Give Livestock to Families in Need

Fighting Neglect with Sewing Machines

Ten new sewing machines in Andhra Pradesh, India, are not only going to be sewing clothes. They will also be fighting poverty and abuse.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries provided these sewing machines, given through the GFA Critter Campaign, to a home for women who come from painful backgrounds. Some have AIDS, some have come out of prostitution and others were abused. No matter their stories, each woman desperately needs a new start in life—which is where the sewing machines come in!

With the machines, these women will be able to learn how to make a living and provide for themselves. Even for those who have been abandoned by their husbands or families, they will have a new source of income. The chance to learn the skill of sewing will open up job opportunities before them and prevent a future of poverty and despair.

As well, the gifts came with the love of God, a love that our missionaries pray will draw each woman into a permanent relationship with the living God.

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