Staff Raising Support

Staff members in Gospel for Asia's home offices need teams of people standing behind them, supporting them through prayer and finances. Individuals are currently raising support to join staff, diligently looking for those God is calling to be on their support teams. Most staff members continue to raise support while serving full time.

You can:

  • Praise God for the individuals answering God's call to bring His love to the people of Asia by serving at Gospel for Asia.
  • Ask God to provide for each individual or family serving with Gospel for Asia.
  • Pray family members, friends, coworkers, pastors and churches will stand with those God has called to serve with Gospel for Asia.
  • Pray God will encourage and sustain those facing challenges in their support raising.

Help Minister to Those in Need — Join the Prayer Team

Join with us as we lift up in prayer the people of South Asia and their needs. Receive prayer request with a special focus each month from Asia. You can have a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer.

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