Where Most Needed

Where Most Needed

Through donations to Gospel for Asia's Where Most Needed fund, we are able to tell more people about the opportunities to transform communities through Christ's love in Asia. Help us to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Field Ministries

With your gift, you can help our national missionaries serving on the field reach the thousands who are waiting to hear about the true God. 100 percent of what you donate will go directly to the field to supply their needs. Think about the impact you could make in countless lives!

Hope for Suffering Women


Bring immediate aid to women in Asia by giving to the Hope for Suffering Women fund. This provides a struggling woman with simple things like a month's rent, food for her family or even basic medical care when it's hard to come by.

Widows and Abandoned Children

Blamed for their husband's death, widows in South Asian society are viewed as cursed and left to fend for themselves. Abandoned children face similar circumstances and are forced to provide for their own livelihood. These precious women and children need to hear that Jesus loves them. The Widows and Abandoned Children fund provides GFA-supported missionaries with the means to help these beloved women and children of God.

Home Team Staff

Training and sending out missionaries, equipping them with the necessary tools and helping them establish churches wouldn't be possible without Gospel for Asia's home team staff. Each person on our staff has been called by God to work behind the scenes, serving both the national missionaries in Asia and the Body of Christ in the West. More than just a job, their work is a ministry that affects eternity.

Home Office Expenses

Your gift keeps GFA's home offices running by covering the cost of everything from copy paper to the electric bill. These gifts allow home-team staff members to continue serving the missionaries in Asia!

Cyclone Phailin Reconstruction

Although Cyclone Phailin was one of the greatest disasters of 2013, it has been forgotten by many. For the millions still recovering from the storm’s fury, forgetting is impossible. The storm damaged or destroyed 800,000 homes, and many people lost every earthly possession they owned. Now, hundreds of Gospel for Asia Compassion Services workers are helping these people rebuild their lives.

The original plan was to rebuild 200 homes, but it has since increased to 1,000. Teams also plan to provide education for affected children through GFA Bridge of Hope and continue giving victims basic necessities. Through it all, our workers pray that many will see and understand the love of Christ.


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