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As temperatures dropped to their lowest in 40 years, GFA missionaries distributed blankets to the cold weather victims, sharing Christ as the reason for their compassion.

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Whole communities spend their nights at train stations, bridges, bus stops, temples and the roadside.

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With no shelter or warm clothing to protect them, many lives are saved by the warmth of a blanket.

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As the missionaries wrap people in their new blankets, they share Jesus as the source of their compassion.

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“I was counting myself blessed to be a part of this family who cares for the people who have no one and are spending their lives under the open sky.” –Pastor Sadeepan

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Give toward blankets


You can give toward blankets for our Compassion Services teams to take to cold weather victims. At $12 each, blankets provide much-needed warmth and comfort.

Compassion Services brings the love of Jesus to the Cold Weather Victims.