Better Lives on Earth; Redeemed Lives for Eternity

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Uttar Pradesh is home to a huge percentage of India’s Dalits. Despised by higher castes, they are taught that they are worthless. So, most live their entire lives without hope.
Most people in this village live in mud houses and farm to make a meager living. But if the crops fail or there is a severe flood, they are left without food or income.
Children have little or no chance for education, so most grow up uneducated and illiterate. They start working, and even marry, very young.
It was to this village that Gospel for Asia missionary Harish Kumar was called eight years ago to tell its people about the love of Christ.
At first, Harish met resistance, anger and even threats on his life. “I prayed to know how to help them,” he recalls, “not only by sharing the Gospel with them, but by helping them socially and educationally, too.”
In the past couple of years, GFA has opened a Bridge of Hope center in Harish’s village—one of nine such projects in eastern Uttar Pradesh.
The children are eager to learn. Bridge of Hope staff members tutor them in reading, writing and math, as well as teach the boys and girls hygiene, Bible stories and life skills.
Today, 160 children from this village are not only increasing their knowledge of the world around them, but they are discovering the love of Jesus, too!
Because their children are being blessed, the parents are now opening up to Harish by sharing their problems and asking for prayer. Many are receiving Jesus as their Savior.
When Harish built this church a couple of years ago, he believed God would bring growth, but not even he thought his congregation would grow as fast as it has.
Just two years ago only 25 or 30 people were coming to the church. Today, between 80 and 100 people crowd into the worship center every Sunday.
date posted 09/11/07