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14th - Gift Ends Villages Torrent of Hopelessness

Rain came pouring down, with no sign of letting up. The ground would be a slippery, muddy mess. Still, Kylan and his wife, Esmae, needed water to quench their thirst, wash clothes, clean dishes and take baths. So, they gathered their water vessels and headed out. Every day—rain or shine, hot or cold—they had to fetch water from the water hole multiple times. It was a long walk there, and the path became treacherous in rainy seasons.


27th - Education Opens Doors for Girls Future

Selyne, local development officer for GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program set out with a goal in mind. Girls in the area were typically not given the same opportunities as boys when it came to education, and that needed to change. Selyne went into the villages to do a survey, and she visited families, looking for girls who were underprivileged and from the poorest families who needed an education. It was Selyne’s task to help parents understand the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty and to persuade them to let their daughters attend the program and receive an education.

10th - Devastating Illness Brings Family to God

Ten-year-old Neina walked to the forest near her home to collect firewood. In their very remote village, they had no electricity, transportation or communication, and schools were very far away. For the most part, Neina stayed home to help her mother, Jaslyn, with household chores. For her, this was just like every other day.


18th - Pastor’s Prayers Answered After 30 Years

GFA pastor Sothear gazed at the church building before him. A red ribbon draped across the front door. A crowd of smiling faces gathered nearby. Perhaps Sothear took a deep breath and smiled too as he took it all in. Thirty years. He had waited 30 years for this moment, and now it was reality.

4th - Wrapping Love Around a Lonely Widow

Once again, Saadet measured out her single ration of rice. Once again, she placed it in an isolated vessel. Once again, she cooked alone. In perpetual mourning and separation, Saadet was one widow among 258 million worldwide, and she was helpless and alone. Would her plight ever change? Or was she destined to live out the rest of her days trapped in loneliness and want?



12th - A Kid to Feed a Widow’s Kids

Myla could hardly believe it—her beloved husband, Robi, was gone. A sudden heart attack had taken his life, and with it, her security. Her two young children had lost their father, and the weight of their care now rested solely on her shoulders.

1st - Poor Vision and Pandemic Open Eyes to Christ’s Love

Fear gripped Gethin. A cloud in his eyes dimmed his vision. No matter what he tried to do about it, what witch doctors he visited or what sacrifices he made, nothing worked. His vision steadily became worse, and with its decline came a deep-rooted fear Gethin could not shake.


7th - Seeking Warmth Among Rags

Sagen, Raam and Balin had traveled from other states in search of jobs, looking for some way to provide for their families. They had hoped to offer their children a better life by finding stable employment. Instead, they found themselves picking through rubble for survival, shivering at night under thin blankets as they slept in makeshift dwellings.


3rd - Man Raised from Deathbed to Change Lives

Nantai’s mother looked on, her heart heavy, as her son lay comatose in the hospital. He had suffered from severe dizzy spells for some time, but now his life hung in the balance, as did his soul. His parents had come to know Jesus when Nantai was a child and had taken Nantai to church regularly, but as a teenager, he had stopped going to church, preferring to hang out with his friends. He had ignored their advice and lived recklessly. What would become of him now?


23rd - Fighting Malaria, One Net at A Time

There’s a common problem in GFA pastor Kagan’s area, one he is all too familiar with. Born and raised in the region where he now serves, Pastor Kagan knows the effects of malaria from personal experience, and he sees many others suffer from it, too. Whenever it appears, it often brings debilitation and anguish—and sometimes death.


11th - Finding Water Amidst the Rocks

GFA World pastor Oisin and the volunteers kept digging. Other members of the village, however, had their doubts about the project the pastor and the believers had undertaken. It wasn’t possible, they said. But Pastor Oisin and his team kept digging. They shoveled and excavated, going deeper and deeper. It seemed an impossible project—but Pastor Oisin and the believers didn’t give up; they had faith.


6th - Mountain Trails No Deterrent for GFA Medical Camp

Remote. Rugged. These two words perfectly described the village GFA pastor Birkley visited. Two years prior, there had been no roads leading into the village. Nestled among a mountain range, the only way to reach the village had been by foot, traveling along paths that snaked up the mountainside. Now, there was a simple dirt road—but the trek was still difficult. So, why would Pastor Birkley lead a dozen men and women to this particular village, so out of the way and removed from everything?


6th - Timely Help in a Desperate Hour

Since he was a boy, Daito had traveled to other states to find work. That seemed the only realistic option to earn a decent income and provide for his family. But in 2020, after years of traveling, he suddenly got stuck in his village, a place where it was nearly impossible to make a living.


13th - Miraculous Stories Inspire Young Woman’s Faith

Porsha peered into the mirror once more. An attractive woman of 20, the reflection might have filled her with confidence. Instead, shame surged through her being. A goiter marred her neck, and a tumor marred her right hand.


1st - Well Halts Family’s Troublesome Stream

Fauna’s daughter was sick again. This time it was Cadee’s kidneys, the latest ailment in a steady stream of waterborne health issues. Once again, doctors recommended clean water along with medication. Once again, the news saddened Fauna’s heart, for they had no clean water to drink. Would their stream of waterborne troubles ever cease?


7th - Boy’s Lingering Symptoms Invoke Fear

Rahm’s parents examined the red bumps on his skin once more. Brows likely furrowed. Perhaps it was the blistering rash that concerned them most. Perhaps it was the fever or loss of appetite. Perhaps it was simply the fact the young boy’s symptoms wouldn’t go away.


13th - Pandemic Threatens Family’s Survival

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, GFA pastor Yaphet and other GFA missionaries have marched to the fringes of society to bring help and hope to people in despair, people such as Callon and Sada. Their most demanding adversary? Hunger.

6th - A Burden Slides Off Preteen Girl's Back

Against an angular backdrop of steep hillsides and spacious valleys, Sahlma waged an uphill battle. A load bore down on her small frame as the girl pressed onward. The preteen shouldn’t have been working as a porter, a physically demanding job that required transporting groceries, sand and firewood up and down the mountainside to people. She didn’t like being a porter. But how else could she provide for her siblings? Sahlma’s life, like her work, was a struggle.



17th - Goat Shatters Mother’s Cycle of Poverty

Raina sat counting the money sent from her husband, Ander. Like his last paycheck, it wasn’t much, perhaps barely enough to cover their expenses for that month. She looked up from the meager earnings and out to her field. Perhaps if she imagined hard enough, the field would be full of growing crops to sell. But, try as she might, Raina’s imagination alone wouldn’t bring in the money she desperately needed.

1st - Woman Exchanges Drops of Misery for Sounds of Peace

Another hard day’s work. Another argument with her husband. Another night Dahiana’s five children would go to bed hungry.


3rd - Simple Gift Offers Safety for Her Sons

Rosina’s little boy coughed, and she could hear the phlegm in his chest. Pneumonia battered his lungs. Rosina knew what to expect; it wasn’t the first time one of her two sons had gotten sick with pneumonia.

3rd - A Solid Foundation

Kaila and Sabinna, two teenagers, live in a region where angular mountain slopes give way to vast valleys. Houses and buildings perch against steep hillsides.

2nd - A Trek for Her In-laws

With an hour’s walk through hilly terrain, Raiza had ample time to think. She had been hesitant to make the journey. Would it be worth it for a blanket? Would it just be a thin, unsubstantial piece of material? Would the church even have enough?


26th - Raising a Crop of Missionaries

GFA pastor Haruto warmly greeted individuals he met while walking about the village, visiting, listening and praying. Though today there were likely more smiles than scowls that greeted him, these neighbors had once been hostile to the pastor. They had scorned him and his message.

11th - Keeping His Future Intact

The surrounding countryside’s picturesque serenity warred with the turbulent thoughts churning in Neale’s mind. That morning, the 8-year-old had missed his bus to school, unable to afford the ticket. While it may seem a trivial matter, that bus was the only way Neale could make it to school on time, and he wanted nothing more than to go to school; in fact, he needed to go to school.


13th - Rebuilding a Widow's Life

Medicine failed. Witch doctors failed. And Addi’s body continued to fail. Fever and body aches put him in a perpetual state of decline. Subira, his wife, looked on helplessly as Addi became weaker and weaker.


24th - Saved from the Crushing Weight of Domestic Violence

At just 25 years old, Achsa bore the weight of providing for her family and the scars of an untrusting, abusive husband. Like many women who endure violence, the young mother believed she was alone with no one who would believe her.

24th - "First We Pray"

I know a lot about Gospel for Asia (GFA World). That’s because I have watched it from its beginning days. That’s a little more than 40 years of close observation from stateside and by means of seven or eight extended trips to the field. So let me give testimony to the attribute I believe most uniquely marks this unusual ministry: prayer.

24th - Bridge of Hope Becomes Orphans 'Parents'

Expectation swelled in Pilan and Lali’s heart when their 5-year-old son, Dyami, started at the local GFA World Bridge of Hope {% trans 'center' %}. This would be a new beginning for him. They desired a better future for their children, and now one of them would get that chance.

24th - A Well-Meaning {% trans 'neighbor'|capfirst %}

The well was deep, and it was dangerous, but it was also the only permanent source of water within a two-mile walk for the people of Sandor’s village. Severe drought had made water scarce. Many villagers, in desperation, spent hard-earned money on water from an itinerant water tanker service. But numerous others, such as daily wage laborers, couldn’t afford the fee to buy water; it would consume more than a few days’ wages.

16th - She Gave It All She Got

Betty Fields was a force to be reckoned with, unrivaled in her childlike faith in Jesus, her stewardship over God’s creation and her strong work ethic. She lived her life with an all-or-nothing attitude, unafraid and unabashed—and she did it for Jesus.

10th - In the Trail of Two Wheels

GFA pastor Matai gingerly dismounted his bicycle and stretched his weary muscles as the sun lowered over the horizon. He had traveled many miles since its rising—without any food. Perhaps his stomach grumbled as he caught scent of dinner wafting from his home. He might have exhaled and pushed aside a cloud of discouragement as he at last found respite for the night.

2nd - Serving Humanity in the Face of a Pandemic

Pastor Rivas had just heard the news that his entire nation was entering a lockdown because of COVID-19, the virus making its way around the world. No one could leave their homes except for very specific reasons and with special permission from local authorities. No one could visit their friends and {% trans 'neighbor' %}s. No one could go to work.


29th - A Crash Course Altered

Drunk again, Bastien spouted hate; his wife cringed at his raised hand. With agriculture being Bastien’s livelihood, another drought meant he couldn’t work. How long had it been this time? How would they survive? There wasn’t enough money for the family, but he needed another drink. Some cards and nicotine might also distract him from his woes.


26th - A Safe Place to Go

Anxiety nagged at Pamalla’s mind. As usual, she had woken up, taken her daughter Aalia to the field to use the bathroom, fixed breakfast for her four children and left for work. But each day, as she labored in the fields, she couldn’t stop wondering if her 14-year-old daughter would be OK.

19th - Overcoming Poverty: A Dream to Feed Her Children

Leena made her way to a nearby tailoring center, hopeful she would find an avenue to fulfill a dream and help provide for her family of four. Who knows what Leena was thinking as she walked? Maybe she was nervous. Perhaps she fortified her resolve to ask if they would be willing to teach her how to sew. Many times that desire had entered her thoughts and heart, and today she would see if it could become a reality.


12th - How A Mosquito Net Was A Dream Come True

Saphyra swatted again and felt the satisfying splat of a mosquito’s demise. She turned over only to discover another mosquito buzzing over her head. Saphyra sighed. It would be another restless night. How many would this be in a row? She had lost count.


26th - A Family's Fight Against Contaminated Water

The water bucket was empty—again. A child was sick—again. Another child was struggling in his studies—again. All were results of a common culprit.


29th - Man Stripped of Dignity Finds Value Again

You can’t walk on this path, they said. You’ll contaminate it for everyone else, they scowled. You’re not welcome here.

6th - Medical Camp Helps Man Too Weak to Walk

Curren mustered his strength to stand but staggered as the room spun before him. Reaching out to steady himself, he surveyed the concerned looks from his family—five loved ones depending on him for provision. His head throbbed, and Curren grasped his stomach as he slid back to bed, the excruciating physical pain rivaling that in his heart at the thought of his children going hungry.



9th - What Happened to the Extortion Man

Under the morning sky, the vegetable sellers braced themselves as a familiar man with a long, lined face approached their stalls along the highway. For the past three years, the man, Andru, had usually inspired their dread and hatred. With threats and harassment, he manipulated them into selling him vegetables at a low price, and they felt powerless to stop him.

3rd - A Widow's Bleating Blessing

Raziyah’s face was radiant as she recounted her story to yet another neighbor. Overwhelmed by the goodness of God, joy and gratitude overflowed through her lips.


13th - A Miraculous Sweater Changed Her Life

Kalyani slid her shawl from the wire hanger on the mud wall of her home and wrapped it around her. A draft swept through the roof’s cracks in her bedroom, giving her a sense of what awaited her.

7th - Good News Travelling in a Winter Coat

Shutting the front door behind him, Balaark hugged himself tightly and pressed his thin, worn jacket to his torso. The icy wind stung his ears, painting them bright red. He felt the muscles in his entire body contract in a fruitless effort to ward off the invisible assailant. Balaark walked into the wind and began his course through the cold.


2nd - Chasing Education for Her Sister's Future

Sumana helped her parents pack up for the move to the city and corralled her siblings as their departure grew closer. As one of the older sisters, Sumana shouldered a lot of responsibility. Her family was poor, and it took many hands to keep the family fed. Though still a child herself, Sumana did more caretaking than being taken care of.


11th - Traipsing the Globe on Her Knees

Twelve-year-old Fae listened intently to the speaker from the old-fashioned tent meeting revival. Visions of exotic and far-flung places flashed though her mind. When the speaker called people to dedicate their life to missions, Fae walked down the aisle, each step paving the path that would become her life’s legacy.

3rd - Widow's Heaven-sent Roommate

The day 23-year-old Sadhri buried her husband, she was blindsided by the news that her father-in-law was also dead. In a culture where a woman’s social standing is contingent on the men of the family, Sadhri, unmoored from the security of a husband and his father, feared the future that lay before her and her baby girl.

3rd - Tormented Day and Night

Tormented Day and Night


24th - The Birth of a Missionary

One chilly Tuesday, a blind baby boy was born into an impoverished, illiterate family in a remote village tucked into the foothills of the Himalayas. The parents loved their little boy and named him Sundar.


16th - Magnifying the Praise of God

Jiva sat outside her home with her husband, Vahaan, distractedly washing dishes. Pain and severe discomfort from her illness typically preoccupied her mind, but not right now—the words and songs coming from a nearby building captured her full attention. Vahaan listened intently, too, then he uttered a short sentence, and they both walked purposefully out of their courtyard.


29th - Neglected Girl Replaces Mud Canvas with Paper, Pencils

The tarp walls of Divena’s home could not contain the sound of her mom and dad’s constant arguments. When her mother suddenly left to be with another man, the house fell silent. Three-year-old Divena and her older brother never saw their mother again.

8th - A Miracle for an Ambitious Daughter

Vinaya sat with other believers during a prayer meeting, mulling over her family’s problems. She knew Jesus cared about their needs—and that His power could change their situation. Finally, she opened her mouth and told her prayer group about her family’s private financial issues.


15th - Hearts Changed Before the Credits Rolled

Paritosh excitedly sat down with his wife and other members of his community. They were about to enjoy a special treat that evening: a movie. As the film progressed, however, Paritosh’s mood changed from that of seeking entertainment to one of deep contemplation. This movie was not what he expected, but he was far from disappointed.


10th - Enough for Everyone

Garjan watches groups of people from neighboring villages come on bikes to fill large vessels with water from the main well in his village. Instead of frustration that other people are taking his village’s resources, Garjan sees these people with compassion—and empathy. He wishes they didn’t have to face the same hardships he and his loved ones once faced for years.

6th - What She May Never Have Had

A life of uncertainty and poverty lay before Ridhushni, but she was too young to understand. All she knew at 4 years old was that she wanted to play with her friends.

3rd - New Bride, New Village, New Well

Young Suhana stood in her bridal dress next to her soon-to-be husband, ready to enter adulthood through marriage. After the ceremony, the new bride would move to her husband’s village. A village where just a couple years before, another newcomer had arrived providing fresh, clean water to the entire village—a Jesus Well.


3rd - Someone Who Cares

“What shall I do?” Ranjini wondered aloud. Ranjini powerlessly watched her hands and feet deteriorating before her eyes. As a widow and a person afflicted with leprosy, Ranjini needed help. But so many people in her society turned a blind eye to widows and leprosy patients, and she was both; who would trouble themselves about her?


10th - Rejected Daughter Meets Unconditional Love

Rasa stood in shame in front of her parents listening to the angry, disappointed words falling from their lips. How could she, their eldest daughter, engage in a secret romance with a village boy and bring disgrace to their family?



9th - Alone No Longer Because of Bridge of Hope

Imagine a little girl gazing out a living room window, two streams of tears cascading down her cheeks. Out the window, she sees empty paths flanked by lush vegetation. She would rather look outside—or sleep the day away—than feel the isolation of the small room. This is what Jenya’s life was like.


31st - A Father's Good Gift

Their bags sat ready at the door. Again. Tavish looked around at the room that had sheltered them for the past few months; then he and his family of five began their trip back to their house in a distant village. Where was their home? It was here; it was there; it was wherever he could find a job.

30th - Good News Travelling in a Winter Coat

Shutting the front door behind him, Balaark hugged himself tightly and pressed his thin, worn jacket to his torso. The icy wind stung his ears, painting them bright red. He felt the muscles in his entire body contract in a fruitless effort to ward off the invisible assailant. Balaark walked into the wind and began his course through the cold.

16th - Chills of Winter Give Way to Warmth

Sinhal’s childhood was marred by poverty and trauma. He and his family struggled to survive, staving off hunger and illness any way they could. Yet, above all else, there was one problem that never seemed to go away, hounding Sinhal and his family: the cold.


13th - Common Passion Unites Unlikely Team

When André read Revolution in World Missions in 2004, it stirred afresh the burden God had given him after visiting a country where there were no churches.

13th - For God and the People of Asia

13th - Rebuilding The Rubble

13th - On the Other Side of the Showers

This is Saju and Aasia’s story—at least part of it. Like many others in their community, they struggled to feed their family by working the land. In a rural area with no industry, people work in agriculture, but roughly half don’t own land. They {% trans "labor" %} eight hours a day in other people’s fields to earn approximately $1.50 USD.

13th - 'The Lord is with Me When I Pray'

Sister Mary grew up in a small, remote village in Asia. She never went to school and has remained illiterate for 42 years. Despite her limitations, Sister Mary has seen God do impossible things. This is her story.

13th - For the Least of These

Maachah, 13, lives in a small coastal village in Asia, where she also attends a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center. This particular center was one of the very first and was built in response to a tragedy.

13th - GFA's School of Discipleship Program

Since 2004, GFA has been teaching young men and women to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow Christ through its School of Discipleship program.

13th - Trek Through Mud Brings About Renewal

The constant rain poured onto the earth, turning the packed dirt of the road into mud that no person risked driving their vehicle through. Yet that was the road Jinesh and Tavish desperately wanted to be on.

13th - A Fount of Healthy Blessings

Pastor Dalajit sighed at the long list of sick families to pray for. Dysentery, typhoid, malaria and other maladies plagued many of the families in the village where the GFA-supported pastor served the Lord.

13th - Led by God down Unforeseen Paths

I was walking with Dr. K.P. Yohannan to prayer after a leaders meeting discussing how God had led us unwittingly into impacting more people with Christ’s love—again.

13th - Touching God's Heart

One day, while driving home from work and listening to a radio program, Charlie heard guest speaker K.P. Yohannan share about the new ministry of GFA. As Yohannan shared a vision of impacting lives with the love of God through national workers, Charlie knew this was exactly what he had been looking for.

13th - A Tool In God's Hands

The sun had not yet illuminated the day, but Rahi was awake and on his knees. Every morning, he spent an hour talking with the Creator of the universe, His Savior, about all the things stored in his heart: family, ministry, personal needs and desires, the believers in his churches. Then he spent another hour in God’s Word, meditating and seeking the Lord’s will for his day and ministry.

3rd - Unlocking the Door of Literacy

Jeni studied the curling lines and shapes on her grandson's homework paper. With a sigh, she handed it back, knowing a great treasure lay within those squiggles and loops, but she lacked the key to unlock it.


19th - Equipped to Succeed

Pastor Roshan slung his bag over his shoulder and helped his wife onto their bicycle. They had a lot of ground to cover. As they cycled out of their village, Roshan found a sustainable pace for the trip. His muscles might be tired by the time he reached his destination, but that didn’t matter. Teaching from God’s Word in the distant forest villages and seeing believers grow in their love for Christ made the trip seem like a small sacrifice.

5th - Twice the Mobility, Twice the Blessing

Pastor Jahansuz was the pastor of six fellowships in six different villages. The GFA-supported pastor tried to visit every believer, but the villages were in some of the most remote regions. As such, there was no form of modern transportation. Pastor Jahansuz had to walk almost everywhere. The pastor felt burdened when believers asked him to visit their home for prayer and encouragement but couldn’t make the journey.


22nd - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact

It’s Monday morning at GFA’s U.S. headquarters in Wills Point, Texas, and dozens of men and women—behind-the-scenes missionaries—make their way to their desks after spending time together in prayer. Some are bursting with energy, while others are blearily drinking their coffee. Whether their day will be spent answering phones, fixing computers or printing missionary profiles, they each know the importance of their work: They are bringing the knowledge of Jesus to communities in Asia.


24th - Social Media Led Her to the Truth

Starting at a young age, Lochani saw her father beat her mother, Ayomi, for going to church or not doing exactly what he said. Now, after the fire, he angrily beat 5-year-old Lochani whenever he saw her, believing she was the cause of their devastation.

13th - Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents but Not His Hope

Tears rushed down Sam's cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison—would someone please help his son?


31st - More than Just Tears in Her Eyes

Waves of memories flooded Minosha’s mind as she recounted her life story to a GFA-supported field correspondent. Sorrowful memories about her husband, whom she never got to say goodbye to; about giving birth to their son alone, wondering where her husband was; about the day she learned she was a widow. The endless tears. Yet by the end of their conversation, a smile shone in her eyes—she also remembered the day she met Jesus.

24th - Dusting Off Her Potential

Jinsy stood in her home, contemplating once again the financial struggles of her family. What can I do to help? Her husband's source of income wasn't enough to provide for their family's basic needs. Their financial hardships led Jinsy to her knees in prayer, asking God to provide a way for her to earn additional income. Soon, they saw His answer.


23rd - Simple Medicines, Practical Kindness

If you had a stomachache or a headache, what would you do? Probably take some pain relievers or go see your doctor. But what if you didn’t have those available? What if you didn’t have medicine and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, and the nearest health care center was located miles away? This is a struggle thousands of people in Asia face every day.

8th - Doctors at the Doorstep

“I see lots of people suffer and die because of various kinds of sicknesses,” says GFA-supported pastor Ganesh. “Most of the people where I work are from very poor families.”

1st - Villages in Danger

Abhijun, 21, and his fellow villagers lived in near-perfect harmony. But underneath the beauty, the fertile lands hid a dangerous secret.


18th - Treasure Unearthed in a Slum

Madin finally had to leave. Being from the lowest class, he had suffered exploitation and mistreatment at the hands of his upper-class neighbors all his life. He couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. Seeking peace for his family, he knew they could no longer live in their village.


29th - The Curse of Leprosy Cured

Prina sat in her room all alone, waiting for her food to be delivered—the best and worst part of her day. Leprosy had locked her away, isolated from her family. She longed for the human interaction that occurred when a family member carried food to her room.

7th - Water Buffalo Provides Security for Family

Kalinda’s husband, Anton, stood in the night air, just outside the house. It was the end of a long day at work, capped by a family dinner. The children were in bed, and Anton and Kalinda prepared for their nightly respite. Enjoying one last moment under the starry sky, Anton suddenly felt faint. He crumpled to the ground, his life extinguished by cardiac arrest.



11th - Rickshaw Unlocks a New Path

Alcohol was Tanul's constant companion ever since he was a child—just like the poverty he was born into. When Tanul married, he did not lay aside his drinking. As the burden of caring for a family increased, so did his time with the bottle. Children came, and Tanul was unable to provide adequate food for his family or cover school fees—making a hopeful future for them nearly impossible.

4th - From Death to Life at the Hands of a Good Samaritan

Marut's heart raced as his feet tore down the dark road in front of him. It had been a weary day of labor, and now his lean body strained as he flew from the wild dogs closing the gap between them.


20th - Moving Poverty Out of the Picture

Tavish’s father died when he was just a small boy. His death not only created a hole in their family unit, but it plunged them into a state of financial crisis. Young Tavish and his mother cultivated the land they owned, leaving the boy with no opportunity to go to school.

13th - Waiting for the Sun to Rise

Pastor Babar shivered under his thin jacket. He walked up to a group of villagers huddled around a blazing fire in the early morning hours. Warming his hands, the GFA-supported pastor shared a story about Jesus to the chilled figures gathered around the heat of the flames. This joyful story constantly burned in his heart, no matter how cold the weather was outside.

7th - We Are Missionaries


23rd - Hope in the Unknown

Sibirah's husband Jairus left home before he even saw his newborn son's face. His addiction to alcohol left him hardened to the needs of his family, even after much pleading from his pregnant wife. Tensions eventually exploded in one final argument. Sibirah was now a single mother, left with hospital bills to pay and nothing to support herself and her new baby, Rajdev. But these weren’t the only troubles she faced.


18th - A Building Worth Waiting For

Pastor Mahon looked at the beautiful blue and white structure. It stood so strong—and pointed to God’s glory. Within its walls, reverent believers gathered in celebration, praising the Lord. The saints who gathered there had an anchor of hope living inside them. As GFA-supported pastor Mahon gazed at the building, all the struggles and opposition he had faced faded away. God had done what once would have seemed unthinkable.


10th - Discovering Stability Under Tin Sheets

Kata labored alongside her father on the farm, her hard-earned knowledge going unused yet again. She had all the requirements she needed to run her own business and even had a piece of land to start a beauty salon, but she labored on the farm instead.


23rd - 'More of a Lifestyle, Less of a Job'

Meet Jonathan, Erica and their four daughters, who are behind-the-scenes missionaries with Gospel for Asia—and see what motivates their service.

3rd - 2017: A Year in Review

2017: A Year in Review


25th - He Gave More Than a Handful of Rice

GFA-supported pastor Biru loved the people around him. You could almost see his compassion as he passed by paddy fields after a day of ministry. No one could have guessed that Biru, with his selfless, observant nature, was once a nuisance in his home village.


15th - Breaking Generational Poverty with a Needle and Thread

Nalah pulled fabric away from his machine to show his customer the finished product. He had just finished telling his client, one of his neighbors, the story of Jesus—the God who saved his life. When the customer left, Nalah started up his machine once more to fill another order. As the sewing needle bobbed up and down and the hum of the machine filled the air, Nalah was grateful for his new life in Christ.


17th - Life-changing Doctor Visits

Ahmed clutched his abdomen as the constant discomfort intensified. He wished for a doctor, but he knew the impossibility of such a costly appointment. See what happened.


29th - What My Faith Had Seen All Along

My 12-year-old heart felt it. It was real, yet so distant and vast. I was swept away by the incredible love God held for precious people in Asia, and I was heartbroken. There was nothing else I could do but kneel on my bedroom floor and weep and pray for those who didn't know the love I knew.

20th - Digging a Well: Uprooting Discouragement

When Laul got sick with typhoid fever he lost his livelihood and couldn’t provide for his five kids. No doctors or treatments could help him. But when his village received a Jesus Well—Laul's life changed in more ways than one.

8th - Counter-cultural Love Seeks Out the Rejected

Rushil, 55, sat at the marketplace, hoping his begging would earn enough to take care of his and his wife's needs. He'd stretch out his arms to passersby, showing them his hands and fingers that had been eaten away by leprosy. All that remained were the parts nearest to his palms.

8th - Unexpected Gift Exchange

Mahavir stared at his gift. Proper shelter for his family was just within his grasp, but something troubled him. He came to the GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution in desperate need of tin sheets, but now that he had them, he realized he faced another problem.

8th - A Drop in the Ocean

“I used to get scolded [by my] school teacher,” reflects Ashima. “Sometime my teacher used to ask me to stand outside the class as punishment because I didn’t bring needed things like paper, books, pencil—whatever is needed in the class. I used to stand. I used to be punished, and I used to feel very ashamed and discouraged. When I came home and complained to my mother, my mother used to scold me again, saying ‘Your father doesn’t give me the money; how can I buy all these things and give to you?’ So these kind of difficulties and hardships I went through before I came to the Bridge of Hope.”


26th - What Leprosy Couldn’t Steal

Leora stretched out her arms towards the light. She thought the white spots would have disappeared by now—and it worried her. But Parthiv, Leora’s husband, brushed off his wife’s fears; he assumed they were probably nothing. But when the spots grew numb and oozed puss, a fearsome word haunted Leora’s mind: leprosy.



22nd - Forgotten Islands No Longer Forgotten

On these forgotten islands of Asia, life is very secluded. People here lack basic luxuries such as running water and toothbrushes. Even though they’re surrounded by water, the only places they can bathe and collect water to drink is often from stagnant ponds. To them, life may seem hopeless.

15th - 125-Year-Old Woman Receives Blanket

White, uncombed hair crowned 125-year-old Rayna’s head. There on the floor, the widow sat unable to walk without a helping hand. Her wrinkled and swollen face showed years of discouragement. The torn and shabby clothes she wore testified of the poverty and hardship she had endured in her long life.

11th - Yards of Mesh to Shield and Unite

It wasn’t much to look at—Shara could see right through it, in fact. But the simple threads that interlaced together in a tight mesh wove significantly into Shara’s life. Without it, her family would not be what it is today—someone might have even died.


21st - A Church Without a Home

The believers inside the tea estate wanted to worship the Lord in safety and peace, but it seemed nature and their neighbors were against them .

20th - My Life for His Glory

Young adults are giving up one year of their lives to intentionally pursue the Lord and ending up radically changed.

20th - Failing Kidneys, Opposition and Answered Prayer

Rajasi’s relatives blamed her for the death of her husband. “All these [problems] happened in your life only because of your faith in Jesus,” they said.

13th - Flushing out Disease, Building Dignity

Anesh and his family rubbed the sleepiness from their eyes as they assembled to make their morning trek into a thick, green forest. Tall trees surrounded them with hopeful privacy, but still, there was no telling what they would encounter that morning. Wild animals and lurking men made the daily morning journey a dreaded one, especially for women. But they had to relieve themselves, and the outdoors was their only option.

7th - KP Yohannan Shares His Prayer After Church Shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas

“I just went numb. All I could do was to kneel down and just pray for the victims of these precious families.”

7th - Life on a Tea Estate

A GFA-supported pastor acquainted with the struggles of tea estate laborers works to bring change and dignity in their lives.

7th - A Safe Place for Tea Estate Children

Danger and hopelessness fill a tea estate in Asia, but the children have one refuge: a Bridge of Hope {% trans "center" %}.


31st - Stashed Papers and a Dream

Manish’s wife closed the door and scanned the pamphlets in her hand. Quickly recognizing their topic, she lost interest—why would she want to learn about the God worshiped by people her community looked down on? Even so, she didn’t throw away the religious papers. Instead, she stashed them away in her home, completely unaware of the significance of that tiny decision.

24th - Jesus: Faithful in Sickness and Health

Bahaj was too weak to work. The encompassing stomach pain he suddenly contracted while laboring in the fields looked like it had ruined him forever. Hearing footsteps near his door, Bahaj soon saw a figure of a young man who introduced himself as Pastor Tukal. Bahaj didn’t know it then, but this unplanned visit was about to change his life forever.

4th - Twins Find What the World Can’t Give

The twin brothers were certain: If they followed Jesus, they would miss out on the pleasures of life. If they obeyed Christ’s teachings, life would be too occupied with Christian laws and regulations. The teenagers decided they would spend their youth doing whatever made them happy—they didn’t want to miss out on what the world had to offer.


19th - The Redemption of a Dying Man

Kaling’s father gathered his five sons. Taking five oval eggs in his hands, he cracked one in front of them all. It was a sign they all understood: Kaling, the rebellious and disobedient one of the bunch, was now no longer a son.

12th - 80-year-old Man Hears of Jesus for the First Time

Naitik was 80 years old before he ever heard the name of Jesus. And he is not alone—this is the story of millions of others who live in remote places in Asia, where, so far, there’s been no mention of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.

5th - Literacy: Something to be Treasured

Mandeepa grabbed her treasure and veiled it under her arm with her scarf. It was treasure many women in Asia never have the chance to own themselves. Mandeepa kept the precious tool out of sight from the villager’s prying eyes while on her journey. When she reached the church, Mandeepa took the precious workbook from its hiding place and gathered with other eager women there. Mandeepa’s long-awaited dream was being fulfilled.


22nd - Peace Through the Airwaves

Maitra’s fingers suddenly stopped on the radio dial. Words of truth resounded into the mountain air, words that said she was loved and could have eternal hope and peace. This message on the radio would change Maitra’s life forever.

8th - A Promise to Keep

Tanaya’s husband had already died of HIV; now it was killing her. Stricken with the life-arresting virus that was ruining her immune system, Tanaya had to do something. She didn’t have the strength to watch over her little ones, Sachiv and Rukma, anymore, so the young widow packed up their things and moved in with her mother.


31st - Jesus' Love vs. Animal Sacrifice

It was a Sunday morning in August when Teesha and her husband headed out on a bicycle. They wheeled through a village that had a church building, and as they rode by, Teesha glanced inside. What she saw caught her eye. Believers clapped their hands and worshiped the Lord with joy. It was here that Teesha’s tiresome journey came to an end.

18th - Reviving Health and Blooming Faith

In the midst of Asian farmland, villagers toiled under the sweltering heat of the sun. After a long, tiring day in the fields cultivating potatoes and green chilies, the diligent farmers refreshed themselves with a glass of murky water. Their drinking water often led to sickness, but there was no other choice.

11th - Rebuilding a House, Building Trust

Wind and rain swooshed across the Asian landscape, as a fierce cyclone raged through the village. A small bamboo hut collapsed. Now the poor and despised elderly widow, Bidya, and her unmarried daughter had less than they ever had before. Just as their dignity left them years before, now their shelter disappeared, too.


27th - The Desperate Search

Sadgati trudged down the road. She stopped in front of a building. She was tired—tired of having constant turmoil in her heart, tired of her endless search for answers. Sadgati had exhausted every option she knew, yet her gods and goddesses seemed silent to her tears. But as Sadgati stepped inside this building, she was surprised. Maybe her 20-year quest for peace had finally come to an end.

23rd - Netramani: A Widow's Story

Would you want a "bad omen" in your house? "When my husband died, my entire family rejected me; they did not love me," she said. Sadly, this is the case for many widows throughout South Asia. They are considered a curse, so no one wants to have them around. Cast out of their homes and left to fend for themselves, these desperate women usually end up on the streets with nothing.

6th - Young Child Laborer Finds New Life

It burned. Ashmita hurled her exhausted young body into the kitchen. Her eyes stung as she cried out in agony. Chili powder washed off her small cheeks in a red stream as she anxiously tried to recover from the new form of abuse. But the pain in her eyes couldn’t compare to the pain and confusion found in her young, tender heart.

6th - Love-hungry Athlete Finds True Love

Sweat rolled down Safal’s skin. He ran after the ball again, aiming for a goal. From the outside, Safal looked like an outstanding and accomplished young soccer player, but inside he felt alone and without peace.


30th - A Helpful Thief

It’s difficult to know how Pastor Patakin had the idea to put a thief in charge of caring for the Sunday School and the students. Fourteen-year-old Bhoj already had a terrible reputation among his classmates, and even he wasn’t thrilled with the idea. Bhoj knew it would force him to mend his ways, and he wasn’t excited for the change.

16th - Uncovering a Treasure After 16 Years

Madira lay bedridden and hopeless. The witch doctors had given up. The medical treatments didn’t work. And now, six years of pain marked her life. Her thoughts yearned and searched for some ray of hope—something that would bring her healing. Then her thoughts turned to an event that happened 16 years ago. She called her son over. “Now listen to me clearly,” she told him, “and do what I say.”

8th - Anxiety in the Delivery Room

Sanjita gazed over at her husband, Chatur. He sat alone and silent on a bench, cupping his head in his hands. Anxiety wracked both Sanjita’s and Chatur’s minds. Why did the doctors rush their baby from the delivery room? Sanjita worried and wondered what kind of child she had given birth to for her husband. Soon, the doctors returned with disparaging news of their firstborn.


24th - Trading Plastic Bottles for a Brighter Future

Ever since she was a little girl, Asha picked through garbage to find things to sell. It was the only way she could help provide for the family. People saw her family as "Untouchable," and Asha faced rejection at school because of it. But then she heard about Bridge of Hope, and the impact it had on little Asha changed her life completely.

4th - ‘I Must Do the Work’: When Cancer Tries to Take Over

Munay served God for many years, but when cancer ravaged her body, she was bedridden. She sobbed and pleaded with God not to take her life. Then God began healing Munay, and with the little strength she had, Munay went to church and encouraged the believers there. The message she shared with them is one we all need to hear.


21st - Rejected Couple Forced to Drink Dirty Water

Desperate for water, Madhura and Jaival pushed the handle up and down on the old, abandoned hand pump. A brown substance spilled from the dirty pipe. It was not fit to drink or cook with in any other circumstance, yet it is what they were forced to use. They had no other choice. If they didn’t drink water, they would die; if they drank it, maybe they would die from waterborne diseases. This is what Madhura and Jaival faced every single day for five years.

17th - See how this BioSand filter brought Nirmala’s family JOY!

Nirmala’s family experienced constant pain and sickness because they drank pond water. But since they received a BioSand filter from the pastor, they are now free from sickness!

7th - The Stranger at the Bazaar

The clamor of bargaining could be heard above the bustling crowds. Stalls displayed beautiful fabrics of bright colors and patterns, while the aroma of food wafted in the air. In the midst of all this excitement, a mysterious woman strolled aimlessly down the street of the bazaar.

2nd - Walking Four Miles Every Day for Water

What would you do if the people in your community forbid you from using the local water to drink, take showers or wash your clothes? You would have to immediately find another water source for your family and livestock to survive.

1st - A Legacy that Will Touch Generations

A Legacy that Will Touch Generations

1st - Love on Fire

Love on Fire

1st - ‘We Want to Sacrifice’

‘We Want to Sacrifice’

1st - Hope in a Bucket of Water

Morning came early for the villagers. They trudged down a dusty path as the heat began to rise with the sun, dawning a new day. The morning light exposed strange yellow and red stains inside the pots they carried by hand, or had lifted above their shoulders or they placed atop their heads. Those stains revealed an immense struggle in the villagers' daily lives.


28th - Too Poor for Suicide

Suicide. The thought pulsed in Chamudi's mind as relentlessly as the hunger that gnawed in her stomach. Completely broken at the thought of her children's suffering, Chamudi decided today was the day to end it all—for herself and for her children.

21st - The Church that Ended the Gossip

Could a church without a building really be trusted? People were talking. Not just any people: fellow Christians. They saw the place where Naisha, Sahaj and other believers met to worship the Lord and they started to gossip.

17th - A Jesus Well Transforms Salil’s Family

In one northeastern region of South Asia, just beneath the Himalaya Mountains, a river flows, and heavy monsoon rains often cause flooding. It’s difficult to imagine that the residents of this lush land would lack clean drinking water. But it’s true.


31st - ‘I Will Be Their Daughter’

“Don’t open my bandage!” the leprosy patient cried out. For years the patient believed it was because of their sin that the destructive disease controlled their body. Now, they thought they must suffer and settle with bearing it alone.

26th - Mina’s Story: Joy in the Face of Suffering

Audrey, a sponsor from Texas, shares about a woman she met in a leprosy colony in Asia: "When I was on a vision tour in Asia a few years ago, I met a woman named Mina, who was affected by leprosy. Mina told me her story."

16th - Drying the Tears Behind Her Smile

Madura smiled when she was in the company of others. From the outside she pretended everything was ok—but it wasn't. Loneliness and rejection filled her aching heart. Madura hadn't experienced what every child longs for: to be loved by a mom and dad.

1st - Healing for a Broken Home

Healing for a Broken Home



20th - Altering Their Income

Altering Their Income

6th - How Goats Fixed a Leaky Roof

How Goats Fixed a Leaky Roof


29th - A Gift that Won’t Ever Wear Out

A Gift that Won’t Ever Wear Out

21st - An Unearthly Courage

An Unearthly Courage

18th - Adhira: Living Her Life for Others

Adhira: Living Her Life for Others

15th - Learning How to Save Her Baby

Learning How to Save Her Baby

15th - Leprosy Patient to Lioness: The 100-Year Journey

Leprosy Patient to Lioness: The 100-Year Journey

15th - Kantilal: Man of Prayer

Kantilal: Man of Prayer

15th - The Return

The Return

8th - Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

1st - Saved from the Edge of Insanity

Saved from the Edge of Insanity


18th - When Hard Work Wasn’t Enough

When Hard Work Wasn’t Enough

3rd - When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed

When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed


26th - A Dream: Turned Away at Heaven's Door

A Dream: Turned Away at Heaven's Door


30th - A Future for Children Orphaned by HIV

A Future for Children Orphaned by HIV

16th - Touched by the Blessing Others Received

Touched by the Blessing Others Received

4th - Monsoon Rains Cause Floods, Landslides in Five Nations

Monsoon Rains Cause Floods, Landslides in Five Nations

2nd - Dreaming of Food and Schoolbooks

Dreaming of Food and Schoolbooks


19th - Seeking Death but Finding Life

Seeking Death but Finding Life

4th - Child Lost in a Sea of Faces

Child Lost in a Sea of Faces


20th - Treasure Hunters, Mental Illness and Hope

Treasure Hunters, Mental Illness and Hope

14th - Finding Jesus in a Grocery Store

Finding Jesus in a Grocery Store


31st - Four Days to Live

Four Days to Live

3rd - An Education They Never Dreamed Of

An Education They Never Dreamed Of


25th - Courage When the Ground Shakes

Courage When the Ground Shakes

21st - Drought Develops into Severe Water Crisis, Affects Millions

Drought Develops into Severe Water Crisis, Affects Millions

19th - When a Mother Comes Home

When a Mother Comes Home

12th - Widow Shares Hope with a Fellow Widow

Widow Shares Hope with a Fellow Widow


31st - Where They Sowed Their Dreams and Sorrows

Where They Sowed Their Dreams and Sorrows

22nd - Where Pure Water Flows

Where Pure Water Flows

3rd - The Expectation That Was Met

The Expectation That Was Met

3rd - Love that Casts Out Fear

Love that Casts Out Fear

3rd - Fulfilling a Last Wish

Fulfilling a Last Wish

3rd - A Slum Child's Return

A Slum Child's Return

1st - Four New Wells Bring Clean Water to 5,300 People

1st - Toilet Provides Families with Privacy and Safety

1st - Water Filters Are Making an Incredible Difference

1st - Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

1st - Clean Water for an Entire Village

1st - Ten Jesus Wells Inaugurated in One Region for World Water Day 2016

1st - Enjoying the Gift They Didn’t Want

Enjoying the Gift They Didn’t Want


23rd - When They Uncovered the Student’s Secret

16th - Mother’s Faith Follows in Daughter’s Footsteps

Mother’s Faith Follows in Daughter’s Footsteps


26th - He Found Jesus at Just the Right Time

He Found Jesus at Just the Right Time

5th - A Bicycle Prepares the Way

A Bicycle Prepares the Way



15th - How Piglets Supplied an Education

How Piglets Supplied an Education

8th - When the Vegetable Vendor Couldn’t Buy Vegetables

When the Vegetable Vendor Couldn’t Buy Vegetables


25th - Burdened to Serve

Burdened to Serve

25th - Burdened to Serve

Burdened to Serve

23rd - Sewing Machine and Widow’s Dignity

Sewing Machine and Widow’s Dignity

10th - Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

2nd - A Deeper Sacrifice

A Deeper Sacrifice

2nd - A Cold Cross to Carry

A Cold Cross to Carry

2nd - Love, Shame and Drunken Fury

Love, Shame and Drunken Fury

2nd - Saving the Baby in the Dumpster

Saving the Baby in the Dumpster


27th - Once Addicted, Now Transformed

Once Addicted, Now Transformed

14th - Tin Sheets Help Teen Go to Church

Tin Sheets Help Teen Go to Church


29th - Temptation and Redemption

Temptation and Redemption

23rd - Not Unnoticed

Not Unnoticed

16th - What Friends, Alcohol and Smoking Couldn’t Do

What Friends, Alcohol and Smoking Couldn’t Do


19th - Booklet Leads Rejected Wife to Hope

Booklet Leads Rejected Wife to Hope

4th - Bounty Found Through Brokenness

Bounty Found Through Brokenness


14th - Finding Life After 65 Years

Finding Life After 65 Years


22nd - Through a Widow’s Tears

Through a Widow’s Tears

11th - VBS in South Asia

VBS in South Asia

9th - Far-Fallen Man Finds Faithful Friend

Far-Fallen Man Finds Faithful Friend


28th - Prayers and Mud Puddles

Prayers and Mud Puddles

20th - Pastor Marty

Pastor Marty

13th - When Fathers Die and Hunger Hurts

When Fathers Die and Hunger Hurts

6th - Desperate Mother Receives a Gift She Couldn’t Give

Desperate Mother Receives a Gift She Couldn’t Give


15th - An Unexpected Chain of Films

An Unexpected Chain of Films

1st - Freed From Death to Walk in Life

Freed From Death to Walk in Life


18th - The Gift That Stopped the Fighting

The Gift That Stopped the Fighting

11th - Water From the Rocks

Water From the Rocks

4th - Searching for Jesus Through the Radio

Searching for Jesus Through the Radio

4th - A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

4th - From Funeral Wood to a Pencil

From Funeral Wood to a Pencil

4th - The Cost of Sharing Christ

The Cost of Sharing Christ


17th - Pastor’s Question Saves Daughter’s Life

Pastor’s Question Saves Daughter’s Life


20th - Healing for the Sores on Her Soul

Healing for the Sores on Her Soul

7th - 'Morally Loose' Women Change a Wife's Character



22nd - Welcome to Their Toilet

Welcome to Their Toilet

16th - Sheltered by God's Love

Sheltered by God's Love

9th - Vegetables on Wheels Save Kids’ Futures

Vegetables on Wheels Save Kids’ Futures

4th - Happiness and a Hand Tricycle

Happiness and a Hand Tricycle


18th - Be A Light

Lights in the Darkest Places

18th - Faith Through the Fire

Faith Through the Fire

10th - God Broke Through

God Broke Through


29th - They Placed Their Hopes in the Prayers of a Stranger

They Placed Their Hopes in the Prayers of a Stranger

10th - International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

2nd - When My Tumor Disappeared

That particular evening, I started to think about my past behavior and how I had not worshiped any gods for the last year. I thought to myself, That could be the reason I got ill, and now I am going to die. I had no hope for my life. I felt heavy darkness surrounding me, and death was following me.


24th - The Man Who Didn't Want a Jesus Well

The Man Who Didn't Want a Jesus Well


13th - Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground

Prisha stepped out of the rickshaw only to be greeted by a crowd of dirty, half-naked children running around. One woman stood nearby barely clothed—much to Prisha's embarrassment. Animal carcasses and burning waste littered the village, creating a stench so bad passersby would speed recklessly through the village to escape it.

12th - Rebel Faces Daughter’s Defiance

Rebel Faces Daughter’s Defiance


22nd - She Met God on the Rooftop

She Met God on the Rooftop

10th - A Bomb Saved His Life

A Bomb Saved His Life

9th - Mountaintop Missionary

Mountaintop Missionary

8th - Demanding a Refill

Demanding a Refill


25th - Forced to Build Their Church Five Times

Forced to Build Their Church Five Times


27th - Seven Years to Build a Church

Seven Years to Build a Church

5th - Drinking Lessons with Mom

Some mothers prepare their teenagers for adulthood by helping them in their studies, feeding them healthy meals and teaching them how to treat others well. Sahdev’s mother, Vahini, spent time drinking with her son.


28th - Waiting for Her Husband to Disappear

Waiting for Her Husband to Disappear

15th - Boy Tormented by Evil

Boy Tormented by Evil

1st - No Better than His Father

No Better than His Father


18th - A Village Starving for Water

A Village Starving for Water

11th - Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son

Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son


18th - A Baby Girl is Nothing to Celebrate

A Baby Girl is Nothing to Celebrate

5th - Their Mother's Hidden Legacy

Their Mother's Hidden Legacy


28th - World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

28th - Compelled by Love

Compelled by Love

21st - Torment in the Land of Kings

Torment in the Land of Kings

6th - Abandoned by the god's She defended

Abandoned by the Gods She Defended



27th - No Time, No Money and an 'Impossible' Goal

No Time, No Money and an 'Impossible' Goal

18th - The Prisoner's Weapon

The Prisoner's Weapon

6th - Family Faces Annual Flood Inside Home

Family Faces Annual Flood Inside Home


28th - In the Heart of South Asian Slums

In the Heart of South Asian Slums

8th - Living to Die

Living to Die


24th - A Mother Fights Her Daughter's Prayers

A Mother Fights Her Daughter's Prayers

10th - A Life Dedicated to Sorcery

A Life Dedicated to Sorcery


27th - Not by the Blood of Goats

Not by the Blood of Goats

13th - Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared

Neighbor Cured and Nobody Cared


30th - No Time to Rest

No Time to Rest

23rd - Desperately Searching for Survival

Desperately Searching for Survival

16th - She Just Wanted to be Like Other Children

She Just Wanted to be Like Other Children

2nd - Famous Shaman Battles New Power

Famous Shaman Battles New Power


25th - Broken Lives Now Mended

Broken Lives Now Mended

18th - Desperate for More Than Clean Water

Desperate for More Than Clean Water

11th - Watch Kavisan's Life

Watch Kavisan's Life - From Tsunami to Hope

4th - Christian Daughter Forced to Marry Unbeliever

Christian Daughter Forced to Marry Unbeliever


28th - Church Under a Tree

Church Under a Tree

21st - One Dream Not Worth Following

One Dream Not Worth Following

13th - She Sacrificed Her Son

She Sacrificed Her Son

6th - A Request They Were Eager to Grant

6th - Thirty Children Embrace Christ at VBS

6th - She Wants to be Like Jesus

3rd - She Sold Her Daughter

She Sold Her Daughter

3rd - A Mother Again

A Mother Again

3rd - The Dream

The Dream


30th - A Missionary's Past Leads to New Life

A Missionary's Past Leads to New Life

23rd - Two Sisters Build Their Family a House

Two Sisters Build Their Family a House

16th - Mula: A Widow's Story

Mula: A Widow's Story

9th - Early Morning Prayers Build Church

Bhadra knelt down on the ground with his wrinkled hands clasped together tightly. He didn’t know what else to do but pray. His family was growing quickly, but his small hut wouldn’t be able to hold them much longer. Some of them already had to stay outside, and what would they do during the rainy season?

2nd - Christ's Call

Christ's Call


12th - The Team that Changed Everything

The Team that Changed Everything

6th - Ready to Suffer

Ready to Suffer


26th - Widow's Struggle to Survive

Widow's Struggle to Survive

19th - From Praise to Slavery

From Praise to Slavery

11th - Cursed to Live Forever

Cursed to Live Forever


29th - Counting the Days to Death

Counting the Days to Death

22nd - Desperation for Clean Water

Desperation for Clean Water

15th - Blankets Bring Relief to a Shivering City

7th - Blue Biosand

Blue Biosand

1st - Half a Penny, the Price for Peace

Half a Penny, the Price for Peace



25th - My Visit to a Leprosy Colony

17th - A Worthy Investment

A Worthy Investment

12th - Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy

Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy


27th - Children Changing Lives

Children Changing Lives

13th - Girl Brings Scandal to a Village

Girl Brings Scandal to a Village

7th - Marisa on a mission

Marisa on a mission


23rd - Girl Goes Shopping to Fight Consumerism

Girl Goes Shopping to Fight Consumerism

17th - Collecting Cans for a Cause

Collecting Cans for a Cause


25th - Her Illness; His Nightmare

Her Illness: His Nightmare

18th - Kavita's Story

Kavita's Story

11th - Engulfed By Shame

Engulfed By Shame

4th - He is Just Like Jesus

He is Just Like Jesus


28th - His Life Almost Ended on the Tracks

His Life Almost Ended on the Tracks

21st - Women Missionaries

Women Missionaries

14th - Employees Beg for Water

Employees Beg for Water


31st - A Witch Doctor, a Stranger and a Curse

A Witch Doctor, a Stranger and a Curse

27th - Stranded Flood Victims Wait for Relief

Stranded Flood Victims Wait for Relief

17th - Secure in the Slums

Secure in the Slums

3rd - Nominal Christian Transformed through Women's Fellowship

3rd - Women's Fellowship Burdened for Their Village

2nd - Defeated Man Attempts Suicide a Second Time

Defeated Man Attempts Suicide a Second Time


22nd - Real-life Hero

Real-Life Hero

19th - Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Great Loss

Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Great Loss

12th - Lifting the Curse

Lifting the Curse

5th - Mobile Team Enters Hostile Territory

Mobile Team Enters Hostile Territory

1st - New Testament Lies Dormant for Years


29th - On This Trash Heap They'll Build Their Church

On This Trash Heap They'll Build Their Church

15th - Child Tries to Kill Herself

Child Tries to Kill Herself

8th - A Mom and Her kids

A Mom and Her kids

2nd - Women Missionaries Serve Leper Colony

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/intro.jpg"> <p>Women Missionaries Serve Leper Colony</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/1.jpg"> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are serving in dozens of leper colonies throughout South Asia, bringing hope to hundreds.</p> <p>A special group of women missionaries ministers in the colonies, and this is how they tangibly show the love of Jesus.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/2.jpg"> <p>These women missionaries visit one particular leper colony four days a week. Two of those days are dedicated entirely to looking after the lepers' practical needs.</p> <p>Here, a woman missionary cleans the home of a leprosy patient who cannot do chores.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/3.jpg"> <p>Many leprosy patients have lost their hands to the disease, making everyday tasks like taking a bath difficult.</p> <p>In addition to helping the people take care of themselves, these women missionaries distribute food, like bread and bananas, to the patients.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/4.jpg"> <p>Many leprosy patients live lonely lives apart from society and are rarely visited by relatives, leaving them helpless. But because the women missionaries are there&mdash;in this case, to do the humble task of cutting toenails&mdash;these precious people are taken care of.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/5.jpg"> <p>The women missionaries also cut hair, distribute medicine and, in the case of this particular group of women missionaries, even clean up trash in the colony.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/6.jpg"> <p>Beyond their practical service, the missionaries conduct weekly prayer meetings and share the love of Jesus with the patients.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050212-eml12-02/images/7.jpg"> <p>These women missionaries have followed their Savior in saying to the leper, "I am willing."</p> <p>Please pray for them, along with all the missionaries involved with Gospel for Asia's leprosy ministry. Ask the Lord to give them strength each day to carry out their calling and to be incredibly fruitful for His kingdom.</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/images/women-missionaries-serve-leper-colony-bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style>

1st - Bullet Strikes Head of Fleeing Thief

Bullet Strikes Head of Fleeing Thief


17th - Man Tries to Stop Crucifixion

Man Tries to Stop Crucifixion

10th - Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer


27th - What Can God Do With a Bible College Dropout?

What Can God Do With a Bible College Dropout?

14th - When Suicide Failed, What Next?

When Suicide Failed, What Next?


28th - Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate

Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate

21st - I Love This Photo

I Love This Photo

14th - Why Are You Exploiting This Girl?

Why Are You Exploiting This Girl?


3rd - A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life



30th - Homeless Again: Cyclone Thane in Tamil Nadu, India

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30th - Going Fishing

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/intro.jpg"> <p>Gospel Tracts: Going Fishing</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/1.jpg"> <p>The catch is miraculous.</p> <p>Many Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries joined together to proclaim the Good News through Gospel literature.</p> <p>These pastors started the day with 20,000 Gospel tracts&mdash;and by the end of the day, not one was left.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/2.jpg"> <p>The eight pastors led 60 believers from their churches in passing out Gospel literature and sharing the love of Christ with those they met on the streets.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/3.jpg"> <p>The group then distributed Gospel tracts at a medical clinic, where patients and doctors heard and responded positively to the message of the Savior.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/4.jpg"> <p>In another region, 12 missionaries brought the message of God’s love to this town.</p> <p>Despite the area being deeply rooted in a traditional religion, many received and read the tracts with enthusiasm, and no one opposed the missionaries.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/5.jpg"> <p>At an annual festival, a team of 10 pastors and 15 believers shone brightly with Christ’s light.</p> <p>Through Gospel tracts, 52,000 people heard about Jesus!</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/6.jpg"> <p>In addition to passing out tracts, they performed a skit to communicate the Good News.</p> <p>Skits are a common way for Christians in South Asia to creatively tell the message of God’s love.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/7.jpg"> <p>Pastors, Bible college students and office staff distributed Gospel literature in villages surrounding theirs and at this train station. In addition to the distribution, they sang worship songs and shared the Word of God with an audience of 300 people.</p> <p>Later that day, the believers visited a community of 100 eunuchs. Nine of the men gladly invited the missionaries into their homes to share the Good News.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/8.jpg"> <p>The 21 staff members in one of GFA’s regional offices regularly go out to share Christ.</p> <p>On this particular day, they gave out Gospel literature to more than 50,000 people in less than four hours.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/9.jpg"> <p>The Lord is using Gospel tracts to reach many people&mdash;from all walks of life&mdash;with His love.</p> <a href="/donation/browse/items/tools-for-missionaries/gospel-literature/" style="color:#00CCFF">Send more missionaries fishing&mdash;Donate to Gospel Tracts</a></p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/slide/122711-web11-27/images/going-fishing-bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style> <br> <a href="/donation/browse/items/tools-for-missionaries/gospel-literature/"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/articles/donate-tracts-2.jpg" alt="Gospel Tracts"></a>

30th - More than Money Could Buy

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/123011-wfr11-13.jpg"> <small>Through the prayers of Mahadevi Kaler, shown here, the Lord healed Premila.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Two months ago, Mahadevi Kaler answered the door to find a man and a woman standing on her doorstep with a limp 10-year-old girl in their arms. </p> <p><strong>Desperation</strong><br> The man and his wife were Brijmohan and Oja Kundhal. Two years ago, their daughter, Premila, contracted a virus. Because of the viral fever, she eventually lost the ability to speak, and her body became weak.</p> <p>The family spent much of their meager income on medication for little Premila, but she still didn't recover. In their desperation, Premila's parents carried her from door to door, begging for money for medical treatment.</p> <p>They knocked on several doors, and many people gave money to help their child. Little did they know that at the next door they would knock on, the God of the universe would give them much more than money could buy.</p> <p><strong>No Money to Give</strong><br> Mahadevi Kaler is a Gospel for Asia-supported woman missionary. After opening the door, she listened as the parents told her of their daughter's plight. Mahadevi didn't have any money to give, but she offered to pray for Premila. </p> <p>The missionary invited Brijmohan and Oja into her home and told them about Jesus, the Healer and Giver of Life who could save their daughter. She then prayed for Premila, asking the Lord to heal her. Mahadevi encouraged the parents to place their trust in Christ and to pray to the Lord for Premila's complete recovery.</p> <p>As they walked out, the parents asked Mahadevi to come to their home later to pray.</p> <p><strong>Much More than Money Could Buy</strong><br> When Mahadevi visited the family, she prayed for Premila again. In faith, she asked the mute 10-year-old how she felt.</p> <p>With a stammering voice, Premila responded! She said that before prayer, she had felt like something was clenching her throat, preventing her from speaking. Now, the feeling was gone, and she could speak again. </p> <p>The family saw that Jesus really was the Healer and Giver of Life, and they chose to follow the Lord. Although she didn't have any money to give them, Mahadevi had shown the family something much better: Christ's gift of salvation.</p> <p>Please pray for this family, asking the Lord to make them bright lights in their village. Pray also for Premila's complete recovery, that she would regain her strength.</p> <p>Please ask the Lord to bless Mahadevi and to continue to make her fruitful.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/women/sponsor/">Join other women missionaries like Mahadevi in reaching the women and children of South Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

28th - In the Lord's Strength

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/122811-wns11-126.jpg"></div> <p>Two hundred Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and pastors gathered for a pastors' conference in South Asia in May, 2011. A few GFA leaders were present to encourage and motivate the missionaries and pastors in their service to the Lord. </p> <p>During the conference, those present prayed for breakthroughs in their mission fields.</p> <p>At the end of the conference, some of the missionaries acknowledged they had been doing ministry in their own strength, depending on their skills and knowledge. But through the sermons and teachings at the conference, they were reminded to fully depend on the Holy Spirit for the success of their ministry. They are now determined to be even more effective while out sharing God's love. </p> <p>Please pray for GFA-supported missionaries as they serve the Lord to reach the unreached in South Asia. Pray God will continue to use them as His instruments, and they will not forget their strength is in the Lord.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Support a missionary and help spread the Good News to the unreached</a>.</li> </ul>

26th - A Plentiful Harvest in a Forbidden Land

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/122611-wns11-120.jpg"> <small>Praise the Lord for these new brothers and sister in Christ, whom we will one day meet!</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The harvest is plentiful, and Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are seeing how true Christ's statement is as people turn their hearts to Him.</p> <p>In a restricted country, GFA-supported missionary Nyein Khin and his son Zaw boldly shared Christ's love to a people living in darkness and despair. There was not a single Christian in the village when they set foot on its soil. The people strongly adhered to their country's religious beliefs, passing down its heritage from generation to generation&mdash;until the day the Lord brought Nyein and Zaw into their midst. </p> <p>With the Spirit of Christ leading them, the Lord started a fellowship with 32 newfound sheep. Two months later, 24 more villagers came to know the Good Shepherd, and four months after that, 13 more embraced Christ's love and began walking in His light. </p> <p>The Spirit moved and broke away the chains of darkness, bringing new life to many people.</p> <p>Zaw noticed the little ones in the village had a great need for schooling, so he opened up a school in his rented house, teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic&mdash;and at the same time teaching the children from the Bible. </p> <p>He and his father, Nyein, continue to pour out Christ's love to these people, allowing the Holy Spirit to flood the village with Christ's presence.</p> <p>In another South Asian country, God used GFA-supported pastor Adil Kriti and his passion for the lost to start a small fellowship in one village. With continued teaching from God's Word and prayer, six families and 15 individuals decided to follow Christ and have publicly testified of their newfound faith. </p> <p>In the same region, a GFA-supported mobile film team traveled to help a GFA-supported pastor in his ministry. They conducted a film show where three families discovered the true Savior who loves them. With tears in their eyes, these family members gave their hearts to Christ after watching the powerful story about His life. They now faithfully worship the Lord at the local GFA-supported church. </p> <p>Just as Jesus declared, the fields are truly ripe for harvest, and we have the unique privilege to be part of bringing in this harvest. </p> <p>Please pray for these new believers who have given their hearts and lives to serve Christ, that they will grow in their faith and remain devoted to Jesus all their days.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Send more missionaries like like Nyein, Zaw and Adil into the harvest</a>.</li> </ul>

20th - Two Weeks to Change a Life

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/122011-wfr11-12.jpg"> <small>Like the woman in this photo, Jayana has a ministry of praying for the sick.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As the pain shot through Samaj Jakkamsetti's body, restricting him to bed rest, his future looked bleak.</p> <p>The young man had moved away from his family in search of work and found a construction job. Although he was making a decent salary, he surrounded himself with a corrupting group of friends and squandered most of his income on alcohol and tobacco. </p> <p>Then, while carrying a heavy load at work one day, Samaj tore one of his muscles. The pain was excruciating. In the weeks following the injury, he visited many doctors and took medication to ease the pain, but it did not subside. In fact, his pain increased, causing him to lose his appetite and making him weaker. In the midst of his discouragement, Samaj had no idea what the coming days would bring. </p> <p>After weeks of bed rest, Samaj learned about a woman in his village named Jayana who prayed for the sick. Samaj sought her out, and, after he explained his problems to her, she prayed for him. The Lord answered quickly and took away all Samaj's pain&mdash;and even released him from his addictions&mdash;that very day! </p> <p>Seeing the power of the one true God, Samaj placed his life in the hands of the Lord and became hungry to know Jesus more and more each day. Two weeks later, he was fully involved in the church of Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Alhad Bapaiah, who is Jayana's son-in-law, and, because the Lord healed his muscle, he was working again. </p> <p>Please ask the Lord to continue to draw Samaj toward Himself and to use him to show his family and those in his village the love of Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/jesus-great-dentist/">This isn't the first time the Lord has answered Jayana's prayers to heal someone</em></a>.</li> </ul>

19th - No More Midnight Interruptions

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/122011-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>The tin sheets Mena received from the <em>Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog</em> are strong enough to withstand the South Asian monsoon season, so she sleeps soundly at night.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">"Although my own people have forsaken me, my loving Lord and the Church never have."</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Mena Jyani lives with her four children in a small house in South Asia. The Lord has shown His enduring love for her in the midst of the hardships she has faced. </p> <p><strong>Abandoned by Her Husband</strong><br> Five years ago, Mena's husband set out to find a better job in another village. A month went by, then two, then three; Mena never heard back from her husband. The mother of four realized she had been abandoned, so, in addition to caring for her children, she began working to provide food for the family. This responsibility weighed heavy on her shoulders, and the years ahead only proved to bring more difficulties and financial hardships. </p> <p><strong>Left without Sleep</strong><br> Living in one of the wettest regions of South Asia, Mena couldn't escape a simple but wearying problem. During the monsoon season, her dilapidated roof leaked so much that Mena would often wake up in the middle of the night with water dripping on her. She would get out of bed and carry her cot to another corner of the tiny house where she would fall back to sleep, hoping to stay dry the rest of the night.</p> <p>These midnight interruptions became a normal part of Mena's life. With barely enough income to feed her family, she had no way to pay for the repair of her roof&mdash;no way to get a restful night's sleep. But the Lord&mdash;and His Church&mdash;knew her need. </p> <p><strong>Loved by the Lord</strong><br> The believers in Mena's Gospel for Asia-supported church have walked alongside her as she has endured these struggles. Mena's pastor, Deeraj Chettri, told GFA leaders of her need, and they selected her as one of the recipients of tin roof sheets from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog. Her new roof keeps the monsoon rains at bay, and Mena now sleeps soundly at night.</p> <p>"I'm very happy," Mena said. "Although my own people have forsaken me, my loving Lord and the Church never have. I'm so glad. Now I can sleep in peace."</p> <p>Please pray for Mena as she works to provide and care for her children. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/pray-for-christmas-gifts/">See how you can pray for the Christmas gifts that will be distributed this year</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sewing-hope/">Unfortunately, many women in Asia experience the same abandonment and emotional pain as Mena. Read their stories</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - The Life and Times of a National Missionary

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/121611-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Pastor Sudhir, shown here with his wife and their three children, has given himself to the Lord's work in his village.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Ganesh’s family never received the peace they desperately longed for.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sudhir Ahluwalia's family loved the Lord, but he didn't. Growing up in a small village of South Asia, Sudhir didn't have any interest in knowing God. He spent his teenage years chasing after things of this world and becoming wrapped up in a life of sin.</p> <p>But in 1997, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor befriended Sudhir and began sharing the Word of God with him. The teenager joined the pastor and his fellowship for a three-day prayer and fasting meeting. There, the Lord showed him his need for salvation, and, at the age of 17, Sudhir gave his life to Christ. He decided he would not return to his old lifestyle, but instead would pursue godliness. </p> <p><strong>Moved with Compassion</strong><br> When Sudhir turned to Christ, he was moved with the Lord's compassion for the lost. He accompanied his pastor in reaching out to the many in his area who had never heard of the Savior. Sudhir recounts that, despite opposition, "The grace of the Lord followed us wherever we went." </p> <p>Sudhir had only been following the Lord a month when he made a commitment to reach the most unreached and enrolled in a GFA-supported Bible college. After graduation, Sudhir ministered for four years in a village where 15 people decided to follow the Lord. </p> <p>The village Sudhir works in now is deeply rooted in a traditional religion, which makes sharing the Good News difficult&mdash;and dangerous. Pastor Sudhir has faced much opposition from anti-Christian fundamentalists in the area. Through his ministry, however, the Lord has brought salvation to 17 people, including a man named Ganesh.</p> <p><strong>A Downtrodden Family</strong><br> Ganesh Dhindsa and his family were, like the rest of the villagers, completely devoted to their gods. They faithfully carried out all the practices of their religion, pleading with their deities to give them peace and blessings. Ganesh's family, however, never received the peace they desperately longed for.</p> <p>The Dhindsa family had gone through many trying circumstances. When Ganesh was young, someone murdered his father. Ganesh, his widowed mother and all his siblings went through several painful experiences as they picked up the shattered pieces of their lives. Without their father there to provide, Ganesh's family fell deeper into poverty. And when a severe stomach illness began to afflict Ganesh, he couldn't afford to treat it. On top of all this, one of Ganesh's sisters suffered from a handicap.</p> <p>Despite all Ganesh's efforts to appease his gods, they never brought his family peace. </p> <p><strong>Proclaiming the Prince of Peace</strong><br> Then, one day, Ganesh met Pastor Sudhir and told him about his hardships. Pastor Sudhir was moved, and, with a great burden for the family, he prayed for them. Then, Sudhir told them about the God who can bring peace. They were deeply touched, and, that very day, the whole family chose to follow Jesus! Now they join Pastor Sudhir and the rest of the church in worshiping the Prince of Peace.</p> <p>Please pray for Pastor Sudhir, that the Lord would continue to produce much fruit through his ministry.</p> <p>Also ask the Lord to draw Ganesh and his family closer to Him, to provide for their finances and to comfort and lead Ganesh's handicapped sister.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Join the harvest! Raise up another laborer for the mission field</em></a>.</li> </ul>

15th - Love That Overcomes the Fire

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/121511-wns11-132.jpg"> <small>Fires in the slums quickly spread from one hut to the next, reducing entire blocks to ashes.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A fire swept through a South Asian slum in April, reducing six huts to ashes within minutes and taking the home and livelihood of a new believer, Nadira Gururani.</p> <p>The blaze, which is believed to have been started by firecrackers set off during a celebration, killed four and sent three to the hospital in critical condition. Firefighters were unable to reach the area in time due to the density of the slums.</p> <p>Nadira's family lost their home and their only sources of income: a sewing machine, a goat and a push cart. </p> <p>Gospel for Asia field leaders provided aid to the homeless family, giving them two sewing machines and two goats, which were bought with funds from believers around the world. The income-generating gifts helped Nadira's family rebuild what they lost.</p> <p>This practical love is a powerful testimony for Nadira's unbelieving family and for hundreds of her neighbors who are without hope. Nadira is one of 10 members in her Gospel for Asia-supported fellowship, and the sacrificial giving of other believers strengthens their witness. In a culture where kindness toward the poor is a rarity, people take notice of Christians' generosity and often want to know more about the Lord.</p> <p>Please pray for Nadira's family as they recover. Please also pray for her fellowship, that it will be a bright light in this dark area.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/browse/gifts-for-the-poor/">You can provide income-generating gifts for families like Nadira's</em></a>!</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/farmer-gets-christmas-sewing-machine/">See the difference a simple sewing machine can make</em></a>.</li> </ul>

15th - Poor Son Discovers Father's Riches

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/121511-web11-01.jpg"> <small>After speaking with a GFA-supported pastor, Deeptiman&mdash;like this young boy&mdash;realized his Heavenly Father could help his family.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Deeptiman's family struggled for their daily bread. His father was a day laborer who earned barely enough to feed their family. The lack of financial stability caused many quarrels among the family, bringing an absence of peace and happiness. </p> <p>Young Deeptiman sought to help his family by doing the only thing he knew: worshiping the gods and goddesses in order to gain their favor. He thought if he faithfully devoted himself to his family's gods, they would grant them peace and blessings. But for all his piety, the family strife continued. Not seeing any results from his persistent devotion, Deeptiman lost his faith.</p> <p>But the Lord intervened in Deeptiman's life when He brought Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Hetal Masih to his village. When the two met, Hetal told Deeptiman about a God who cares about him and his family's situation. The pastor began visiting the young boy and his family, frequently sharing Christ's love.</p> <p>A tiny spark ignited within Deeptiman as he learned about the Father's rich love. He often asked Pastor Hetal questions about Jesus, eager to know more. Although his own father tried in vain to provide for the family, Deeptiman believed Jesus could bring his family peace and blessings. In time, the young boy gave his heart to Christ and publicly testified of his faith. Peace and joy, which were once fleeting, flooded into his life.</p> <p>Deeptiman asks for prayer that he would grow in his love and commitment to the Lord and live to glorify His name. He also asks for prayer for his family, that they, too, would come to know the peace of God in their lives. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/">Help children like Deeptiman learn more about Christ through GFA Bridge of Hope</em></a>.</li> </ul>

13th - One Tract Can Change a Life

12th - Demonstrating God's Power Through Prayer

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/121211-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Pastor Mihir and his believers pray for healings, and the Lord answers.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Mihir Gavde, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, is witnessing God's miraculous hand at work as Christ brings healing to many people in his community. </p> <p><strong>The Shock of a Lifetime</strong><br> When a young boy in Mihir's village accidently touched a live electrical wire, everyone thought he would die. Burns covered one side of his small body. But a believer from Mihir's church, Rajat, knew Jesus could heal. He immediately prayed for the boy, and the Lord resuscitated him. </p> <p><strong>Excruciating Problem</strong><br> Rajat had experienced a miracle in his own family, which led him to give his heart to Christ. For five long years, his nephew had difficulties whenever he had bowel movements. The pain was so unbearable, he would scream and yell. The boy's mother, Rajat's sister, took him to the hospital, but doctors couldn't pinpoint the problem. Slowly, the boy's stomach began to swell, and the pain worsened. He began to get weaker, refusing to eat in fear of the pain that would follow.</p> <p>Rajat wasn't sure how to help his nephew, but he had heard about a pastor whose God worked miracles. He went to Pastor Mihir and told him of the boy's problems. Mihir rushed to find the boy and prayed for him.</p> <p>"Wonder of wonders!" exclaimed a GFA field correspondent. "The child who was sick for five long years was healed at that instant!"</p> <p>Because of this healing, Rajat and his entire family chose to follow Christ as their Savior.</p> <p><strong>Last Chance for Survival</strong><br> The Lord answered another of Mihir's prayers by healing a woman battling tuberculosis. </p> <p>Sonya was in the last stages of the illness when Mihir heard about her situation. Her husband, Viraj, reluctantly attended one of the fellowship meetings at Mihir's church after being invited by a believer. He asked the pastor to pray for his ailing wife, so Mihir did.</p> <p>"God, in His abundant mercy, healed Viraj's wife instantly when our pastor prayed," shared a GFA field correspondent. </p> <p>Through each of these healings, God chose to reveal His glory and bring people to salvation. Please pray for these individuals and families to grow strong in their new faith. Pray also for Pastor Mihir, that the Lord will expand his work in that area.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/special-report-why-healings/">Read a special report on how the Lord uses healings</em></a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/healing-power-leads-family-christ/">Healing often leads entire families to Christ</em></a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Breaking the Chains of Illiteracy

1st - Christmas Celebrations in South Asia

<div class="full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group" style="color:#000000;"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/120111-web11-02/images/1.jpg"> <p>Every year, Gospel for Asia-supported churches across South Asia celebrate Christmas by inviting their communities to festivities that glorify the Lord and His birth.</p> <p>Thousands of people come to hear the Christmas story&mdash;some for the first time.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/120111-web11-02/images/2.jpg"> <p>For these celebrations, children from GFA Bridge of Hope centers typically present a song and dance about Jesus and share the love of Christ, which they now store in their hearts.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/120111-web11-02/images/3.jpg"> <p>They also perform skits portraying the birth of Christ, giving the audience a greater awareness of the importance of Jesus' life.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/120111-web11-02/images/4.jpg"> <p>Last year, inmates at one prison celebrated Christmas alongside believers. The GFA-supported staff proclaimed the Good News and even performed some cultural dances for the inmates.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/120111-web11-02/images/5.jpg"> <p>The most important part of each Christmas program is always Jesus and sharing His Word, which brings new life!</p> <p>Pray these events will bring people closer to the saving knowledge of Christ.</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script>


29th - Good News for South Asia's Ganglords

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112911-wns11-130a.jpg"> <small>As part of the program, these missionaries performed a cultural dance for the inmates.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112911-wns11-130b.jpg"> <small>An audience of 2,500 prisoners listened as missionaries shared the Good News.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112911-wns11-130c.jpg"> <small>Many inmates were touched by the message and afterward prayed to the Lord.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On October 2, 25 Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries brought a message of peace to 2,500 prisoners in a South Asian high-security prison.</p> <p>The outreach event centered on Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." GFA regional leaders communicated to their audience of convicts, including high-profile ganglords, that all peace originates from a relationship with the living God. As one leader explained, "Peace with God, peace within our hearts and peace with one another begins with inviting the living God into our hearts." Prisoners and guards responded positively to the message.</p> <p>The program also included prayer and worship music. At the end of the day, the team of missionaries distributed 50 New Testaments and 63 Christian books. The outreach blessed both the prisoners and the missionaries.</p> <p>The missionaries ask for prayer for all the inmates and officials, that they will read the literature and it will move them to turn their hearts toward the Prince of Peace.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/captive-audience/">Read about other prisoners who also openly received the Good News</em></a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Join your life with a national missionary's and reach thousands like these prisoners with the love of Christ</em></a>.</li> </ul>

29th - 'The Source You Have Given to Us Is Never Finished'

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112911-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Pranjal was given a new cycle rickshaw. Now he can earn enough money to provide for his wife and four children.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112911-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>This BioSand water filter helped keep Shikar and other villagers safe from waterborne diseases.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Families all over South Asia didn't receive sweaters or ties last Christmas. Instead, they received gifts that changed their lives.</p> <p><strong>Nothing Temporary Here</strong><br> Pranjal had no way of providing medical treatment for his ailing wife, Sukthi. A witch doctor told them she should have surgery to fix her decaying rib, but the cost of the operation was more than Pranjal could afford.</p> <p>As a day laborer, Pranjal barely made enough to feed his family. In desperation, he went to the local Gospel for Asia-supported church and asked for financial help. But Pranjal received something even better than money. Instead of the church giving him money that could only temporarily fix what would be a prolonged problem, they gave him a cycle rickshaw so he could earn an income, provide for his family and get the medical treatments his wife needed.</p> <p>The local GFA-supported pastor also began visiting the family and prayed for Sukthi's healing. </p> <p>A few months after receiving the gift, Pranjal took his wife to the hospital for a check up. Miraculously, the doctors told them regular medicine could help cure Sukthi's sickness and no surgery was needed. </p> <p>Pranjal and his wife knew it was the Lord Jesus working in their lives.</p> <p>"If I had received financial help then that money would have been gone within a few days," Pranjal said. "But the source you have given to us is never finished. It still helps us exist. Now I am earning a good amount through the cycle rickshaw by carrying passengers. I am taking my wife also for treatment in my vehicle, and I'm able to buy medicines for my wife. I am happy with the help provided to me by the church."</p> <p><strong>New Carpenter in Town</strong><br> Surviving was tough for Mahir and his family. He was scarcely able to provide for his family's needs because he wasn't able to find a job. However, GFA-supported pastors in the area took notice of his great need. </p> <p>They invited Mahir and his family to attend their Christmas gift distribution program, and to Mahir's surprise, he was gifted with carpentry tools. </p> <p>Even though Mahir had no experience or knowledge in carpentry work, he began doing small repair jobs in his village. Slowly, his carpentry skills developed to the point where he was able to build furniture and even houses. Now, through this gift, Mahir is able to earn 1,500-2,000 rupees ($30-$40 US) a month, which is enough for him to take care of his family.</p> <p>"It is good to have such programs in our region for needy and poor people that will uplift their living standards," Mahir shared. "May God bless those who provided me with these carpentry tools."</p> <p><strong>Satisfying Their Thirst</strong><br> Shikar and his family were constantly getting sick from the water sources in their village.</p> <p>"There was hardly a week or month in which we did not have to visit a doctor and spend our hard-earned income on medicine," Shikar explained. "My family and I were often exposed to waterborne diseases because we had no choice but to use dirty and contaminated water from open wells for cooking and drinking."</p> <p>Shikar and his family suffered with stomach problems, jaundice, typhoid and diarrhea. And because necessity compelled them to use ponds, rivers and contaminated well water for bathing, they also suffered from skin infections. </p> <p>The doctors told them they needed to use a water filter, but Shikar couldn't afford to buy one. Fortunately, GFA-supported pastors provided for this need by giving Shikar a BioSand water filter from the <em>Gospel For Asia Christmas Gift Catalog</em>. Now he, his family and even other people in his village don't have to worry about getting sick.</p> <p>"Since the time the water filter was installed, no one has suffered from any waterborne diseases, and we are spared from unnecessary medical expenses," Shikar shared. "Through these BioSand water filters, not only our physical thirst has been quenched, but also our inner thirst for the love of the Lord and for one another was met very strongly."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/">Give gifts that keep giving</em></a>.</li> </ul>

28th - Sunday Best: A Home for these Congregations

<div class="full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group" style="color:#000000;"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/1.jpg"> <p>A church building is a huge blessing for a congregation in Asia. For many, it is a dream come true.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/2.jpg"> <p>Pastor Ajoy started his ministry by distributing Gospel tracts in an unreached village. Soon, he became the pastor of 50 new believers. They are so thankful that the Lord provided them with a permanent place of worship.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/3.jpg"> <p>Pastor Lakshman started his fellowship in a small house. Within months, as the congregation grew, it became more and more difficult to cram into the house. </p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/4.jpg"> <p>Imagine this many believers worshiping in a house! Trusting the Lord, they started praying fervently for their own church building.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/5.jpg"> <p>In spite of opposition from anti-Christians, the congregation completed their building with the Lord's help. They praise God for answering their prayers.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/6.jpg"> <p>When Pastor Nirmal's congregation received their church building, they were eager to worship the Lord together in their own home church.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/7.jpg"> <p>Even the dedication ceremony of Pastor Nirmal's church was inspiring for the believers. A speaker challenged them to be the "salt of the earth," as Jesus taught. </p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/8.jpg"> <p>Pastor Nirmal and the believers desire to share their hope&mdash;and their church building&mdash;with their neighbors and not keep it to themselves.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/9.jpg"> <p>Like Pastor Nirmal, Pastor Surendra is eager to bless his community with his new church building. He has invited everyone nearby to a meeting, where the believers hope to share the love of Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112811-wns11-123/images/10.jpg"> <p>When these Christians go to church each week, they will enjoy the blessings of their church building as they worship the Lord.</p> <a href="/ministries/churches/" style="color:#00CCFF">Donate to church buildings</a>.</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script>

23rd - A "Meaningless" Ministry

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112311-web11-01.jpg"> <small>This Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, also one of the Gurung people, ministers in the same area as Pastor Sirjan.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">I thought it was a meaningless effort to broadcast this language.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sirjan Bhattarai recently found out the Lord's heart behind what seemed to be a purposeless ministry. This is his account of what the Lord showed him.</p> <p><strong>Sirjan's Story</strong><br> My name is Sirjan Bhattarai. I am the pastor of a Gospel for Asia-supported church in Nepal, and I am also ministering in the surrounding unreached villages.</p> <p>In addition to my pastoral work, God has given me the great privilege of producing the Gurung language radio broadcast for GFA Radio. Before handling the responsibility as a producer and broadcaster for the Gurung language, I thought it was a meaningless effort to broadcast this language, considering the current state of Nepal. </p> <p>I thought, "The Nepali language is the common language that everyone can communicate through in Nepal. Broadcasting in Gurung is a waste of time and money." But honoring God and being obedient to my leaders who asked me to broadcast in this language, I began to work on the program.</p> <p><strong>Unexpected Findings</strong><br> On August 1, I went to preach the Gospel in a remote village along with four other pastors. The village does not have any modern facilities&mdash;no electricity, hospitals or paved roads. No missionary had been there before.</p> <p>The population of the village is 289, and 90 percent of the people are Gurungs.</p> <p>We reached the village in the evening. At dawn, we began our ministry work. We divided into two groups to reach the most people. In the afternoon, my two friends came and told me there were some Gurungs who wanted to meet someone who could speak their language because they can only communicate in their own tongue. </p> <p>I was really perplexed to hear this and went to meet them. I met a woman who was about 56 years old. When she saw me, she gathered 12 people together in her courtyard to listen to me. I began to speak in Gurung and tell them about Jesus Christ, His life and teachings. I spoke to them for 25 minutes and stopped to hear their reactions. </p> <p><strong>Wonderful Fruit</strong><br> The woman told us something so wonderful. She told us that she had heard a GFA Radio program in the Gurung language. Once she was suffering from a headache. Her son was listening to the Gospel message on the radio. At the end of the message, the speaker told the listeners he was going to pray to God for their healing. After the prayer she had no headache. </p> <p>When the woman and the other Gurung people came to know that I was the person who had delivered God's message, they were very happy. Immediately, two women received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. There is now a small Christian fellowship in this village. </p> <p>I thanked our gracious Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful work, and I also asked His forgiveness for my lack of faith in Him. I realized why God wanted to use me to speak in my own mother tongue. I pray the Lord will use me as an instrument for sharing the Word of God through the GFA Radio program.</p> <p>Please pray for my ministry to be effective and fruitful. Please pray for the people of this village, that the Lord will bring them into His Kingdom.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a pastor like Sirjan and reach many lost souls with the love of Christ</em></a>!</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/see-for-yourself/">Read some of the responses that come in from GFA Radio listeners</em></a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Slum Children Get Clean

<div class="full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/1.jpg"> <p>The children of this Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center live in a slum where their parents work the most menial jobs, like cleaning the sewage or doing some other dangerous job, which the rest of society won't do.</p> <p>Many of the children spend their days playing or sitting under the trees or beside the river.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/2.jpg"> <p>Now these children can go to a Bridge of Hope center.</p> <p>Our Bridge of Hope staff regularly visits the children and their families at their homes to pray and encourage them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/3.jpg"> <p>The staff also makes sure the children are well groomed and keeping up with their personal hygiene. Here a staff member cuts a little girl's hair.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/4.jpg"> <p>"Nourishing these children and raising awareness in these communities is a very difficult task when compared to other communities," a GFA field correspondent explained. "They don't care about their daily baths, breakfast or their other basic needs."</p> <p>But these staff members go the extra mile to teach the kids cleanliness by bathing each one themselves.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/5.jpg"> <p>They also give them creative alternatives to roaming the streets by teaching them arts and crafts.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112211-web11-25/images/6.jpg"> <p>The Bridge of Hope center also reaches out to the students' parents with health awareness education and practical help. Bridge of Hope staff gives multivitamins to women.</p> <p>By ministering to these families, these caring servants are sharing the love of Jesus and changing entire communities.</p> <a href="/sponsorachild/browse/" style="color:#00CCFF">Sponsor a Child</a></p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <br> <a href="/sponsorachild/browse/"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/articles/2011-nov1/madin-sponsor-a-child3.jpg" alt="Sponsor a Child"></a>

21st - The Other Piece of the Puzzle

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112111-wns11-125a.jpg"> <small>Conferences like these are rare chances for Christian women to fellowship with others beyond their local church.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112111-wns11-125b.jpg"> <small>Those attending received valuable encouragement and teaching from experienced women in ministry.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>When it comes to raising up leaders in church ministry and outreach, Gospel for Asia-supported pastors don't only look to the men in their congregations. They believe the women are just as important in bringing the Gospel to their communities and beyond.</p> <p>GFA's Women's Fellowship groups help women grow in God's Word, learn to share His love with their neighbors and receive basic education that may have been denied them as young girls. </p> <p><strong>Encouragement to Continue On</strong><br> One Women's Fellowship group worked together to hold two special services in neighboring villages. These were times for pastors' wives and women missionaries to fellowship and learn with their fellow sisters in Christ, who were part of local church congregations. </p> <p>Local pastors helped the women set up and prepare for the services, excited to help the women grow in the Lord.</p> <p>During the sessions, pastors' wives taught the women about God's desire to work through them for His Kingdom. They taught that God does not consider women to be less important than men, as their culture often tells them, but that He loves them equally and has great plans for them.</p> <p>Many of the women, relieved to hear this message, shared with joy and tears how God had spoken to their hearts.</p> <p><strong>Conference Leads to New Fellowship</strong><br> In another region of South Asia, Women's Fellowship members organized a large convention for 534 women representing 86 local churches spread throughout a large area.</p> <p>The women worked hard to prepare the convention. Organizing the event even turned into a ministry opportunity. They shared Christ with the conference hall managers, who responded with interest. In the midst of the event planning, the women decided to start a new fellowship group in the area!</p> <p>When the conference started, the sound of hundreds of women worshiping God in their own language filled the room. Then two leaders' wives shared messages to encourage the women in their walk with the Lord and in their ministry to their neighbors.</p> <p>Eager to learn, many of the women recorded the messages on their cell phones so they could listen again and share it with other women who couldn't attend. </p> <p>During the three-day convention, the ladies also performed cultural programs, took an offering for their outreach and participated in a Scripture memory competition.</p> <p>The women went home with many new ideas and motivation from the Lord.</p> <p>“We hope that all the women will shine like bright morning stars in the days to come!” wrote a GFA field correspondent.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/womens-ministry/womens-ministry-about/">Read more about how God is working through the women of Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - Caps and Gowns for Harvesters

<div class="expand group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group" style="color:#000000;"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/1.jpg"> <p>This spring, hundreds of Bible college students graduated after three years of studying and training for a life of ministry.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/2.jpg"> <p>These men and women have left behind family, friends and the comforts of this world for the joy of serving the Lord on the mission field.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/3.jpg"> <p>Special guests encouraged the graduates with a message from God's Word, reminding them it's a privilege to suffer for the Gospel.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/4.jpg"> <p>All students earned a degree in theology. Additionally, some received special awards to recognize their excellence and hard work.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/5.jpg"> <p>When the graduates who received awards were asked the reason for their success, they answered that godly people were supporting them and spending time in prayer for them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/6.jpg"> <p>After the awards were given, the graduates at each ceremony presented a special worship song.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/7.jpg"> <p>The graduation ceremonies closed with faculty and special guests commissioning the graduates in prayer.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/112111-wns11-115/images/8.jpg"> <p>These new missionaries are now ministering in remote villages and big cities throughout Asia, bringing the Good News to those who have not yet heard of the Savior.</p> <a href="/sponsor/" style="color:#00CCFF">Sponsor a missionary</a>!</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script>

20th - Ringtones for Jesus

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112011-wns11-124.jpg"> <small>A cover to a Christmas album produced by GFA-supported churches in Nepal.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Music has the power to touch the soul, ignite emotions and bring back memories thought long forgotten. It can also tell the world about the Savior who came to give His life for them.</p> <p>That's what's happening in Nepal. In that country found hidden in the Himalayan mountains, music plays an important part in everyday life. And it's being used to share Christ.</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported churches in Nepal have produced 121 Gospel albums in the Nepali, Tibetian, Tamang, Limbu and Tharu languages. The churches there even utilize ringback tones to present the message of Christ through Gospel songs whenever someone calls.</p> <p>"It has become an effective tool to spread the Gospel," explained a GFA field correspondent. </p> <p>One of the major telephone companies in the country even approached the Nepali churches to ask if they could use their music as ringback tones, offering to pay the Gospel for Asia-supported churches in Nepal royalties to use their songs. With the royalties, the church can further their work in the country and spread the Good News to others.</p> <p>"We praise God for this digital tool, for not only spreading the Gospel but also for earning funds for other ministry purposes," the field correspondent shared.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/store/audio/">Get your very own copy of South Asian worship music</a>.</li> </ul>

20th - A Sister's Mourning Turns to Joy

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/112011-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Women's Fellowships, like this one, tell women in their communities that Christ values them. In addition to widow outreaches, they gather for Bible studies and prayer meetings and organize literacy programs and vocational training.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>After watching her sister experience the loss of her husband and an onslaught of physical ailments, Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship member Hasina Satapathy also got to see mourning turn to joy as her sister chose to follow Christ.</p> <p>Hasina's sister Yahvi is a 33-year-old widow living in one of South Asia's big cities. Since her husband died, she has worked in the local hospital, trying to provide for herself and her son.</p> <p>Life only got more difficult for Yahvi when she began suffering from recurrent headaches and fevers. The pain was so debilitating that it kept her home from work and even prevented Yahvi from carrying out day-to-day household chores. </p> <p>When Hasina heard her Women's Fellowship team was going to host a widow outreach on International Widows' Day on June 23, she recognized the opportunity and invited her sister.</p> <p>Yahvi traveled quite a distance to join her sister at the event. There they heard a GFA field leader give a message on God's protection and provision for widows. Yahvi was encouraged by his words. After the message, the women gathered for prayer. Yahvi shared her burdens with the group, and they immediately began praying for her. </p> <p>Yahvi was touched by the message and the women's concern for her. In response, she gave her life to Christ! On her way home, she experienced the Lord's healing from her headaches and fevers. She has returned to work and can continue caring for herself and her son.</p> <p>Yahvi asks for prayer that she will continue to find her shelter and peace in the Lord Jesus and that she will remain steadfast in her faith.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/widows-abandoned-children/">Widows in South Asia are ridiculed and forsaken. Learn more about their plight</a>.</li> <li><a href="/women/sponsor/">Reach out to the women of South Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

19th - Bridge of Hope to Show True Heart of Christ

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111911-wns11-122a.jpg"> <small>The Bridge of Hope staff led the audience in praying for the new Bridge of Hope center.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111911-wns11-122b.jpg"> <small>Government officials wholeheartedly supported the opening of the Bridge of Hope center, recognizing the good it will bring to their community.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In late August, a new Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center opened in a region of South Asia that is completely different from the rest of the continent. The area's uniqueness is found in that, although it is set in a continent where Christians make up a tiny percentage of the population, it is home to far more Christians than non-Christians. </p> <p>Many in this area chose Christ as a result of faithful missionaries who served there during the 1800s and early 1900s. Unfortunately, over the years, the Christian faith became watered down, and today, many who identify themselves with Christianity view it as a cultural heritage. Now the youth in this region are embracing materialism, immorality and substance abuse rather than Jesus. </p> <p>This new Bridge of Hope center will show Christ's grace and truth to students ranging from kindergarteners to teenagers. Students at Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope centers receive an education, a daily meal, medical care, school uniforms and, above all, the message that Jesus loves them.</p> <p>The grand opening celebration for this center included the reading of God's Word and prayer. A few government officials, who were special guests at the event, gave their wholehearted support of the outreach program.</p> <p>Center leaders seek prayer that the students will embrace the heart of Christ so they will be a source of change for their churches and their families. They are praying for these Bridge of Hope children to lead a revival in the area.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/father-drinks-children-starve/">See how a Bridge of Hope center blessed Rati's family</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/">Allow more children to experience Christ's love at a Bridge of Hope center</a>.</li> </ul>

19th - Refusing a Drink Leads Four to Christ

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111911-wns11-119.jpg"> <small>Just like Pastor Nishchal, Bhaskar and his three friends, these men are meeting together to grow in the Lord..</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>One missionary's abstinence has opened the door for the salvation of four other men.</p> <p>At a celebration in South Asia a few months ago, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Nishchal responded to an offer of alcohol by saying," I am a pastor, and I do not drink alcohol." The refusal annoyed the other men at the party&mdash;all except Bhaskar.</p> <p>Bhaskar has suffered for three years from cysts on his head. Surgery has not prevented the formation of new cysts. After hearing Nishchal's response and realizing he was a pastor, Bhaskar approached Nishchal to ask for prayer. Nishchal stopped right then and prayed. Within three days the cysts shrunk to half their size. After seeing this answer to prayer, Bhaskar grew in faith and placed his life in the hands of the Lord. He began meeting with Nishchal for fellowship and Bible study and also decided to give up alcohol.</p> <p>Less than a week later, Bhaskar brought three of his friends to meet Pastor Nishchal. The three friends told the pastor they also wanted to stop drinking liquor. Pastor Nishchal prayed for them, and they have not drunk alcohol since. They chose to follow Jesus and are now part of Pastor Nishchal's fellowship. </p> <p>Please pray the Lord will continue to draw Bhaskar and his three friends nearer to Himself and to grow Pastor Nishchal's ministry. Also ask the Lord to completely heal Bhaskar from the cysts.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/he-didnt-mean-to-build-a-church/">Like Pastor Nishchal, Pastor Boro wasn't trying to start a fellowship. Read his story here</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/he-wanted-to-die-she-had-a-false-perfect-life/">See how the Lord cured Manyu of his sickness</a>.</li> </ul>

19th - Opposition Leads to Double Feature

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111911-wns11-118.jpg"> <small>A film show gives many people their first opportunity to hear about Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Pastor Sanjay is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary who has seen God working in his very unstable region of Asia. Besides regional conflicts that spring up occasionally, there are anti-Christian groups who try to make his ministry difficult.</p> <p>In the summer of 2011, a GFA-supported film team came to Pastor Sanjay's village to show a movie about the life of Jesus. This film often helps ease people's suspicions about missionaries' work, and it gives them a clear picture of Christ's love before they put up their defenses to the message. Excited about the opportunity, Pastor Sanjay worked with the film team members to set up a showing.</p> <p>Sure enough, 120 people from this difficult neighborhood gathered to watch the film. At last, they would hear the message that Pastor Sanjay was working hard to share with them. </p> <p>However, after the movie started, five men from an extremist group showed up and started asking questions about the film. </p> <p>"Who told you to come to this place? Did anyone give you permission to show this film here?" they asked. "Take your instruments and get out of here!"</p> <p>The five men grew angry and continued to threaten the film team members. It looked like they were growing violent, but Pastor Sanjay intervened, pleading with them to leave the film team members unharmed.</p> <p>The extremists left without beating the missionaries, but it was the end of the film show for that night. The incident also produced fear in the hearts of the villagers. Several of them asked Pastor Sanjay to leave the village.</p> <p>Instead of leaving, Pastor Sanjay went to the authorities and explained what had happened. Through his efforts, the police agreed to provide security for a second film showing.</p> <p>Three nights after the first film showing attempt, Sanjay and the film team once again set up the equipment and showed the movie, praying the Lord would protect them. This night, fewer people attended&mdash;35 total&mdash;but they were receptive and watched the whole film. The police came as they promised and offered security, so everything went smoothly.</p> <p>Pastor Sanjay asks for prayer that those who watched the film would choose to follow Christ, and that the extremists who oppose his ministry would see Jesus loves them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/bollywood-capital-jesus-film-big-hit/">Read about another Jesus Film showing&mdash;in India's movie industry hometown</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Medical Care

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111811-wns11-134a.jpg"> <small>With colorful posters and pamphlets, the Bridge of Hope team lovingly taught these children the importance of nutrition&mdash;and then provided them with vitamin tablets.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111811-wns11-134b.jpg"> <small>The children listened carefully during the presentation.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As part of Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program, children receive medical care that is widely unavailable in their areas. This is monumental in regions where many children die from preventable diseases.</p> <p>One Bridge of Hope center, in partnership with a humanitarian organization, took on the task of fighting one of the common ailments: blindness.</p> <p>In their region, green leafy vegetables and other sources of Vitamin A are almost completely absent in children's diets. This isn't because the children don't want to eat their vegetables&mdash;it's because they can't. The food that poor families can afford is very limited and often doesn't include vegetables.</p> <p>This is tragic because cases of severe Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to weakened immune systems, blindness or even death. </p> <p>Knowing that children younger than five are particularly vulnerable to this deficiency, the Bridge of Hope staff designed a seminar to teach about the importance of vitamins. They handed out pamphlets, spoke to the children and their parents and then distributed vitamins to each child.</p> <p>The program started at this Bridge of Hope center has spread to other centers in South Asia over the last two years, providing vitamins to more than 5,000 children.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/children-of-the-slums-receive-wearable-love/">Read about another outreach to impoverished children in the slums of Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Creating for their Creator

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111811-wns11-114.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>These Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope students won prizes for their artwork in a Bridge of Hope drawing contest. Bridge of Hope Students take creative art classes as part of their academic curriculum. Those who display a natural artistic talent are encouraged to glorify God with their ability.</p>

18th - An Immunity Boost

<div class="full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/111811-web11-03/images/1.jpg"> <p>About 2,000 people attended a multivitamin distribution program offered by Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/111811-web11-03/images/2.jpg"> <p>Children waited in line to receive their vitamins and deworming tablets.</p> <p>According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Essential vitamins and minerals in the diet are vital to boost immunity and healthy development."</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/111811-web11-03/images/3.jpg"> <p>Many pregnant women lined up to receive the vitamins, too.</p> <p>South Asian women have a much higher incidence of pregnancy complications and poor fetal development than other women because so many of them are undernourished.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/111811-web11-03/images/4.jpg"> <p>A GFA state leader helped give the little ones their vitamins and explained the benefits and importance of multivitamins and the deworming tablets.</p> <p>"Under nutrition, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies, contributes to about one third of all child deaths and impairs healthy development and life-long productivity," the World Health Organization reported.</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <h2><a href="/ministries/medical/">Give to GFA's medical ministry so more impoverished people can learn to live a healthy life</a>.</h2> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#an-immunity-boost">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

17th - Band-Aid instead of Body Cast

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111711-wns11-117.jpg"> <small>A bus came swerving down the road and hit Hiresh.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Hiresh Achari was recently hit by a bus.</p> <p>Around dusk a few months ago, Hiresh and the other members of his Gospel for Asia film team were headed to a village to show the Jesus film, <em>Man of Mercy</em>. They were walking down the road carrying their equipment when a bus turned the corner and came swerving recklessly in their direction. Hiresh, stunned by the sight of the vehicle barreling toward him, couldn't move fast enough to get out of the way.</p> <p>The bus hit Hiresh, knocking him to the side of the road. Miraculously, he didn't suffer any major injuries. The other members of his team took Hiresh to the nearest hospital where he only needed minor first aid before being released.</p> <p>Hiresh thanks God for His protection and for more time with which to serve the Lord.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/missionary-attacked-by-wild-elephant/">Read an update on Ashu, who was recently injured by a wild elephant</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Missionary's Wife Healed

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111611-wns11-108.jpg"> <small>Believers gathered around Kyi and prayed for her to be healed, just like they did with this woman when she was severely sick.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Kyi Hla's kidneys were failing. The medical treatments the Gospel for Asia-supported missionary's wife received did not improve her health, and the doctors had very little hope for recovery. They agreed to try a surgical procedure but told her not to get her hopes up because they weren't sure it would work. The doctors didn't know, however, there were dozens of people praying for Kyi. </p> <p>They admitted her to a special clinic for further treatment and surgery. Local Gospel for Asia-supported staff prayed earnestly for Kyi's complete healing for the three weeks she was in the clinic, especially during her surgery. It took two hours for the doctors to complete Kyi's surgery, and the Lord answered the prayers of His people while defying the doctor's expectations. Kyi was healed!</p> <p>In a matter of days, she recuperated well enough that the doctors released her, allowing her to go back home. </p> <p>"We praise the name of the Lord for His wonderful work in Kyi's life," exclaimed a GFA field correspondent. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/missionaries-need-prayer-healing/">Please pray for another missionary in need of healing</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Bringing Love to AIDS Patients

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111611-wns11-107.jpg"> <small>Visiting people in the hospital is one way Women's Fellowship groups show Jesus' love to their community.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Since 1988, when the first AIDS case appeared in Nepal, the disease has spread to an estimated 70,000 people*. With relatively little understanding of the disease, those suffering with AIDS face severe discrimination.</p> <p>Although they can't reach all 70,000 AIDS patients, one Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship group in Nepal spent a day reaching out to those in their area. Their efforts filled an empty place in the hearts of these people valued by the Lord.</p> <p>With permission from hospital staff, the Women's Fellowship group visited each patient in a facility established specifically for treating AIDS. The women spent time with each person, listening to their stories and encouraging them with God's love. They gave out New Testaments and Gospel tracts along with a gift of fresh fruit for them to enjoy.</p> <p>The patients' gratitude was heartfelt. The fact that someone cared enough to visit them meant a lot, and many were enthusiastic to learn more about the Lord.</p> <p>The Women's Fellowship members request prayer that the Lord will heal each person and help them to understand His love.</p> <p>*UNAIDS and National Estimate, 2010</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/world-aids-day-awareness-initiatives-educate-communities-show-love/">GFA-supported missionaries across India took an active part in helping their communities on World AIDS Awareness Day</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Rekindling His Faith After 13 Years

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111611-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Women's Fellowship teams visit families like Veenu's, who may not receive encouragement in their faith from other sources.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Veenu didn't want people mocking and rejecting him if they found out he was a Christian. So, he never told anyone.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As a poor farmer with several children, Veenu blended right in with the rest of the people who lived in his village. But he was keeping a secret. His neighbors noticed Veenu seemed to always be sick or too busy when it was time for the traditional religious festivals, but no one cared that much.</p> <p>So when three women, part of a Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship team, visited Veenu's village, it was time to reveal his secret. They gave Veenu a Gospel tract and started to introduce him to the Lord.</p> <p>Veenu listened to the women for a while and then made a confession: He already was a believer. Veenu explained how he came to know the Lord when another missionary visited him in 1998. </p> <p>The women were surprised but continued listening to Veenu's story. </p> <p>He had been excited about his new faith in 1998, but when the missionary moved on to another area of ministry, Veenu was left with no other believers for fellowship and encouragement. Over time, he grew more and more afraid of the other villagers who were ardent worshipers of their ancient traditional gods. Veenu didn't want people mocking and rejecting him if they found out he was a Christian. So, he never told anyone. He would make up excuses when his neighbors wanted him to join in their religious observances.</p> <p>The women's team members were empathetic toward Veenu's plight, so they encouraged him from the Bible. As they studied together, Veenu was ashamed he'd hidden his faith in Jesus, but he was filled with gratitude that someone could at last help him in his walk with the Lord. He asked the women to come and help his family study the Bible.</p> <p>The women's team started a prayer meeting at Veenu's house, helping the entire family to grow in their faith. </p> <p>The instruction and encouragement meant so much to Veenu. He declared that no matter what happened, he would never again compromise his faith in the Lord by hiding his light.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/womens-ministry/womens-ministry-about/">Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship is reaching many hurting people in Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Lightning Strikes House

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111411-wns11-117a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Arun and his family stand in what remains of their ruined home.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111411-wns11-117b.jpg"> <small>The roof of this GFA-supported school wasn't able to withstand the strong winds of a recent storm.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As Badal Mainak and his family slept, a lightning bolt struck their house. The sound was loud and terrible, Badal recalls. But they just covered their heads and went back to sleep&mdash;not realizing the lightning set their house on fire.</p> <p>When they felt the heat, they suddenly awoke to see their house in flames. They bolted out of their beds and rushed outside, leaving the fire to consume all their belongings along with the communion set and cooking pots that belonged to the Gospel for Asia-supported church they are part of. Badal is the church's secretary. </p> <p>Badal and his family are currently living in a small shed that usually houses cattle. When GFA leaders in the area heard about his situation, they spent the night with the suffering family to comfort and encourage them.</p> <p>The villagers are ready to help Badal when he is able to buy the materials to rebuild his home.</p> <p><strong>Pastor's House Damaged</strong><br> A natural disaster left another believer homeless after heavy rains caused floods.</p> <p>Flooding swept through the village of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Arun in September, heavily damaging his brick-and-mud house. Parts of the interior of his house collapsed and the walls are cracked. He and his family are living in a relief camp. </p> <p>Arun pastors a church of 110 people.</p> <p><strong>School's Roof Damaged</strong><br> A Gospel for Asia English medium school also faced damages after a storm accompanied by strong winds ripped tin sheets off the school's roof. The school's center beam, which helps support the roof, also broke. </p> <p>This is the second time the school experienced the wrath of a destructive storm. </p> <p>The unsaved villagers in the area responded by saying, "Your Jesus is not happy with you" and "Maybe it is better for you to quit Jesus." </p> <p>Despite the opposition, the church in this area continues to grow. A small, faithful group of 27 believers gathers for worship.</p> <p>Please keep Badal, Pastor Arun and the school in your prayers.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/donation/browse/items/joy-of-work/tin-sheets/">You can help provide tin sheets for those who have lost their roofs in natural disasters like in the story above</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Saved From Her Own Family

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/111411-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Madin's father died, and she was abandoned by her mother. Then her own brother forced her into child labor. Now this little girl is a student in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Madin Bibi was a slave in her own family. She never really had a chance for any other kind of life.</p> <p>Madin was just an infant when her father, Padmakar, died. He was a farmer and day laborer who took good care of his small family, which included Madin's older brother, Sonte. His death literally broke the family apart and sent Madin's future in motion. </p> <p>When Padmakar died, his wife, Hamsa, did whatever she could to provide for her children. As a widow, Hamsa was scorned by society, and no one stepped forward to help. Even seeing her desperate struggle could not change the hearts of her husband's family. </p> <p>In Hamsa's country, widows are blamed for their husband's death. So his family eventually kicked Hamsa and her children out of the home she had shared with her husband. Hamsa left the village a penniless widow with two children and moved back into her mother's home. </p> <p>This living arrangement lasted only a short time. Hamsa remarried and left her children behind with her mother. Sadly, this is a common practice in many South Asian cultures. The widow often sees no other hope and is desperate for someone to care for her. However, the new spouse does not want to take responsibility for the children from her previous marriage, so she has to decide between marriage and her children. </p> <p><strong>Abandoned and Left as Orphans </strong><br> Madin and Sonte were crushed to the core when their mother left. Although they were living with their grandmother, they both felt like orphans. Similar to widows, orphaned and abandoned children are treated with contempt, and their lives are filled with disgrace. That's exactly what happened to Madin. Since she was a female orphan, she was viewed as doubly cursed.</p> <p>Madin and Sonte's grandmother was also a widow, yet she did the best she could to love and care for her grandchildren. Still, they often went without food, which stunted Madin's growth. Her grandmother's age made it difficult for her to work or take care of the household, so Madin took on those responsibilities, too. She cleaned the house, cooked meals and went to work to earn money to manage the household. </p> <p>As the only male in the house, her brother had taken the leadership role and ruled the house with an abusive hand. If Madin did not do her chores at home or go out to work and earn money, the small girl suffered a beating at his hand. Millions of girls&mdash;and grown women&mdash;are treated the same way throughout South Asia. They come to expect such harsh treatment and know of no other life. </p> <p><strong>A Dutiful But Sad Little Girl</strong><br> Madin performed her duties at home and then ran off to gather firewood, fetch water and do whatever kind of work she could find. But she really wanted to be at school with the other kids her age. The little girl looked longingly at them in their uniforms on their way to school. </p> <p>Madin's grandmother was deeply concerned about her granddaughter's life and her future. There was a GFA Bridge of Hope Center in their village, so the grandmother visited and talked to the staff. With tears filling her eyes, she shared her granddaughter's plight. The staff immediately invited Madin to enroll. The little girl was thrilled when she heard the news!</p> <p>Madin's hopes for an education were cruelly dashed when her brother forced her to take care of the house and go out to work rather than coming to the Bridge of Hope center. </p> <p>One day she left the house as usual, but rather than going to work, she went to the Bridge of Hope center instead. When Sonte found out she had not followed his order, he grabbed hold of her and beat her terribly. The wounded little girl was totally broken and without hope. From that day on, she was obedient to do what her brother commanded. She lived like a bondservant in her own family. Madin's grandmother was upset with Sonte's treatment of his little sister but felt powerless to do anything about it. </p> <p><strong>Seeking her out</strong><br> When Madin stopped coming to the center, the staff went to the family's small house to check up on her. Everyone happened to be at home when they arrived, so they talked with the entire family and even had the opportunity to tell them about the love of Jesus. Madin's grandmother asked them to pray for her family, especially Madin. The fearful girl sat motionless during the entire visit, afraid to say anything even though her heart was breaking.</p> <p>A few days later Madin's grandmother visited the center again. This time she told the staff the whole story about Madin's life and the abuse she was suffering. The grandmother told the staff she desperately wanted Madin to come to the center and learn about Jesus. </p> <p>The Bridge of Hope staff earnestly prayed with the grandmother. The staff was encouraged to see little Madin in the classroom the next day and were amazed when she began regularly attending the program. Although they never did learn what happened to cause such a drastic change in Sont, they are merely thankful God answered their prayers and saved this little girl from the torment she suffered at the hands of her own brother.</p> <p>Today Madin's family supports her and the efforts she is making to obtain an education. They don't make her work anymore. Instead, they are happy seeing her grow in knowledge, character and faith, thanks to the Bridge of Hope center.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/books/nolongeraslumdog/">Read more stories of children finding redemption in K.P. Yohannan's newest book, <em>No Longer a Slumdog</em></a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/gallery/">Meet other children in GFA Bridge of Hope centers</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Bringing Good out of Bad

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/110911-wns11-116a.jpg"> <small>Anti-Christian opposition burned down Lokesh's shop in protest of his decision to follow Jesus.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/110911-wns11-116ab.jpg"> <small>Church buildings&mdash;and their windows&mdash;are often targets of anti-Christian attacks.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Believers in South Asia continue to live with the hardship that comes from anti-Christian opposition. As believers, they expect to be persecuted for their beliefs. Yet in the midst of abuse and mistreatment, they stand strong in their Savior. Here are a few recent incidents in which Christians suffered for the sake of Christ.</p> <p><strong>Believer's Shop Burned Down</strong><br> For many years, long-time believer Lokesh endured his neighbors' verbal attacks on his faith. He has also been harshly warned to leave his town. Yet the biggest trial of Lokesh's faith is the one he is experiencing right now. </p> <p>A few months ago, anti-Christians burned down Lokesh's shop. In addition to losing most of his possessions, he also lost his source of income. He is very discouraged and is struggling to see God's goodness in this situation. Lokesh needs prayer that the Lord will comfort him and sustain both his spiritual needs and his physical needs while he rebuilds what was destroyed.</p> <p><strong>Church Building Damaged</strong><br> Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Divyesh Chudasama shepherds a fellowship of 78 believers in South Asia. One Saturday, an intoxicated man came to his church building and hurled rocks at the windows, shattering them. During worship service the next day, the angry man came back to break down the doors of the church. However, seeing the people inside, he left. Although Pastor Divyesh filed a police report for the vandalism of the windows, the police have yet to take any action. The church committee spoke with the man and he has agreed to pay for the repair of the windows. Pray the Lord will give grace to Divyesh and his congregation so they can be God's light to this perturbed man.</p> <p><strong>A Hostile Interruption</strong><br> Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sudhir Ruchi and his fellowship of believers were worshiping the Lord together one Sunday when a group of anti-Christians stormed into the church, shut down the service and demanded that Pastor Sudhir stop preaching the Good News. The whole body of believers stood with their pastor in declaring to the opposition,"We will never stop worshiping Jesus Christ." The hostile mob left, and the service resumed. Please pray the Lord will change the hearts of these anti-Christian men so they can see truth and embrace the love of Christ.</p> <p><strong>Drunkards Prevent Film Showing</strong><br> Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Abhishek, GFA film team member Deendayal and a few other believers from their church were nearing the end of their long, uphill hike to the village where they were going to show the Jesus film, <em>Man of Mercy</em>, when they heard boisterous shouting. Coming toward them from the village, two inebriated men yelled out anti-Christian slurs. The drunkards are brothers of one of the few believers in the village, and they did not want to see any more villagers believe in Christ. They told Pastor Abhishek not to show the Jesus film and threatened him with violence if he did not comply. The believers prayed together for some time and decided to leave the village. </p> <p>Pastor Abhishek praises the Lord that none from his group were harmed by the opposition. In fact, this trial has made them more determined to serve the Lord.</p> <p>Pray the Lord will bring good out of all these hostile situations. Ask the Lord to give these brothers and sisters His strength to endure and His grace to show love to all who stand against them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/their-changed-lives-landed-him-jail-their-testimonies-freed-him/">Read how the Lord kept anti-Christians from imprisoning Pastor Murli</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - How to Save a Life

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/110111-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Gifts, like a rickshaw, from <em>Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog</em> are a tangible expression of God's love for the people of South Asia.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">"It is more than a gift to me; it is indeed a lifesaver."</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The Lord supplied Gaurav's needs through a Christmas gift. This is his story.</p> <div style="font-style:italic"> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;My name is Gaurav Jyani. I was born and brought up in a family with traditional beliefs. I grew up with an arrogant nature, thinking I was great. I had no regard for God. I never knew Jesus and had never been to any fellowship. I was far away from the love of Jesus Christ, running after worldly things, and this had me headed toward destruction.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I became poor and struggled to get even one meal a day. Seeing my shocking circumstance, one of my uncles helped me to get some work as a mason. I worked hard for the survival of my family.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Three months later, the building construction was complete, and I could not find a new job. I was in a great dilemma and didn't know what to do or where to go. Slowly, my wife started selling our household items, and out of that income we were able to eat. </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;In the midst of our utter discouragement, I happened to meet Pastor Kanan Bindra. He shared with me about the love of God. That penetrated my heart, and finally I gave my heart to Jesus, my personal Savior. My wife and I joined the church, and we began growing in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. My wife had been praying God would help us start our own business so we could run our family in a proper way, but because of lack of money, we could not do so. </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;One evening, Pastor Kanan came to our house and prayed for us. I shared with him about our personal problems. We told him we were finding it very difficult to run our family life smoothly because of our financial crisis. Our pastor comforted us with the Holy Word of God and told us, "For God, nothing is impossible. Trust and obey God. He is going to bless your family."</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;One month later, my pastor gave me a new bicycle rickshaw! I was awestruck. I asked myself, "How come I got this new cycle?" Of course I was in need of this, but the way the Lord provided for me was wonderful. Immediately I started praising God's name because He had done great things in my life.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for this special gift. It is more than a gift to me; it is indeed a lifesaver. My prayer is that the good Lord blesses you always.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Yours truly, <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Gaurav Jyani </p> </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/">This Christmas, share the love of Christ with those in desperate need</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Congregations Evicted, Evangelism Stifled

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/110111-web11-02.jpg"> <small>Like Pastor Baldev's fellowship, these believers have crammed into their pastor's home for worship service.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p><strong>Threats of Eviction</strong><br> Pastor Baldev's small fellowship meets for worship service in the house Baldev rents. His landlord is not a believer, however, and he has begun opposing Pastor Baldev's ministry. He told Baldev that the fellowship may no longer meet there and that Baldev himself must move out.</p> <p>Pastor Surjeet's fellowship is experiencing similar troubles. His fellowship of 30 believers meets for service in a rented building each Sunday. The landlord has told the fellowship that they can no longer meet there, and Surjeet cannot find another place to rent.</p> <p>These fellowships ask for prayer that the Lord will change the hearts of the landlords in their areas so they can continue worshiping together. Also ask the Lord to provide church buildings for these congregations.</p> <p><strong>Hostility at Every Corner</strong><br> Anti-Christians in Pastor Durjaya's region are also hindering his ministry. In addition to their opposition toward his pastoral ministry, these hostile fanatics try to stop Pastor Durjaya from sharing the love of Christ with the villagers. Although many pastors with church buildings do face persecution, the respect that a permanent structure brings in South Asian culture makes anti-Christian opposition think twice about persecuting a pastor with a church building. Pastors without church buildings, like Pastor Durjaya, might not face as much persecution if they had a church building.</p> <p>Not too far away, Pastor Parmanand also faces opposition from the fanatic fundamentalist group that dominates his area. Whenever Pastor Parmanand goes out to distribute Gospel literature, group members stop him and search through his bags. When they find the Gospel tracts and literature, they take them and rip them apart. They prevent Parmanand from meeting people and threaten those who have already heard the Good News in an attempt to keep them from turning to Christ. </p> <p>Because of the trouble that meets Pastor Parmanand wherever he goes, villagers refuse to let him come to their village.</p> <p>These pastors ask for prayer that those who oppose them would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. They also ask for prayer for ways to continue their ministry effectively, despite the opposition.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/threats-cant-slow-man-down/">Be encouraged by Pastor Chander, whom the Lord has allowed to be fruitful despite intense opposition</a>.</li> </ul>


28th - 'I Make My Grandchildren Listen Also'

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102811-wns11-105.jpg"> <small>GFA Radio receives more than a million letters, telephone calls and other forms of communication each year from listeners.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia Radio impacts millions ever year with the love of Christ. Broadcasters often hear about changed lives of all ages. Here are a few recent letters.</p> <div style="font-style:italic"> <p>I like to hear your program. A few months back I was not getting your programs on the radio, but at present, I am getting them. Please send your program guide whenever it changes and also literature so I can know more about Jesus.<br> &ndash; Marsad</p> <p>Respected sir,<br> I am a 75-year-old lady. I love to hear your radio programs in the morning from 6:30 to 7. I hear your programs in the Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi English and Urdu languages. I am sharing with others the details of your program. I make my grandchildren listen also. Please pray for me and my family.<br> &ndash; Gazala</p> <p>I hear your programs, it gives me joy and peace in my heart. Please pray for my studies; I am doing my BA so I can develop myself in other areas.<br> &ndash; Ejaz</p> <p>I am a student in eighth grade, and I believe in Jesus. At present, I am going through many disturbances physically and mentally. I am not able concentrate on my studies, and I have chest pain. So dear sir, please pray for me so I may overcome all these problems.<br> &ndash; Sahay</p> <p>Dear program director, <br> I like so much to hear your programs. At present where I am living, it is a very tiny village, and it is very difficult to get the program. This is my humble request that you please send one CD for me so I can hear your programs.<br> &ndash; Sameer</p> <p>Dear sir, <br> I am a new believer in Jesus Christ. I have received the Lord Jesus through my healing. I read your small book, The Heart of Prem Lal, which convicted me and opened my eyes. I am sharing about Jesus with my friends. Please pray for me and send a few books to me so I will get more knowledge about Jesus. <br> &ndash; Chandrakin</p> <p>Dear sir,<br> I am a 15-year-old boy. I love to hear your programs. Please send me a Bible on my birthday, and pray I will share about Jesus with my friends.<br> &ndash; Ajmal</p> <p>Dear sir,<br> A few years back my husband passed away from this world. At present, I live with my son. He has a job in his father's place. Unfortunately, he mingled with some bad friends has abandoned me. Please pray for me, that God will work in his heart so he will come home.<br> &ndash; Ipsita</p> </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/radio/">Learn more about GFA Radio</a>.</li> </ul>

27th - Clean Hands and Pure Hearts

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/102711-wns11-112/images-wns11-112.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> October 15 is Global Handwashing Day. The day, first recognized in 2008, is a campaign to motivate people—especially children—around the world to wash their hands with soap. This day is especially important in South Asia, where many are unaware of the connection between personal hygiene and health. <br> Each year, Bridge of Hope centers conduct rallies to teach people basic hygiene and its benefits. <br> The centers invite all the children from the community to the event. <br> Children learn to wash their hands properly with soap and water. <br> Personal hygiene is the greatest defense these little ones have against the many sicknesses that plague their country. <br> Parents join their children in discovering the benefits of simple handwashing. They learn that, through this good habit, they can protect themselves and their families from disease. <br> Bridge of Hope staff members also give the children vitamins and tablets to treat and prevent intestinal worms, a common problem in regions with dirty drinking water. <br> At some Bridge of Hope centers, the handwashing message is coupled with the students' annual medical checkup. Doctors are on hand to meet with each child and provide treatment for the problems they find. <br> Parents leave the events assuring Bridge of Hope staff members they will routinely wash their hands from that point on and will teach other family members, too! <br> Gospel for Asia provides these services to meet the physical needs of the people and, in this way, demonstrate the love and care of Christ. <br> date posted 10/27/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#clean-hands-and-pure-hearts">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

25th - Warm Gifts of Love

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/102511-web11-23/images-web11-23.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> The cold weather won't stop these Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students anymore. Now that they are equipped with new winter clothing, they can focus on their studies while they fend off the shivering cold. <br> Before receiving their gifts, this group of students and leaders gave thanks to the Lord for blessing them with warm sweaters just in time to fight off the cold weather. <br> It is difficult to focus when you are shivering. Most of these students don't have enough money to buy winter clothing, so these sweaters were a sweet blessing. "They are very happy," shared a GFA field correspondent. "This clothing helps them concentrate in their studies." <br> In one region of North India, temperatures can drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be considerably cold to those coming from the more tropical regions of their country. This group of Bible college students received sturdy jackets to keep them warm. <br> Bible college student Kamya Malik comes from a very poor family background. She arrived at the college with only two lightweight changes of clothing. Now she has a new set of winter clothing to add to her wardrobe! <br> When Danna Kapoor received her sweater, she was overwhelmed with joy! The gift was an added blessing and confirmation that the Lord is her comforter and provider in times of need, especially after going through a tough season of losing her father. <br> The Bible college students were so thankful for the much-needed gifts. "It is a pleasure to see the students coming to classes and taking part in other activities wearing the warm clothes they received," shared a GFA field correspondent. <br> date posted 10/25/2011 </div> <h2 style="color: #336699;">Help a national missionary stay warm as he or she shares the Gospel</strong>.</h2> <div class="small"> <form action="/donation/cart/" method="post" name="donation-item-form"> <strong>Donate to Winter Clothing</strong><BR> $<select name="donation.replace.amount"><option value="40">40.00</option><option value="80">80.00</option><option value="160">160.00</option><option value="320">320.00</option></select> <input type="hidden" value="1401" name="donation.replace"> or $ <input type="text" id="amount" size="10" name="donation.replace.amount"> <input type="hidden" value="1401" name="donation.replace"> <button type="submit">add to cart</button><br /> <small>$40 buys 1 winter clothing packet</small> </form> </div> <p style="font-family:Arial,Verdana,Times,sans-serif;color: #666699;"> One hundred percent of all contributions<br> designated for use on the mission field<br> are sent to the mission field.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#warm-gifts-of-love">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

24th - Missionary's Home Burns to the Ground

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102411-wns11-111.jpg"> <small>All that remained of Bhatti's home after the fire were these burned-out poles. </small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bhatti Dun lost his home in a fire.</p> <p>Bhatti graduated from Bible college this year and went back to his home village to minister. He lived in a home with his widowed mother. He was away from home when the fire occurred at 2:30 in the afternoon. All the other men in the village were also working in the fields at the time of the fire. The closest fire brigade was in another city, 43 miles away. </p> <p>Bhatti's mother was only able to salvage a few things before the fire devoured her home. This is the second tragedy to befall the family this year. Bhatti's oldest brother died recently. </p> <p>The family is receiving help to rebuild their home. They ask for prayers for peace and comfort in the meantime, especially for Bhatti's mother. She needs God to encourage her and strengthen her faith.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/church-reaches-out-to-villagers-who-lost-homes-in-fire/">See how a church helped a village devastated by fire</a>.</li> </ul>

24th - Father Drinks, Children Starve

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102411-wns11-110.jpg"> <small>Bridge of Hope staff, on the right, are visiting and praying with another family, just like other Bridge of Hope staff prayed for Gandharaj.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p> Gandharaj Madivalar knew he was an alcoholic. He confessed his addiction before the Bridge of Hope staff and asked them to pray for him. </p> <p> Gandharaj's struggle had been a long one. His addiction drove his family into dire poverty. He squandered his income&mdash;the only household income&mdash;on alcohol, leaving his wife and children without daily food. Eventually, Gandharaj's body revolted against the alcohol, and he began to vomit up blood. He consulted with many doctors and tried various medicines. When he realized none of those were working, he followed the advice of his friends and relatives. He scraped together a few rupees to buy two hens and sacrificed them at the local temple. The priest there warned him not to drink any more alcohol, so Gandharaj promised he would not. </p> <p>Nevertheless, Gandharaj could not resist the urge to drink. His condition continued to deteriorate, and he started having nightmares. One particular night, he dreamt that the goddess of the temple was chasing him with a sword for not keeping his promise to abstain from alcohol.</p> <p>The next morning, when Gandharaj shared the dream with his family, his daughter Rati challenged him to call upon Jesus for complete healing. Rati knows Jesus because she is a student at one of Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope centers. Along with her, Gandharaj's sister-in-law, who works at that same Bridge of Hope center, encouraged him to go there for prayer. Gandharaj's daughter's and sister-in-law's words stayed with him and, becoming more and more restless for healing, he finally went to the center. </p> <p>Gandharaj told the Bridge of Hope workers his story, and they prayed for him. He said he would join the local fellowship for prayer meetings and Scripture teaching.</p> <p>Pray for Gandharaj, that he will choose to follow Christ and that Christ will cleanse his body and take away his craving for alcohol.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/drunk-flirt-meets-missionary-finds-jesus/">See how the love of Christ transformed another drunkard's life</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/">Learn more about Bridge of Hope and the children who are changed through it</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - A True Mountaintop Experience

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102111-wns11-109a.jpg"> <small>The four men traveled to this hilltop (center) to pray for the villages.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102111-wns11-109b.jpg"> <small>This entrance leads to one of the seven villages the believers prayed for.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102111-wns11-109c.jpg"> <small>The people of this region are trapped in spiritual darkness.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As night fell, Rajiv, Thomas, Bhuvan and Madhukar trekked through the mountains. Rain poured, lightning flashed and thunder roared, but they continued onward. The four believers arrived at a hilltop and looked out over the seven villages they had come to pray for. </p> <p>According to local legend, a village priest had once come to this hill to pray to his gods. As he was praying, so the story goes, water gushed out of the land for the people to drink. </p> <p>Rajiv, Thomas, Bhuvan and Madhukar had come to pray for living water for the people. The villages are in bondage to demonic power; suicide plagues the region.</p> <p>They prayed through the night. The hours of fervent intercession stirred them to an even more passionate desire to reach the people. Two of the men are recent Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college graduates; the other two are believers from their church.</p> <p>The believers ask for prayer that the Lord will use them effectively&mdash;for the two graduates as missionaries and for the other two in their secular occupations&mdash;so new ministries can be started in each of the seven villages. They also ask that the Lord will meet all their needs as they continue to share the Gospel with those around them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/graduation-just-the-beginning/">See more Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college graduates head out to the mission field</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - Christmas Gifts at Easter Time

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/102111-wfr11-10/images-wfr11-10.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> While believers around the world were preparing for Easter, Christmas finally came to this South Asian village. Early this spring, 150 people gathered for the distribution of gifts from Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog. <br> A GFA-supported missionary opened the event in prayer. As part of the program, these Bridge Of Hope children performed a traditional dance. <br> Local dignitaries often attend these distribution events. The head of the village praised Gospel for Asia for helping the entire community. He also commended the Bridge of Hope centers for paving the way for a better future for the village's children. <br> Then the gift giving began! This woman received a sewing machine, which will help her make and sell clothes to earn a living. <br> In total, 16 people received sewing machines. Soon they will be operating small businesses, offering their tailoring services to the community and providing for their families. <br> Nine bicycles were given out at this event. Now these people have a reliable, inexpensive form of transportation. <br> Twenty-eight people joyously held up blankets that will keep them warm during the cold winter nights. <br> Just a few days before Easter, 150 people celebrated Christmas, receiving practical gifts as indicators of Christ's love for them. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries ask for prayer that through these gifts, people will come to know the love of God. <br> date posted 10/121/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#christmas-gifts-at-easter-time">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

20th - He Didn't Mean to Build a Church

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102011-wns11-106a.jpg"> <small>After eight years of meeting in Pastor Boro's home, this congregation finally has its own church building.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102011-wns11-106b.jpg"> <small>Pastor Boro shared his testimony during the church building dedication.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/102011-wns11-106c.jpg"> <small>All of these people came to Jesus through the testimony of Pastor Boro. They came together to celebrate the dedication of their new church building.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Boro Rai didn't mean to plant a church. His congregation of 80 believers was simply the end result of a life transformed by God. </p> <p>Pastor Boro was born into a life of privilege. His father was the leader of three separate villages and was, therefore, a powerful figure. Boro learned to practice all the rituals of his traditional religion at the hands of his father. Life seemed perfect for this young man and his family.</p> <p>However, there were those in the villages who disagreed with Boro's father. In keeping with their local customs, these detractors paid the local witch doctors to put a curse on their leader. A few days later, the powerful village leader was dead.</p> <p>Pastor Boro was a young husband when his father died. While the grief was still raw, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Pastor Boro took her to the temples and had priests pray and perform rituals on her behalf. When they had no effect, he finally took her to a doctor, where she was successfully treated for the disease. As her health was restored, Boro's health took a turn for the worse. It was during this painful season of their life that the couple realized that the faith they had inherited from their families offered them no peace whatsoever. Instead, their lives seemed miserable and full of pain.</p> <p>Things began to change after Boro met a Christian pastor who shared the Gospel with him. Boro and his family knew this was the answer they had been seeking. The entire family wholeheartedly turned their lives over to Jesus. The pastor also prayed asking Jesus to heal Boro. Soon, his health was completely restored.</p> <p>Having experienced the power of prayer himself, Boro decided to share it with others by leading a prayer meeting in his home. Many from the village joined him. Boro's testimony and the radical change in his life drew many to the Savior. As the number of people praying in his living room increased, Boro realized he'd planted a church without even trying.</p> <p>Eight years later, Boro is now a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary with a congregation of 80 people who meet in their own church building, rather than his house. They dedicated their new building to the Lord in December 2010.</p> <p>Boro praises the Lord for the provision of the new church building. He is praying it will be a tremendous blessing to the believers who worship there and will also draw many through its doors for prayer.</p> <p>Although his church is growing, Pastor Boro has not lost sight of the real need for the love of Jesus to permeate the villages that were once led by his father. He says the political climate and devotion to the area's traditional religion create an atmosphere of hostility toward any mention of Jesus. </p> <p>Boro requests prayer for the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of the people in his village so they can truly come to understand the love of Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/churches/">See how you can help other missionaries like Boro build a church building for their growing congregations</a>.</li> </ul>

19th - Graduation: Just the Beginning

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/101911-wns11-101/images-wns11-101-b.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> This summer, many students graduated from Gospel for Asia-supported Bible colleges. The colleges conducted graduation ceremonies, sending the graduates off to difficult but fruitful lives of ministry. <br> The graduations began in celebration, which included the performance of traditional dances. <br> At this graduation, the Bible college choir led the participants in worship before the ceremony began. <br> This GFA-supported missionary knows firsthand the trials that await the young graduates. He challenged them with a passage from the Word and prayed for them. <br> All the graduates have spent three intense years vigorously studying the Scriptures and preparing to bring the Good News to multitudes that have yet to hear. <br> Many young women also graduated from GFA-supported Bible colleges. They will minister to the destitute, downtrodden women of South Asia, showing them their value in the eyes of their loving Creator. <br> The students have received training specific to the goals that were assigned to them. They are eager to put this training into practice. <br> They also know hardship lies ahead and are prepared to die in obedience to the Great Commission. <br> The Bible college staff laid hands on the graduates and prayed for the Holy Spirit to anoint them. <br> They need all believers to join them in asking the Lord for grace, wisdom and provision for their new lives as missionaries. Pray also that the Lord would raise up many more laborers to be trained in the coming years. <br> date posted 10/19/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="/resource/powerpoints-2011#graduation-just-the-beginning">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

19th - God is Stronger

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101911-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Abhinav became the first believer in his family after the Lord saved him from demon possession.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Anyone who saw Abhinav could plainly see he was in pain. The physical agony was only part of the problem; he was also in despair mentally, thinking he would never find relief. Although his parents had tried everything, they couldn't find a cure. The root cause of this young boy's pain was an evil spirit, trapping Abhinav inside his own body by taking control and forcing him to harm himself. </p> <p>Day after day, as the evil spirit continued ravaging Abhinav, his parents worried and spent more of their meager earnings seeking a cure. They were desperate, but&mdash;it seemed&mdash;not desperate enough to listen to the messenger that came to their door.</p> <p>Ghulam Raj, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, began visiting Abhinav's family and sharing the Good News. No one paid attention to him, however, until one day when Abhinav decided to talk more to Pastor Ghulam about what was really going on with his "sickness."</p> <p>Pastor Ghulam ached with compassion as he saw all that Abhinav was going through at such a young age. He told Abhinav Bible stories about Jesus' power to heal, and he encouraged the boy to put his trust in the Lord. </p> <p>As he listened to the stories, Abhinav believed and decided to follow the Lord. Through continued prayer, God delivered Abhinav from the demonic afflictions and completely healed him. Abhinav found his life completely changed, and he was full of new joy.</p> <p>Although the transformation in their son was drastic, Abhinav's parents refused to acknowledge the power of God. Abhinav requests prayer that his parents will soon see the truth and come to know the Lord's love.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/childrens-ministry-reaches-out-to-parents/">Sanjeev had a case similar to Abhinav's. Read about his search for deliverance</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Children of the Slums Receive Wearable Love

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/intro.jpg"> <p>Children of the Slums Receive Wearable Love</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/1.jpg"> <p>These children who live in Asia's slums experienced God's loving grace after a Women's Fellowship team provided for one of their most basic needs&mdash;clothing.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/2.jpg"> <p>All day, they run around in tattered, filthy clothing that hasn't been washed in days, maybe weeks. Some had no clothing at all!</p> <p>But now, these little ones have a new set of clothing to call their very own.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/3.jpg"> <p>For some of these precious children, receiving a gift is a rare treat.</p> <p>But through the Women's Fellowship's desire to be an example of Christ, these little ones now have a small understanding of His love and how much He cares for them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/4.jpg"> <p>Not to be left out, the adults received gifts of clothing, as well.</p> <p>Now they, too, know there is a God who provides for their needs.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/5.jpg"> <p>Each gift was given in the name of Christ. Now, whenever these children wear their new clothing, it will be a constant reminder that they are loved and valued.</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <br /> <div class="row append-bottom2 column-550 column-push-240 append-top1"> <p><strong>You can help bring hope to the slums by donating to Slum Ministry.</strong></p> <div class="column column-220 prepend-11"> <form action="/donation/cart/" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="donation.replace" value="2012"> <div class="btn-group btn-group-radio append-bottom" data-toggle="buttons-radio"> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110"> <input type="hidden" value="25" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$25 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110 active"> <input type="hidden" value="50" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$50 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110"> <input type="hidden" value="75" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$75 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-120"> <span></span>$ <input class="input-rounded column-60" name="donation.replace.amount" type="text" placeholder="Other"> </div> </div> <button type="submit" class="abtn abtn-blue text-normal">Add to Cart <span class="abtn-symbol">►</span></button> </form> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-web11-01/bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style>

18th - Rickshaw: Seats Three, Impacts Hundreds

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/intro.jpg"> <p>Rickshaw: Seats Three, Impacts Hundreds</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/2.jpg"> <p>Devak Moganti is the only Christian in his village. God is using him and a Christmas gift to soften hearts in his region of South Asia.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/3.jpg"> <p>The people of Devak's village hold fast to their traditional religion. Many reject Christianity, seeing it as a foreign intrusion that will contaminate their culture.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/4.jpg"> <p>Like many in his village, Devak works as a rickshaw driver. For several years, he made only a meager income. To make matters worse, he had to pay rent for his rickshaw. He struggled to provide for himself and his two sickly parents.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/5.jpg"> <p>Devak's parents were devout adherents of the religion their village upheld. Devak followed in their footsteps until the day he met Gospel for Asia-supported Pastor Dhumal.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/6.jpg"> <p>Pastor Dhumal, who lives in a nearby village, shared the Gospel with Devak. Soon after he started learning the Word, Devak went to a Bible camp where he heard more about God's love and chose to give his life to Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/7.jpg"> <p>Devak's father, Naresh, was angry when he learned that his son had chosen to follow a God who was not part of their culture. He discouraged Devak from going to church and adamantly opposed Pastor Dhumal whenever he visited their house.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/8.jpg"> <p>Through this hard time, Devak found encouragement in visits from his pastor and the local GFA-supported Bible college students. As Devak grew in Christ, his character improved&mdash;and his parents took notice. His obedience brought peace to their home, which softened their hearts toward Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/9.jpg"> <p>As part of Gospel for Asia's <em>Christmas Gift Catalog</em>, Devak received a rickshaw of his very own! Now he makes more money than he did before, and he no longer needs to pay rent for his rickshaw. Many villagers' attitudes toward the Gospel changed when they saw the new rickshaw and recognized the genuine love these other believers had for Devak's family.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/10.jpg"> <p>This new rickshaw allows Devak to provide for all his family's needs. The rickshaw has also been a means for Devak to bless the other villagers. When anyone in the village gets sick, he takes them to the hospital.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/11.jpg"> <p>Because Devak's character has improved and because believers have shown tangible kindness toward them, Devak's parents have changed their attitude toward Pastor Dhumal. Now they welcome him into their house and listen as he shares the Gospel with them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/12.jpg"> <p>The people in Devak's village are much more likely to listen to Pastor Dhumal now because of Devak's testimony. </p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/13.jpg"> <p>Devak asks for prayer that his parents would choose to give their lives to Christ. Pastor Dhumal also asks for prayer that his ministry would be very effective for the Lord.</p> <p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <br> <div class="row append-bottom2 column-550 column-push-320 append-top1"> <p><strong>Donate towards a Rickshaw (Total Cost $200)</strong></p> <div class="column column-220 prepend-6"> <form action="/donation/cart/" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="donation.replace" value="1525"> <div class="btn-group btn-group-radio append-bottom" data-toggle="buttons-radio"> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110"> <input type="hidden" value="50" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$50 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110 active"> <input type="hidden" value="100" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$100 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110"> <input type="hidden" value="150" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$150 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-110"> <input type="hidden" value="200" name="donation.replace.amount"> <span></span>$200 </div> <div class="btn btn-radio column-120"> <span></span>$ <input class="input-rounded column-60" name="donation.replace.amount" type="text" placeholder="Other"> </div> </div> <button type="submit" class="abtn abtn-blue text-normal">Add to Cart <span class="abtn-symbol">►</span></button> </form> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/slide/101811-eml11-01/bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style> </div>

17th - Compassion Services Battle Effect of Floods

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/101711-eml11-02/images-eml11-02.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Much of South Asia finds itself underwater from June to September each year, as monsoon rains inundate the entire landscape. The infrastructure here is inadequate, so each season brings devastation to the land and tragedy to the people. <br> Many homes here are made of mud, the only building material available. The torrents of rain destroy the structures, leaving people to rebuild what little they had in the first place. <br> As soon as the most recent flooding subsided, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams headed out to help. <br> These people lined up in one of the many places Compassion Services teams visited to receive dry food rations. The relief packets were much needed. <br> With the whole village submerged, food was lost in the dirty water. The flooding also makes travel difficult, hindering people's ability to get food from other areas. <br> Each family received a packet of 22 pounds of rice and 4 pounds of dal, which is a type of bean. These two items are the staples of most South Asian diets. <br> The packets also contain items tailored to the specific needs of the recipient. Families with young children received powdered milk in addition to apacket. Those with school-age children received a small package of cookies, as well. <br> This food, provided for by believers around the world, comes to these people with the message that the one true God loves them and will care for them. <br> The work is challenging, so it is the Lord's strength that carries the staff through each day. <br> Compassion Services teams are the Lord's instruments in satisfying the physical needs of the people of South Asia. Their service is the Lord's love at work. <br> This team is off to provide relief to another flood-stricken area, but their message of God's love and provision will remain. <br> date posted 10/17/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#compassion-services-battle-effect-of-floods">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

14th - Leave Our Children Alone!

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101411-wns11-104.jpg"> <small>A Children's Club, like the one shown here, was recently kicked out of a school building where it was meeting each week.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Students from a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college were kicked out of a village after parents complained.</p> <p>The students established a Children's Club&mdash;which is similar to a Sunday School class&mdash;in the village. These students were meeting each week with about 50 children. The size of the class forced them to look for a large space to accommodate the group, so they asked for and received permission to use the local school. </p> <p>One Sunday, several parents stormed into the classroom, arguing with the Bible college students. The parents then took the Bible college students out of the classroom and away from the children, who had so far witnessed the confrontation. It was then that the students learned the parent's true intentions&mdash;they told the students they did not want them to teach the children about Jesus in the school building. </p> <p>Not wanting to anger the parents, the Bible college students agreed to stop teaching at the school. Since there are few other places large enough to accommodate the group, the Children's Club ministry is on hold.</p> <p>The students ask you to join them in prayer for the Lord to provide a new meeting place. Pray for the children to keep Jesus at the forefront of their minds in the meantime. Also pray for Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anish Tripathi, who is pastor of a church in the village where this happened. </p> <p>The students ask for prayer that they would have the courage and anointing from God to continue this ministry, in spite of the setback.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/childrens-ministry-reaches-out-to-parents/">Their children came to Sunday school, but it was mom and dad who were blessed</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - More Than 300 Worship in One House

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101411-wns11-103a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Sampat and the believers gather in front of their new church building.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101411-wns11-103b.jpg"> <small>The congregation came together for their very first worship service in their new church home.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sampat Kolagunta's ministry began like any other. For six years, the Gospel for Asia-supported missionary labored to bring the Good News. </p> <p>He started with a small group of believers worshiping in the home of a local Christian. They experienced frequent opposition from their neighbors and local anti-Christian extremists, but in spite of these problems, the Lord enabled Sampat and the believers to stand firm in their faith. Within a few months, the opposition vanished, and Sampat's ministry continued to flourish.</p> <p>More than 330 believers crammed into one home to worship the Lord. The space limitations made it difficult for them to gather.</p> <p>So they began praying for a church building. For several years they asked the Lord to provide them with a large enough place to call their own, and, in His perfect timing, the Lord finally answered!</p> <p>Donors from around the world provide funds to build churches in South Asia. Sampat's congregation received funding for land and materials. Then they built their own church building. Now Sampat and the believers have a place to freely worship the Lord.</p> <p>"This church building has been a great blessing to our pastor and the congregation to bring His believers together for worship," shared a GFA field correspondent. "Now Pastor Sampat doesn't need to worry about their need for a place to gather for worship services."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/churches/">Provide a church building for other fellowships meeting in homes, just like Sampat and his flock</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/church-building/">Find out how you can pray for those in need of a church building</a>.</li> </ul>

13th - A New Roof Over Their Heads

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/101411-web11-02/images-web11-02.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anirvan Subramanium lives in a mountainous part of South Asia. During the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and snow can reach depths of up to three feet. <br> In these conditions, ministering from house to house without warm clothing is not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful to missionaries' health. <br> Because he did not have warm clothing, Pastor Anirvan had to spend more of the winter by the fire and less of it ministering to his people. He wanted to be out sharing the Gospel, but it was impossible. <br> All of that changed after he received a winter clothing packet. Now Anirvan brings life to people even in the dead of winter! Winter clothing packets include a sweater and pants, along with socks and other necessities. <br> A couple winters ago, a GFA Radio listener asked if Pastor Anirvan could come visit him and his family. Because he had proper clothing, Pastor Anirvan was able to make the hour-long bus ride, followed by a three-hour-long uphill trek to the listener's home! <br> When he got there, Pastor Anirvan shared the Gospel with the listener, Ganaraj. After a few more visits, Ganaraj and his wife decided to follow Christ! <br> In addition to this, the Lord worked a miracle in Ganaraj's life. Ganaraj had been married three times, yet had no children. In his culture, childless couples face ridicule and scorn. He shared this burden with pastor Anirvan and asked him to pray. <br> And on Christmas Day, 2010, Ganaraj and his wife were blessed with the birth of a baby girl! <br> Had Pastor Anirvan not received a winter clothing packet, he would not have been able to make the long journey to Ganaraj's home. Warm clothing made this life transformation possible! <br> Something as simple as an inexpensive winter clothing packet makes missionaries more effective in winning lost hearts to Christ! <br> date posted 10/11/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#a-new-roof-over-their-heads">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

11th - Missionary Attacked by Wild Elephant

<h1 style="color:#CC0000">UPDATE: <em>04/27/2012</em></h1> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101311-wns11-127.jpg"> <small>GFA-supported missionary Ashu is shown from his hospital bed. Ashu was attacked by a wild elephant and is paralyzed, in critical condition.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/101111-wns11-127.jpg"> <small>Ashu Suthar is paralyzed after being attacked by a wild elephant.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Ashu's broken bones are healing well. However, a severe bed sore has developed and is spreading on his body. Ashu cannot get up or turn over by himself.</p> <p>Last week, his older brother moved him to an area where there's a colder climate, which should help with the sore. </p> <p>Ashu's wife and baby, who was born in February, are with him.</p> <p>Thank you for keeping Ashu in your prayers. Much healing still needs to take place. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery and that he and his family would remain encouraged.</p> <p class="pub-date"><strong>Update</strong>: from 10/13/2011</p> <p>Ashu's condition is more serious than first thought. His neck was broken in the attack. The bones in his spine were dislocated, which severely damaged the nerves in his spinal cord. Doctors are working to reset the broken bone and are planning surgery to repair the damage. Ashu is paralyzed from the neck down, and now doctors are saying there is little hope he will ever regain the use of his body.</p> <p>Pray for the wisdom for the doctors and for Ashu's complete healing. </p> <p>Also, Ashu's wife is bedridden with a fever. Pray for her and for the couple's unborn child.</p> <br> <p class="pub-date"><strong>Original report</strong>: from 10/11/2011</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Ashu Suthar was attacked by a wild elephant October 6 while walking through the jungle back to his village. Ashu is in critical condition and is totally paralyzed from the neck down.</p> <p>Ashu, along with GFA-supported missionaries Lidane Nadave and Peter Muraj, were walking through the dense jungle on their way home after attending a regional meeting. There are no real roads in this area, so they were navigating their way through the jungle at about 8 p.m. They had stopped to rest when, suddenly, they came under attack by the giant beast. Lidane and Peter managed to get away, but the elephant grabbed hold of Ashu and dragged him more than 300 feet, then trampled and crushed him. </p> <p>The elephant finally abandoned the injured missionary, who was near death. His fellow missionaries got him to the hospital. The doctors say he has a broken neck, and it is possible he can recover. He is in critical condition. </p> <p>Ashu is 25 years old. His wife is five months pregnant with their first child. </p> <p>Please pray for complete healing for Ashu. He desperately wants to recover and resume serving the Lord. Also pray for God to comfort his wife.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/current-requests/update-missionary-now-with-the-lord/">READ UPDATE: Brother Ashu Shutar is now with the Lord</a>.</li> </ul>

11th - Bringing Life in the Dead of Winter

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/101111-web11-22/images-web11-22.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anirvan Subramanium lives in a mountainous part of South Asia. During the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and snow can reach depths of up to three feet. <br> In these conditions, ministering from house to house without warm clothing is not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful to missionaries' health. <br> Because he did not have warm clothing, Pastor Anirvan had to spend more of the winter by the fire and less of it ministering to his people. He wanted to be out sharing the Gospel, but it was impossible. <br> All of that changed after he received a winter clothing packet. Now Anirvan brings life to people even in the dead of winter! Winter clothing packets include a sweater and pants, along with socks and other necessities. <br> A couple winters ago, a GFA Radio listener asked if Pastor Anirvan could come visit him and his family. Because he had proper clothing, Pastor Anirvan was able to make the hour-long bus ride, followed by a three-hour-long uphill trek to the listener's home! <br> When he got there, Pastor Anirvan shared the Gospel with the listener, Ganaraj. After a few more visits, Ganaraj and his wife decided to follow Christ! <br> In addition to this, the Lord worked a miracle in Ganaraj's life. Ganaraj had been married three times, yet had no children. In his culture, childless couples face ridicule and scorn. He shared this burden with pastor Anirvan and asked him to pray. <br> And on Christmas Day, 2010, Ganaraj and his wife were blessed with the birth of a baby girl! <br> Had Pastor Anirvan not received a winter clothing packet, he would not have been able to make the long journey to Ganaraj's home. Warm clothing made this life transformation possible! <br> Something as simple as an inexpensive winter clothing packet makes missionaries more effective in winning lost hearts to Christ! <br> date posted 10/11/2011 </div> <br> <h2>Help a national missionary stay warm as he or she shares the Gospel</strong></h2> <div class="small"> <form action="/donation/cart/" method="post" name="donation-item-form"> <strong>Donate to Winter Clothing</strong><BR> $<select name="donation.replace.amount"><option value="40">40.00</option><option value="80">80.00</option><option value="160">160.00</option><option value="320">320.00</option></select> <input type="hidden" value="1401" name="donation.replace"> or $ <input type="text" id="amount" size="10" name="donation.replace.amount"> <input type="hidden" value="1401" name="donation.replace"> <button type="submit">add to cart</button><br /> <small>$40 buys 1 winter clothing packet</small> </form> </div> <p style="font-family:Arial,Verdana,Times,sans-serif;color: #666699;"> One hundred percent of all contributions<br> designated for use on the mission field<br> are sent to the mission field.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#bringing-life-in-the-dead-of-winter">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

7th - On Higher Ground

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100711-eml11-02a.jpg"> <small>Waters from a river three miles away broke the banks and swept away this bus.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100711-eml11-02b.jpg"> <small>Bridges have collapsed, so people must cross this river by boat.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100711-eml11-02c.jpg"> <small>Heavy rains flooded this city.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100711-eml11-02d.jpg"> <small>Water from the Ganges River destroyed these structures.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Although this year's monsoon season had already dealt South Asia several blows, the suffering is not over yet. Rains pounded down on Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Orissa in late September, giving rise to even more floods.</p> <p>Rains hit the Ganges River and the River Krishna, as well as other smaller river systems, particularly hard. The deluge caused many landslides and the collapse of several bridges and houses. In Uttar Pradesh alone, 30 people lost their lives in the first 17 hours of flooding. </p> <p>One Gospel for Asia-supported pastor in that region has taken refuge in his church building because the rain washed his home away. Thankfully, the church is on higher ground, so it remains dry. </p> <p>Incessant rain in Orissa flooded a GFA-supported Bible college in the area. The overbearing waters have also damaged several believers' homes.</p> <p>Please pray for the believers in affected areas, asking God to set their minds and hearts on higher ground. Praise God that the pastor who lost his home is safe, and no believers have lost their lives to the rain.</p> <p>Also ask God to give our brothers and sisters in South Asia the strength to minister to others during this difficult time.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/flood/northindia/">See how Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams help those in flood-stricken areas</a>.</li> </ul>

4th - He Wanted to Die; She had a False Perfect Life

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100411-eml11-02a.jpg"> <small>Abhivira and his family reach out with Christ's love.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100411-eml11-02b.jpg"> <small>Manyu suddenly became sick, experiencing severe pain in his body.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100411-eml11-02c.jpg"> <small>Lumbika was the unofficial priestess in her village.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Villagers who once held her in esteem thought she was going mad . . .</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Persistent and faithful, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Abhivira Govindraj is always trying to find ways to show the people in his community the love of Christ. Part of his ministry involves visiting the local villagers' homes and checking to see how they are doing. Often, he will come upon a family who is in the midst of trouble, and Abhivira is always ready to pray on their behalf. </p> <p><strong>Helpless Cries </strong><br> When Abhivira found out his neighbor, Manyu, suddenly became sick, he immediately went to visit and pray for him. But Manyu's parents forbade Abhivira to pray for their sick son.</p> <p>Not giving up, Abhivira went back to his church and asked his flock to pray for their sick neighbor.</p> <p>Manyu's condition continued to get worse. Parts of his body began to give way and lose feeling. Within a month, he was bedridden.</p> <p>Since his childhood, Manyu's first priority each morning was to visit the nearby temple to bring offerings to his gods and goddesses. He did this to gain the favor of these deities and to please his parents. Now he was unable to maintain his pious duties. He spent his days crying and feeling helpless.</p> <p>His parents sat idly by and waited for his death&mdash;but Abhivira kept praying.</p> <p>Manyu's parents reached a point of desperation and finally allowed Abhivira to come and visit their dying son. Abhivira brought along a few of the believers to pray with him. As they were praying, Manyu felt a healing touch from God in his body and began shouting praises to the Lord.</p> <p>Within two months, Manyu was completely healed of his debilitating sickness. Now he can walk, run and live a normal life&mdash;without frequent trips to the temple. His parents, who were very much against Christianity, have even come to believe in Christ as their Savior. </p> <p><strong>Changed in the Night</strong><br> Lumbika also came to know about Christ through Abhivira's ministry. She used to be a devoted follower of many gods and goddesses, which helped her become famous in her village. </p> <p>Her piety made her the unofficial village priestess; many people would come to her to perform pujas, religious rituals.</p> <p>But one night that all changed. As Lumbika walked home from the temple, she suddenly fell unconscious and collapsed on the road. When morning came, the local villagers discovered Lumbika and brought her back to her house. </p> <p>After that incident, Lumbika started behaving abnormally. Villagers who once held her in esteem thought she was going mad; nobody knew what was causing the strange behavior. Lumbika's husband became very discouraged by the unexpected turn of events and, out of desperation, called Pastor Abhivira to visit them.</p> <p>Abhivira immediately began praying for her; that's when he realized he was dealing with the powers of darkness.</p> <p>"She does not have any sickness," Abhivira told Lumbika's husband. "Rather, this is the work of Satan."</p> <p>With Lumbika's husband's permission, Abhivira initiated a weeklong fasting and prayer meeting in his house for Lumbika's deliverance. He and the believers gathered daily to pray and ask the Lord to release Lumbika from Satan's bondage. Finally, at the end of the week, the Lord delivered Lumbika, and now her loyalty and devotion are with the one, true God. </p> <p>Thanks to Abhivira's faithfulness, and in spite of Manyu's and Lumbika's piety to their traditional gods, many souls were added to the Kingdom.</p> <p>Please pray for Lumbika and Manyu, that they will continue to grow in the Lord's love. Pray, also, that the Lord will continue to use Abhivira to further His kingdom in that community.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Bear much fruit by linking your life with a missionary like Abhivira</a>.</li> <li><a href="/latestnews/">Read more stories about GFA-supported missionaries</a>.</li> </ul>

3rd - A Primitive Village, A Pastor’s Dream and A Sick Man

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/100311-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Like Pastor Musuri, many GFA-supported missionaries are the first to bring Jesus' love into remote tribal areas of Asia.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Although Musuri was already serving the Lord as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, he had a dream: to reach out to the extremely isolated people group that lived near his home. </p> <p>So one day, Musuri decided to make the trip into the forest and meet some of the people. What he found there broke his heart.</p> <p>The forest men made their living hunting or fishing. Almost no one in their community had learned to read, and the few who received a little bit of education still lacked the opportunity to find a good job. This isolated group of people seemed trapped in their primitive way of life forever. And no one there knew Jesus. Musuri was filled with compassion seeing the physical and spiritual condition of the people.</p> <p>During Pastor Musuri's visit, many people came out to hear him. They were interested in hearing what Musuri said about Jesus, but they were timid in making the choice to follow Him.</p> <p>As Musuri walked back home through the forest that night, he decided that with the Lord's help, he would do everything he could to show these people how they could know God's love for themselves.</p> <p>And the Lord did help him. The next time Musuri returned, he met a family of five who were very strong in their religious beliefs, but they had a problem. The oldest son in the family, Ebi, was ill and had been sick for three long months. When Musuri shared that Jesus could both heal his sickness and save him eternally, Ebi decided right then that he wanted to follow this Jesus.</p> <p>Musuri began praying for Ebi, and the Lord healed him that day. The rest of the family saw God's healing power and chose to follow Him, too. </p> <p>Now, Pastor Musuri says he is so grateful to the Lord for making his dream come true&mdash;he leads a small fellowship among the people in the forest. He requests prayer that many more people will come to know the Lord through His great works in their village.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/send/2007/first-quarter/turning-roadblocks-into-stepping-stones/">Years before Pastor Musuri arrived, three women missionaries reached out to another village from this people group</a>.</li> </ul>


30th - See for Yourself

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/093011-web11-02.jpg"> <small>Each letter is read, prayed over and responded to by a GFA radio correspondent.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">To my amazement, I felt like each and every word was speaking to me.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Each year, Gospel for Asia receives more than a million responses to GFA Radio broadcasts. These letters from the field express joy in what the Lord has done through the radio programs.</p> <div style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 10px; font-style:italic; font-size:15px"> <p style="font-style:normal"><strong>Words that Brought Hope</strong> <br><br>Dear Brother,</p> <p>I used to listen to your radio program every day, and it resulted in a great blessing for my family.</p> <p>I am very happy to report this good news to you! For the last five years my wife and I were unable to have any children, and people mocked my wife. We did not have peace and were in a deeply depressed state.</p> <p>That's when I heard you say on your program, <strong>"You have plenty of problems and complications and as a result of that you have suffered a lot, but today the Lord Jesus Christ is giving you release from all those problems and difficulties that you have been facing. He is going to solve all the complications and problems in your family."</strong></p> <p>These are the exact words that comforted us. Having faith in Jesus Christ, I wrote to you asking you to pray for us. God heard and answered your earnest prayers and blessed us with a baby girl.</p> <p>I really praise Jesus who heard your prayers and our cries. Thank you for your blessed program.<br> &mdash; Anram</p> <p style="font-style:normal"><strong>A Repentant Heart</strong> <br><br>Dear Brother,</p> <p>Warm greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was born in a nominal Christian family, which did all kinds of sinful things.</p> <p>One day, in the early morning, I turned my radio on. Just then, your radio program came on. I just listened to the program.</p> <p>To my amazement, I felt like each and every word was speaking to me. I realized I was living a life of sin and had been enjoying it.</p> <p>I acknowledged that only Jesus Christ can save me from this sinful condition.</p> <p>I received Jesus into my life and determined to live for Him. Now I want to share this with my friends, also.</p> <p>Kindly uphold me in your prayers and please pray for my spiritual enrichment.</p> <p>Thank you for your blessed program.<br> &mdash; Sunay</p> </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/letters-radio-listeners/">Read more letters from the field</a>.</li> <li><a href="/radio/radio-samples/">Listen to actual samples of the broadcasts</a>.</li> </ul>

29th - The Aftermath of the Earthquake

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=/earthquake/sikkim/"> <h2>The Aftermath of the Earthquake</h2> <a href="/earthquake/sikkim/">link to story</a>

27th - They Waited Eight Months, Two Years and Four Years for a Church

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/092711-web11-21/images-web11-21.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Three congregations in one South Asia state all dedicated new church buildings during May, 2010. And each church has a unique story about waiting for their church building. <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anish Thanglet began sharing the love of God in one district of this state in 2009. The congregation didn't have a building to meet in, so a rented house doubled as their church building. <br> But their predicament didn't last long. Just eight months later, they dedicated a brand-new church building. <br> During the building dedication ceremony, the congregation shared a special word of thanks to the Christians around the world who helped purchase the land and provide materials to build the church. <br> In another area of the same state, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary K.L. Terangpi began sharing God's love in a village in 2008. They also met for worship in a small house. Pastor Terangpi's outreach to the tribal people in this area bore fruit almost immediately and soon there were 86 people in the church he established! <br> This congregation needed a church building, too, but it took almost four years for them to get one! Purchasing land in the village where Terangpi works is difficult because it's customary for families to retain the land through multiple generations. It strongly goes against tradition to sell the land outside of the family. <br> In a part of the state famous for its tea gardens, one congregation&mdash;the very first one established there&mdash;patiently and faithfully prayed for two years that God would bless them with land and funds to put a church building on it. God heard their prayers and they, too, celebrated at the dedication of their new church building in May. <br> Now they have plenty of space to worship the Lord! "We thank God with heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors since it was by their help and support that we have this church building," one church member said. <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mukut Patro moved to this state in 2006 and began ministering to those who work in the area's tea gardens. There were no churches in this area at all. <br> People began responding to the message of God's love and soon Mukut was the pastor of a church of 30 believers. They crowded into small homes to worship the Lord. They wanted a church building, too, but faced obstacles obtaining land. <br> God answered their prayers, and they also dedicated their church building in May. The church is a simple structure that fits well into the surroundings and is appropriate for the culture. <br> Now these new Christians gather in their own church building to praise and worship Jesus each week. This church building is a testimony of God's love and faithfulness to His people. <br> date posted 09/27/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/major-ministries/church-building/"><strong>See how you can help provide a church for an Asian congregation to call home</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#they-waited-eight-months-two-years-and-four-years-for-a-church">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

23rd - Desperate for His Deliverance

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/092111-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Just like Chandresh and the believers in his church prayed for Sanjeev, this pastor is praying for a boy.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>No one could help their son. Sanjeev Trivedi had been under the control of an evil spirit for two years. His parents, Bindusar and Vasanti, had taken him to witch doctors and sorcerers; they had sacrificed chickens and goats to their gods; they had spent large sums of money looking for a cure for him. But, no one could help.</p> <p>Then, in a conversation Bindusar had with a man named Chandresh Maddala, he learned about someone named Jesus who has the power to do miracles. </p> <p>Chandresh Maddala is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. When he told Bindusar about Jesus, the desperate father declared that if his son were to be healed from the evil spirit, his whole family would give their lives to Christ. Bindusar then agreed to bring his son to church for prayer the next Sunday.</p> <p>Pastor Chandresh went home and started fasting and praying for Sanjeev's deliverance. Sunday arrived, and Bindusar and Sanjeev came to church. The believers all prayed together, asking God to break Sanjeev's spiritual bondage&mdash;and God set him free from the evil spirit! Soon after, Sanjeev and his parents placed their trust in the One who has the power to deliver, both physically and spiritually.</p> <p>Bindusar, Vasanti and Sanjeev ask for prayer that they would stand firm in their faith and that they would continue to grow in the love of Christ.</p> <p>Pastor Chandresh also asks for prayer that many people would be added to his church in days to come.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/cattle-herder-battles-demons/">The Lord delivers many people from demonic possession. See their stories</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/why-national-missionaries/">Pastor Chandresh is one of thousands of national missionaries. Learn about them here</a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Three Missionaries Go to Be with the Lord

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/092211-wns11-100a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Ramratan and his wife were married only recently, in May.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/092211-wns11-100b.jpg"> <small>Pastor Bhaiya, only 21 years old, served the Lord among the most unreached.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">"I was totally changed when Christ became my best friend, and I was renewed with His love." - Bhaiya</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Three Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries went to be with the Lord on September 9. Brother Mohan Babu served the Lord as a GFA film team member. On September 2, he became severely ill and, after a week in the hospital, Mohan passed away.</p> <p>Two other missionaries died later that day in a car crash. Ramratan Yaswant, 34, and Bhaiya Lal Samlu Warkade, 21, were traveling by truck to a pastors' meeting. They were driving at night in heavy rain on flooded roads. The missionaries' truck hit a bus and flipped over, killing them instantly.</p> <p><strong>Ministry through Movies</strong><br> As a member of a GFA film team, Mohan traveled throughout South Asia showing a movie about the life of Christ. Often entire villages hear the Gospel in one showing of the film, and many come to Christ and are healed or delivered from demons. Doctors have not yet determined the cause of the illness that led to his death. Please pray for comfort and strength for Mohan's film team, as they must continue the work without his help. </p> <p><strong>A Pastor Who Could Relate</strong><br> Ramratan was the pastor of a church when he died. He was a newlywed and leaves behind his wife of only four months. Ramratan grew up in a family that followed a traditional Asian religion. He zealously practiced all the customs of his religion but never had any peace.</p> <p>When Ramratan's only sister fell prey to a demon and became sick, the family desperately sought a cure&mdash;they even turned to witchcraft. Her condition only worsened.</p> <p>During this difficult time, a pastor from a nearby church came and explained the Gospel to their family. The family believed Jesus had the power to save Ramratan's sister, and when the pastor prayed for her, the Lord delivered her from the evil spirit! Ramratan's whole family gave their lives to Christ, and Ramratan committed himself to serving the Lord all his life.</p> <p>After graduating from a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college, he ministered to the most unreached. He was able to relate to their pain and suffering because he lived under the same spiritual bondage they lived under. </p> <p><strong>With His Best Friend</strong><br> Bhaiya had completed Bible college and was training to become a missionary when he died.</p> <p>Like Ramratan, he grew up fervently practicing a traditional religion, but it left him empty and in search of spiritual truth. Bhaiya's mother died early in his childhood, and his father squandered his income on alcohol.</p> <p>A few years later, Bhaiya's uncle began discipling him in the ways of the Lord. As soon as Bhaiya understood the love and forgiveness found in Christ, he gave all of himself to the Lord. He sensed the Lord's calling to the mission field and went to a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college before training to become a missionary. According to his testimony, Bhaiya was "totally changed when Christ became his best friend." </p> <p>Please ask God to give comfort and strength to these three missionaries' families. Please pray especially for Pastor Ramratan's congregation and for his widow.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/missionary-arrested-while-walking-church/">Pray for a pastor who has been imprisoned</a>!</li> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Read about Gospel for Asia's Film Ministry</a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Demon Possession Spreads Salvation

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/092211-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Prayer is a huge part of any GFA-supported missionary's ministry. As God's power is demonstrated, many choose to follow Christ and become part of the Church.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Umed had been striving to please his gods for many years. Now, when he needed them, they didn't answer.</p> <p>Having grown up diligently participating in religious activities, Umed was devoted to his family's traditional beliefs. At some point in this spiritual darkness, Umed fell under the control of evil spirits. He began suffering frequent seizures. His family spent huge amounts of money on witch doctors and other religious figureheads, but no one could break the bondage. Umed's health deteriorated: He lost the ability to speak, he went blind in one eye, and his whole body suffered because he could not eat properly. </p> <p>Through their futile struggle to find help, the family ran out of money, out of ideas and out of hope for the future.</p> <p>In desperation, Umed's father remembered a relative Lakshan who had often read Scripture to them and prayed for them. They rejected what Lakshan had to say before, but now they wanted to see if his God could help.</p> <p>Brother Lakshan was in his third year at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college when Umed's dad asked him to come pray for his ailing son. Lakshan did pray, and God answered him, immediately freeing Umed from the evil spirits and healing him from his health problems! </p> <p>Umed's miraculous recovery turned the villagers' attention to Christ. Soon, Lakshan established a Christian fellowship in that area. Umed and his family joined them in their meetings and eventually decided to receive Jesus into their lives.</p> <p>Both Umed's family and Brother Lakshan ask for prayer that God would continue to use them for His Kingdom.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/widows-find-healing-hope/">Read more accounts of spiritual and physical healing</a>!</li> <li><a href="/ministries/biblecolleges/">Click here to see the Lord's work in GFA Bible colleges</a>.</li> </ul>

20th - Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/092011-wfr11-09/images-wfr11-09.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> A principal recently walked into a Gospel For Asia field office requesting BioSand water filters for his school. The distressed man was concerned for his students. The only water sources available to them were contaminated, so the students frequently fell sick and missed class. <br> The principal had been searching for a solution a long time when he heard about the filters. Gospel for Asia responded to his plea by donating two water filters to his school! <br> These simple BioSand water filters purify water with only rocks and sand, so they work well even in rural areas without electricity. <br> The students and staff&mdash;these teachers included&mdash;were overjoyed to have clean, drinkable water. <br> After alleviating the thirst for clean water, GFA workers addressed the spiritual hunger of the school. The GFA-supported missionaries shared the story of Jesus Christ. <br> After listening enthusiastically to the Good News, the students stuck out eager hands to receive Gospel literature. <br> The teachers even helped distribute New Testaments and Gospel tracts! <br> Everyone seemed thankful to receive the Bibles. Later that day they took the Word home with them. <br> Four hundred and forty students and 16 faculty members heard the Gospel that day. <br> "Through GFA we could see and feel the love of Jesus Christ!" one faculty member exclaimed. The GFA-supported missionaries request prayer that the BioSand water filter ministry would open even more doors for the Gospel in schools, colleges, hospitals and orphanages. <br> date posted 09/20/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/ministries/water/"><strong>Share a cup of water with a person in Asia in Jesus name</strong></a>!</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#blessed-are-those-who-hunger-and-thirst">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

20th - Testimonies of God's Love, Power

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/092011-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>While Sabrani cooked, a flame caught hold of her clothing and spread over her body.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Yahvi encouraged her to attend the prayer meetings at her church, knowing that even years later, Jesus could restore her daughter’s body.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Yahvi Sarin, 50, watched as AIDS took over her husband's life. She pleaded with her gods and goddesses, but to no avail. In desperation, she sought the help of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. </p> <p>She asked him to pray for her ailing husband, hoping for healing. The missionary, Daha Bhatnagar, prayed and shared the Gospel with her. But Yahvi's husband still suffered, and she didn't get the miracle she hoped for.</p> <p>Daha continued to share the love of Christ with her and often visited Yahvi and her husband, encouraging them in the Lord. Gradually, Yahvi's faith in the gods of her past faded and belief in the Almighty God arose. Even after her husband died, nothing could shake the growing love she had for the One who deeply loved her&mdash;this was the miracle God had for her.</p> <p><strong>Flames Wither Body</strong><br> This newfound devotion stirred her daughter's heart toward Christ. When Yahvi's daughter, Sabrani, was 20 years old, the left side of her body caught on fire while she prepared dinner for her family. The cooking flame caught the corner of her sari, a South Asian garment consisting of yards of fabric wrapped around the body. The fire quickly spread over the <em>sari</em>, engulfing her body and leaving her left leg and hand severely burned and withered. </p> <p>Sabrani lived with this deformation for years until her mother, Yahvi, started sharing the Good News of Christ and His healing power with her. Yahvi encouraged her to attend the prayer meetings at her church, knowing that even years later, Jesus could restore her daughter's body. </p> <p>When Sabrani and Yahvi arrived at the church, they sought Pastor Daha for prayer. He applied oil and asked the Lord to heal her leg and hand. As he prayed, Sabrani felt a sensation come over her withered body. After the prayer meeting was over, Daha sent her home with the oil, asking her to apply it every day and to continue praying with him for healing. Within a month, the Lord completely restored Sabrani's scarred body! Seeing this miracle, she and her husband put their faith in Christ and began following Him. Now they worship with Yahvi at Pastor Daha's church.</p> <p><strong>Money Wasted</strong><br> Gagan also serves at Daha's church. But four years ago, he was at the temples of his gods and goddesses searching for healing.</p> <p>Gagan often fell sick. As a building contractor, he earned a good living, but his money was spent trying to find a treatment for his sickness. Yet his condition remained the same no matter how much he spent.</p> <p>When Gagan met Pastor Daha, he asked him to pray for his health. Daha took the opportunity to share about Christ's love with the ailing man. After realizing how much Christ gave up for him, Gagan decided to put his trust in the Lord. In the following days, God healed Gagan of his sickness, and now his faith is growing.</p> <p>These miracles all happened because Daha is faithful to share about Christ's love. He has been serving on the mission field since graduating from a GFA-supported Bible college in 2003. His church continues to grow, and he is seeing more and more hearts softening toward the love of Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/ ">Link your life with a missionary like Pastor Daha</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/salvation-spreading-house-house/ ">Missionaries' faithfulness produces domino effect in people's lives</a>.</li> </ul>

19th - Missionary's Wife Dies in Earthquake

<h2 style="color:#369">UPDATE <em>09/29/2011</em>:<br> <a href="/earthquake/sikkim/">The Aftermath of the Earthquake</a></h2> <div class="hr-tight"></div> <br> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div style="border: 1px solid #336699; padding: 5px; height:100%px; background-color: #ccccff;"> <h2>Donate to Earthquake Relief</h2> <form action="/donation/cart/" method="post" name="donation-item-form"> $<select name="donation.replace.amount"><option value="45">45.00</option><option value="75">75.00</option><option value="100">100.00</option><option value="150">150.00</option><option value="250">250.00</option></select> <input type="hidden" value="2009" name="donation.replace"> or $ <input type="text" id="amount" size="10" name="donation.replace.amount"> <input type="hidden" value="2009" name="donation.replace"> <button type="submit">add to cart</button> </form> <div style="margin: 5px 0px 10px 5px; line-height:1.2em;"> <small> 100% of your donation will be used for food, blankets, medicine and other emergency supplies. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses. </small></div> </div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/091911-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Nirmala Tamang, shown at right with her husband, GFA-supported missionary B. Tamang, died in Sunday's earthquake. </small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A Gospel for Asia-supported missionary's wife died Sunday when an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale struck Sikkim, India.</p> <p>Pastor B. Tamang and his wife, Nirmala, were enjoying a fellowship meal with some church members and two Bridge of Hope workers in their home in Sikkim, India when the earthquake struck just after 6 p.m.. They live near the epicenter of the quake. Due to the mountainous terrain, all the buildings are constructed terrace style into the sides of the mountains. The Tamangs' home is located just below the church where he serves as pastor. </p> <p>The earthquake struck at 6:10 p.m. and everyone in the Tamangs' home scrambled to get outside. As they were running, the church building collapsed and Nirmala was crushed beneath one of the falling walls. Pastor Tamang and the rest of the Christians with him also suffered major injuries and are being treated at a local hospital. </p> <p>Pastor Tamang's church was completely destroyed. </p> <p>"We are deeply grieved to hear about Nirmala's death. Gospel for Asia has lost a vibrant Christian woman who served as an example of what it means to love the Lord your God with all your heart." said Gospel for Asia President K.P. Yohannan. "While supporting her husband's work, she led a dynamic ministry reaching out to the women in this area. Please be in prayer for this dear brother and all those in his ministry area who are filled with sorrow because of this situation." </p> <p><strong>Not Sure What Lies Ahead</strong><br> Several churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were also destroyed in the quake. But the full effect of the disaster on the ministry has yet to be determined, according to Yohannan.</p> <p>"We have literally hundreds of missionaries serving throughout this area, as well as dozens of Bridge of Hope centers," Yohannan said. "The earthquake cut off electricity and took out the normal communications channels, so we don't know the full extent of the damage."</p> <p>The earthquake came during the Indian monsoon season, and the heavy rain, coupled with the shifting ground, led to landslides. Several major roadways are blocked, preventing teams from reaching the people who need help. The heavy monsoon rains are also preventing helicopters from flying in to assess the damage, according to news reports.</p> <p>The BBC and CNN report the earthquake shook the border region of India and Nepal with one major quake of 6.9 and two aftershocks measuring 4.8 and 4.6. All three quakes occurred over a one-hour period of time, starting just after 6 p.m.</p> <p>Monday's news reports indicate that 35 people died in the quakes, but government officials expect the death toll to increase as rescuers find bodies. The area where the quake hit is at the base of the famous Himalaya Mountains. The majority of the area is comprised of small, rural villages carved out in the sides of the mountains. </p> <p>Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu was also rocked by the quake.</p> <p>The quake hit Tibet as well, killing seven people. Bangladesh and Bhutan also felt the trembling. </p> <p>Nepali and Indian news outlets reported that dozens of people were also injured as they attempted to escape by jumping off of buildings. Others were caught up in stampedes as terrified people tried to make their way to safety.</p> <p>"The people in this area are facing a huge catastrophe and they are frightened," Yohannan said. "Many may not be able to get out of their village to get needed medical attention or food. Those who lost their homes are stuck outdoors, trying to find any shelter from the driving rain and colder weather. They desperately need our prayers."</p> <p><strong>Ready for the Disaster</strong><br> Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services teams are mobilizing in the area, and they will begin helping those affected by the quake as soon as they are cleared to enter the damaged areas. </p> <p>"The people who suffered through this quake are desperate for help and for a sympathetic ear," Yohannan said. "Our Compassion Services teams will give them the practical things they need, like food and blankets. They will also pray with them and offer the hope of God's love. The teams are committed to working in this area for as long as it takes to bring complete restoration."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/earthquake/sikkim/">Read an update about the earthquake funeral service for Pastor Tamang's wife</a>.</li> <li><a href="/regions/state/sikkim/ ">Read about GFA's ministry in Sikkim, India, an area affected by the quake</a>.</li> <li><a href="/regions/country/nepal/ ">Read about GFA's ministry in Nepal</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Fed-Up Wife Seeks Prayer

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/091611-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Mari was left to provide for the family while her husband fed his alcohol addiction.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Mari's husband didn't take care of their family. His alcoholism left Mari to do everything herself. For 10 years, she struggled to make sure there was food to eat and a place to call home. </p> <p>Mari's neighbors wouldn't have suspected that her circumstance was exceedingly troubling to her, but on the inside, Mari was upset. In her culture, she wasn't the one who was supposed to be the head of the house; she wasn't the one who was supposed to go out and find work. This wasn't the way life was supposed to be. Nevertheless, Mari kept on working, concealing her struggles inside.</p> <p>One day, she heard about a film show that Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were planning for her village. Interested in seeing the movie, Mari finished all her household work early. She gathered her children as evening approached, and they walked to the location of the film show, arriving before anyone else.</p> <p>She waited patiently, and when more people started to show up, the film team missionaries began a time of worship, singing songs of praise to Jesus and praying for the village. When the movie began, the audience&mdash;including Mari&mdash;became captivated. She could not take her eyes off the screen. She watched Jesus closely, amazed to see the love and compassion He had for people.</p> <p>Once the film ended, Mari was first in line to talk to the missionaries. All her struggles and inward anguish spilled out. The film team wasted no time in praying for her and her family, and as the days wore on, they kept praying.</p> <p>When her husband abruptly stopped drinking and began taking responsibility for his family, Mari knew Jesus had done a miracle. She committed her life to Christ, and soon, the rest of her family came to know of God's great power and love.</p> <p>Now Mari is happy inside and out, and her family is a glowing example of Christ's mercy and compassion in their village.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/alcohol-new-life/">Alcoholism is a major problem in South Asia. Read about how the Holy Spirit freed one man from addiction</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Learn more about how God uses GFA-supported film team missionaries</a>.</li> </ul>

15th - On the 68th Day of Christmas

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/091511-wfr11-08/images-wfr11-08.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> In early March, 150 families gathered at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college to receive their Christmas presents. The practical gifts came from believers around the world who purchased them through GFA's Christmas Gift Catalog. <br> The distribution event, which began with prayer and this traditional candle-lighting ceremony, garnered praise from community leaders and media. Even a local leader with anti-Christian views was there to see the work of the Lord! <br> Before the pastors presented the gifts, a local GFA leader shared about the ministry, and these Women's Fellowship members sang for the crowd. <br> Among the gifts given out were bicycles, push carts, sewing machines and blankets. <br> This street vendor no longer needs to rent a push cart&mdash;he's been given one of his own! The time and money he saves will help him provide for his young daughter. <br> With a sewing machine, this woman can make enough money selling clothes to manage her household. <br> Among the 150 families given gifts were many who have yet to fully comprehend the Gospel. These gifts often bring them to an understanding of God's love and provision! <br> Even a simple blanket means a lot to those who have so little. <br> This handicapped woman received a sewing machine, which will serve as a tangible reminder that God cares for her. The ultimate goal of gifts given through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog is to bring real hope&mdash;in Christ&mdash;to the people of South Asia. <br> date posted 09/15/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#on-68th-day-of-christmas">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

13th - New Moon Illness Cured by Three-Hour Prayer

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/091311-webs11-01.jpg"> <small>For five days at a time, Saachi would become like a paralyzed woman, unable to move, talk or eat.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Whenever a new moon would come around, Saachi Mehta's behavior changed. For five days starting on the day of the new moon, she could not hear or talk, and her body would shut down as if she was suddenly paralyzed. </p> <p>Worried for their 20-year-old daughter, Saachi's parents took her to see witchdoctors and temple priests, but neither could offer her a cure. For years, these intervals of unexplained sickness disrupted Saachi's and her family's lives. Even after Saachi married and had children, her condition did not improve. </p> <p>When Saachi's mother-in-law, Gajra, met Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college student Sanjay Nigam, she shared her discouragement concerning Saachi with him. </p> <p>"If I pray to Jesus," Sanjay said, "Saachi can be healed completely."</p> <p>Gajra and the rest of her family eagerly agreed to let the third-year Bible student pray for Saachi. They brought him to Saachi, who was lying on the bed unconscious from the strange illness. Seeing her, Sanjay began fervently seeking the Lord for her healing. By the third hour of prayer, Saachi began to stir and eventually woke up. Her family was amazed that in a matter of hours, Saachi was brought back to normal, whereas it usually took five days. </p> <p>After witnessing this miracle, Saachi, Gajra and the rest of the family wanted to know more about Jesus. Sanjay joyfully shared the Good News with them, and right then and there, they decided to follow Christ; they're the first family in their village to become Christians!</p> <p>Sanjay asks for prayer for Saachi and her family, that they would continue to grow in the Lord and their neighbors will also experience the love of Christ through them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/paralyzed-lady-walks-again/">Read about a paralyzed woman who walks again</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/biblecolleges/">Learn more about GFA-supported Bible colleges</a>!</li> </ul>

13th - Church Hoppers Find a Permanent Home

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/091311-web11-20/images-web11-20.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> These women have something extra special to thank the Lord for. They are worshiping for the first time in their brand-new church building. <br> For many years, this congregation met in the homes of believers. As people chose to follow Christ, those home-based worship services grew more and more crowded. They had to bounce from house to house to accommodate the swelling crowd. <br> So the people cried out to God, asking him to provide them with a church building. Their first answer to those ceaseless prayers came when a believer in the congregation donated land on which to construct the group's first church building. <br> Because of the generosity of Christians around the world, the congregation received funding to buy the materials needed to build their church. Weeks of intense labor followed and the result was this simple yet effective structure. It's a perfect place for prayer, praise, worship and learning. It also protects them from the weather and puts up a literal wall between them and those who seek to persecute them. <br> June 25 was an exciting day as dignitaries, including the local village head, joined Gospel for Asia leaders to officially dedicate the church building. Pastor Vijay Chacko prayed for the Lord to be glorified in the new building and asked that Jesus would protect the structure and embolden the believers to go out and share Christ's love. <br> The church dedication was a time of great celebration and the people were thrilled to pose for a photo in front of the church God provided for them. <br> Today the church is filled with people who are finished church hopping and are excited to worship their Savior and learn more about Him by studying His Word in their own permanent structure. <br> date posted 09/13/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/major-ministries/church-building/"><strong>See how you can help provide a church for an Asian congregation to call home</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#church-hoppers-find-a-permanent-home">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

12th - A Captive Audience

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/091211-wns11-99.jpg"> <small>These prisoners are reading Gospel literature for probably the first time.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Pastor Anek and his team of Bible college students had been praying long and hard for the opportunity to share Christ's love at the jail in their area. God answered their prayer when, at long last, local authorities gladly extended an invitation for the Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to visit.</p> <p>On the day of the event, 1,200 prisoners and their superintendents filled the conference hall. Although Pastor Anek and his team weren't permitted to speak directly from God's Word, they effectively communicated the Gospel through skits, traditional dances and Bible stories. The event also incorporated food and games.</p> <p>The prisoners and guards were captivated throughout the entire message; there was no disturbance of any kind, and everyone stayed until the end. The presence of the Lord was evident.</p> <p>The jail superintendents thanked the team when the day was done, and Pastor Anek is now even more eager to bring Christ's love to the prisoners.</p> <p>Pastor Anek asks for prayer for more opportunities to reach out to the prisoners and for the Lord to work in their hearts so they can be saved.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/missionary-ministers-to-inmates-while-behind-bars/">Read about a pastor who ministers <em>behind</em> bars</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/bible-college-students-clean/">Learn about other ways Bible college students serve</a>!</li> </ul>

12th - How We Became Bible College Students

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/091211-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Just like this young man, Suvan and Rizvan are following the Lord's leading to become national missionaries.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Seeing this, Suvan's faith in Christ increased, and he began spending a lot more time getting to know the Lord.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Suvan and Rizvan were born a year and a half apart, in different states, yet after they surrendered their lives to Christ, they found each other studying at the same Bible college. They may have come from completely different backgrounds, but now they had the most important thing in common: They were giving their lives to proclaim the Good News of Christ to those who have never heard.</p> <p><strong>From Drop Out to Bible Student</strong><br> Suvan grew up in a Christian home and had a desire to serve the Lord at a young age. But after completing the eighth grade, he had to quit school to help his father provide for the family. They had spent a lot of their money searching for healing for Suvan's mother, who suffered from painful knee problems. After finally seeking prayer from a Christian, the pain subsided as God healed her. </p> <p>Seeing this, Suvan's faith in Christ increased, and he began spending a lot more time getting to know the Lord.</p> <p>"One day while I was in the presence of God," Suvan explains, "I realized I was a sinner and needed to be saved. In my prayer I asked pardon for all my sins, repented and committed my life to Christ, as my Savior."</p> <p>That was the beginning of Suvan's personal relationship with Jesus. He sought the Lord often and meditated on His Word. Soon he sensed the Lord calling him into full-time ministry.</p> <p>"I understood the need of doing God's service," he shared. </p> <p>When he met a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Suvan expressed his desire to study God's Word more in depth and follow through with God's calling. The pastor led him to a nearby GFA-supported Bible college where Suvan is now being equipped to share God's love more effectively. He desires to return to his hometown and tell his people about Christ.</p> <p><strong>Trading Medical School for Bible School</strong><br> Rizvan had a slightly different upbringing than Suvan. His family followed the traditional religion of his home state. Demons kept them heavily bonded to their ways, until the Lord broke off the chains. </p> <p>When Rizvan was 5 years old, his mother's demon possession was beginning to take its toll on the family. They brought her to hospitals and witch doctors in search of a cure, but healing only came after believers in their village gathered to pray. After the Lord redeemed her from the clutches of Satan, Rizvan's family radically changed.</p> <p>"Because of this, I grew up in a Christian atmosphere and was fortunate enough to see my parent's faith in Jesus Christ for 15 years," Rizvan shared.</p> <p>They started going to a local church, where Rizvan discovered Christ in a personal way.</p> <p>"One day, while listening to God's Word in one of the prayer meetings, I realized I was a sinner," he recalls. "At that very moment, I repented of my sins and committed my life to Jesus Christ."</p> <p>And like Suvan, the Lord called Rizvan into full-time ministry. This happened while he was attending medical school. He dropped his plans and followed wholeheartedly after God's will. Today, he studies alongside Suvan at the same GFA-supported Bible college, preparing to reach the lost.</p> <p>Just like Rizvan and Suvan, each Bible college student journeyed along a different path until the Lord brought him or her to the place where their single desire was to live for Him and see the lost reached at any cost. </p> <p>Pray for Suvan and Rizvan&mdash;along with the other students&mdash;that the Lord will fully equip them for the difficult path ahead.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/biblecolleges/">Learn more about Bible colleges and how you can help provide scholarships for students</a>.</li> <li><a href="/photoshow060606/">Catch a glimpse into a GFA-supported Bible college graduation</a>.</li> </ul>

7th - When Everything Seemed Against Him

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/090611-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Nabati and Thakem went in search of a village to share Christ's love, and the Lord led them to Dakshi.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">"Do not give up hope, but keep on praying, and trust in the Lord with all your heart."</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Not long after Dakshi Meitei became a Christian, he was paralyzed. For the next 10 years, Dakshi was unable to move his body from the waist down.</p> <p>"Sometimes I was so tempted to doubt God; I felt like blaming Him for my condition," Dakshi said.</p> <p>The people in his community thought he must be under some sort of curse for abandoning his traditional religion and following Christ. He had hoped to find freedom and joy in Jesus, but instead, his anguish was compounded by rejection.</p> <p>"There are times I wonder if the miracles Christ performed in the Bible are really true or not," Dakshi said, expressing his sorrow. "If it is true, why is He so blind towards the pain and agony of my family?"</p> <p>Being the only Christians in their village, Dakshi and his family had no one to offer them comfort, no church with fellow believers to uplift and encourage them in their walks. They felt all alone&mdash;that is until a pair of Bible college students arrived in their village.</p> <p>With a great burden for the unreached, Nabati Gedam and Thakem Kumar went in search of a place to share the love of Christ. The Bible college students came upon Dakshi's village but were greeted with hostility. The people strongly adhered to the worship of their ancestral deity, believing prosperity and happiness came from worshiping and pleasing this god wholeheartedly. Rejecting this belief was cause for death, and the elders of the village made sure the students&mdash;and Dakshi&mdash;knew what had happened to a young boy named Rajen who decided to worship Christ instead.</p> <p><strong>A Sad End for Rajen</strong><br> Rajen was the first believer in the village, and this enraged his father. When he found out Rajen was openly sharing his faith with his neighbors, he grabbed a huge stick and began beating his son. Although he did not intend for it to happen, one of the blows was fatal, and Rajen died immediately. </p> <p>Rajen's story rattled the missionaries, but they stayed and continued their mission. They often prayed and asked the Lord to lead them to the people who were longing to know Christ and listen to His Word; that's how they met Dakshi and his family.</p> <p><strong>Help Just in Time</strong><br> Dakshi was in a pitiful state when the Bible students saw him. His paralysis left his wife, Maina, to take on the role of the family's breadwinner. Watching her work so hard to run his family left Dakshi feeling discouraged. </p> <p>The persecution they faced from their neighbors only made matters worse. When Nabati and Thakem saw how the people treated Dakshi and his family, they made it a point to visit them often and encourage them to be strong in their faith. They even assisted Maina with her household chores and helped her grow a small vegetable garden to feed the family.</p> <p>"Even though the local people look down on you and treat you with great contempt," the students would tell Dakshi and Maina, "do not give up hope, but keep on praying, and trust in the Lord with all your heart. You are doing a good thing for your family, and the One who sees everything will surely reward you generously." </p> <p><strong>Hope for More</strong><br> With Nabati's and Thakem's continued encouragement and faithfulness in pointing them back to the goodness of Christ, Dakshi, Maina and their family are strengthened in their faith. The students frequently have fellowship and prayer at Dakshi's house, and they're praying the Lord will help them establish at least one fellowship in the village.</p> <ul> <li>Pray for Dakshi and his family to remain steadfast in their faith.</li> <li>Pray for a miraculous healing for Dakshi's paralysis.</li> <li>Pray the Lord can make a mighty impact in this village through the Bible college students, and many hearts will be softened to receive Christ.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/sharing-jesus-tea-estate/">Read about a man who was healed from paralysis after 15 years</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/graduates/">Learn how to pray for Bible college graduates</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - No Longer Neglected

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/090611-wfr11-07a.jpg"> <small>A Women's Fellowship group relying on the Lord in prayer.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">Because of this physical evidence of God’s love for her, Keyuri entrusted her life to Christ.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Keyuri Dhuphar lives in the hills of a rural farming community. For many years she suffered from paralysis&mdash;but even more so from the emotional pain of her husband's neglect. </p> <p>Even though her condition declined, Keyuri's husband refused to buy her medicine or look for treatment. She lived a life devoid of comfort until the day Sanjula Eguri, a member of a Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship team, came to her village. Sister Sanjula and her team were distributing Gospel tracts and visiting homes when they met Keyuri, lying helpless on her sickbed. Moved with compassion for her, the women bought Keyuri medicine and gave her some money for treatment. </p> <p>The team also prayed for Keyuri's healing. The Lord honored their request, and He completely healed Keyuri, enabling her to walk again. Because of this physical evidence of God's love for her, Keyuri entrusted her life to Christ.</p> <p>She continues to endure emotional agony from her husband&mdash;who often harasses her physically&mdash;but she is most concerned for his spiritual health.</p> <p>Keyuri asks for prayer for the salvation of her husband and their two daughters, and for God's leading in her own life.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/woman-encounters-jesus-her-way-temple-priest/">See what the Lord did for this woman</a>!</li> <li><a href="/women/">Read how God is using women missionaries to reach South Asia's women</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - Ministering to Families Displaced by Civil War

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 10px"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/090611-web11-03c.jpg"> <small>GFA Compassion Services teams gave out milk packets to pregnant and nursing women.</small></div> <br> <div style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 10px; background:#E4E4E4"> <p style="font-size:13px">According to the Joint Humanitarian and Early Recovery Update compiled by OCHA, at the end of June:</p> <small><ul class="special-feature"> <li>12,689 IDPs [Internally Displaced Persons] displaced after April 2008 remained in camps awaiting return to their areas of origin.</li> <li>8,521 IDPs displaced before April 2008 remained in welfare centers.</li> <li>5,612 IDPs remained stranded in transit situations in the five northern districts of Sri Lanka.</li> <li>151,663 IDPs live with host families waiting for a long-lasting solution.</li> <li>Fortunately, the number of those displaced continues to dwindle. In June alone, close to 5,000 people were able to go back to the place they call home.</li> </ul></small> </div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia continues to counsel and minister to people living in Sri Lanka who are still trying to rebuild their lives two years after a grueling 26-year civil war ended. </p> <p>The war ended in May 2009, yet thousands of people remain displaced, living in refugee camps or with host families waiting to return to their homes. And as they wait, GFA Compassion Services teams are helping make life just a little bit easier by providing some needed essentials. </p> <p>GFA distributed 750 powdered milk packets to pregnant and nursing women, hoping to keep them healthy under the present circumstances. They have also brought food and other items like books and shoes to help show people how much God cares for them.</p> <p>“This event brought on a real difference among the refugees to experience the love of Jesus,” reported a GFA field correspondent. </p> <p>Distributing Gospel tracts is also another big part of their ministry to the refugees. In a time where there seems to be nothing to live for, the tracts can bring hope to the destitute as they learn about the God who loves them and promises to provide for their every need. During this visit, GFA teams passed out about 1,000 Gospel tracts.</p> <p>Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by the war. Pray, also, that they will see Christ in the GFA teams who go to minister to them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/gfa-workers-helping-sri-lankans-displaced-by-civil-war//">Learn more about Sri Lanka's civil war and its affects on civilians</a>.</li> <li><a href="/regions/country/sri-lanka/">Discover the country of Sri Lanka</a>.</li> </ul>

2nd - Cattle Herder Battles Demons

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/090211-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Many people in Asia experience the Lord's deliverance when a missionary prays for them.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Mrs. Juni worked hard taking care of cows, trying to make a living to provide for her <br>family&mdash;and to feed her own alcohol and smoking habits. But when a severe sickness left her extremely weak, she could no longer keep up her laborious job. </p> <p>At the same time, evil spirits began attacking Juni with full force. They took control of her behavior, causing her to act like she had mental problems. Her situation became more critical when the evil spirits made her crazily run into the jungle, twice attempting suicide.</p> <p>Knowing this woman was helpless against the demonic attacks, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in the village offered to help. Pastor Muhara invited Juni to his home so he could pray for her. Then he gathered all the Christians in the village to fast and pray, asking the Lord to deliver Juni.</p> <p>When Juni arrived, Pastor Muhara shared God's promises with her. He told her the Lord had power to deliver her, and He was the one true God. Then he and the believers prayed.</p> <p>That very hour, the demonic attacks ended.</p> <p>"This is the medicine I was thinking to give you," said Pastor Muhara, speaking of the miracle God had done. </p> <p>Juni came to know the Lord through this miracle in her life. As the other Christians continued praying for her, she was also completely healed from the lingering effects of her sickness. The changes in her life were not only physical. She also left her destructive habits and chose to follow the Lord in all areas of her life. </p> <p>"She has become a godly woman and has a happy life," wrote GFA's correspondent.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/drunk-flirt-meets-missionary-finds-jesus/">A drunkard who often embarrassed his family found healing when a missionary visited him</a>.</li> </ul>


30th - Another's Faith Becomes Their Own

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/083011-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Guna and Devansh came to know the Lord after witnessing the examples set by their family members.</small></div> <br> <div style="float:left"><span class="pullquote">This sort of lifestyle caught Devansh off guard; he was astonished yet perplexed by her devotion.</span></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>After witnessing the strong devotion others have for Jesus, many people have come to know firsthand the amazing grace and love found in Christ. </p> <p><strong>Experiencing a God who Changes Everything</strong><br> Shaunak Gupta heard about Jesus Christ when he was just a boy, but the seeds of faith didn't take root in his heart until he was grown and married.</p> <p>After witnessing a miraculous healing upon his mother, Shaunak finally started to understand Christ. When he experienced healing for himself, after a developing pain in his leg suddenly vanished, Shaunak knew the God he heard about as a child was truly the real God. He decided then to commit his life to live for Christ. </p> <p>His wife, Guna, grew up in the traditional faith and had never even heard about Christ. Jesus was foreign to her. But as she watched her husband pour over Scripture and draw closer to God in his prayer life, things started to change in their family&mdash;and Guna took notice. </p> <p>Soon, the values and teachings of the Christian faith became deeply embedded within her. She found herself praying to Jesus and was surprised to see herself changing.</p> <p>"There was complete peace and serenity in my family," she said. "Only the true living God could bring about these changes."</p> <p>Witnessing the Lord's provision and the way He kept their family healthy and away from harm helped solidify Guna's faith in Christ. She and Shaunak helped cultivate the faith within their own children, and they, too, are now active members in a local Gospel for Asia-supported missionary's church.</p> <p><strong>A Perplexing Devotion</strong><br> In a similar way, Devansh Singh watched as his son's wife, Sadaf, faithfully prayed to Jesus Christ. He wasn't a believer and would only pray to his gods and goddesses during certain months out of the year. But Sadaf prayed for everything. It didn't matter what time of year it was, Sadaf constantly sought the face of her God.</p> <p>This sort of lifestyle caught Devansh off guard; he was astonished yet perplexed by her devotion. Soon, her love for Christ began to rub off on her father-in-law, and he slowly began praying to Jesus.</p> <p>After noticing how the Lord answered his prayers, Devansh set his faith completely on Christ and began a new chapter in his life.</p> <p>Through his newly found relationship with Jesus, more family members began to surrender their lives to Christ. Now, he, Sadaf and the rest of their family worship the Lord in the local GFA-supported church.</p> <p><strong>Leading by Example</strong><br> Living in a culture resistant to the Good News of Christ can make it difficult for missionaries to be effective in sharing the love of Christ. But, just like in the life of Shaunak and Sadaf, one of the greatest ways to reach people comes when believers live out their faith.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/sisters-who-stopped-arguing/">Two sisters' sudden change in demeanor surprises their mother</a>.</li> </ul>

29th - Wedding for the Widow's Daughter

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/082911-web11-01.jpg"> <small>God miraculously answered a widow's prayers to provide for her daughter's wedding.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>At the end of a meeting in a believer's home, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bharat asked the Christians if anyone had prayer requests. Bharat and his wife prayed with each person for their various needs and sicknesses. But then, Marti came up to them.</p> <p>Marti was a widow who had only recently come to know the Lord. As her husband had died, she didn't have anyone taking care of her. Marti was facing the typical financial hardships that widows in Asia often go through.</p> <p>Marti didn't just want Pastor Bharat to pray for her financial situation. She had a more specific request: Her daughter was to be married, but Marti still needed 35,000 rupees (US$768) to finish paying for the wedding . . . which was to take place the very next day!</p> <p>Pastor Bharat knew this widow's prayer request was not selfish. Their culture places a high value on wedding celebrations, so having anything less would have brought shame to Marti and her family.</p> <p>Although this large amount of money seemed daunting even to Pastor Bharat, he encouraged Marti to believe the Lord, and they prayed together. The pastor still wondered how it could happen in that short amount of time. They waited to see what the Lord would do.</p> <p>The next day, Bharat and his wife went to join in the wedding reception. As they arrived at the house, they were taken aback as they saw wedding guests celebrating and everything going beautifully.</p> <p>As soon as she heard the pastor had come, Marti ran out to tell him the amazing news. </p> <p>"After I came back from the prayer meeting, I was sitting in my house wondering how I was going to conduct this wedding," she explained. "I believed God would do something for me! As it was getting dark, I saw an auto rickshaw stop in front of my house, and my brother came toward my home. He gave me the exact amount I had asked God for!"</p> <p>God provided for this widow through her simple and unwavering faith. Pastor Bharat rejoiced with her, giving thanks to God.</p> <p>He requests prayer that Marti would grow in her faith even more and become a great witness for the Lord who answered her prayers. Pray also for Marti's daughter and her new husband, that they will grow in the Lord and have a marriage full of His blessings.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/videos/one-widows-answered-prayer/">See how God answered another widow's prayers</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/widows/">Find out how you can pray for widows like Marti in South Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

29th - Jail Guard One of Many New Believers

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/082911-wns11-85.jpg"> <small>Kirti thought her paralysis was caused by her husband's religious error, but Jesus is restoring her ability to walk.</small></div> <br> <span class="pullquote" style="float:left">He had mistakenly cut down a tree that housed the devil.</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In spite of persecution, violence and other obstacles, God is blessing His work in Asia. Three Gospel for Asia-supported national missionaries share reports of God moving in their ministry.</p> <p><strong>Good News in a New Language</strong><br> Even though Pastor Najaf had to learn a different language to serve in his area of ministry, he's not far from his home.</p> <p>The South Asia region is comprised of many distinct people groups that speak hundreds of different languages. So while he is still working in his native country, Najaf chose to work in the city where he was most needed&mdash;and worked hard to learn to communicate with them.</p> <p>The Lord is blessing his work, and, although religious extremists aren't happy about Pastor Najaf being there, 35 people now attend worship services. Pastor Najaf is praying for a church building for his growing congregation.</p> <p><strong>Jail Guard Cuts Down the Devil's Tree</strong><br> One Saturday, Mohan and six GFA-supported Bible college students headed off campus to an unlikely place. They wanted to share Jesus' love with the prisoners and guards in their state's central jail.</p> <p>In spite of their original plans, the students didn't make it to the jail that day. Instead, they went to a village whose residents were all police and guards working security jobs at the jail. The students ended up at the home of one of the guards. It seemed the Lord wanted them to meet this man first.</p> <p>Adesh, the guard, openly shared his story with the students. His wife, Kirti, was bedridden, paralyzed for two months. It had all started when Adesh chopped down a tree one day.</p> <p>Off in the jungle, Adesh had cut down a banyan tree. He believed, according to his customary religion, he had mistakenly cut down a tree that housed the devil. This seemed to be the reason his wife became sick soon afterward.</p> <p>After they heard Adesh's story, the students asked if they could pray for Kirti. The Lord answered their prayer and immediately began healing her! The students shared with Adesh that Jesus' power was not like that of the gods he worshiped. They shared the Good News, and Adesh was so excited, he wanted more people to hear it.</p> <p>As people in the village heard what had happened to Kirti, they became interested. Now the students lead a Sunday fellowship for 25 guards and policemen who want to know more about the Lord. The students are thankful the Lord took them on a different adventure that day than they had planned.</p> <p><strong>Worshiping the Heavenly Father Instead of the Sky</strong><br> GFA-supported missionary Hira reports that in the same state where Adesh and Kirti live, seven people who used to worship the sun and the moon recently chose to publicly profess their new faith in Christ. The seven people represented four new fellowships that have recently sprung up in his area.</p> <p>Pastor Najaf, the six Bible college students and Pastor Hira request prayer that the Lord will continue to move mightily through them, and that all the new believers will grow in their faith.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/in-hiding-from-his-own-family/">Read about a new believer who had to hide from his family after he chose Christ</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Send a national missionary to more people like Adesh and Kirti</a>.</li> </ul>

23rd - Muddy Water +Concrete+Sand+Rocks = Clean Water?

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/082311-web11-19/images-web11-19.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> No, that's not a bucket of mud. It's the drinking water for a family in a South Asian village. Millions of people in this part of the world live without access to an adequate, safe and clean water supply. They are among the millions who rely on muddy pond water for all their needs. <br> That's why Gospel for Asia expanded its Clean Water ministry to include BioSand Water Filters. These all-natural filtration devices remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. They don't need electricity so they're perfect for people who live in remote villages. <br> In celebration of World Water Day in March, several GFA teams distributed BioSand Water Filters to people in need throughout South Asia. <br> Even areas closed to all other types of Christian ministry welcome teams bearing gifts of water filters. One of these local officials praised the project, saying everyone knows waterborne illnesses are a major problem, but Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are actually doing something about the problem. <br> The filters are especially welcome in remote areas where the only available water comes from dirty ponds. One ministry team loaded 50 filters on a boat to get to these distant villages. <br> Once they arrived on the other side of the lake, the water filters were loaded on a bullock cart and driven to the village. Each water filter weighs 330 pounds. The sand and rocks that go inside the filter add another 170 pounds. So it was a lot of heavy lifting for this team. <br> The bullock cart delivered filters to five different villages in this remote area. The people were grateful to the teams, tearfully thanking team members for caring about them. <br> The distribution teams visited both remote villages, slums and suburban areas in their quest to bring clean water to the people of South Asia. Knowing these precious souls now have a safe water supply made all their hard work worthwhile. <br> As the people in these villages use the water filters, they will open their hearts to learn more about the Living Water Jesus offers them. That's how muddy water, concrete, rocks and sand help save souls. <br> date posted 08/23/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/ministries/water/"><strong>Share clean water with a desperately poor family in Asia, and at the same time, let them know that Jesus cares about them</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#muddy-water-concrete-sand-rocks-clean-water">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

19th - Believers Provide for One Another

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081911-wns11-97.jpg"> <small>This is the GFA-supported church Chahna and Aabha attend, which experienced some minor flooding.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Chahna, a 50-year-old widow, ran for shelter as a low depression in a nearby river caused water levels to rise and submerge houses. Chahna's mud hut was no match for the rising river and was washed away on June 16.</p> <p>The waters also destroyed Aabha's home. Both Chahna and Aabha are believers who worship in a local Gospel for Asia-supported church. </p> <p>When the congregation heard about the disaster that befell their fellow sisters in Christ, the believers joined together to raise funds to repair their homes. In two months, the believers had fully restored Chahna's house, and she now has a place to call home once again. </p> <p>Aabha traveled to a nearby village where her family found work. Repairs on her house will begin as soon as she returns.</p> <p>Generosity toward widows is uncommon in South Asia. When believers show this kind of love and compassion when others typically shun a widow, it can awaken the rest of society to see the loving nature of God and present more opportunities to share the Gospel.</p> <p>Pray the Lord uses this outpouring of love to bring others into His saving grace. Pray also for the believers there to continue shining the light of Christ's love.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/landslides-cut-villages/">Incessant rains caused a landslide that cut off a village</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/widows-find-healing-hope/">Read a story about how two widows found hope and in Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Fighting Demons in the Darkness

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081811-wns11-87.jpg"> <small>It is not uncommon for a demon to manifest itself through an individual during a film showing.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>When Pathik Sharma showed a movie about Jesus to a people staunchly devoted to ancestor worship, Bishakha Gupta came to watch&mdash;and so did the demon that possessed her body.</p> <p>As the movie ended, Bishakha's breathing became erratic. Her parents noticed her distress and decided to take her to a doctor the next day. But Pathik, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, asked if he could pray for the young girl instead.</p> <p>When Pathik stepped toward Bishakha, the girl pushed him away and would not let the missionary touch her. She became violent. The people around her held her hands and feet so Pathik could pray.</p> <p>He placed his Bible on the shrieking woman's head and commanded the evil spirit to come out of her. He prayed and asked Jesus to intervene. The demon left her&mdash;but not for long. </p> <p>After everyone had gone home and Bishakha's family was all sound asleep, the evil spirit returned and began tormenting Bishakha once again. Roused from sleep by the noise, Bishakha's parents called Pathik and told him what was happening. Pathik immediately made his way to Bishakha's home and prayed once more for her deliverance and God's healing hands to be upon the girl.</p> <p>As Pathik prayed, a deep, hoarse voice came from Bishakha saying, "This time I am going to leave the girl for sure." Immediately, Bishakha calmed down and fell into a deep sleep. </p> <p>Bishakha's parents and the crowd that had gathered at her house saw the miracle and marveled. Pathik took the opportunity to challenge the girl's family to trust Christ and commit their lives to Him. Although they can't deny God's saving grace, Bishakha's family is hesitant to openly receive the Lord due to the opposition that will inevitably follow from their fellow villagers. They are scared to trust Christ, even after encountering a demon in the darkness.</p> <p>Prayer is requested for Bishakha and her family, that they will cast aside any fear of man and truly surrender their lives to Christ. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/humans-demons-oppose-womens-film-teams/">Read about women's film teams and the obstacles they encounter while presenting the Good News</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Learn more about GFA's film ministry</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Drunk Flirt Meets Missionary, Finds Jesus

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081111-wns11-93a.jpg"> <small>Alcohol addiction like Dhiraj's is widespread throughout South Asia. Many people produce their own home-brewed liquors.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081111-wns11-93b.jpg"> <small>Like Pastor Sudeep, some missionaries are so dedicated they will give their own blood&mdash;literally&mdash;to show people Christ's love!</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Dhiraj and his wife Nutan should have been living happily ever after. They had three children, and Dhiraj ran his own small business, working as a silversmith. Like almost everyone else in the village, the family worshiped all the local deities faithfully. </p> <p>But strife was taking its toll on their marriage. Dhiraj was addicted to alcohol. He also embarrassed himself by flirting with the young women in their village, much to his wife's embarrassment and dismay. Then Dhiraj would come home drunk and yell at his wife over trivial matters. Their marriage was crumbling, and Nutan had reached her breaking point. </p> <p>One day she decided she couldn't take any more. After a heated argument, she started to drink acid. Dhiraj was able to stop her&mdash;but not before she'd already burned her throat. A fearful Dhiraj raced his wife to the hospital. </p> <p>Nutan's medical treatment placed added financial stress on the family. Because they could no longer afford to pay school fees for all three of their children, they had to stop sending their youngest child to school.</p> <p><strong>Redemption Arrives</strong><br> During this difficult time, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary named Sudeep was sharing the Good News in Dhiraj's village one day and stopped by Dhiraj's house. Dhiraj listened attentively as Sudeep told him of Christ's love. When Sudeep was finished, Dhiraj told the missionary he was eager to know more about Jesus. Sudeep invited him to come to Sunday worship services at his church. </p> <p>Dhiraj accepted the invitation and started coming to Sudeep's church. Dhiraj continued seeking the Lord, and one day God spoke to him through Sudeep's sermon. Seeing God's amazing holiness, Dhiraj realized he was a sinner. Dhiraj confessed his sins and asked Jesus into his heart. </p> <p>Afterward, Dhiraj became a committed member of the congregation, and God transformed his life. He stopped drinking alcohol and gave all his attention to his wife, rather than flirting with other women. His family members and neighbors were excited to see the changes in Dhiraj's life, but they disapproved of the fact he had become a Christian. In spite of gossip and opposition, however, Dhiraj stood firm in the Lord and refused to turn his back on Jesus. </p> <p><strong>Transformation Spreads</strong><br> Even though she liked the changes in her husband's life, Nutan kept her distance from Jesus. Then she became seriously ill. Doctors told Dhiraj that Nutan needed an operation, which would require her to receive blood. To help make it possible for Nutan to have the surgery, Pastor Sudeep and two members of the church donated blood and helped pay for the procedure. </p> <p>The operation was a success and Nutan's health improved. As she healed, Sudeep came to visit and pray for her. He also shared God's love with her several times. Seeing Sudeep's care for her, along with her husband's transformation, Nutan realized Jesus' love was truly transforming, and she gave her heart to Him. Once a troubled couple, Dhiraj and Nutan now live in peace, both serving their Savior. Their changed lives are also an encouragement to others in the village, who are now open to Jesus as a result.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/influential-woman-seeks-help-family/">Like Nutan, Kala and her family faced shame because of an alcoholic loved one</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a national missionary like Sudeep</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - The Lame Walk and the Blind See

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081611-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Maalai and Mita aren't only seen sharing God's love on street corners; they also go house-to-house, distribute Gospel literature and work with children.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>After receiving prayers from a group of Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries, Bishri and Namita experienced miracles some would think came straight out of the Bible. </p> <p><strong>Bishri's Miracle</strong><br> Bishri never walked. The 7-year-old boy was lame from birth. His parents had given up any hope for healing until they heard the angelic voices of GFA-supported women missionaries Maalai Rao and Mita Jhadav worshiping Jesus in song on a street corner in their village. The desperate parents listened to the missionaries sing and also preach about the God who became flesh and came down to die on a cross for the sins of the world. They went up to the ladies and asked them to pray for their young son, and Maalai and Mita did.</p> <p>For three months, the missionaries continually lifted Bishri up to the Lord, pleading for his healing. Then one day, Bishri miraculously began to walk. Bishri's parents marveled at the miracle and the God who had touched their son. Seeing God's grace and mercy upon their child, their lives were completely changed. Today, they faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and Bishri continues to walk confidently in his healing.</p> <p><strong>Namita's Miracle</strong><br> Maalai and Mita also prayed for Namita, a 55-year-old woman whose eye sight had deteriorated to the point of leaving her blind. The woman walked in darkness for two years. When the missionaries prayed for Namita, the Lord opened her eyes to see. Because of this miracle, Namita gave her life to Christ. Her husband and two other relatives also came to know Jesus because of the miracle.</p> <p><strong>Women Missionaries Changing Lives</strong><br> Maalai and Mita continue to see miracles happen as they serve the Lord. They are being used by God to change the lives of many people. </p> <p>Just like Maalai and Mita, other women missionaries are able to connect with people&mdash;especially women&mdash;in ways a male missionary can't. Through them come more opportunities to share the love of Christ.</p> <p>Please pray for Maalai and Mita as they continue to serve the Lord in unreached areas. Pray also for other women missionaries just like them who give their lives to see more and more reached by God's grace.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/biblewomen/">Link your life with a woman missionary</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/healed-bodies-hard-hearts/">Even after experiencing miracles, some hearts remain hardened toward God</a>.</li> </ul>

11th - Missionary Dies in Accident

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/081111-wns11-93.jpg"> <small>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Tambusamy Balamurugan, shown with his wife and family, died in an auto accident on July 26. His wife is still hospitalized with multiple injuries.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Tambusamy Balamurugan died in an auto accident July 26. His wife, Glory, received multiple injuries in the accident and is still hospitalized.</p> <p>Tambusamy and Glory were on their motorcycle returning from a prayer meeting when they were struck by a speeding car. Tambusamy died on the spot.</p> <p>The couple has two children, a daughter and a son, who are both in elementary school.</p> <p>Tambusamy graduated from a GFA-supported Bible college in 2007, and since that time, he and Glory have served as missionaries in a village in South Asia. They started two Christian fellowships in that area, both of which continue to grow.</p> <p>The people who live in the area where the couple serves are hostile to the Gospel. When he shared the love of Jesus with the people, he often met with severe opposition. Yet, Tambusamy knew where to turn for encouragement.</p> <p>"I found that if I fix my eyes on Him and acknowledge Him in all my ways, I would be able to endure whatever comes along," he wrote in his testimony. "Following the Lord closely is the most precious thing in my life."</p> <p>Pray for those in Tambusamy's life during this time of great grief. Glory needs prayer for healing. Her injuries are in her legs. Pray also for the Lord to provide someone to care for the children and for another pastor to lead Tambusamy's fellowships.</p>

9th - A Watershed Moment Brings a Town Together

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/080911-web11-18/images-web11-18.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> For years, the people in this village had to rely on one badly designed well for all their water. Unfortunately, it rarely produced enough water to even meet their most basic needs. So it was a truly historic day&mdash;one which every resident of this village will always remember&mdash;when a new Jesus Well was drilled. The whole village&mdash;from the youngest to the oldest&mdash;turned out for the well dedication on January 31. The missionary thanked God for the provision of the well and prayed it will produce clean, clear water for many years. He also prayed that the well will help people understand about the Living Water of Jesus Christ. In this photo, a grateful local government official who attended the dedication is shown with the missionary. After the prayer, it was time to cut the ribbon and officially dedicate the well. The people busted out with cheers when they saw the first bucket of pure, clean water flow from their new well. This man was also honored at the well dedication ceremony. He donated the land on which the well is built and is now a hero of sorts to his fellow villagers. These people will look back on this day for years to come as they drink the clean, refreshing water from this well. And each time they draw a bucket of water, they'll be reminded that Jesus is drawing them to Himself. <br> date posted 08/09/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/major-ministries/jesus-wells/"><strong>Donate towards Jesus Wells and impact an entire community</strong></a>!</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">Photos Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#a-watershed-moment-brings-a-town-together">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

1st - Landslides Cut Off Villages

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/080111-wns11-94.jpg"> <small>Landslides have washed away roads, leaving no entrance into villages in need of the Gospel.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Four days and counting of unceasing rains in Uttarakhand, India, have led to landslides, leaving villages closed off and mission work at a standstill.</p> <p>Heavy winds that accompanied the rainfall uprooted a large number of trees, obstructing the roads. Streams of water gushed into the villages' interior, and electricity was cut off for a few days because of the landslides. </p> <p>"The government is trying to help these villagers, but because of the constant rain, they are not able to provide the help on time because of the very limited means of traveling into the area," reported a GFA field correspondent.</p> <p>The upheaval brought on by the landslides also makes it nearly impossible for missionaries to enter into these villages, visit with the believers and conduct fellowship meetings.</p> <p>Prayer is requested for the present situation, for protection for the villagers against the harsh weather conditions in Uttarakhand and that ministry can continue without hindrance.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/landslide-damages-church/">Landslides are a common occurrence. Read about one landslide that damaged a church in the midst of construction</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Salvation Spreading from House to House

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/080111-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Alana saw God deliver her neighbor, which led to her own salvation.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/080111-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Shobha has witnessed God break chains of bondage in both her mother's and husband's lives.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/080111-web11-01c.jpg"> <small>Moulik moved to a new city in search of work, but he also found Jesus there.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/080111-web11-01d.jpg"> <small>Prasham heard the Good News from his older brother.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>God is using Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries throughout South Asia to bring lives out of darkness and into His marvelous light. As missionaries Satyankar Gedam and Vineet Dutta serve faithfully in one sprawling city, a dazzling domino effect is transforming one life after another. </p> <p><strong>Spreading to Neighbors, Family Members</strong><br> One woman's deliverance resulted in four people learning about Jesus' love at Pastor Satyankar's church. Alana's neighbor had been possessed by a demon. But when Jesus freed her, she and her husband started attending services at the church. Witnessing the difference in their neighbors' lives, Alana and her husband, Gaurav, also began coming to fellowship with Pastor Satyankar's congregation, and they decided to follow Jesus.</p> <p>Shobha learned about Pastor Satyankar's congregation through a GFA-supported Bible-college student who taught Sunday-school classes for her children and other kids in the neighborhood. Shobha started attending the church. </p> <p>Her mother, Sanjana, experienced deliverance from an evil spirit when Pastor Satyankar prayed for her, and Sanjana surrendered her life to Jesus. Seeing her mother's faith, Shobha also decided to give her life to Christ.</p> <p>Shobha still faced hardship, as her husband had an addiction to alcohol. But when another Bible-college student visited Shobha and prayed for her husband, God delivered him from this addiction!</p> <p><strong>From One Sibling to Another</strong><br> After completing high school, Moulik moved to the city. He met Pastor Vineet, who started sharing with him about the Bible. Moulik had grown up in a Christian family, but after listening to Pastor Vineet, he realized he needed to surrender his life totally to Christ. As he attended worship services and prayer meetings at Pastor Vineet's church, God filled him with peace and supplied all his needs.</p> <p>Moulik publicly testified to his faith in Christ. Seeing what the Lord had done in his life, Moulik's sister also chose to follow Jesus and developed a desire to study the Bible. </p> <p>Like Moulik, Prasham migrated to the city from a different state to find work after graduating high school. He, too, came from a Christian family. In fact, he is Pastor Vineet's younger brother. </p> <p>But Prasham did not decide to give his life to Jesus until after he moved to the city, where his older brother shared the Good News with him and regularly taught him from God's Word. After listening to Vineet's words for some time, Prasham's heart filled with peace, and he decided to follow Jesus. </p> <p>Prasham struggled with leg pain, but when Pastor Vineet prayed for him, God healed him. Now Prasham assists his older brother in spreading the Gospel throughout their community. </p> <p>These stories capture a glimpse of how the Lord is multiplying Satyankar's and Vineet's efforts. Through these missionaries' labor, Alana, Gaurav, Shobha, Sanjana, Moulik, Prasham and many others now know Jesus. Satyankar and Vineet have requested prayer for each of these believers to continue faithfully pursuing Christ and His will for their lives.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/construction-halted/">Read about opposition that Satyankar's congregation faced</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a missionary like Satyankar or Vineet</a>!</li> </ul>


29th - Widows Find Healing, Hope

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072911-web11-02.jpg"> <small>This woman is just one of the millions of widows in South Asia who need to hear that Jesus loves them.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Widows like Swati Baidya and Mridula Das don't often hear that someone loves them. Swati and Mridula live in South Asia, where being a widow is something like being a pariah: Widows are kicked out of their homes, rejected by society and often find themselves begging for even a little something to eat. In spite of their lot in life, Swati and Mridula have found real hope in their lives.</p> <p><strong>Mridula's Story</strong><br> Mridula is only 33, but she felt as though her life was over. This young widow was left alone with three children to feed when her husband died. And her society did not do anything to help. Rather, it blamed her for causing her husband's death. </p> <p>As if Mridula's status in society wasn't bad enough, her life got worse when she started having serious health problems. She had to spend more and more of her meager earnings on medicine, but she kept working. She tried to work, but after several years of fighting, her weakness left her unable to work.</p> <p>When GFA-supported missionary Kerketta Rai started a prayer fellowship in her village, Mridula started going. She heard the Gospel and began to understand the power of prayer. So she asked everyone who attended the prayer meetings to pray for her. As a result, she was completely healed. Slowly, she began to understand the truth about Jesus and she chose to give her life to Him. </p> <p>In spite of her status as an unloved outcaste in the rest of her society, Mridula has found the love of Jesus and she lives in peaceful harmony with her fellow believers. Rather than her previous life of hopeless existence, Mridula is now living a life full of God's blessings. </p> <p><strong>Swati Baidya's Story</strong><br> Swati Baidya didn't think anyone would ever love her again. The 55-year-old widow was faithful to her traditional religion her entire life, but when her husband died, she failed to find peace with the gods and goddesses she worshiped. Instead, she was left lonely and scared. Swati also became ill and the bad health persisted for more than a year.</p> <p>Thankfully her son and his family defied their society's tradition and decided to allow Swati to live with them. She had just gone to stay at her son's home when a Gospel for Asia-supported film team visited the village. Although Swati was staunchly devoted to the deities she had worshiped her entire life, she was curious about the movie. So she went to the center of the village where film team missionaries Jonathon Pashi and Dharmendra Gavit set up their makeshift movie screen. </p> <p>Before the movie started, Jonathon and Dharmendra told the people the story of Jesus, whom the movie was about. They also told them about Jesus and his power to heal sickness and take away disease.</p> <p>Swati was thrilled to hear about the God who could heal her! So she intently watched the movie and was amazed at what she learned about Jesus. After the movie she asked the missionaries to pray for her. Right after the prayer she began to feel better and she was amazed. She chose to follow Jesus right then.</p> <p>However, Swati's choice has caused problems in her family. Her son and his family are dead set against her attending the local church, where a GFA-supported missionary serves as pastor. They are threatening to kick her out of the house&mdash;and the family&mdash;if she persists worshiping the Lord. </p> <p>Since Swati is a widow, she has nowhere else to go except the streets, so the choice to continue following Christ is difficult. Swati asks for prayer that she will not lose faith but grow stronger during this time of testing. She also asks for prayer that her son will come to know Jesus as well. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/widows-abandoned-children/">Help the widows hear about Jesus</a>.</li> <li><a href="/biblewomen/">Redeemed from a world of shame</a>.</li> </ul>

28th - Landslide Damages Church

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072811-wns11-92.jpg"> <small>A portion of this church building under construction was destroyed by a landslide.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A landslide damaged a church under construction in South Asia on July 9. The landslide, triggered by heavy monsoon rains, swept into the village and slammed into the church building, which is still under construction.</p> <p>"A part of the mountain fell on the side wall of the church building and a room adjacent to the building and collapsed the structure,”" explained a Gospel for Asia correspondent in the area. "By God’s grace, the contractor and the laborers are safe."</p> <p>This church is located in the foothills of the Himalayans. When heavy monsoon rains loosen the soil on the mountains, landslides are often the result. </p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kiran Dashi is pastor of this church. There are about 35 believers in this community, and they are all excited about their new church building. They ask for prayer for the speedy reconstruction of the wall and completion of the remaining construction on the building. </p> <p>They also ask for prayer for God’s protection. The area where this church is located is prone to a lot of political unrest. There are also many vocal anti-Christian groups that make it their work to shut down any type of Christian work. Government regulations against sharing the Gospel also make it more difficult to openly preach God’s Word.</p> <p>Pastor Kiran asks for prayer that God will strengthen the 35 believers in this village so they can trust Him continually.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/churches/">Church buildings are more than a place to worship</a>.</li> </ul>

28th - Fighting for a Bucket of Water

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072811-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>When a drought hit the villages of Chhattisgarh, GFA hired a local well driller to drill a Jesus Well.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072811-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Jesus wells are encased in cement to ensure sanitation.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072811-web11-01c.jpg"> <small>Villagers no longer have to fight for water now that they have their very own Jesus Well.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Scorching summer temperatures in Chhattisgarh, India, left the majority of one village's water resources depleted.</p> <p>Villagers struggled to find a well that wasn't already dry. The government also tried to help by supplying as much water as it was able, but there was never enough to go around. </p> <p>Fights broke out as people tried to obtain the scarce water. It was under these conditions that Gospel for Asia-supported churches asked to have a Jesus Well dug in the area. After prayer, the Lord provided a donor and a local driller to bore the well and install the hand pump.</p> <p>Now the villagers have flowing water at their disposal, and they don't have to worry about it ever running out. Even more importantly, the well has opened the door for GFA-supported pastors in the area to share the Living Water of Christ's love with the thirsty villagers.</p> <p>"We were struggling for water, but now we are getting sufficient water from the Jesus Well, both for drinking and other domestic work," said one villager. "All the wells in our village were fully dried up in this severe heat, and even the government wasn't able to provide water for us. We are grateful to the church for the Jesus Well."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/jesuswells/">Learn more about Jesus Wells</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/jesus-wells-changes-lives-villages/">A Jesus Well can change many lives</a>.</li> </ul>

27th - Lord Heals Lung Infection

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/072711-web11-01.jpg"> <small>While on his way home, Makul encountered a GFA-supported missionary willing to pray for his healing.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Makul Pillai worshiped many gods and goddesses, but his spirit still wasn't satisfied. When he fell sick one day with severe breathing problems, he didn't even bother petitioning his gods for help. Instead, his family took him to the hospital. </p> <p>He was diagnosed with a severe lung infection that would require three days of treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, Makul happened to meet Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Siraj Rangan who was serving in his region. Makul shared the agony of his health problems with the missionary, and Siraj assured Makul that it was Jesus Christ who could take away his infirmity. Siraj then prayed for him and invited the distraught man to attend a Sunday worship service.</p> <p>The following Sunday, Siraj saw Makul and his family walk through his church doors. With much eagerness, he and the believers began praying for Makul's healing.</p> <p>By the end of their prayers, the infection ravaging Makul's lungs completely vanished. When Makul sensed healing, he and his family rejoiced and decided they would live for this God who took away his sickness.</p> <p>Today, Makul and his family are active members of Siraj's church.</p> <p><strong>Working with the Tribals</strong><br> Siraj has been a missionary since 2003 and works with people who belong to a tribe that lives in the jungle. They practice black magic and witchcraft as part of their traditional religion. </p> <p>In the midst of this spiritual darkness, Siraj pastors a church of 30 believers and has begun four mission stations in nearby villages, where five to eight believers regularly meet for prayer.</p> <p>By his faithfulness and the Lord's grace, Siraj is being used to share with more and more people the love of Christ—Makul and his family being a few of them.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Link your life with a national missionary and see many others find healing in Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

26th - Saving Their Sight

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-03/images-web11-03.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Hundreds of children in Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centers recently learned about the causes of blindness and how to preserve their own sight. <br> According to the World Health Organization, about 90% of visually impaired people live in developing countries. Worldwide, there are about 19 million blind children. Very often, the blindness can be prevented. And that was the goal of a special outreach program conducted by GFA Bible college students. <br> Vitamin A, which is found in foods like eggs, milk, carrots, cantaloupes and spinach, is imperative to proper eye function. Unfortunately, children who live in poverty and are severely undernourished don't get enough of these necessary foods. <br> So Gospel for Asia teamed with other organizations to provide Vitamin A drops to children in Bridge of Hope centers, <br> But children aren't the only ones who suffer from health issues that affect their eyesight. The elderly are also at high risk. That's why one team of Bible college students went out into a village to administer vitamin drops to them, too. <br> The team offered the vitamins to other adults, lsoa. Many were appreciative of the extra dose of protection against blindness. <br> In addition to distributing the vitamins, the teams offered free literature to help people learn more about caring for their health. <br> They also taught disease prevention lessons to children in Bridge of Hope centers. <br> Because of this health awareness program ... <br> ... more children like these will be able to have healthy vision. <br> date posted 07/26/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#saving-their-sight">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

26th - Pouring Out His Life

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/intro.jpg"> <p>National Missionary: Pouring Out His Life</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/1.jpg"> <p>Kuval Masih's ministry got off to a slow start. But as the saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race," and Kuval's perseverance paid off.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/2.jpg"> <p>He first started by visiting people laboring out in the fields who had never heard about Jesus Christ, but the Good News wasn't a message they were willing to hear.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/3.jpg"> <p>He also went to the markets and homes to distribute Gospel literature and tell people about the Man who died on the cross for them, but their hearts were hardened. </p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/4.jpg"> <p>So Kuval went to the children. This young man used to attend a tutoring center Kuval started in his early days of ministry. At the center, Kuval was able to help him and other children with their studies and tell them about Jesus. Even after Kuval relocated his ministry, he and this young man maintained a friendship. Years later, Kuval continues to share Christ's love with him&mdash;and many of the other children he once tutored.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/5.jpg"> <p>Kuval moved to another village and started over. In time and with much diligence and faithfulness to Christ's calling, the Lord helped Kuval raise up a church there. These people were more responsive and eager to hear about a God who loves them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/6.jpg"> <p>But God's desire was for Kuval to move on and continue to spread the Good News to other villages. Obedient to the Lord's voice, Kuval passed on his leadership to another GFA-supported pastor. Kuval still meets with this pastor to discuss and encourage him as he leads God's flock.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/7.jpg"> <p>And Kuval still comes back to the initial church he started to encourage the believers in God's Word. The people in this church are the answer to Kuval's prayers and perseverance.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/8.jpg"> <p>The Lord eventually led Kuval to yet another village where he started another church. The believers gather under a hut made of palm tree thatches and wooden sticks, which they built themselves. Although the church is significantly smaller than the first one he started, Kuval perseveres knowing this is where the Lord wants him.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/9.jpg"> <p>An important part of Kuval's ministry is pouring his life into others. He makes it a habit to meet with several other missionaries and pastors serving in nearby villages at least once a week. They gather to pray, encourage one another and talk about ministry strategies.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/10.jpg"> <p>Then they set out as a team to share the Good News with those around them. "This kind of group ministry," Pastor Kuval explained, "not only helps us cover vast areas on the mission field, but also encourages us in ministry because we know we are united."</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/images/11.jpg"> <p>Even after a discouraging start to his ministry, Kuval pressed on. Today, his ministry flourishes as he continues to tell others about the amazing grace and love of Jesus and encourage his brothers and sisters in God's Word.</p> <p><a href="/sponsor/" style="color:#00CCFF">Support GFA missionaries, like Pastor Kuval, who frequently pour out their lives so others may have new life in Christ.</a></p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style> <br> <a href="/sponsor/"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/072611-web11-17/donate-naionalmissionary.jpg" alt="National Missionary"></a>

19th - Man Has Beef with God

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071911-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Santosh's faith was revitalized after God brought his cow back to life.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The people of Kanohraj&#042; village wanted to kill Daruka for sharing God's love until a dead cow changed their minds. </p> <p>The Gospel for Asia-supported missionary often encountered hostility from the villagers when he went out to share Christ, but he remained steadfast in prayer and fasting to see the village reached. </p> <p>His faithfulness paid off when he met Santosh Singh, who owned a farm with many cows. Daruka shared the Gospel with him and gave him a tract called "Heart of Man." Santosh soaked in the message of salvation in Christ, and from then on he invited Daruka to visit his home every Tuesday to pray for him and his family.</p> <p>As Santosh learned more about Jesus and listened to the Word of God, the Lord opened his heart to receive Him. But when a tragic incident happened to Santosh's livestock, he began to question his newfound faith.</p> <p>One by one, an unexplained disease took the lives of the cows in his herd. When the last one died, a discouraged Santosh made up his mind to turn back to his traditional religion. But when Pastor Daruka heard about the situation, he knew God Almighty could change the circumstances. So he prayed for Santosh's dead cow.</p> <p>Miraculously, the Lord brought the animal back to life! Seeing this miracle, Santosh's faith quickly deepened, and he decided to put his full trust in the Lord. His entire family came to know of God's saving grace as well.</p> <p>Once the people of Kanohraj found out about the miracle of the resurrected cow, they no longer sought to kill Daruka. Instead Daruka's church began to grow, and his ministry continues to flourish under God's care.</p> <p>&#042;name of village has been changed for security purposes.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/donation/browse/items/from-the-stable/cow/">Learn how a cow can help provide for a needy family</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/what-she-wanted-christmas-cow/">Read how God answered a single mother's prayer for a cow</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Orissa's New Homeowners Speak

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><a class="popupphotoshow" href="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/photoshow.swf?imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/071511-wns11-69/images-wns11-69.xml" title="New Homes for Orissa"><img src="http://www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071811-wns11-69d.jpg"> </a></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The housewarming parties continue in Orissa, India, as Christians move into new homes constructed by Gospel for Asia to replace those burned down or otherwise destroyed during the horrific rampage targeting Christians in 2008. During the August, 2008, attacks, thousands of homes, churches and businesses owned by Christians were burned to the ground. Hundreds of people were attacked, beaten and even set on fire. Dozens were killed and hundreds still bear the scars on their bodies.</p> <p>The new houses are a reminder to these first-generation Christians that Jesus cares for them. The new homes, mostly simple concrete block structures containing kitchens, small living areas and bedrooms, are a far cry from the government camps and tents the people have been forced to live in. The funds to build these new homes came from believers around the world who were moved by the plight of their brothers and sisters who endured the brutal attacks.</p> <p><strong>Building Hope and Security</strong><br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries in Orissa developed a program called the Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project to facilitate the rebuilding process. These missionaries work directly with individuals and families who lost their homes in the riots, providing the materials needed to rebuild their homes. The recipients then build their new house with the help of local volunteers. </p> <p>To date, more than 1,000 new homes have been built for survivors who lost their homes during the rampage. The small, sturdy homes provide a sense of security for brutalized Christians. They are also a living testimony that God loves and provides for all their needs.</p> <p>But those sentiments are best summed up by the new homeowners themselves. Here's what some of them had to say on move-in day:</p> <p><em>"I was staying in the Tikabali relief camp after my house was totally broken and burned in the riot. My family was outcast and starving. We were wondering, not knowing what to do. But Gospel for Asia came and wiped our tears and enabled us to rebuild our broken homes by providing all the required materials. They have not only built my house, but also provided food and other relief materials. So I thank Gospel for Asia for playing this role."</em> &mdash; <strong>B.J. Prasenit</strong></p> <p><em>"There was a fear in people to enter their villages in those days&mdash;even the government administrators were scared. But in this situation, the Gospel for Asia Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project came in and united us by conducting village-level meetings. They also surveyed the damaged houses they chose to rebuild. They provided all the needed assistance and materials to build the houses and stood with us. Finally, we were able to build our houses again. Now we are in our village homes and feeling better and at peace. I want to extend my hearty gratitude to this project because it rebuilt my house and my family as well."</em> &mdash; <strong>Abu Khan</strong></p> <p><em>"All our houses were broken and burnt in the Kandhamal riots, and we had nothing to stand with. Our whole village stayed in a relief camp for many days. Our family's need was for shelter to live in. The Gospel for Asia project extended a helping hand to start reconstruction work in our block. I got all the needed materials and completed my house. God has re-established peace and happiness in our village and especially in my family through this project."</em> &mdash; <strong>Patnayik Rumaya</strong></p> <p><em>"After the riots in Kandhamal, we were homeless; we stayed in the relief camp for one and a half years. So many times we visited the government administrators, and each time they told us the same thing: Go to the Gospel for Asia reconstruction project and seek help. GFA perceived our anguish and agreed to rebuild our houses by providing all the required goods within a short period of time. Now we live in our own new house, which is far better than the old one!"</em> &mdash; <strong>Elish Devda</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so very happy to be able to construct my house again through the help of the Gospel for Asia Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project. All the doors of hope were closed for me. The amount I got from the government was not sufficient to meet the requirements, but GFA came and provided me with the financial assistance to complete my house. May the Lord bless them and give them longevity of mission."</em> &mdash; <strong>Ramesh Singh</strong></p> <p><em>"When I recall in my memory those days of disaster to my house and my family&mdash;even today I cannot stop tears from my eyes. There was a time we had nothing but the breath in our body. I had a house to live in, but within one night everything turned to ashes. But today I got everything back. Through the help of Gospel for Asia, I regained my house, the lost peace and the stability."</em> &mdash; <strong>Rajeev Lal</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so blessed to get a house once again. In that night when I saw my house burning, I lost my hope to build a house like this again because I come from a poor family. After seeing this beautiful house, I don't remember much about the belongings I lost. I am overjoyed with the blessing. As a family, we will remain grateful for this reconstruction and rehabilitation project and for the Gospel for Asia ministry leaders in Orissa."</em> &mdash; <strong>Naseeradin Sripaul</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so delighted to say a few words about the reconstruction and rehabilitation project. Gospel for Asia is really committed to the service of people in our district. Because of the help and encouragement of Gospel for Asia, I was able to build a new home. The Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project is so excellent. I want to extend my hearty thanks to the project for making a house for me within a few short days,"</em> &mdash; <strong>Paradip Nayar</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so glad to get a new house! After the riot we were living like wildlife. Nobody was there to help us in the tent. Many times we had to face food problems, also. I want to thank the government official who told me about the Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation project. We came to share all our problems with the project leaders, and they gave us food, other relief materials and even a new home within a few short days! I could see the grace and love of Christ through Gospel for Asia's workers. I want to extend my hearty thanks to them for making this possible for me and my family. We are so happy to be in our new home!"</em> &mdash; <strong>Barpoda Digal</strong></p> <p><em>"After the riot in Kandhamal we were staying in a relief camp. Gradually, we started to visit other villages to try and stay here, but that was totally not possible. The village people in our area restricted us from using wood from the forest, getting water and denied us the use of some roads, so we came back to the relief camp. Meanwhile, we heard about the Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project, and they built houses for us. We are thankful to them for their commitment and great effort."</em> &mdash; <strong>Sakina Pariasamy</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so happy to say a few words about the Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project. Really, they are so committed and have so much compassion for us. I never expected and hoped that I would get my house back. This was totally impossible for me and my family. But wonderfully, Gospel for Asia came and fulfilled my dream by building a house for me and many others. All of these things seem like a dream! Whenever I see my house, I remember the 3R project and glorify the living Lord for His wonderful blessing toward my family."</em> &mdash; <strong>Loti Alok</strong></p> <p><em>"After the riots everything looked like darkness. We couldn't do anything for our livelihood and house re-construction. But in the meantime, Gospel for Asia was a light that shined on us by providing houses and other relief materials. From that day onward, we are living peacefully, and I am thankful."</em> &mdash; <strong>Suneja Chamria</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so grateful to God for sending the 3R project to the Kandhamal district to rebuild houses. They made my house in a way that was not expected by me! For all these things, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the churches."</em> &mdash; <strong>Aruni Sigaru</strong></p> <p><em>"I am so glad to have assistance from Gospel for Asia to build houses. Really, this was great for me and my family. So I am thankful to God and to these churches."</em> &mdash; <strong>Charya Nagaswami</strong></p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/pastors-attacked-believers-killed-churches-destroyed-in-anti-christian-rampage/">The violence against Christians in Orissa began after a famous religious leader was murdered</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/orissa-persecutor-turned-worshiper/">Read about one of the extremists who attacked Christians then became one himself</a>.</li> <li><a href="/persecution/orissa/">Gospel for Asia continues to help Christians rebuild their lives in Orissa</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - New Homes for Orissa

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/071511-wns11-69/images-wns11-69.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Hundreds of Christians lost their homes and businesses during a deadly rampage in Orissa, India, in 2008. The homes and their contents were burned and reduced to piles of rubble. <br> Thousands of believers were forced out of their villages after the extremists destroyed their homes. They lived in the jungles or in relief camps for months. Many were never able to return to their villages. <br> Many Christians were martyred during the massacre, leaving their families to grieve the loss of loved ones, as well as the stark reality of trying to start over with no way to earn a living and no home to live in. <br> These families felt helpless after they were left homeless by vicious attacks on Christians in Orissa in 2008. <br> Most families have lived in tents. <br> Two years later, this couple stood by what was left of their old home, but it was not a sad time for them. Rather they were thanking God that He provided them with a new home. <br> Their new house is small by Western standards, but it fits in perfectly with the others in their village. <br> Inside, the house has a typical South Asian kitchen. <br> A new house is taking shape. <br> Many of the new homeowners helped build their own houses. <br> Homebuilding supplies are delivered to a village in Orissa. <br> A man stands outside his new home in Orissa, India. His previous house was burned down during a rampage against Christians in 2008. <br> date posted 07/15/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/news/articles/orissas-new-homeowners-speak/">Read what some of the new homeowners had to say on move-in day</a></p> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li>--> </ul>

18th - Missionary in Hospital, Critical Condition

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071811-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Kirtan suffers with a blood disorder, thalassemia, that could take his life.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On July 12, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kirtan Boshak was admitted to a hospital for a serious health problem affecting his blood. </p> <p>In 2006, while Kirtan was still a Bible college student, he suffered from thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that affects a person's hemoglobin. Thalassemia destroys the red blood cells, leading to anemia, which in some cases can damage organs and even cause death due to heart failure.</p> <p>Kirtan's condition is presently very serious, and he is in urgent need of a blood transfusion.</p> <p>To add to Kirtan's distress, his parents, who disowned him after he decided to follow Christ, have yet to visit him.</p> <p>Much prayer is needed for Kirtan. Please pray for God's hand of mercy and healing to be upon Kirtan, and that He will provide for every need he and his family have. Pray also for Kirtan's parents to embrace the love of Christ and be reconciled with their son.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/current-requests/update-missionary-still-battles-thalassemia/">Kirtan continues to suffer from thalassemia. Read how you can keep praying for him</a>.</li> </ul>

15th - Shots, Tests and Exams for Free

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071511-web11-03.jpg"> <small>Compassion Services helps provide medical care for many people who have never seen a doctor.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In a Sri Lanka village where no one had ever visited a doctor, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams provided medical checkups for more than 100 people. </p> <p>"This was a historical day for the villagers," wrote GFA's correspondent, "since it was the first time they had an opportunity to attend a medical clinic&mdash;free of charge."</p> <p>Working with the local government, which helped sponsor the event, GFA-supported missionaries and Women's Fellowship teams arranged for a group of doctors to work the mobile clinic.</p> <p>On the day of the medical camp, 102 people came for their free medical care. The examinations included HIV/AIDs tests, gynecology services for women and eye exams for the elderly. Along with the checkups, the doctors shared hygienic advice to help the villagers prevent sickness and disease.</p> <p>All of this was done in the name of Jesus, demonstrating to the villagers that they are loved by their Creator. </p> <p>"This medical camp made a difference and added value to their lives," wrote the correspondent.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/compassion-teams/">Read more about GFA Compassion Services teams and how you can pray for them</a>.</li> </ul>

13th - Healed Bodies, Hard Hearts

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071211-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>This young girl, like Idhika, was once possessed by evil spirits, but she was delivered and now follows the Lord.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>God has shown His power to numerous people in South Asia who are still refusing to follow Him, despite His miraculous power at work in their lives. Even after seeing God bring healing and deliverance to their family members, many have hardened hearts and continue to reject Jesus.</p> <p><strong>Blessed, but Not Yet Believing</strong><br> Gajendra Verma, touched by the love of God, has still not chosen to give his life to the One who healed him. </p> <p>This man's life was going well, until one day he began having severe pain in his eyes. Within a few days, he was totally blind. After visiting many hospitals and trying various treatments, he was still in the dark. Gajendra worships traditional gods and goddesses of his area and is strong in his religious practices. So he turned to these idols, offering many sacrifices in hopes of being healed, but nothing helped his condition. </p> <p>One of Gajendra's friends led him to the home of a man known as "one who heals." This man is really a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary who is well known in his area for praying for the sick. After listening to Gajendra's situation, the missionary felt compassion and prayed for his healing. By the grace of God, Gajendra's eyes were healed and his pain left. He could finally see again! Gajendra was overjoyed and seemed interested in choosing to follow Christ. </p> <p>Several days later, however, he started to stray. Instead of choosing to follow Jesus, the One who healed him, Gajendra turned back to his old religious traditions and customs. </p> <p>Please pray Gajendra will come to know the love of Jesus and acknowledge Him as his Savior. </p> <p><strong>Child Delivered, but Family Clings to Old Religion</strong><br> In a village where strongholds of demonic spirits thrive, most of the people worship the traditional gods and goddesses of their ancestors. Villagers are tortured by the evil spirits, yet are resistant to the Good News that local missionaries have shared with them. </p> <p>While attending one of the village's religious festivals, a young girl, Idhika Rao, had a horrific experience: She returned from the festival possessed by an evil spirit that began to torment her day and night. When her parents noticed what was wrong, they called the local witchdoctor to drive out the demon, but his efforts failed. When their traditional methods didn't work, they asked a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary named Mehra to pray for Idhika. The witchdoctor didn't want him to touch the young girl, so Mehra and other believers simply surrounded her, praying and reading scripture. The evil spirit inside of Idhika responded with a harsh voice. Mehra then commanded the evil spirit to come out in the name of Jesus Christ as the other believers kept praying for a miracle. Finally, after hours of praying, Idhika was delivered. </p> <p>God's powerful work in Idhika's life that day was a great testimony for all that were watching, including the witchdoctor. Mehra used it as an opportunity to share the word of God with everyone there, but unfortunately, they all hardened their hearts and refused to believe. </p> <p>The next day, the local witchdoctor came again to perform more rituals in Idhika's home, and now she is feeling worse than she did before. Idhika, sadly, is not even able to talk anymore. Her family has also forbidden Mehra to return to their home. </p> <p>Prayer would be appreciated for Idhika, that her family and the other local villagers will come to know the Lord. Also, pray healing for Mehra as he is currently not feeling well and is experiencing headaches.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/deliverance-for-one-life-affects-another/">Read about Hasita, a young mother who was delivered from demonic attacks and now follows the Lord</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/delivered-and-given-new-hope/">Sursen was delivered from spiritual bondage when a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary prayed for him, and now his whole family has chosen to follow Christ! Read his story</a>.</li> </ul>

13th - Passing the Torch: Leadership Spreads from One Missionary to Another

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/intro.jpg"> <p>Passing the Torch: Leadership Spreads from One Missionary to Another</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/1.jpg"> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Adil Gavde is only 26 years old, but God has truly prospered his ministry. Within two years he established three Christian fellowships in the region where he is sharing God's love.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/2.jpg"> <p>Adil's journey of serving the Lord began several years ago. His parents abandoned him and his younger sister, so GFA-supported missionary Basistha Kadam took in Adil and his sister and raised them as his own children.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/3.jpg"> <p>Pastor Basistha also prayed for the children and taught them about Jesus. Through this, Adil developed a personal relationship with Christ. As he grew spiritually, Basistha taught him the importance of spreading the Good News and brought him along to share the Gospel in nearby villages. Both Adil and his sister decided to attend the GFA-supported Bible college in their state.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/4.jpg"> <p>Adil is now pastor of a growing congregation in one village and leads two smaller fellowships in nearby villages.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/5.jpg"> <p>Knowing where this growth springs from, Pastor Adil spends time with the Lord each morning before he starts his work, praying and meditating on God's Word.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/6.jpg"> <p>During the day Adil hands out Gospel tracts to anyone he meets, whether on the street or out in the fields. He desires that all people in his area hear the Good News, regardless of race or religion. Sometimes he walks for miles just to tell people about Jesus.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/7.jpg"> <p>Adil encourages the members of his congregation to become effective witnesses. Many believers now join him in reaching out to their neighbors.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/8.jpg"> <p>Even though they are busy, laborers working in the fields don't mind receiving Gospel tracts. Adil asks if they have time to listen to him, and if they do, he tells them about Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/9.jpg"> <p>For many villagers, this is their first time to hear about the love of Jesus.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/10.jpg"> <p>Every Sunday, more than 60 believers gather to worship and hear Pastor Adil teach from the Word of God. All of them are first-generation Christians, and this church building is the first in their village!</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/11.jpg"> <p>After the service, Adil invites those who are sick or suffering to come receive prayer.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/12.jpg"> <p>Adil also teaches Sunday school to the children, who enthusiastically listen to the stories he tells and learn the songs and Bible verses he teaches them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/13.jpg"> <p>In addition to teaching them about Jesus, he imparts a lot of useful knowledge to the children, since many of them cannot go to school but end up working as child laborers or helping their parents in the fields.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/14.jpg"> <p>Even as people continue to give their lives to Jesus and join the congregation, Adil knows there are many who still need to hear about Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/15.jpg"> <p>God is using Adil to raise up a new generation of leaders! As Basistha ministered to Adil, Adil is pouring into the young people of his congregation. Now these two young women from his church are in the same place he was a few years ago: studying at the GFA-supported Bible college in their state.</p> <p><a href="/sponsor/" style="color:#00CCFF">Sponsor a National Missionary&mdash;Help the ranks of disciples to keep multiplying.</a></p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/slide/071211-web11-16/images/bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style> <br> <a href="/sponsor/"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/articles/donate-nationalmissionary.jpg" alt="National Missionary"></a>

11th - Intense Tummyache Leads to Salvation

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/071111-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Hina, like this girl, experienced God's complete healing in answer to believers' prayers.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>At only eight years old, Hina experienced searing pain from a stomachache that had lasted several days. Her family already took her to many doctors and spent a large sum of money on medication, but the excruciating pain only intensified. This left them distressed and frustrated. </p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Mahim Singh Kolam was visiting houses to share the Good News with people and pray for the sick when he came to Hina's home. </p> <p>After learning of their predicament, he told them about Jesus and the miracles He performed. He also shared about the Lord's great love for them. </p> <p>He prayed for the family and invited them to come to Sunday worship services at his church. The next Sunday they accepted the invitation. After Pastor Mahim and all the believers there prayed for Hina, God completely freed her from the stomach pain! Witnessing this healing, Hina's whole family chose to accept Jesus as their Savior.</p> <p>Pastor Mahim requests prayer for Hina and her parents to stand firm in their faith, no matter what opposition or challenges they face. Also pray for Pastor Mahim to receive strength from the Holy Spirit so he can continue to minister more effectively.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/tribal-girl-delivered/">Read how Pastor Mahim witnessed God deliver a girl from demonic oppression</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">You can support a national missionary like Pastor Mahim</a>.</li> </ul>

8th - Orphaned Children in Need of a Heavenly Father

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/070811-eml11-02a.jpg"> <small>Tragically, there are tens of thousands of orphans in South Asia. Each is desperately trying to find love and acceptance.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/070811-eml11-02b.jpg"> <small>These two children were found on the streets of Nepal. Many children, like Sabal and his family, are orphans without a home.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Haamid, a father of six children, unfortunately struggles with an alcohol addiction. After fighting with his wife while intoxicated one day, he became physically violent and beat her to death. </p> <p>Haamid's teenage son, Sabal, attempted to protect his mother from the attack but was no match for his father's strength. Instead, he could only watch as his mother fought for her life. Haamid grabbed a machete and violently went after Sabal as well, but thankfully, the boy escaped from his father's grasp. </p> <p>After the villagers told the police what had happened, they arrested Haamid and he is now in jail. These six precious children are left without parents. Thankfully, a Gospel for Asia film team, along with a group of local believers, visited the family in order to counsel them and pray for them. </p> <p>The believers visited many families in the area having problems and encountered numerous people that were receptive to their message about Jesus. Haamid's grieving children were especially eager to hear the Good News. By the grace of God, Sabal has received Jesus and is now boldly proclaiming his faith. </p> <p>The children are now living with their grandmother. But because their family background is that of a traditional religion, there is no peace in their home. Sabal asked the believers visiting to pray that they will finally have peace and that his brothers and sisters will choose to follow Christ.</p> <p>Sabal would appreciate prayer for his family to come to know Jesus and have a good future.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/abandoned-children/">Read how Jadesh's family has grown from 7 to 27 as he travels from village to village looking for orphans who have no one to care for them</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/why-are-there-so-many-missing-children/">Learn about how many children in South Asia are separated from their parents; some are abducted by strangers and put into forced labor while others are trafficked in the sex trade</a>.</li> </ul>

7th - When His Gods Let Him Down

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/070711-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Now Dheemant's head doesn't stretch backwards every five seconds, and even better, his family knows Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Saral lived a contented life. He devoutly followed his traditional religion and seemed to be experiencing blessings because of his piety. He had a good job in a major city and provided a comfortable existence for his family.</p> <p>But one day, his son Dheemant developed a disturbing problem. Every five seconds Dheemant's head stretched backwards. This left his father feeling bewildered because he firmly believed the gods he worshiped could take care of his family. </p> <p>Saral left no stone unturned in hopes of seeing his son cured. He went to sorcerers, but they could not heal Dheemant. Then he went to doctors, but all their knowledge, efforts and medicines could not remedy Dheemant's strange problem, either. </p> <p>Meanwhile, Dheemant's condition was getting worse. Because the unnatural head movement stretched the boy's neck muscles, Dheemant was left with excruciating neck pain.</p> <p>When everything seemed to be going downhill, Saral and his family met Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mihir Gavde. He listened to their problem and immediately prayed for Dheemant. That instant, God healed Dheemant: His head stopped turning!</p> <p>Seeing God's power and love made manifest, Saral and his family chose to follow Jesus and started regularly attending worship services at Mihir's congregation. Pastor Mihir requests prayer for God to bless this family and use them to bless many others.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/last-family-finds-freedom/">Read about a family who experienced God's deliverance through Mihir's ministry</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/kidney-failure-and-boils/">Desperate people often seek the help of witchdoctors, but this one couldn't heal himself</a>.</li> </ul>

5th - Dodging Obstacles and Sharing Jesus

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/070511-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Gospel for Asia-supported film team missionaries take very good care of their film equipment, but unexpected problems can arise.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/070511-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Walking for miles between villages where no roads exist is a normal experience for film team missionaries.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>From trekking through forests trying to dodge wild animals to dealing with vandalism or malfunctioning generators, each day brings new challenges for Gospel for Asia-supported film team missionaries. Even with the risks and unexpected obstacles, the Lord helps them overcome and witnesses to many coming to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.</p> <p>Such was the case for 20 film-team missionaries serving in a northeastern Indian state. After dividing into smaller teams, each group set out to minister to different villages, and each had different obstacles to overcome.</p> <p><strong>Protected from Danger on All Sides</strong><br> One team traveled to a village surrounded by a forest famous for its part in one of the state’s sacred religious texts. </p> <p>"The mountain range surrounds the area and every kind of wild animal walks through the roads," reported a GFA field correspondent. </p> <p>The missionaries had to trek through the forest and carry all their film equipment on their shoulders, but thankfully, they did not encounter any of the famous wild animals. Once they reached the village, they screened a film on the life of Jesus, and 250 people came to watch. At the end of the movie, many people came forward for prayer.</p> <p>After this, the film team headed to another village, where 150 people gathered to watch the Jesus film. But during the showing, a group of anti-Christian extremists tried to force the film team to show a secular movie instead. The missionaries prayed for God to intervene, and He did by speaking to the heart of the village leader, who gave them permission to show the movie on the life of Jesus. As a result, many people encountered the love of God for the first time.</p> <p><strong>A Sabotaged Generator</strong><br> Another film team went to a village were 200 people assembled to watch the Jesus film. But as the movie went on, some anti-Christian fanatics caused a disturbance by cutting off the generator and pouring sand into it.</p> <p>The power suddenly went out, and the missionaries tried to mend the broken wire, but they were unable. After they prayed, the Lord miraculously started the generator!</p> <p>"Our missionaries were happy and screened the rest of the Jesus film," reported a GFA field correspondent. "Later, they found the sand inside the generator. God protected them graciously and helped them share the Good News with the people through the film."</p> <p><strong>A Dead Generator</strong><br> In another village, the generator suddenly stopped working right in the middle of the movie. The missionaries checked to make sure nothing was wrong. Not finding anything that should be causing the malfunction, they called in spiritual reinforcement&mdash;and laid hands on the generator to pray. The generator started right up! At the end of that night, 50 people gave their lives to Christ. Another five committed their lives to serving Christ full-time.</p> <p>No matter the obstacle, these film team missionaries press on and find a way to show the movie that daily changes countless lives.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/film-teams/">Pray for film-teams as they travel to villages and share the life of Christ with many who have never heard of Him</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/mobile-teams-boost-ministries/">See how mobile teams help local ministries</a>.</li> </ul>


30th - Stories, Silly Songs and Snacks

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/063011-web11-02/images-web11-02-b.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> What kid doesn't enjoy stories, silly songs and snacks? Maybe that's why children everywhere in the world love VBS. <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries join with teams of VBS workers to stage Vacation Bible School in villages throughout South Asia during school breaks. <br> The VBS workers seem to enjoy themselves as much as the children! <br> The kids who come to VBS hear stories about Jesus. For many, this is the first time they've heard about a Savior who loves them. <br> The children work in groups to complete activities that help reinforce the stories. <br> They also participate in worship, singing praises to God. Imagine how sweet these sounds are in heaven! <br> The kids learn plenty of action songs to liven up the lessons. <br> South Asian VBS programs also include plenty of dancing. Each area has its own cultural dance, and children enjoy performing for their peers. <br> This little boy is reciting the Bible verses he learned during VBS week, which is an integral part of the program. <br> Of course, there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the end of the week. These VBS students are showing off their certificates. <br> Each year hundreds of kids give their hearts to Jesus during Vacation Bible School. Just think, many of the children in this photo will be in heaven because of the faithfulness of VBS workers and the prayers and support of Christians around the world who work together to tell them about God's love. <br> date posted 06/30/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="/resource/powerpoints-2011#stories-silly-songs-and-snacks">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

30th - Introducing Children to Jesus

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/063011-wfr11-06/images-wfr11-06.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> These children helped two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries open the door to minister in a previously closed place. These precious kids live in a village near a famous religious pilgrimage site. They are accustomed to seeing throngs of people offering sacrifices to an assortment of gods and goddesses. Yet few of these children knew who Jesus was, and had certainly never heard how much He loves them. <br> Missionary Bhima Dabal, and two childrens' ministry workers want to start a Sunday school in this village, so they offered an introductory day-long class. About 20 children showed up to spend the day learning about Jesus. <br> The children listened attentively as the missionaries introduced them to Jesus and told Bible stories about His life and His ministry. <br> The missionaries also played games with the children and taught them several action songs. Like kids everywhere in the world, they really enjoyed these activities! <br> At the end of the day, an award ceremony honored the children exceled in the games and other competitions. <br> When his time with the children was over, Bhima encouraged them to follow the example of Jesus. <br> "Let us learn a lesson from the life of the Lord Jesus, who was a good child of his parents and obeyed them throughout His life. He loves you a lot and wants you to be a good child, too," Bhima told the children. <br> date posted 06/27/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#introducing-children-jesus">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

28th - Helping A Homeless Congregation

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/062811-web11-15/images-web11-15.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> When intense floods hit Sri Lanka early this year, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anand knew that members of his flock would be in desperate need. <br> One of these Christians is Manika. Her home constructed of mud and coconut fibers was underwater for so long that it is no longer livable. But she has something to smile about ... <br> Pastor Anand came to check on Manika, knowing she was a new believer and would need encouragement after the flooding disaster hit her home. <br> Manika lives alone since her children are grown and her husband has passed away. With Pastor Anand's help, she clung to the Lord's Word during her difficult time. <br> Pastor Anand also arranged for GFA Compassion Services to provide a new home for Manika! <br> This poor widow is so grateful, as her new home should be complete before the rainy season next year. It will be strong enough to withstand any future flooding. <br> Pastor Anand is doing his best to reach out and encourage the other suffering believers in Manika's town, reminding them of God's faithfulness, along with helping provide for their daily needs. <br> Manika and her fellow Christians know one thing: Jesus is showing His love to them through Pastor Anand. <br> date posted 06/28/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/compassion-services/compassion-26419117/"><strong>You can help bring the compassionate love of Christ to those affected by natural disasters</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#helping-homeless-congregation">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

23rd - Youth Learn How to Be Unified in the Spirit

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/062311-wfr11-05/images-wfr11-05.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> When Paul wrote the Epistle to the Ephesians, he emphasized unity in the Body of Christ. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries chose a passage from Ephesians as the theme for a recent youth conference. <br> They focused on Ephesians 4:3, "...endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace," at the three-day-event in South Asia. The conference kicked off with a candlelight procession. <br> Youth from the local churches led their peers intimate times of praise and worship. <br> During the teaching times, GFA-supported missionaries focused on unity in the Spirit and living lives fully devoted to Jesus Christ. <br> Prayer was also an important part of the event. Many of the young men and women prayed for strength to live for Christ and serve Him more fully. <br> After worship, teaching and prayer, conference participants performed cultural dances specific to their region. <br> By the end of the three-day conference, many chose to follow Jesus as their Savior. Several felt the call to serve full-time in ministry. <br> Only the Lord knows how many of these young adults will become missionaries, leading their own people to Jesus. <br> date posted 06/23/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#youth-learn-how-be-unified-spirit">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

23rd - Kidney Failure and Boils

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062311-wns11-84.jpg"> <small>Like this man, Laboni suffered from pain caused by unexplained boils all over her body.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Hundreds of people used to go to Sampat Rajput for healing. His witchcraft would temporarily rid them of their ailments. Yet when Sampat fell sick, he wasn't able to heal himself. </p> <p>He tried using his powers to find a cure, and when that didn't work, he sought the help of doctors. But the doctors weren't able to do much. Instead, they gave him the bad news that his kidneys were failing, and he didn't have much longer to live.</p> <p>In deep discouragement, Sampat was awaiting his death&mdash;that is, until a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary visited his home and prayed for him. It was after that prayer that Sampat began to feel "a little free inside, like some burden was removed from his body," said a GFA field correspondent.</p> <p>That evening, he asked for something to eat, which surprised his family because the sickness had robbed him of his appetite. They had been forcing him to eat. Slowly but steadily, Sampat felt improvement in his body. Although he isn't completely healed, Sampat gave his life to Christ and is quick to share his testimony about how the Word of God changed his life. </p> <p><strong>Battling Boils</strong><br> Just like Sampat, Laboni Badaseth experienced the Lord's mercy in her life after a terrible bout with boils. Swollen, infected lumps covered her body. The pain kept her confined to bed. When GFA-supported film-team missionaries saw 13-year-old Laboni lying in bed, compassion filled their hearts and they asked her parents what happened. But Laboni's parents couldn't give a lot of details about the boils. They didn't know what caused them and were too grief stricken to talk about it much.</p> <p>When the missionaries prayed, asking Jesus to heal this young girl, God heard their prayers, and Laboni's strength began to return. Her father rejoiced at seeing this small miracle and invited the missionaries to visit and pray for his family again, which they did.</p> <p>The missionaries request prayer for Laboni and her family, that she will be completely healed and they will embrace the love of Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/miracles-everyday-ministry/">Read more stories of God's healing touch</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/witnessing-miracles/">Discover how one man was healed from leprosy</a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Demon Flees after Six Long Years

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062211-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Vibhas, along with his wife and daughter.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062211-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>As part of his ministry, Pastor Vibhas has the opportunity to pray for many sick or demon-possessed people.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sukhra Chauhan was unknowingly possessed by a demon for almost six years. After an arduous search for deliverance, she unexpectedly came to the right place&mdash;her relative's house. </p> <p>Sukhra's torment robbed her entire family of peace. Desperate for a solution to her problems, they spent a lot of money going to magicians who could supposedly heal sicknesses.</p> <p>None of them could help Sukhra. But when she went to another state for a religious festival, she ended up visiting a relative, a Christian woman who belongs to the congregation of GFA-supported pastor Vibhas Jaiteley. Sukhra's relative realized she was demon possessed and asked her to stay in her home for a few days. </p> <p>Meanwhile, Vibhas' church members were meeting for a three-day session of fasting and prayer. Sukhra's relative took her to the prayer meeting, where the whole congregation prayed for the demon-possessed woman. </p> <p>On the third day of the gathering, God freed Sukhra from the demon's grip, and Sukhra decided to follow Jesus!</p> <p>Sukhra returned home and started attending worship services at a church in her own community. She would appreciate prayer that she continues to grow closer to the Lord and that her family also opens their hearts to His love. </p> <p>Pastor Vibhas requests prayer that he will witness God's healing of several friends who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Also, pray God will protect and guide Vibhas and provide a church building for his congregation.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/demons-lose-starring-role-film-show/">Find out how Ahkila was delivered from demonic oppression when she went to a GFA film show</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/sisters-who-stopped-arguing/">Sometimes the loving influence of a believing friend or family member plays a large role in people coming to Christ. Read how Sadgati and Madhu decided to follow Jesus</a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Hope in the Heart of Darkness

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062211-wns11-88a.jpg"> <small>Many people engage in witchcraft, such as sacrificing animals and using amulets (good-luck charms), in the region where Pastor Josiah serves and in other parts of South Asia.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062211-wns11-88b.jpg"> <small>By God's grace, Pastor Josiah and other missionaries in his region were able to hand out thousands of Gospel tracts altogether.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In an area plagued by darkness, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Josiah Munda is working to proclaim the name of Christ. </p> <p>People in this region hold to traditional beliefs and superstitions. If a person dies, the people in the community often blame a widow or an older woman for the death, accusing her of witchcraft. Sometimes they will even kill people over such matters. Last August, a local newspaper reported that nine people took part in murdering a 56-year-old woman. A pregnant young woman in their village had died, and they suspected the older lady had committed witchcraft against her.</p> <p>Although this woman was falsely accused, Pastor Josiah knows from personal experience that people in his area do practice witchcraft. When he was a young man, he followed the traditional religion of this region. One day, he had a stroke that left him paralyzed. His wife consulted a magician who told them that if they did not offer goats to their deities, Josiah would die. Because he could not afford to sacrifice goats, Josiah went to a doctor instead. He took the medicines prescribed by the doctor and experienced complete physical restoration. </p> <p>As a result, Josiah abandoned his traditional faith and started exploring Christianity. During this time, he met a believer who shared the Good News with him. Josiah and his family chose to give their lives to Jesus! After sensing God's calling to reach out to those alienated from Christ, he enrolled in a GFA-supported Bible college. </p> <p>Now, Josiah and his wife Banhi are sharing God's love in their village through various ministries—including home prayer meetings, Sunday school and distributing Gospel tracts. In spite of the superstitious beliefs in this area, Pastor Josiah leads a growing congregation of 56 people. </p> <p>Pastor Josiah is not the only one touching lives in this region. Many other GFA-supported missionaries are spreading the Good News. In the past three months, they were able to hand out over 46,450 Gospel tracts, 12 Bibles and 95 New Testaments altogether. They also witnessed 84 people choose to follow Jesus. </p> <p>Pastor Josiah and the other missionaries desire prayer that God will open the eyes of people in his area to who Jesus is, and that many will decide to follow Christ. Also pray God will bless Pastor Josiah and his family with good health and continue to use his ministry in powerful ways.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a national missionary like Josiah</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/18-hens-didnt-help-jesus-did/">Read about Sharda's family, who discovered that consulting witchdoctors couldn't solve her problem</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - Hardened Heart Melts after Movie

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062111-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>People who would be otherwise hostile to the Gospel message&mdash;like Rajendra&mdash;often attend showings of a film about Jesus.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062111-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Following the film, Rajendra approached the missionaries, who prayed for him and Sanam.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>When a pastor shared the Good News with Rajendra, he refused to listen&mdash;even though he and his family were in a desperate situation. </p> <p>Both frequent illnesses and a financial crisis plagued Rajendra&mdash;only 25&mdash;and his family. Worst of all, his five-year-old son, Sanam, had been suffering from severe stomach pain for almost two years. Rajendra had spent almost all his money on the boy's medical treatment and visited many temples, but Sanam's health only grew worse. His stomach started to bulge out. </p> <p>Sanam's unrelenting ailment left the family deeply discouraged. Yet when the pastor told Rajendra about Jesus and His power to heal, Rajendra's hatred of Christianity made him reject the pastor's message. He refused even to let this missionary pray for his son. </p> <p>A little while later, a Gospel for Asia-supported film team came to show a movie about Jesus in Rajendra's village. When the missionaries, Pilar and Tuhin, started the film, only 50 people were there, but by the time it had ended the audience had grown to 200. And miraculously, even Rajendra went to the movie, bringing Sanam with him. </p> <p>After the film ended, the missionaries asked if anyone wanted to follow Jesus. Weeping openly, Rajendra approached them. </p> <p>"I hated Christ so much before. But today as I was watching the film, I could see how He performed miracles and gave peace to many lives," Rajendra said. "Now I believe that Christ can heal my son and bring peace to my family." </p> <p>Along with a local GFA-supported pastor, Pilar and Tuhin prayed for Rajendra and his son. That night, Rajendra chose to give his heart to Christ. </p> <p>Two days later they visited Rajendra's house. To their surprise, they discovered that God had completely healed Sanam the same night they prayed for him! Rajendra gave thanks to God for the miracle that happened to his son.</p> <p>Although Rajendra once staunchly opposed the Gospel, the Lord used a movie to soften his stony heart, and he is now a child of God. </p> <p>The missionaries request prayer that Rajendra will stand strong in his faith in Christ and that God will use him to bring many people to Jesus.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Find out more about GFA's Film Ministry and how you can help</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/film-teams/">Pray for film teams</a>!</li> </ul>

20th - Jesus Got Him Back on His Feet Again

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/062011-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Missionaries are often called on to pray for the sick in South Asia. And when God heals them, entire families recognize His mighty power.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Pintan Khundir's family moved from a congested urban area of South Asia to a small village because they thought the rural area would offer a better life. Pintan and his wife have three children, and they wanted them to be raised in a more traditional environment where, among other things, they would learn to follow the family's customary religion.</p> <p>But then disaster struck&mdash;Pintan was paralyzed. He could not walk or work or interact with his children like a normal father does. His family, ever faithful to their traditional gods, carried Pintan to the temples and offered sacrifices on his behalf. They also took him to several doctors and hospitals for treatment, but nothing worked. </p> <p>Pintan laid in bed, unable to walk for two full years.</p> <p>With Pintan unable to work, the family's financial safety net was gone. They didn't have enough money to buy food and many days, the entire family went to bed without eating anything at all. </p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Beeni Sunkalam serves in this village. He heard about Pintan's situation while conducting a prayer meeting as the believers there were praying for him. Beeni decided to visit Pintan and pray for him in person.</p> <p>Beeni was greeted warmly by the family, who listened intently as this missionary explained the free offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. As Pintan listened to the love of Jesus being shared, he began to weep openly as he recollected the many sins he'd committed in his life. Pintan and his entire family were touched in their hearts when they heard that Jesus loved them and wanted to be a part of their lives.</p> <p>After explaining the Good News to this family, Pastor Beeni bowed his head and prayed for them&mdash;specifically asking for Jesus to heal Pintan. A short while later, Pintan got out of bed and walked for the first time in two years!</p> <p>The family was flabbergasted by the miracle and, that very day, they chose to give their hearts to Jesus and receive His offer of love. </p> <p>The entire family&mdash;including Pintan&mdash;is now back on their feet both physically and spiritually.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/saved-and-singing/">Shanti read about the love of Jesus after finding a few pages of the Bible on her terrace. Read the rest of her story</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Persecuted Refuse to Deny Christ

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061611-eml11-02a.jpg"> <small>Like Akash, this boy is being trained to be a temple priest of the traditional religion of his ancestors.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061611-eml11-02b.jpg"> <small>A temple priest like Akash would often worship and perform rituals at a temple like this one.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061611-eml11-02c.jpg"> <small>Although persecution is common in South Asia, many believers, like this couple, stay firm in their faith despite opposition.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Believers in South Asia are often persecuted for their decision to follow Jesus, but many are staying strong and holding firm to their faith. Despite opposition and threats on their families, these believers are choosing to trust Jesus even in the face of fear. </p> <p><strong>New Believer Holds Firm to Her Faith </strong><br> A Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Padmesh Chopra, risked his life to share the Gospel with a woman in one South Asian village. After hearing the Good News, this woman, Gajra Dutta, and her family chose to follow Jesus. </p> <p>As is the case for many new believers in South Asia, Gajra's decision to follow Jesus was not easy; it brought her many troubles. Her fellow villagers began persecuting her by keeping her trapped in the village and preventing her from working. One day they pressured her more than usual to accept their traditional religion, but instead of giving in she held firmly to her faith. They threatened to excommunicate her from the village if she continued to believe in Jesus. </p> <p>Later, when Padmesh returned to Gajra's village to share the Good News again, the police stopped him to ask about his relationship with Gajra. During his visit, Padmesh also received opposition from the villagers. They threatened to cut off his head or hang him if he continued to share the Gospel in the village. </p> <p>Gajra asks for prayer that God will change the hearts of those in her village. Also, pray that she will speak boldly and witness for the Lord throughout her life, continuing to stay firm in her faith. </p> <p><strong>Tempted and Tried, but He Will Not Turn Back</strong><br> After the villagers found out that Akash Pillai gave his life to Jesus, they still pressured him to perform the rituals of the gods and goddesses that he used to worship. Akash replied to their requests, "Now I have found Jesus: I will not turn back from Him." </p> <p>Before choosing to follow Jesus, Akash was a temple priest. Yet all of his spiritual activities left him feeling empty. He had no peace in his heart. Then he heard the Good News and decided to leave his old ways behind.</p> <p>Akash used to have trouble sleeping at night and had many struggles at home with his family. Thankfully, a Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship team was out sharing the love of Jesus in the area where Akash lived. The women read the Bible to Akash and his family and prayed for them. After praying, he felt tremendous peace, and the disturbances that kept him awake at night gradually went away. </p> <p>After God blessed him with peace and healing, Akash chose to follow Jesus, and his whole family now regularly attends church. Akash received opposition from those in his village to return to his old religion, but staying strong in his faith, he refused. Over time, however, Akash began to experience disturbances at night like he had before. </p> <p>Akash would like prayer that he will have complete peace in his life and that his family will be strong in the Lord.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/a-temple-priest-gets-a-second-chance/">Read about Gandharu. This man walked away from his duties as temple priest and gave his heart to Christ after experiencing the freedom that He brings</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/former-priest-follows-jesus-pastor-faces-threats/">Another former priest chose to follow Jesus after God healed his wife's illness. Read his testimony</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Two Pastors Lose Homes in Storm

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061611-wns11-91.jpg"> <small>A Christian tries to salvage what he can after his home was damaged in a storm June 8.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries lost their homes on June 8 when a violent storm hit a portion of South Asia. A Bridge of Hope center was also destroyed, and several other believers' homes were damaged. </p> <p>"The small children had to stay outside in the rain because they had no house to take shelter," GFA's correspondent in the region wrote in the immediate aftermath of the storm. "Our pastors and believers are struggling with this disaster."</p> <p>The correspondent also wrote that by God's grace, no one was injured or killed in the storm.</p> <p>GFA Compassion Services teams are now working with these pastors and the believers to provide for their needs and help rebuild their ruined homes.</p> <p>The pastors ask for prayer for the many people facing loss in this disaster.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/bus-accident-waylays-two-women-missionaries/">Read about two women missionaries who were involved in a bus accident</a>.</li> <li><a href="/cs/">See what GFA Compassion Services does to help those in desperate need</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Food and Hope for Sri Lanka's Flood Survivors

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/061411-web11-14/images-web11-14.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Lekha is cooking the first hearty meal for her family in two months. She was forced to ration their remaining food after floods ravaged her village in January 2011. <br> The unrelenting rain and flood waters partially destroyed her home. Her husband had to move to another area to find work, and Lekha cannot repair the house by herself. <br> As a day laborer, her husband couldn't earn a living in their village anymore because the floodwaters covered the fields. The floods left multiple villages damaged, destroying many people's livelihoods. <br> As soon as the floodwaters hit, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams got to work assembling emergency grocery packages for survivors and handing them out. <br> There were so many people affected by the floods that even two months later, GFA teams were still finding people barely hanging on. <br> Most lost everything. These were the people GFA teams sought out. <br> GFA distributed truckloads of relief items along with the message of hope for the future in Jesus. <br> Lekha is so thankful for this help for her family in this tragic time. <br> GFA Compassion Services teams are committed to bringing more aid with the message of Christ's love as long as the survivors need help rebuilding their lives. <br> date posted 06/14/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/compassion-services/compassion-26419117/"><strong>You can help bring compassion to those affected by natural disasters</strong></a>.</p> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

13th - Alcoholic Changes His Ways

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061311-wns11-86.jpg"> <small>Teams of missionaries show a film on the life of Jesus all over South Asia. As a result, many people come to believe in Christ.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A drunken man wandered into a village where Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were showing a film about Jesus. By the end of the night, the man, Shiva, had sobered up and found a new way of life. </p> <p>Shiva joined the crowd who gathered to watch the movie about the life of Jesus. The Gospel for Asia-supported film team took time to explain the message of God's love and the free offer of salvation to the crowd. Later that night, they offered to pray for those who came to see the movie. That's when Shiva spoke up. </p> <p>Shiva confessed his sins and openly shared his life testimony to the missionaries that night as God touched his heart. Not only that, but he also decided to give up his addiction to alcohol. The next day, when the temptation to drink again was very strong, a few Christians visited his home and encouraged him through prayer and reading the Bible. </p> <p>Shiva would appreciate prayers that he will not fall back into his old habit, which brought him only sorrow. Also, please keep his family in your prayers. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/remote-villages-transformed-through-film/">Read about how Malank Baarsat, a respected witch doctor in his community, and 10 of his family members decided to follow Jesus after watching the Jesus Film</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/transformation-of-an-alcoholic/">Check out Puneets's story and see how after visiting church with his wife, he gave his life to the Lord and was set free from his drinking habit</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Missionaries Need Prayer for Healing

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/061011-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Maadhav suffers from an illness that prevents him from walking and fears he will go lame if his operation is unsuccessful.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <h1 style="color:#CC0000">UPDATE: <em>06/30/2011</em></h1> <p>Pastor Maadhav Sharma's physical condition continues to deteriorate. After two months in the hospital and several procedures, he is still unable to walk. The doctors have referred him to a specialty hospital for advanced treatment. Sharma is also experiencing mental distress and fear as a result of the illness. He is especially fearful that he will not regain his ability to walk, which will cause him severe physical and social problems in his society.</p> <p>Pray for Pastor Maadhav's condition to improve and for the Lord to provide divine comfort during this trying time. Pray for his wife and two daughters, that they will not fear, but trust in the Lord. Also, ask the Lord for provision for the additional medical treatment Pastor Maadhav needs.</p> <p>We have not yet received an update on Badri Kapur.</p> <br> <p class="pub-date"><strong>Original Update</strong>: from 06/10/2011</p> <p><strong>The Will to Walk Again</strong><br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Maadhav Sharma has recently been diagnosed with a condition called paraspinal muscle spasms. Everything was fine until one day his legs suddenly felt weak and he could not walk. After his family rushed him to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him and gave him medication. A fellow pastor visited Maadhav and prayed for his recovery, but Maadhav remained completely bedridden.</p> <p>Maadhav's condition grew worse, so doctors suggested surgery. During the procedure, doctors determined that Maadhav had a severe blood infection in his legs, which prevented him from going through surgery. Pastor Maadhav fears that he will become lame from this problem and will never be able to walk again. </p> <p>Maadhav would appreciate your prayers for his safety, that God will keep him from all dangers and harm. Pray that his condition will not prevent him from the operation, but that he will go through surgery within the month. Also, pray that God will meet his financial needs and comfort and provide for his family during this time.</p> <p><strong>Bible College Student Seriously Injured</strong><br> Badri Kapur, a first-year student at a Gospel for Asia Bible college, was recently involved in a vehicle accident that left him with painful injuries. </p> <p>Badri was crossing the road by the Bible college when a car suddenly hit him. He saw the vehicle headed his way and tried to run for safety, but he was unable to avoid the collision. Badri was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. </p> <p>He sustained multiple injuries to almost every area of his body. </p> <p>Days after the accident, he even fell unconscious as a result of a head injury. He is in serious need of surgery, according to the doctors. </p> <p>Badri needs prayer for the doctors who will be performing the surgery&ndash;that God's hand will be upon them and the procedure will be successful. Also, pray for fast recovery from his wounds and injuries.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/believers-healing-inspires-village/">Read about how God healed one man which opened up the hearts of his whole village to hear the Gospel</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/the-healing-power-of-gods-touch/">Viplav received healing as a result of the fervent prayer of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary</a>.</li> </ul>

9th - Taking to the Streets to Serve

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/060911-wns11-70/images-wns11-70.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> On March 8, Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centers and GFA-supported congregations all over India took part in a community-service day. At many locations, they focused on blindness prevention by distributing Vitamin A and deworming tablets to children. <br> This boy in West Bengal was one of more than 17,000 people throughout the country who were blessed to receive the Vitamin A and deworming tablets, which help maintain good eye health. <br> In one city of Maharashtra, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries distributed 1,500 meal packets to beggars, orphans and HIV-positive patients. <br> A Women's Fellowship group in Rajasthan conducted a medical camp for women. The doctor pictured here gave checkups to the women and children of the village. <br> Later, the Women's Fellowship team joined with GFA-supported staff and Bible college students to share Christ's love with some of the most downtrodden members of Indian society—those with disabilities. <br> The staff and students served a meal at a home for people with mental and physical disabilities and spent almost two hours there. The experience broke each one's heart and touched them deeply to pray for the people there. <br> In Jharkhand, GFA-supported missionaries served a meal to people in a leprosy colony. They also distributed Vitamin A and deworming tablets to the children. Some of the leprosy-affected people shared about their hardships and the lack of assistance they receive, and they asked the missionaries to help them. <br> Back in West Bengal, GFA-supported workers distributed food packages to children. Their first stop was a neighborhood where 54 children from impoverished families are attending Sunday school. <br> Next, they handed out food packets at three different orphanages. <br> After sharing God's love with the children, they visited a home for the elderly. In honor of Women's Day, they gave fruit and blankets to 25 elderly ladies who were sincerely grateful for the gifts. <br> With all the different service projects, GFA-supported workers throughout India worshiped and glorified Jesus by letting their light shine before others. <br> date posted 06/09/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#taking-streets-serve">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> <li><a href="/news/articles/spreading-dual-messages-prevention-and-love-world-aids-day/">See how GFA-supported congregations reached out to their neighbors on World AIDS Day</a></li> <li><a href="/donation/browse/items/compassion-services/">You can help more missionaries show the love of Christ in practical ways! Support Compassion Services work</a></li> </ul>

8th - Hailstorm Wreaks Havoc

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060811-wns11-80.jpg"> <small>Two storms devastated several villages in northeastern India on May 15.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Keshav Raman is looking for a new meeting spot after a storm ripped the roof off of a home where he had been leading prayer meetings. </p> <p>On May 15, two storms devastated the area where Keshav ministers. Around 3 a.m., a powerful hailstorm blew through 12 villages, killing one person and hospitalizing six others. The storm lasted only about 10 minutes, but it flattened approximately 600 houses, uprooted trees, destroyed crops and took out power lines. </p> <p>At 11 p.m. that same night, another storm damaged 400 houses and defaced the property of multiple tea estates, mutilating shade trees there. </p> <p>Manju Dutta and her son Manish, believers in Pastor Keshav's congregation, live in a village affected by the storm. The storm blew away their tin roof, posing a problem because Keshav regularly leads prayer and fellowship meetings in the house. </p> <p>Please pray for the repair of Manju and Manish's roof&mdash;and for their faith in Christ to remain strong during this time. In addition, please pray that the Lord pours out His grace on all those affected by the storms.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/cs/">Find out about Compassion Services, a ministry that helps those afflicted by storms like the two in Pastor Keshav's area</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/feeding-stomachs-cleaning-houses-and-refreshing-spirits/">Read about a congregation in Sri Lanka that helped provide relief to flood victims</a>.</li> </ul>

8th - Film Teams Struggle, Triumph in Volatile Region

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060811-wns11-83a.jpg"> <small>In some South Asian villages, hundreds of people attend the film shows and learn of Christ's love for them.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060811-wns11-83b.jpg"> <small>After the movie is over, film teams often have the opportunity to pray for many people like Muktananda and Dheer.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>God is using Gospel for Asia-supported film teams to radiate His light in the midst of political unrest in one region of South Asia. Challenges do not deter the film-team missionaries from showing movies about Christ to hundreds of people&mdash;many of whom were once antagonistic to the Good News.</p> <p>In October, two film-team missionaries, Petras Yadav and Stephen Chauhan, showed two movies, <em>Man of Mercy</em> and <em>Repentance</em>, in a village. A crowd of more than 100 people gathered to watch the films. </p> <p>Among the audience was Muktananda Khan, a boy who had grown up following his culture's traditional religion. Touched by the movies' message, Muktananda wanted to find out more about Jesus and approached Petras and Stephen when the films were over. </p> <p>Petras and Stephen presented the Gospel message to him. Without hesitation, Muktananda decided to give his life to Jesus. He also started attending worship services at the local church. </p> <p><strong>A Door Opened, a Life Transformed</strong><br> Two days later, GFA-supported missionary Badal Mehra and his film team sought permission to show a movie about Jesus in a village normally closed to Christian missionaries. However, the villagers' curiosity about the film gave Badal and his team the opportunity to show the movie. </p> <span class="pullquote">As he watched the film, the Holy Spirit convicted him and compelled him to leave these dangerous habits behind. That night, Dheer chose to completely surrender his life to Jesus.</span> <p>After the movie ended, a man named Dheer Sharma approached the missionaries to share how the film had impacted him. Dheer, a nominal Christian, had struggled with addictions to both alcohol and cigarettes. As he watched the film, the Holy Spirit convicted him and compelled him to leave these dangerous habits behind. That night, he chose to completely surrender his life to Jesus. </p> <p><strong>Film Impresses Politicians</strong><br> During the same month, GFA-supported missionary Poojan Bhatnagar led a film team that had the unlikely opportunity of showing a movie about Jesus to members of a powerful political party. In fact, the politicians asked the missionaries to screen the film in their office&mdash;even though this particular political party had opposed Christian ministry in the past.</p> <p>After watching the film, the party members told Poojan and his team, "We felt very good after watching the film about Jesus…Please come again with more Christian films…Thank you!"</p> <p><strong>Christians Face Excommunication</strong><br> In recent months, however, another political faction has caused problems for believers in this region. Ranajit Jaiteley and Anshul Mistry, members of a GFA-supported film team, learned some disheartening news after they presented a movie about Jesus to more than 300 villagers. Many of those who watched the film told Ranajit and Anshul about a new law in their community which forces people who show interest in a religious faith different from the community's traditional beliefs&mdash;and then choose to accept it&mdash;to abandon all their property and move to another district. Moreover, they must leave behind all previous relationships. If they refuse to abide by these stipulations, then their families will also have to abandon their property and leave the district. </p> <p>Despite the threat of danger and persecution from political factions and rebel groups, God's light is flooding this region as He allows missionaries to proclaim His love there through film. The missionaries desire prayer for: </p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>both Muktananda and Dheer to stand firm in their new relationship with Christ, and for their families to choose to follow Jesus</li> <li>open doors to sharing the Good News in every village and town</li> <li>wisdom and guidance for the leaders in this region</li> <li>endurance for the film teams to continue touching many people with God's love</li> <li>political leaders&mdash;including those who saw the film about Jesus&mdash;to open their hearts to Christ</li> </ul>

6th - Women's Fellowship Seminar

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060611-wns11-79.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>Women's Fellowship members who are actively involved in field ministry across the country met for a national leadership seminar in February. The seminar was a great time of encouragement for the women. The speakers shared how the Women's Fellowship group impacts different Gospel for Asia ministries throughout their nation and upholds the church through prayer and sharing the Good News.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/conference-prepares-women-impact-their-villages/">Read about another recent Women's Fellowship conference that included 200 women from various churches</a></li> <li><a href="/news/articles/women-touching-lives-in-sikkim/">Women serving with Gospel for Asia were able to pray for a couple's young son, who was instantly healed</a></li> </ul>

3rd - Bus Accident Waylays Two Women Missionaries

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060311-wns11-78a.jpg"> <small>Parveen and Helli were riding a bus to a nearby town for a Women's Fellowship event when the accident happened.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060311-wns11-78b.jpg"> <small>Pastor Bhushan Kour, who took Parveen and Helli to the hospital after the accident.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries Parveen Mehra and Helli Verma endured a harrowing experience as they traveled by bus to a Women's Fellowship meeting. </p> <p>During the journey, the bus, which carried 20-30 passengers, lost its balance and fell into a trench. Thankfully, no one experienced major injuries, although some received minor abrasions or scratches. </p> <p>When he heard news of the accident, Pastor Bhushan Kour, who leads the ministry in the area, traveled to the site of the accident and took both Parveen and Helli to the hospital. </p> <p>At the hospital, doctors and nurses observed them and treated their injuries. Parveen came out of the accident with a few scratches, and Helli had some minor pain in her ribs. </p> <p>The GFA-supported pastors in this region praise God for keeping their sisters safe and preventing a worse accident from occurring. Please pray God continues to use Parveen and Helli effectively to share His love with those who have not heard the Good News.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/bridge-hope-student-dies-accident/">Read about Emmadi, a Bridge of Hope student who is now in heaven with her Savior after an auto accident</a>.</li> <li><a href="/biblewomen/">Learn more about GFA-supported women missionaries</a>!</li> </ul>

3rd - Life Before Ministry

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060311-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Through a series of events, including being burned by the flames from a fire, Aandaleeb came to know the real God.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Aandaleeb Maruthi thought he was a Christian. He attended church regularly and followed the traditions of the Church, but he was only going through the motions. </p> <p>"Neither my parents nor I had developed a personal relationship with Jesus," Aandaleeb recounts.</p> <p>The Gospel for Asia-supported missionary didn't experience the realness of Christ until a terrible incident sent him to the hospital. </p> <p><strong>First-Degree Burns and Demon Possession</strong><br> Aandaleeb was at a home prayer meeting, helping his neighbor prepare a fire to keep them warm during a cold winter season. A lady had brought kerosene and poured it on the firewood, setting it ablaze. The flames suddenly caught hold of Aandaleeb, who was sitting near the fire. The fire burned him as it traveled up his chest and neck.</p> <p>The people attending the prayer meeting rushed Aandaleeb to the hospital, where he stayed for two months recuperating from the first-degree burns. A Gospel for Asia-supported pastor went to the hospital to meet with Aandaleeb and pray for his healing. </p> <p>While Aandaleeb's body healed, his brother, Sandeep, experienced a traumatic event of his own: He became demon possessed. The pastor prayed for Sandeep, freeing him from all demonic bondages in Christ's name. This event, coupled with Aandaleeb's healing, opened their eyes to see God's love.</p> <p>"Before long, God's love touched our hearts, and as a family, we decided to live for Him alone," Aandaleeb said. "Knowing Christ personally was a different experience for me. God's peace and love filled my heart, and I asked Him to lead me according to His will."</p> <p>A Higher Calling</strong><br> Aandaleeb no longer wanted to live the nominal Christian lifestyle. Instead, he felt his heart burn with passion for the lost souls around him.</p> <p>"Soon I realized that the Lord wanted me to serve in His vineyard," Aandaleeb recalls.</p> <p>He enrolled in a GFA-supported Bible college to study God's Word more in depth and be equipped for ministry work. Now, Aandaleeb serves as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in an unreached area. He shares God's love by visiting people in their homes, leading prayer meetings and passing out Gospel tracts. He knows he will meet people every day who need to hear about God's love just as he did not so long ago.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/he-was-pastor/">Read about another GFA-supported missionary's life before he became a pastor</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a missionary like Aandaleeb</a>!</li> </ul>

3rd - Sisters Who Stopped Arguing

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060311-web11-01.jpg"> <small>These sisters used to fight with each other, but Jesus' love has regenerated them from the inside out.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Like most sisters, Sadgati and Madhu once quarreled a lot with each other. Thanks to the power of God in their lives, they don't fight anymore! </p> <p>Sadgati and Madhu's family had no peace. Every day, they presented offerings to gods and goddesses, but that did not bring harmony or virtue into their household. The girls argued with each other and with their parents. They also lacked discipline in their schoolwork, neglecting their studies to play games, and wasted their time on trivial activities. </p> <p>But one day, Sadgati and Madhu found out about Christ's power to save through their friend Rashmika, who went to the church pastored by a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. Rashmika's pastor, Bibek Rangan, told them about Jesus. After hearing the Good News, the two sisters decided to give their hearts to Him. </p> <p>Instead of worshiping their family's traditional gods and goddesses, Sadgati and Madhu started joining Rashmika's congregation for prayer and fellowship meetings. They had a strong desire to know Jesus more fully, and as they grew closer to Him, their lives transformed.</p> <p>They stopped quarreling with each other and started to obey their parents promptly. Their parents were surprised at the sudden change in their lives and wanted them to continue going to the church. </p> <p>Through God's work in Sadgati's and Madhu's lives, their home is now more peaceful, and their changed behavior has acted as a powerful witness to their parents.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ahanti/">See how God transformed young Ahanti's family</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/two-women-different-lives-same-lord/">Many other people in Pastor Bibek's congregation are now experiencing the hope of Christ in their lives and their families&mdash;including Saheli and Saruprani</a>!</li> </ul>

2nd - Learning to be a Woman of God's Word

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060211-wns11-77a.jpg"> <small>Women's Fellowship leaders play an important role in strengthening their congregations.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060211-wns11-77b.jpg"> <small>Besides gathering for prayer and learning from the Word of God, ladies in the local Women's Fellowship also spend time enjoying each other's company.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Last November, believers in Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship learned what it meant to be a "Woman of the Bible" at a day-long conference. More than 300 local believers and pastors gathered together for a time of worship and teaching that was a blessing to the women of the area. </p> <p>The conference began with prayer and fellowship, then the theme of the conference "Being a Woman of the Bible" was introduced. In the morning, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor's wife spoke a challenging and motivating message to the group. She encouraged the women to be a good wife, sister and mother, but also not to forget to meditate and walk according to God's Word above all else. </p> <p> Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries also spoke two final messages to the women during the conference. Many sisters expressed how blessed they were by the conference, which proved to be very successful. "Because of Women's Fellowship, we are able to grow in maturity in our family and personal lives, and we are able to grow closer to our Lord," one participant said. </p> <p>The women who organized the conference ask for prayer that it will bear fruit in the lives of the women who attended, and that they will be a blessing to the churches in the area.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/womens-fellowship-touches-lives/">The Women's Fellowship ministry strengthens local church congregations by discipling the women, equipping them and addressing other needs in their lives</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/spiritual-enrichment-women-nepal/">Read about another Women's Fellowship conference in Nepal that drew ladies from 24 churches</a>.</li> </ul>

2nd - Reaching Out in Both Rain and Shine

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060211-wns11-74a.jpg"> <small>These people came to watch the film about Jesus in spite of bad weather.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060211-wns11-74b.jpg"> <small>After the film ended, the missionaries had the opportunity to pray for many sick people.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In Sri Lanka on October 9, two GFA-supported missionaries and two believers didn't let the weather deter them as they shared the love of Jesus with as many people as they possibly could.</p> <p>The four men went to 80 houses and distributed 450 Gospel tracts. During the evening, they showed a film on the life of Jesus. However, because of rainy, cold weather, only 45 people came to watch. </p> <p>On the following day, they visited 135 homes and handed out 550 Gospel tracts before showing the film. This time the crowd grew to 150. </p> <p>After the movie ended, the missionaries prayed for the sick. They also saw fruit from their labors: 20 people chose to give their lives to Christ, and three people decided to start coming to church faithfully!</p> <p>The missionaries request prayers for God to soften the hearts of all those who received Gospel tracts, heard the Good News or watched the Jesus film. Pray many will decide to follow Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/new-roofs-new-hope/">Read about a flood-relief event that one of the missionaries in this story participated in</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Check out GFA's Film Ministry</a>.</li> </ul>

2nd - Convention in Remote Village Teaches About the Love of God

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/060211-wns11-73/images-wns11-73.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Tahir Rao is witnessing a tremendous move of God in this remote village. <br> Tahir recently organized a convention for the believers in this area. Throughout the convention there was time for worshiping, learning and fellowship. <br> More than 2,200 people attended the convention. Some of them walked up to 12 miles to get to the event. <br> Many children attended the conference. Tahir has a strong ministry for children, including a school with 60 students. <br> Most of the believers at this convention live in poor areas without electricity, running water or access to the outside world, yet they are growing in their commitment to Christ. <br> These local children will be among the first in their village to learn to read and write, thanks to Tahir's ministry. <br> Many parents brought their small children to receive prayer during the altar call for the sick. These parents don't have access to medical help. <br> The pastors prayed for men, women and children. Many were healed and gave their lives to the Lord. <br> Many women in this area struggle with infertility, but after praying with other believers, they were blessed with children. <br> These two older women attended the convention. They have lived their entire lives worshiping the gods and goddesses of their ancestors. Now they are hearing about Jesus for the very first time. <br> The believers brought their friends to the convention, and many chose to follow Christ. <br> With tears of gratitude and heartfelt worship, this woman –among others –was deeply touched by God's presence at the convention. <br> As God's love has been manifested in this region there are now a total of 2,000 believers worshiping Jesus here. Pray for more workers to join in this harvest. <br> date posted 06/02/2011 </div> <br><br> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

1st - Reaching out at Major Sporting Event

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060111-wns11-72a.jpg"> <small>Like the groups that passed out Gospel tracts at the sporting event, this team of Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries spends several hours each day sharing the love of God.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060111-wns11-72b.jpg"> <small>These men pass out Gospel Literature and share the love of God to many, just as the mission groups did at the sporting event.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported workers and Bible college students shared the love of Jesus with more than 300,000 people at a 15-day sporting event in South Asia during February. Gospel for Asia had six groups of ten people each at the event. For the entire two weeks, the groups passed out many Gospel tracts to the fans that came to watch their favorite athletes perform. </p> <p>On the first day of the event, the groups gathered at the Gospel for Asia state office and prayed for God's blessing. Afterwards, the groups headed off to their six separate destinations to pass out Gospel tracts and share the love of Jesus. They dispersed to the two stadiums in town where the events were taking place. Each team member distributed an average of 400-500 tracts each day. With more than 70 participants passing out tracts, around 300,000 pieces of literature were distributed over those two weeks. </p> <p>The groups were able to enter into the stadiums and distribute to the spectators as well as the athletes participating in the competitions. Many people responded positively and eagerly received the literature. They appreciated how the missionaries were reaching out to their area. The groups not only reached the stadiums with the Good News, but also visited several nearby public gathering spots including bus and railway stations.</p> <p>Their time was a great success and a real encouragement to all who participated–as well as to the thousands who heard about the love of God and received Gospel literature. The workers experienced the hand of God throughout the entire time. They praised God that they did not meet any opposition during the two-week event. After talking to so many people, the groups realized the people of the area are spiritually hungry. Most of them accepted the books and literature with great enthusiasm and interest. </p> <p>Please pray that God will bless the fruit of these workers. Pray also that this would not just be a one-time event, but that they will continue to hold onto the passion to reach people with the Gospel on a regular basis. And most importantly, pray for those who received Gospel tracts, that they would come to know Jesus.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/sharing-jesus-commonwealth-games/">Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students and missionaries shared the love of Jesus at another major sporting event last year</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/day-outreach/">Twenty-four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries gathered for a day of sharing God's love in an area of Nepal surrounded by villages filled with temples</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Woman Encounters Jesus on Her Way to Temple Priest

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060111-wns11-71a.jpg"> <small>Similar to the women who reached out to Fulmala, this Women's Fellowship team regularly visits families, teaches literacy classes for women, prays for the sick and shares the Gospel with those they meet.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060111-wns11-71b.jpg"> <small>Like Fulmala, this woman came to know the Lord because of the faithfulness of the Women's Fellowship group.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Fulmala Ekaja's life was changed on a day that seemed to be like any other. She was going through many difficulties even though her family had been worshiping their traditional gods and goddesses. However, instead of bringing peace, these gods only brought disorder within her family. Some of her relatives confessed they had cast an evil spell on her, and that was why her family members were so disturbed. </p> <p>Hoping to find a solution to her family's problems, she went to a local temple in search of a priest. However, on her way to the priest, some of Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship sisters stopped to talk to her. When they heard about her family, they had compassion. These sisters began to share their testimonies about how they had also lived in darkness but were now blessed in the Lord Jesus. As they shared and read the Word of God to her, Fulmala's heart began changing. </p> <p>The sisters told her about the love of Jesus and how He can give new life. They prayed for Fulmala, asking God to remove the evil spirits that were tormenting her family. After this chance meeting, Fulmala began attending the Women's Fellowship prayer meetings, and the Lord started to work in her life and her family's lives. </p> <p>The Women's Fellowship sisters were faithful to pray for Fulmala, and by the grace of God, she was delivered from her troubles, including the evil spirits that were attacking her household. Now Fulmala regularly attends church, and her family lives in peace. She has also received Jesus as her personal Savior. Please pray for Fulmala to grow in her faith and be a channel of blessing. Also pray that God will bring the rest of her family to Himself.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/asthma-brought-her-christ/">Since Ganika chose to follow Christ after being healed from asthma, she has been faced with opposition for her new faith</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/friends-prayer-freedom/">Reshma, a woman once tormented by demons, now has freedom in Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Village Leader Defends Missionaries

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/060111-wns11-81.jpg"> <small>Vasuman and Nivas were showing a film about Jesus when anti-Christian extremists put a stop to the show.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On May 23, Vasuman Jayaraman, a Gospel for Asia-supported film-team missionary, was working with GFA-supported pastor Nigam Pillai to show a movie about the life of Jesus in Nigam's village. </p> <p>But after they started showing the film, a group of anti-Christian extremists threatened both Vasuman and Nigam, telling them not to screen the movie in this village. Then the extremists turned off the projector and the generator. Knowing the extremists were prone to violence, Vasuman and Nigam packed up the film equipment to leave. </p> <p>After disrupting the film show, the extremists went to the police station, where they accused Vasuman and Nigam of forcing people to convert to Christianity. </p> <p>The police demanded that the missionaries come to the police station the following day. </p> <p>When Vasuman and Nigam went to the police station, the police were surprised to see a third person with them&mdash;Nakshatra Rao, the village leader. </p> <p>"Because I requested, they came to screen the movie," Nakshatra told the police. "They are not converting people forcefully." </p> <p>Hearing Nakshatra's statement, the police realized that Vasuman and Nigam had done nothing wrong. They actually sent the anti-Christian extremists home with a warning for making a false accusation against the missionaries. </p> <p>This is not the first time that GFA missionaries have experienced opposition while seeking to shine Jesus' light through film. Please pray for God to protect all film-team missionaries and prosper their ministry. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/film-teams/">Please pray for GFA's film ministry</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/demons-lose-starring-role-film-show/">Read about Ahkila, a young girl who experienced deliverance after watching the film about Jesus</a>.</li> </ul>


31st - Taking Desperate Measures for Relief

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/053111-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Namita has a scar on her neck from the time she seared her throat with a hot iron rod to try and alleviate the pain from the tumor.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Namita Patel's neck hurt from the tumor developing in her throat. She didn't pay attention to the pain at first, but over time it became worse. She sought the help of doctors, but they told her she would need surgery to remove it. They weren't 100 percent positive the problem could be fixed, even with the operation.</p> <p>The doctors' discouraging words caused Namita to lose hope and sink into a depression. When the pain became too excruciating to bear, she took drastic action. Namita placed a hot iron rod on the tumor in her throat, hoping it would burn off the tumor and bring relief. But it didn't. Instead, things got worse. </p> <p>When Namita's family found her after she burned herself, she was lying unconscious; they thought she was dead. </p> <p>While recuperating from searing her neck, Namita was taken to a GFA-supported pastor serving in her village. A believer who knows Namita encouraged her to allow the pastor to pray for her. Karunakar Madevi, the pastor, and the local Women's Fellowship prayed for Namita, asking the Lord to give her relief from the pain. By God's grace and through prayers, the pain immediately subsided. Because of this, Namita now regularly attends Karunakar's worship services and the Women's Fellowship meetings. She strongly believes Jesus will one day completely heal her and take away the tumor. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/tumor-disappears-after-prayer/">Read about how a tumor vanished after prayer</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/healing-power-leads-family-christ/">God uses miracles of healing to open people's hearts to receive His love. Read about how a daughter's healing led her entire family to Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

31st - Pastor Stands in for Father

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/053111-web11-02.jpg"> <small>When Sampada missed her parents on Parents' Day, Pastor Lagan and the other guest showed the compassion of her Father in Heaven by receiving flowers in place of her father and mother.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The Parents' Day celebration was meant to be a joyous occasion for students and parents at a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center, but it brought tears of sorrow to one girl's eyes. </p> <p>Almost all 95 students and their parents participated in the festivities on July 31. In observance of the special occasion, Pastor Lagan Daniel, a GFA-supported missionary, attended the event. As a way to honor parents, each student was called on stage to give their mom and dad flowers, and they, in turn, received flowers from their parents. </p> <p>This gesture warmed the hearts of all who attended&mdash;except Sampada. Sampada's father had recently passed away, and her mother had to work and could not attend the event. While the other students were giving and receiving flowers for their parents, Sampada began weeping. She knew there would be no flowers for her&mdash;or her mother&mdash;that day. Seeing all the other parents also reminded her of how much she missed her father. </p> <p>Seeing Sampada's grief, Pastor Lagan and another guest stepped in to receive flowers from her. She knelt down in front of Pastor Lagan and continued crying loudly, this time with both heartbreak and joy. </p> <p>"Pastor Lagan comforted her. All the parents and students were touched by this moment, and without speaking any words they understood the importance of parental care&mdash;even just their presence for the children," writes a GFA correspondent. "This actually created a greater awareness among the parents of the importance of nurturing and bringing up their children in the right way."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/ashok/">Watch a video about Ashok, who&mdash;like Sampada&mdash;is also experiencing the love of his Heavenly Father because of the teachers at his Bridge of Hope</a>.</li> <li><a href="/child/">Through Bridge of Hope, you can share the love of Christ with a child like Sampada</a>!</li> </ul>

27th - Buffalo Milk is His Miracle

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-wns11-66.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>Manra Ronkin had a hard time feeding his family of four. He was a day laborer, and the jobs he worked just didn't pay enough for him to provide for his family. A Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in Manra's village gave the family a water buffalo in March.</p> <p>Manrahin does not know who purchased the animal from last year's Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog, but he is certain of one thing&mdash;this buffalo has made his life 100 percent better! With the milk he gets from the animal, he is able to provide food for his family. "From the depth of my heart, I give thanks to God and to Gospel for Asia for this great help," Manra proclaims.</p>

27th - Chirag Meets His Spiritual Parents

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-web11-03a.jpg"> <small>These seven people decided to follow Jesus after encountering His love through Samiran, Kalpana and the Women's Fellowship team.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-web11-03b.jpg"> <small>Kalpana trimmed the fingernails of Chirag and the other children.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-web11-03c.jpg"> <small>The Women's Fellowship team served a hearty soup for many to enjoy.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-web11-03d.jpg"> <small>In addition to meeting physical needs, Kalpana and the Women's Fellowship team have been teaching the children about Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On August 23, 2010, Chirag got up early in the morning. He dressed in his best suit and walked outside his cottage, peeping through the passageway to the narrow dusty footpath as he waited for someone.</p> <p>He heard a sound and ran to the old, broken fence to see whether his friend had come. Finally, Ajay, his friend, did appear. </p> <p>Chirag's face filled with delight, and he rushed to the fence and asked, "Can we go?"</p> <p>"Yeah! Why not?" replied Ajay. </p> <p>Both ran to join their other friends who were nearby. </p> <p>As soon as they reached the appointed place, they heard the sound of a motorbike approaching. All the children hurried toward the bike. Pastor Samiran Silva and his wife Kalpana got off the bike and hugged their beloved group of "adopted boys."</p> <p>Chirag looked to see the love in the eyes of this special couple. Kalpana hugged him. Since he had never known his mother, Chirag was unable to express the feeling generated from receiving a mother's love. Tears streamed down his face, and his hardened heart began to melt as he drank in this caring love. That was the happiest day in his life, he thought.</p> <p><strong>An Open Door for Compassion</strong><br> The people of Wada Mal Watte, Chirag's village in Sri Lanka, lived in dire circumstances when Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Samiran Silva and his wife Kalpana first visited their community. Of the approximately 140 villagers, most are illiterate and desperately poor. They live in makeshift shacks. They work as laborers whenever they can find a job. Chirag only went to school one day a week; the rest of the time, he worked picking coconuts or in gardens owned by wealthy people. </p> <p>As if the poverty and illiteracy were not awful enough, this community faced a serious problem: Men from surrounding villages crept into Wada Mal Watte at night to rape the girls who lived there. Because the villagers were unable to defend themselves, the problem persisted. </p> <p>When Pastor Samiran learned about the situation, he and Kalpana went to the village and talked to the people. He contacted the district government about the repeated attacks. </p> <p>Following his report, 140 officers from both the district and national governments reached the village and recorded the incidents that took place. They also gave Pastor Samiran permission to care for the villagers and educate them, and they promised to provide for the basic needs of the villagers. </p> <p>Led by Pastor Samiran and Kalpana, the Women's Fellowship team from Pastor Samiran's church initiated compassion-services work in the village. On one of their first visits, Kalpana and four Women's Fellowship sisters helped 40 children, including Chirag, by trimming their nails, cutting their hair, providing clothes and giving each of the undernourished kids a healthy meal. They started the day with a time of worshiping the Lord through songs, and Kalpana shared Bible stories with the children. </p> <p>Kalpana called the children one by one to clip their fingernails. Chirag was amazed. Since he picked coconuts all day, his hands were very rough. But this loving mother took his callused hands and trimmed his nails. Chirag's heart was filled with joy. </p> <p>Kalpana taught them how to keep their bodies clean. The Women's Fellowship team prayed for all the needs of the children and for their future. </p> <p>The children were thrilled with the tasty meal provided by the ladies. Chirag had never had the kind of soup served, a soup with meat and vegetables. </p> <p>The love, food and good advice of his spiritual parents has changed his life. For the first time, Chirag received such favor and care, and now he understands how much Jesus loves him.</p> <p><strong>A Lasting Presence</strong><br> The Women's Fellowship team continues showing Christ's love in the village, traveling there weekly to teach the Bible. In addition to sharing God's Word, they started both English and Sinhala language classes for illiterate villagers. A believer in Pastor Samiran's congregation donated 25 chairs and desks for the classes. </p> <p>They didn't forget the children of the village but keep finding practical ways to care for them. One of the highlights for the children comes when the team serves them a special treat, a coconut rice drink. </p> <p>"These rural and illiterate villagers see the love of Jesus demonstrated through the Women's Fellowship ministry," writes the GFA correspondent.</p> <p>Through the compassion displayed by Pastor Samiran, Kalpana and the Women's Fellowship group, the villagers' lives are changing. Seven people have already chosen to follow Christ, and 20 children are attending Sunday school each week. </p> <p>The missionaries ask for prayer for the village. They would like prayer specifically for the safety of the village women and also for the opportunity to start a Bridge of Hope center in this community.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/regions/country/sri-lanka/">Learn more about the country and regions of Sri Lanka</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/feeding-stomachs-cleaning-houses-and-refreshing-spirits/">Read about another pastor and his congregation seeking to shine Jesus' light in Sri Lanka</a>.</li> </ul>

27th - Missionary and Family Survive as Home Collapses

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052711-wns11-67.jpg"> <small>Dasyan and Mindia Andaji, along with their baby, are shown with what is left of their home. Their house collapsed during a strong storm last week.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Dasyan Andaji, his wife and their baby narrowly escaped when their home collapsed during a storm last week.</p> <p>Dasyan and his family were in their house when the heavy rain started. Dasyan's wife, Mindia, was carrying the couple's six-month old baby and stepped outside to get firewood for the kitchen just as the house started to cave in. Dasyan was also able to escape as he heard the building begin to collapse.</p> <p>When Dasyan's leaders heard about the tragedy, they came to comfort the family and pray with them. They will continue to work with them to get a new home built. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/videos/real-life-hero/">Watch a story about one missionary who traded his home for a shack in the slums</a>.</li> <li><a href="/dailyphoto/">See a new picture from the Asian mission field each day</a>.</li> </ul>

26th - "These Days Carried a Blessing"

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-wns11-65.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries conducted a three-day event on the island of Sri Lanka. Over these three days, they shared the love of Jesus with 120 families, distributed 300 Gospel tracts and showed a Jesus film to 75 people who crowded in to watch.</p> <p>"These days carried a blessing for us as the team shared the love of Jesus clearly and straightforwardly to the people whom they visited," said GFA-supported missionary Manu Rangarajan. "Among the people who were visited, two received Christ. Praise and thank God!"</p>

26th - The Movie Missionaries

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-wns11-64.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>They could be called the "Movie Missionaries." These are some of the Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries who serve on film teams throughout South Asia.</p> <p>They gathered for training in various locations during January and February. Some of the missionaries were new to this aspect of the ministry and were learning the nuts and bolts of working on a film team. Others have served on teams previously and shared experiences and solutions to the unusual problems they have faced on the field. </p> <p>These film team members are all now out on the road, taking the movie about the life of Jesus from village to village.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Learn more about their film ministry</a>.</li>

26th - 10,000 Gospel Tracts at Trade Fair

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-wns11-63a.jpg"> <small>The Bible college students and staff distributed approximately 10,000 Gospel tracts at the busy trade fair.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-wns11-63b.jpg"> <small>This student had the opportunity to give a Gospel tract to these shopkeepers.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-wns11-63c.jpg"> <small>The students and staff were grateful for the opportunity to take prayer requests from some of the vendors, like this man.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As people from several countries flocked to an international trade fair, Gospel for Asia-supported workers took the opportunity to share the Good News with them. </p> <p>On October 2, seven GFA-supported Bible college students and three staff members went to the trade fair, carrying thousands of Gospel tracts. They handed these tracts to nearly every shopkeeper. Altogether, they distributed approximately 10,000 Gospel tracts! </p> <p>Merchants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and several states of India took part in the trade fair. Many people from Thailand responded positively when the students and staff shared about Jesus. Although some people from other countries harbored suspicion toward the missionaries at first, they opened up as the students shared the Good News, and they even asked them to pray for their businesses. </p> <p>The missionaries involved in the event request prayer that the people who heard the Gospel message&mdash;especially the shopkeepers who asked for prayer&mdash;will choose to follow Jesus. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/bibles/">Learn more about GFA Bible Society and GFA's Gospel literature ministry</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/literature/">Find out how you can pray for Gospel literature like the tracts handed out at the trade fair</a>.</li> </ul>

26th - Escaping a Demon

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052611-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Many in Asia find hope when missionaries pray with them.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Samir was only in the tenth grade when his life started going downhill. It began with smoking and drinking. He chose friends who made things worse, and he ended up chasing after women and stealing money to sustain his lifestyle of "pleasures."</p> <p>It became apparent that Samir's so-called friends weren't really friends at all when they cheated him out of some of his money. Samir never listened to his parents' pleading to turn his life around. To him, it seemed that suicide would be a faster, easier fix&mdash;especially when demonic attacks added to his overwhelming problems. </p> <p>Samir was never successful in his suicide attempts, and his parents took him to many doctors trying to find help. It wasn't until two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries came to the village that they found any hope.</p> <p>Akash and Pranav, the two missionaries, listened to the family's story of Samir's difficulties. The two men began fasting and praying for Samir, and on the third day, God set the young man free from the evil spirits. </p> <p>Samir's family was amazed! Each family member chose to embrace the Lord who had delivered Samir, a changed young man. Now, the family follows the Lord with gratitude for His redeeming love.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/witchcraft-defeated/">Read about Saroja and her search for deliverance from witchcraft</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - South Asian Women's Day Out

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/052511-wns11-61/images-wns11-61.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Nearly 800 million women live in the 10 countries where Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries serve. Cultural traditions that rule their societies leave many of these precious women lonely and desperate. But Gospel for Asia-supported Women's Fellowship groups are helping these women see that Jesus loves them. <br> The Women's Fellowship groups in one South Asian country organized several Women's Day celebrations that coincided with the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. <br> From the Scriptures, this believer taught about the characteristics of a noble woman and how much God loves all people&mdash;including women. <br> For many, this was the first time to hear they have value in God's eyes. <br> A group of students from a GFA-supported Bible college led worship songs at one of the celebrations. The women joined in enthusiastically, pouring their hearts out to God. <br> At another event, the women received booklets written by Gospel for Asia founder and president, K.P. Yohannan. They covered topics related to family life. They also received Gospel tracts and New Testaments. <br> Millions of South Asian women suffer multiple health problems, including anemia, due to lack of proper nutrition. So hundreds of at-risk women received vitamins to restore their health. <br> Those who attended the Women's Day events left with a new understanding of their roles in building and shaping their families, their society and their nation. They also now understand that Jesus loves and values them. <br> date posted 05/25/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#south-asian-womens-day-out">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

25th - Learning to Live by 1 Timothy 4:12

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052511-wns11-62a.jpg"> <small>Daniel taught some of the sessions for the young men and women.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052511-wns11-62b.jpg"> <small>Youth of all ages and backgrounds came to attend the three-day camp.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052511-wns11-62c.jpg"> <small>During the youth camp, the teens had a chance to play a few games, including tug-of-war.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>About 190 youths from southern India gathered for a three-day camp, where Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daniel J. taught from the verse 1 Timothy 4:12. He encouraged the boys and girls to be an example in all areas of their lives by breaking down the verse and putting it in practical ways for the teens to understand and apply to their lives.</p> <p>"A common statement we hear from parents, neighbors, friends and everyone around when a youngster gets into trouble is 'Oh, it's OK; he's young,'" said Daniel. "But it's not OK! The Bible says to youngsters in 1 Timothy 4:12: 'Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.'"</p> <p><strong>Be an Example in Life and Speech</strong><br> Day one had two sessions of teaching. For the first session, a guest speaker shared his testimony with the students and challenged them to set an example in their daily life and studies. The second session for the day was about being an example in their speech. The speaker used the life of Jacob and looked at how his lying, cheating and deceit led to a life of difficulties&mdash;yet God did restore him in the end.</p> <p><strong>Be an Example in Love and Faith</strong><br> Day two consisted of group activities and ministering to those in need around them. The 190 youths were divided into 19 groups of 10 with one adult in charge of each group. For their first group activity, the students learned how to be an example in love by visiting a home for the destitute, where a lot of "unwanted people" from the community stay.</p> <p>"This was probably the most emotionally touching experience for these young people," Daniel said. "They saw people in their old age who told stories of cruelty from their own children. They met several young men who were recovering from drug and alcoholic addictions. These young men warned them not to follow their paths. They also met children who had severe mental or physical handicaps. They reminded them to be grateful for the health they were enjoying.</p> <p>"It was touching to see these boys and girls talking to them, sitting alongside them, listening to their stories and praying for them. The girls group even sang songs and prayed for several of them."</p> <p>For the second activity the youth learned how to be an example in faith by distributing Gospel literature. They were each given 20 tracts to give away. </p> <p>"For some of these young men and women, this was their first experience giving out Gospel tracts," said Daniel. "Some of them enthusiastically gave out literature from the beginning, while others warmed up as the adults and others with them started giving out tracts. Almost everyone came back saying that they had finished their goal of 20 tracts. Some even asked their group leaders for more. In all, more than 4,000 pieces of Gospel literature were distributed that one day. Praise the Lord!"</p> <p><strong>Be an Example in Purity</strong><br> During the last day, the boys and girls were divided for the teaching on purity. The girls learned how to deal with and avoid temptations they face and how to walk in modesty, while a guest speaker taught the boys how to avoid the vices of alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.</p> <p>"At the end of three days of fun-filled, wholesome activities, the young men and women did make a commitment to follow the godly example told in 1 Timothy 4:12," said Daniel.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/youth/">Pray for the youth of Asia</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/thousands-youth-worship-seek-god/">Read another report from Daniel J. about a youth program that took place in the summer of 2010</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - Challenged to Lead Others to Christ

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052511-wns11-59a.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>Their goal sounds simple: Tell as many people as possible about the life-changing love of Jesus. A group of Gospel for Asia-supported leaders gathered to seek direction from the Lord on how to take the love of Jesus to the billions in South Asia who've yet to hear.</p> <p>The leaders came away with the goal to challenge each believer to pray and tell at least one person how Jesus changed their life. They also went back to their individual states and challenged each pastor who serves under them to find at least one believer who will be trained as a missionary each year.</p> <p>Most importantly, the leaders spent hours praying specifically for the region they are assigned to oversee. They are now back home, and are continuing to challenge the missionaries and local believers to advance the love of Christ throughout their sphere of influence.</p> <br>

23rd - Demons Lose Starring Role at Film Show

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052311-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>People often ask for prayer after watching a film on the life of Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Banko is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serving the Lord in South Asia. But he doesn't have just one place of ministry. He is a film team missionary, taking the movie about the life of Christ to villages where few people, if any, know Jesus.</p> <p>One village that Banko visited had no Christian witnesses. With the help of a GFA-supported pastor who worked nearby, Banko planned a film show for this village. The two missionaries walked throughout the village, handing out tracts and inviting the villagers to the film show that night. The Lord blessed their efforts, and more than 200 people came to watch this powerful film.</p> <p>Among the audience was young Ahkila, who had suffered from a long illness. She had tried many medicines with no results. But as Ahkila and her parents saw Jesus perform miracles during the movie, faith sprouted in their hearts. When the film ended, they asked Banko to pray for Ahkila.</p> <p>The missionary was glad to pray for the girl's illness. But as he prayed, it became apparent that her ailment was spiritual. She showed signs of demon possession. Thankfully, Banko knew of the one and only cure, and as he prayed, the Lord delivered Ahkila.</p> <p>The girl and her whole family were awestruck as they saw God's power. Each family member chose to believe in Christ after witnessing the miracle, and now they make up the first small group of believers in their village.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/where-there-was-no-missionary/">In one Asian village, a radio was the only missionary they had</a>.</li> </ul>

23rd - Bible College Students Clean Up

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/052311-wns11-53/images-wns11-53.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Students at GFA-supported Bible colleges aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to bring Glory to God. <br> A group of students from one bible college served their community just before Easter by cleaning several public areas. These students cleaned the grounds around a local school. <br> These students drew a crowd of onlookers as they spiffed up the outdoor areas near a hospital. <br> They even trimmed the trees! <br> Several students worked inside the hospital, too. These men scrubbed down a common area. <br> Other students scrubbed patient rooms. <br> At the end of the day, the students testified that it was a great honor to help the community and share the love of Christ with them. <br> date posted 05/23/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#bible-college-students-clean">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

23rd - Migrant Village Boy Gains New Vision

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/052311-web11-13/images-web11-13.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Life is hard in this South Asian village of migrant workers. Most everyone here is just barely scraping by. <br> Nabarun has worked as a laborer in a plantain shop in the village for the last 30 years. He earns about 100 rupees (US$2.25) a day on which to support his family of five. <br> Like other village boys and girls, Nabarun's three children play in the dirt streets and dusty fields with little hope for a better future. <br> Nabarun's son Abheek and his older brother both attend a local school. Wealthier families send their children to private schools, where opportunities are better. <br> But that's where Gospel for Asia's local Bridge of Hope center is making a huge difference! <br> The children come to the Bridge of Hope center after their regular school day. At the center, they get help with their classwork, and receive additional teaching. <br> They are also fed a nutritious meal. These hot meals are an important part of caring for the children because most of them come from poor families and are undernourished. <br> Bridge of Hope teachers like Lalasa also give the children lessons in character development and behaving properly in class and at home. More importantly, they tell them of the hope found in Jesus. <br> And Abheek listens! His parents, who still practiced the traditional local religion, began noticing that after attending the Bridge of Hope center, their young son was praying and reading the Bible. <br> Then, when his teacher, Lalasa, visited their home, she shared the Gospel with them&mdash;and they responded. <br> Today, Abheek's parents are followers of Jesus Christ, and the entire family worships together each Sunday in the local church. <br> When the children arrive at church, guess who teaches their Sunday School class? That's right: Lalasa! <br> Thanks to the personal attention, guidance and counseling of Lalasa and the other teachers, Abheek is gaining an entirely new understanding of what he can accomplish in life. He now has real hope for the future. <br> date posted 05/23/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#migrant-village-boy-gains-new-vision">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

20th - New Believers Publicly Proclaiming Their Faith

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052011-wns11-47a.jpg"></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>These three young woman live in a South Asian village with a rich religious tradition. They grew up learning how to worship the gods and goddesses of their ancestors by making offerings at temples and participating in other rituals and festivals to please their gods. But in 2010 they heard about Jesus for the first time. The girls were amazed to learn they didn't have to do anything for Jesus&mdash;He had done everything for them. They were among the first in their village to open their hearts to Jesus. On the day this photo was taken, they made a public proclamation that they had chosen to give their hearts to Jesus. They ask for prayer to stand strong against the opposition that is sure to come their way.</p> <br clear="all"> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/052011-wns11-47b.jpg"></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>These new believers, pictured with their pastor who is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, all chose to publicly proclaim their new relationship with Jesus in August, 2010. They live in a modern city that is a hub of government and education in their South Asian country. It is also one of the places where Christian persecution is frequent. Their pastor asks for prayer for these new believers&mdash;and the other 30 new Christians&mdash;who attend his church. He specifically asks for prayer that they will stand strong in their faith and live to glorify the name of God. </p> <br clear="all">

19th - Christmas All Year Long - and All Over India!

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/051911-wns11-60/images-wns11-60.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Seven hundred people in Haryana, India, gathered for an early Christmas celebration. They got to witness 296 needy people receive gifts given through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog. <br> This man, one of three people who received bicycle rickshaws, now has his own means of generating income. <br> The pair of goats this woman received can produce milk—and offspring—for her to sell! <br> In Tripura, India, these bicycles waited for their new owners. A crowd of approximately 200 people watched as the bikes were distributed to individuals who need them. <br> This man was one of those blessed to receive a bike. Now he has reliable, low-cost transportation. <br> All in all, 62 people received gifts at this event—from practical tools like sewing machines ... <br> ... to livestock like pigs and cows. <br> In Uttar Pradesh, India, more than 400 people gathered on India's Independence Day for a Christmas gift distribution event. This man received a rickshaw designed for transporting materials. <br> This Christian lady received a water buffalo, which can produce milk, haul wagons and plow fields, to help her rise from poverty. <br> This believer, who also received a water buffalo, smiled with joy at his gift. Through these gift-giving celebrations, many impoverished people, both believers and unbelievers, got to tangibly experience God's love! <br> date posted 05/19/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#christmas-all-year-long-and-all-over-india">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

19th - A Proud Rickshaw Driver

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051911-wns11-56a.jpg"> <small>A cycle rickshaw completely changed Josep Masih's life.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Josep Masih was struggling. </p> <p>The 42-year-old husband and father of three didn't have a steady job. He was more than willing to work, but the only jobs he could find were temporary day-laborer jobs. And that was only on the days he was lucky. Some days he came home empty handed with no way to buy food to feed his family.</p> <p>He tried driving a rickshaw, and while he was able to get plenty of fares, the daily rental on the rickshaw consumed all his earnings. </p> <p>To deal with the anguish in his life, Josep turned to drinking. Since liquor is cheap and abundant in his hometown, it was always easy to drown his sorrows.</p> <p>In spite of his problems with alcohol, Josep, his wife and all three children professed faith in Christ. This created a lot of disharmony in his family. </p> <p>A local Gospel for Asia-supported missionary is pastor of a church in Josep's village, and he watched as Josep's family struggled. The pastor frequently met with Josep to teach him from the Word and counsel him about the problems that resulted from his behavior. Yet Josep refused to change his habits. He continued to stay far from the Lord and go his own way, even though his actions caused great pain for his family.</p> <p>Finally, the pastor hit upon something that completely changed the course of Josep's life. It was a simple rickshaw. The rickshaw, purchased from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog by a Christian in another part of the world, made its way to Josep in January. </p> <p>When Josep was given the rickshaw, he was very happy and decided that it was time to clean up his life and truly please God.</p> <p>These days, Josep gets up early and pedals his rickshaw to the town center, where he works all day and into the evening. He doesn't have to spend his day looking for work, and his wife doesn't have to worry about him coming home empty handed. Now he earns more money than he ever had before, and he is easily able to meet the needs of his family.</p> <p>And Josep's family is so happy. Since he received the rickshaw, Josep works diligently, driving his rickshaw, earning money to care for his family. When he's not working, he spends time at home or at his church, worshiping the Lord. He quit drinking and now his entire family joyfully worships the Lord.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/">You can shop from the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog all year long</a>!</li> </ul>

19th - From Hard Knocks to Soft New Clothes

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051911-wns11-58ba.jpg"></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>These women and children reside in a settlement where victims of leprosy, along with their family members, are forced to live because of social stigmas against those affected by the disease.</p> <br clear="all"> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051911-wns11-58bb.jpg"></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anal Dutta shares the love of Christ in this area by conducting fellowship meetings. He asked some of the Women's Fellowship sisters, pictured here, to distribute clothes to those living there.</p> <br clear="all"> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051911-wns11-58bc.jpg"></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>The Women's Fellowship sisters distributed clothing to almost 20 women who, due to poverty, have to support their families by working as domestic help in the homes of upper-class people. They were so grateful someone recognized their plight and came to help them.</p> <br clear="all">

19th - A Long Journey by Foot

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051911-wns11-57a.jpg"> <small>Rehan's new bicycle will help him reach even more people with the Good News.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Rehan Mahadevan, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, used to walk nine miles every day to reach the villages around him with the Good News. If he took a bus to travel, he had to spend 120 rupees ($2.70 US), and that was too expensive for him to afford. So he used his feet instead. </p> <p>When he reached a village, he would spend time with as many families as he could before daylight ran out, which typically equated to about five families per day. The distance between houses made Rehan's journey more difficult and tiresome, but Rehan pressed on. Day after day, he traveled to share the love of Christ by distributing Gospel tracts and encouraging the believers in the villages.</p> <p> When a Gospel for Asia Compassion Services team visited the area with gifts in hand, Rehan's strenuous walking days were over. He received a bicycle, enabling him to at least double his effectiveness in his outreach efforts.</p> <p>"Now I think I can visit 10 families per day, and I can ride the bike up to 18 miles," rejoiced Rehan. "The Lord has blessed me with this bike, and I will be so grateful to carry on my ministry to glorify the Most High!"</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/bicycles/">There are many more pastors just like Rehan who walk miles upon miles to bring Christ's love to those who have never heard. Help bless them with a bicycle</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pedal/">Your kids can help provide a bicycle for a national missionary, too, through the Push the Pedal project</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Cleaning Up Smelly, Dirty Water

<div align="center"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051811-wns11-54a.jpg"></div> <br clear="all"> <p>Twenty-three people received BioSand water filters after the local Gospel for Asia-supported pastor noticed the people's drinking water had "some sort of strange smell and was not very pure."</p> <p>The drastic change in the water's appearance after being filtered amazed the villagers. Now, they no longer have to drink smelly, dirty water that can lead to diseases. Instead, they have an adequate supply of fresh, clean water, and they're learning about the Living Water that Jesus promises.</p> <br>

18th - The Teachers' Turn to Learn

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051811-wns11-55a.jpg"> <small>The 25 Sunday school teachers who participated in the seminar got to be students again as they learned from their leaders (seated).</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>For three days in February, 25 Sunday school teachers from GFA-supported congregations became students again.</p> <p>These teachers traveled from different parts of their state for a training seminar, which equipped them to train all the other GFA Sunday school teachers in the state. They learned action songs and skits and received helpful information about children. During some sessions, they split up into five groups to engage with each other, and they also had a few friendly competitions. </p> <p>The pastor leading the training challenged the teachers to wholeheartedly commit to their work of educating children and exhorting them to honor God. He and the other leaders request prayer for the following:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>God to bless the 25 participants as they attempt to teach the other teachers in the state.</li> <li>Receptivity for the teachers who are going to receive training.</li> <li>God's favor for the state Sunday school leader.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/send/indias-young-people-transformed/">Read about how God is using the Sunday school ministry to transform the lives of children&mdash;and teenagers</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/children-come-christ-through-vbs/">Aalap Sengupta and his team visited Sunday schools and presented VBS programs throughout their state to inspire teachers and engage students</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Bible College Students Learn Spiritual Laws

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/051811-wns11-48/images-wns11-48.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Bible college students attended a training program, which used the popular "Four Spiritual Laws" as its handbook to share the love of Christ. "This is the most effective method we have ever experienced in our ministry," reported a GFA field correspondent. <br> Three guest teachers shared what they've learned using the handbook in a simple and easy to understand way. <br> They then demonstrated how to practically apply the lessons while speaking to people about Jesus' love. <br> After the training, it was time for the students to practice what they learned in the classroom. <br> The guest teachers and the Bible college staff participated in the outreach event, too. <br> After two hours of sharing God's love, the students, teachers and staff members had talked to almost to 200 people, and 56 of them came to know the Lord in a personal way! <br> date posted 05/18/2011 </div> <br><br> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

16th - 18 Hens Didn't Help, but Jesus Did

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051611-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Sanjiv praised God for Sharda's deliverance.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051611-web11-01ab.jpg"> <small>Many GFA-supported pastors and their congregations witness God miraculously answer their prayers for people's healing and deliverance.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sharda's demonic possession was agonizing. The demon torturing her wouldn't allow her to stay in one place, and sometimes Sharda couldn't even breathe properly. Although her parents tried many things to free her from the demonic oppression, they didn't know how to solve the problem. Sharda seemed trapped in the clutches of the evil spirit. </p> <p>As a last resort, Sharda's parents took her to a witchdoctor who advised them to sacrifice 18 hens to appease their traditional deities. After the sacrifice, instead of improving, her condition regressed. Still, her parents took the advice of neighbors and relatives and continued taking her to supposed sources of help, like temples and witchdoctors. Nothing worked&mdash;until someone pointed Sharda to the church of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Sanjiv Reddy. </p> <p>Witnessing Sharda's predicament, Sanjiv and the congregation prayed for her earnestly and encouraged her from the Bible, telling her about the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. </p> <p>Sharda's restoration occurred gradually, until one Sunday everyone realized she was completely healed! Now she is healthy, experiencing the peace of Christ in both her mind and body. She chose to follow Jesus and started regularly attending the church. </p> <p>"God is great!" Pastor Sanjiv exclaimed in regard to Sharda's transformation. "I thank God for this miracle that He has done among the villagers to understand the power of Jesus Christ."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/wild-demon-proves-no-match-for-god/">As in Sharda's case, only God could free Siddhangana from an oppressive demon</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">You can sponsor a national missionary like Sanjiv</a>!</li> </ul>

16th - Learning and Doing

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/051611-wns11-50/images-wns11-50.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> A Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship offered to teach women in one area of South Asia how to share the love of Jesus. A total of 44 women participated in the three-day event. <br> The training sessions included both teaching and worship. This prepared their hearts to share Jesus each day. <br> Then it was time to put into practice all they had learned. They drove to a nearby town and dispersed into groups. <br> These sisters shared the love of Christ with this man at his home. <br> In total, the women shared the love of Jesus with 79 people, and 55 of them chose to follow Christ over those three days! <br> date posted 05/17/2011 </div> <br><br> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

13th - Bringing Warmth to the Big City

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051311-wns11-52a.jpg"> <small>The expressions on recipients' faces revealed their thankfulness for the blankets.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051311-wns11-52b.jpg"> <small>This elderly couple sleeping beside the road received a blanket.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/051311-wns11-52c.jpg"> <small>This man pedaled furiously to catch up with the believers and get a blanket.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>During winter in India's capital, New Delhi, temperatures can dive to surprisingly low points&mdash;below 40 degrees Fahrenheit&mdash;and these freezing temperatures cause many problems. At least three people in New Delhi have died due to cold-related problems since December 26. </p> <p>The chilling weather proves especially dangerous to Delhi's large homeless population, which a local newspaper numbered to be between 67,000 and 150,000 people. </p> <p>Around Christmastime, believers in Gospel for Asia-supported congregations decided to offer warmth to this particularly vulnerable group of people. The Women's Fellowship team bought 40 blankets, and the believers ventured out after 10 p.m. to distribute the coverings to people sleeping along the bitter-cold streets.</p> <p>When they came upon someone sleeping outside, they covered them with a blanket and walked away. If people woke up, they wished them a merry Christmas in Hindi and said, "Jesus loves you and cares for you; that is why we are giving this blanket to you."</p> <p>The smiles and joy written on the recipients' faces were enough to express their gratitude&mdash; even if they didn't say a word to those handing them out.</p> <p>The believers who helped with this project felt heartbroken as they saw many people who had only thin plastic sheets or sacks to cover themselves. </p> <p> "Forty blankets weren't sufficient; there are still families and individuals who sleep without warm clothes," wrote a GFA correspondent in the area. </p> <p>After the team left one site where they distributed blankets, a physically challenged man riding a bicycle followed them for approximately one kilometer (0.62 miles), pedaling hard. He eventually caught up with them to get a blanket!</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/donation/browse/items/joy-of-work/blanket/">You can provide desperately needed blankets to people in Asia&mdash;and give them the warmth of Christ's love</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/winterclothing/">Many GFA-supported missionaries serving in northern areas also battle the cold and need good winter clothing</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Bridge of Hope Brings New Life to Entire Family

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/051011-web11-12/images-web11-12.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Bikram and Najina are two of the happiest and brightest students in their Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope Center in Karnataka, India. <br> But it has been a long and difficult road to such joy. Nishok, their father, had been an alcoholic who was driven from his village for constant fighting. <br> With few skills other than farming, he had little opportunity when he moved his family to another village 30 kilometers (19 mi) away. <br> Unknown to the children, the seeds for a new life had been planted before their move, when a GFA-supported national missionary named Lona visited them and shared the Good News about Jesus. <br> When they arrived in their new village, they discovered that Lona was serving there in the Bridge of Hope center, GFA's ministry to children. <br> Soon, Bikram and Najina were attending the center, then coming home and singing songs about Jesus and saying their prayers in front of the family. <br> When Bikram's younger sister, Hanka, came down with tuberculosis, Nishok was devastated. He turned to his old gods, but they failed him again and again. <br> Encouraged by Lona, Kodhai, Nishok's wife, began to pray to Jesus for her daughter. As Hanka's health returned, both Kodhai and Nishok placed their faith in Jesus as their Savior. <br> Today, Nishok's home is host to a weekly Bible study led by GFA-supported missionary Kamal Nigam, pastor of the local church where Nishok and his family are members. And he has a good job as a bus ticket taker in Bangalore. <br> Thanks to Bridge of Hope, Bikram has gone from being an average student to one of the best students in his class. His grades have gone to A+! <br> He has also brought home trophies for his achievements in sports. <br> Most of all, Bikram and his entire family continue to grow spiritually and are an active part of a growing GFA-supported fellowship. <br> date posted 05/10/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#bridge-hope-brings-new-life-entire-family">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

9th - Letters from Radio Listeners

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050911-wns11-46a.jpg"> <small>Radio broadcasters pray and respond over each letter their station receives.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia International Radio receives more than one million letters from listeners every year. Some write or call the stations requesting prayers for healing, or miracles in finances and marriages, or just to know more about the God who is preached in the programs. Here are just a few letters from people who have been impacted by one of the 110 radio programs.</p> <p><strong>A Barren Womb</strong><br> <em>Dear Brother,</em></p> <p><em>Greetings. I am a regular listener of your radio broadcast. Our Lord has done many miracles in my life through your ministry. My daughter got married nine years ago but was unable to have a child. We prayed fervently, and we also asked for your prayers. Our Lord listened and blessed my daughter with a baby boy. We are overwhelmed with great joy. <br><br> Thanks for your prayers.<br> Dhairyash </em></p> <p><strong>Miraculous Healing</strong><br> <em>Beloved Brother,<br><br> Greetings. I am Bhajan, aged 64. I am very much blessed by your radio ministry. On March 2, 2010, I was listening to your program. You said that if you are sick then place your hand over your body and pray with me. I did with faith. Jesus healed me miraculously.<br><br> Praise the Lord.<br> Yours,<br> Bhajan</em></p> <p><strong>A Restored Marriage</strong><br> <em>Respected Brother,<br><br> Greetings. How are you? We are all doing well. Your magazine and letters have been a great source of encouragement in my personal life. As you know, our family had been separated for small reasons. We were in tears, and that was the time I happened to listen to your program. It was all prepared for me. Your prayer team prayed earnestly for my family. Now we are together. Please keep praying for my family. <br><br> Thank you.<br> Jansi</em></p> <p>Please pray for these brothers and sister and the many others who write in every day seeking Truth. Pray also for the broadcasters and for the ones who reply to each letter with prayer and compassion.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/radio/">Learn more about GFA International Radio</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/letters-deliverance/">Read more letters from listeners</a>.</li> </ul>

4th - Witchcraft Defeated

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050411-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Saroja, like this woman, experienced strong spiritual attacks after years of practicing witchcraft.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Witchcraft is as common as water in the village where Saroja and her husband live. The villagers practice witchcraft hoping it will give them permanent relief from the sickness and difficulties that plague their lives. They also believe worshiping their many gods and goddesses will help them attain a complete transformation in their bodies, minds and spirits. </p> <p>But that wasn't the case for Saroja. All of this spirit worship opened her up to demonic forces that took control. When Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Chellamani Rai found out about Saroja's condition, he asked the family to bring her to a small church in their village. There the couple was met by a group of believers who prayed for Saroja's freedom from the evil spirit's attacks. The Lord answered their prayers and immediately delivered her!</p> <p>Now Saroja and her husband attend Chellamani's fellowship and are joyfully worshiping Jesus.</p> <p>However, there is one thing that still burdens them: Saroja and her husband are yet to have a child, which in their culture is seen as a curse. </p> <p>"People are raising lots of questions about why they do not have children," reported a GFA field correspondent. "Please pray the Lord will bless them with a child very soon, and that the entire village will recognize it as the work of Jesus."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/delivered-from-witchcraft/">A couple sank into depression after relatives performed witchcraft on them</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/freedom-from-bondage-of-witchcraft/">One GFA-supported missionary followed God's call to serve in a village dominated by evil</a>.</li> </ul>

4th - Once Bitter Enemies; Now United Under Christ's Banner

<div class="custombg full-width black group"> <!-- Carousel --> <div id="carousel" class="photoshow slidelinks large format group"> <!-- Slides --> <div class="carousel-slides"> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/intro.jpg"> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/1.jpg"> <p>For hundreds of years, the residents of one South Asian state fought wars with one another. But during the last 14 years, thousands have experienced the love of Christ.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/2.jpg"> <p>In December, thousands of people from the state&mdash;representing 19 different groups&mdash;gathered for a believers' convention. The group worshiped, prayed and learned from the Word of God under a giant tent.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/3.jpg"> <p>A local political official joined the pastor of a Gospel for Asia-supported church and representatives from the local congregations in lighting candles to kick off the three-day event.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/4.jpg"> <p>A choir wearing traditional attire helped lead worship during the services.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/5.jpg"> <p>"The people are beautiful and seeing them all raise their hands and worship the Lord was almost mystical," said Gospel for Asia Founder and President, K.P. Yohannan. He was the main speaker for the convention.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/6.jpg"> <p>The communion service was a moving time for the believers, as they meditated on the cross and the sacrifice Christ made for them. Many of the people openly wept tears of gratitude and joy for their Savior.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/7.jpg"> <p>The children had special times of worship and teaching just for them.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/8.jpg"> <p>So did the teens and young adults. About half the people who came to the convention fell into this category.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/9.jpg"> <p>Feeding 10,000 people seems daunting, but these believers built a makeshift kitchen to prepare the food. The believers ate their simple meals sitting outside on the ground.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/10.jpg"> <p>The Bridge of Hope children also made crafts for everyone to admire between teaching sessions.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/11.jpg"> <p>There was a Christmas gift distribution program one evening where gifts such as sewing machines were given to the believers.</p> </div> <div class="slide"> <img src="//www.gfamedia.org/slide/050411-wns11-17/images/12.jpg"> <p>At the end of the three-day event, the happy believers headed back home, their souls filled with new understanding of the Word of God rather than the hatred for their fellow man they once felt.</p> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/where-most-needed/field-ministries/" style="color:#00CCFF">Give toward Field Ministries, help reach the thousands who are waiting to hear about the true God.</a></p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- End Carousel --> </div> <BR> <div align="center"> <a href="/donation/browse/items/where-most-needed/field-ministries/"><img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/articles/donate-field-ministries.jpg"></a> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".photoshow").carousel({fadeDuration:300}); </script> <style type="text/css"> .custombg { background: #000 url(//www.gfamedia.org/images/once-bitter-enemies-bg.jpg) top left no-repeat; } </style>

3rd - Where There Was No Missionary

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050311-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Radio brought Basanta and Chitral together. They finally had the chance to meet after a year of corresponding by mail and phone calls.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050311-eml11-01ab.jpg"> <small>Basanta and his family listen to the radio programs every day, eager to learn more about Christ.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Basanta Kanher grew up in a traditionally religious home, but he didn't put much faith in his family's religion. Instead, he wanted to learn more about the other religions of the world, and he did that by spending a lot of time listening to different religious programs on the radio. </p> <p>Basanta lived in a remote area where radio was the latest technology, so he listened quite frequently when he wasn't out in the fields working to take care of his wife and three children.</p> <p><strong>Discovering Truth</strong><br> One day, a Gospel for Asia-supported radio program came on the air. He listened as the pastor preached God's Word in his own language. Intrigued, Basanta began listening to the program every day. The relevancy of the pastor's sermons spoke to Basanta's heart. He called the station and spoke to the pastor, telling him how much he and his family enjoyed the program and eagerly waited for it to air.</p> <p>Basanta and the GFA-supported pastor who hosted the radio program, Chitral Sona, continued to correspond through letters and phone calls. Pastor Chitral shared the Gospel with Basanta and ended their conversations by praying with him.</p> <p>Once, Basanta called up Pastor Chitral and asked him to pray for the water well he was digging to cultivate his land. He specifically asked for a good quantity of water to spring forth. A few days later, Basanta called back and told Chitral there was plenty of water in the well&mdash;more than in any other well in the surrounding area! When he saw this simple answer to prayer, Basanta's faith in Jesus strengthened. Seeing the blessing the radio program was in his life, Basanta shared it with all his friends. </p> <p><strong>The Meeting</strong><br> A year later, Basanta got to meet the pastor who led him to Christ. As soon as Pastor Chitral stepped off the bus, Basanta ran to embrace him and praised the Lord. He took Pastor Chitral to his home, where his family eagerly waited to see Chitral.</p> <p>"The hospitality I received from this family overwhelmed me a lot, and their manners were like a strong Christian family that knew God's Word thoroughly," Pastor Chitral said.</p> <p>During their visit, they spoke of God's work in their lives, and Chitral encouraged Basanta and his family to stand firm in their faith and continue to grow in the Lord. Before leaving, he promised to send a team of missionaries to their village this year.</p> <p><strong>Preparing the Way</strong><br> "The church has not been able to start a ministry in that area until now," said a GFA field correspondent. "Our leaders have been sincerely praying for the Lord to open new doors to reach other areas in this state with the Gospel. Now, through radio, God has prepared a way for the church to start its ministry to win the thousands of perishing souls in this area. This year, after the Bible college graduation, a team of missionaries will be sent to this place to establish a ministry there."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/radio/">Learn more about GFA International Radio</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/letters-deliverance/">Read letters from people who have been impacted by GFA Radio</a>.</li> </ul>

2nd - Why are There So Many Missing Children?

<p>The children of South Asia are among the most vulnerable in the world. The United Nations estimates that 1 million Asian children are traded every single day. In India alone, 45,000 children are reported missing each year. Thousands more are missing, but their families have not reported their absence to authorities.<sup>1</sup></p> <p>The majority of these missing children come from Dalit ("Untouchable") families, from tribal areas or from families that live in extreme poverty.<sup>2</sup></p> <p>Children in South Asia go missing for many reasons. Some are abducted by strangers and put into forced labor. Others are trafficked or exploited in the sex trade or sold to other families to work as domestic help. Some missing children have simply run away from home or were forced to leave home because of difficult circumstances, such as the death of a parent or the introduction of a stepparent into the household.<sup>3</sup></p> <p>India has the largest population of poor and vulnerable children of any country in the world. Nearly 44 million children live on the street as beggars. Millions are orphans. Others may be the children of migrant workers, commercial sex workers or prisoners. Thousands are also child soldiers who have been forced into armed conflict.<sup>4</sup> Thousands of children were recruited to join rebel forces in Sri Lanka during the civil war with Tamil militants.<sup>5</sup></p> <p>Sadly, there are many waiting to exploit these vulnerable children. One of the most common ways children are misused is by being forced into the adult workforce.</p> <p><strong>Child Labor Snapshot</strong><br> India has some 13 million children younger than 15 in its workforce&mdash;more than any other country in the world. Some estimate that the real number of child laborers is close to 100 million.<sup>6</sup> That's about five times the population of the state of New York. </p> <p>In neighboring Thailand, almost 1 out of every 10 children between ages 10 and 14 is working rather than going to school.<sup>7</sup> In Bangladesh, an estimated 27 percent of children ages 10-14 are working. These children are employed in a variety of hazardous occupations, such as making cigarettes by hand, construction, tanneries, fishing and seafood processing, and the garment industry.<sup>8</sup></p> <p>The majority of working children in South Asia were born in rural areas and most often labor in agriculture and related fields. They also manufacture shoes, carpets, clothing and silk thread for the Western world. Children work in the diamond and gemstone industries as well. </p> <p>In India, 17 percent of domestic workers, the country's maids and nannies, are younger than 15. At least 65 percent of them entered the workforce between their ninth and twelfth birthdays.<sup>9</sup> According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 150,000 child domestic workers. In Sri Lanka's capital city, Colombo, about one of every three households has a child younger than 14 working in their home.<sup>10</sup> One of the most physically punishing forms of child labor occurs in Sri Lanka's commercial fishing industry. The children working on the boats are kept in slave-like conditions, and the nature of the work keeps them far away from the public eye.<sup>11</sup></p> <p>Another danger to children&mdash;especially those from extremely poor families&mdash;is child trafficking. UNICEF estimates that 4,500 children from Bangladesh are trafficked to Pakistan each year. Thousands more are sent to India and to countries in the Middle East. Most often, the children are sold into bonded labor or to brothel owners. </p> <p><strong>How to Pray for Them</strong><br> Even though these children's parents may not know where they are, their Heavenly Father knows them and cares for them. The following list describes some of their prayer needs:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>Pray for the children to be rescued, reunited and accepted back into their families.</li> <li>Pray for GFA-supported missionaries and workers who reach out specifically to the runaway children, especially those who try to rescue the thousands of street children in Delhi.</li> <li>Pray for the physical needs of the children. Most do not get enough to eat, and the physical labor they are forced to do can cripple their young bodies. Pray for the Lord to provide for them and protect them from harm.</li> <li>Pray for the girls&mdash;and boys&mdash;forced to work in the sex trade. Ask the Lord to bring the brothel owners' and customers' misdeeds into the spotlight and for the love of Jesus to permeate those dark places.</li> <li>Pray for a radical attitude shift in South Asian society so that citizens of these countries will demand an end to the exploitation of children.</li> </ul> <br clear="all"/> <div class="hr-tight"></div> <br clear="all"/> <p> <sup>1</sup> National Human Rights Commission, <a href="http://nhrc.nic.in/" target="_blank">http://nhrc.nic.in/</a><br> <sup>2</sup> Bachpan Bachae Andlolan, <a href="http://www.bba.org.in/" target="_blank">http://www.bba.org.in/</a><br> <sup>3</sup> ChildLine India, <a href="http://www.childlineindia.org.in" target="_blank">www.childlineindia.org.in</a><br> <sup>4</sup> ChildLine India, <a href="http://www.childlineindia.org.in" target="_blank">www.childlineindia.org.in</a><br> <sup>5</sup> Amnesty International<br> <sup>6</sup> ChildLine India, <a href="http://www.childlineindia.org.in" target="_blank">www.childlineindia.org.in</a><br> <sup>7</sup> U.S. Department of Labor, International Labor Affairs report.<br> <sup>8</sup> U.S. Department of Labor report<br> <sup>9</sup> ChildLine India, <a href="http://www.childlineindia.org.in" target="_blank">www.childlineindia.org.in</a><br> <sup>9</sup> International Child Labor Hearing, U.S. Department of Labor (April 12, 1994) (Statement of South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS), India Chapter) [on file] [hereinafter 1994 Testimony of SACCS].<br> <sup>9</sup> United States Department of Labor, Bureau of International Affairs, <a href="http://www.dol.gov/ILAB/media/reports/iclp/sweat2/bonded.htm" target="_blank">http://www.dol.gov/ILAB/media/reports/iclp/sweat2/bonded.htm</a><br> <sup>10</sup> U.S. Department of Labor, International Labor Affairs report.<br> <sup>11</sup> U.S. Department of Labor, International Labor Affairs report. </p>

2nd - Child Escapes from Kidnapper after Two Years of Forced Labor

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050211-web11-02a.jpg"> <small>Nadish Sabharwal, before his abduction, in his official Bridge of Hope profile photo from 2007.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/050211-web11-02b.jpg"> <small>Nadish and his mother, Gopika, just a few days after his escape.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Nadish Sabharwal, a student in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center in India, escaped from his kidnappers in February 2010, after being held captive for more than two years. Nadish and a roommate were able to escape when their kidnapper failed to lock the door of the room in which he kept them. The kidnapper, who was also holding other children captive, was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.</p> <p>Nadish was only nine years old when he was snatched in December 2007. He had run away from home after his mother scolded him for not devoting enough effort to his schoolwork. Nadish, like thousands of other runaway children, was living in a large railway station in one of India's largest cities. It was there that an elderly man befriended the confused little boy and took him to his home village.</p> <p>But Nadish did not find a loving home. He ended up in the hands of a landlord who made Nadish a child slave. This nine-year-old boy went from singing about Jesus in a Bridge of Hope center to living as a prisoner and cleaning up animal waste all day. When Nadish finished his daily work, his captor locked him in a room and gave him just a tiny amount of food to eat. He was forced to sleep near the animals he cleaned up after. </p> <p>This horrific situation was Nadish's life for 26 long months.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Nadish's mother grieved deeply. She had already lost her husband to cancer, and now she had also lost one of her sons.</p> <p>Nadish was able to escape in February, just 13 days after his 12th birthday. The landlord brought another boy he had kidnapped to Nadish's room. When the landlord put the new boy in the room, he forgot to lock the door. As soon as the landlord was out of sight, the boys bolted out the door and ran to the nearest police station. </p> <p>When Nadish testified against his captor, he said he wanted to go back to the Bridge of Hope center. </p> <p>The Bridge of Hope center staff prayed diligently for Nadish during his long captivity. They are now rejoicing that the Lord answered their prayers and released him from slavery.</p> <p>They ask for continued prayers for Nadish. He is struggling mentally as a result of his lengthy captivity and ill treatment. Pray also that he would be able to concentrate on his studies and catch up from what he missed.</p> <p>The staff also asks for prayer for another Bridge of Hope child named Prince, who is missing. They are praying that he will be returned home unharmed to his parents. They also ask for prayer for the millions of children being forced to work in jobs rather than attend school.</p>


26th - Still Celebrating Christmas in Rajasthan

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/042611-web11-11/images-web11-11.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> In the desert city of Ajmer, Rajasthan, believers and friends of the local Gospel for Asia-supported church were among hundreds of needy men, women and children in several areas of the state who received gifts recently&mdash;thanks to the annual Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog. <br> Some of the most appreciative recipients of the catalog gifts were patients in two of the Indian state's public hospitals. Some 230 patients in Udaipur and Banswara hospitals received warming blankets for their comfort. Here, a GFA-supported missionary pastor and a woman state legislator make sure a patient is snug under her new blanket. <br> This hospital patient was so grateful that he sat up in bed to express his thanks to the missionary and the rest of the distribution team. <br> Another lady received her blanket from the hospital superintendent as she was leaving. <br> In addition to more than 500 blankets given to those who needed them the most, other gifts, from goats to bicycles, were also distributed in this same area. <br> This man in Ajmer received two goats&mdash;no, make that THREE goats! He was to receive the pair so he could raise goats to supplement his meager income. But before they could be delivered, the two had become three! That baby goat was an additional blessing from a GFA Christmas Catalog donor on the other side of the world! <br> This man cannot walk, but thanks to the caring concern of GFA-supported national missionaries and donors in the West, he received a blanket to help him stay warm this winter. <br> Smiles on the faces of these recipients in Jodhpur express their joy at receiving gifts that will truly impact their lives and let them know of the love of Christ in a tangible way. <br> These gift recipients in Gangapur City were among those in Rajasthan who received a total of 567 blankets, 6 sewing machines, a sewing machine repair kit, 2 bicycles and 3 goats, thanks to the generosity of those who purchased these items through the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog. <br> date posted 04/26/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/">Gospel for Asia Christmas Catalog</a></li> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#still-celebrating-christmas-rajasthan">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

25th - Churches, Homes on Disputed Land Face Demolition

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/042511-eml11-02b.jpg"> <small>Dozens of believers are asking for prayer about a land dispute that could lead to the demolition of their homes.</small></div> </div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Two churches served by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are in danger of being demolished due to confusion over who owns the land.</p> <p>The churches are both in northwest India. The church buildings, along with hundreds of homes and medical clinics, are involved in a confusing legal quagmire.</p> <p>The residents of the homes, businesses and churches in this area were reported to have been served with eviction notices stating they had to move out of their homes in April. The residents, business owners and congregations were told that their homes and church buildings were built on land that really belongs to the government. Most of the people have lived in this area for 30 years.</p> <p>In one of the affected areas, the residents facing eviction are mostly poor day laborers, along with a few government employees. The second affected area is home to a more middle class neighborhood inhabited by teachers, medical professionals, engineers and businessmen.</p> <p>Residents of both neighborhoods contend that they legally purchased the land on which their homes reside. The land is reported to originally belong to a tribal group that sold portions of it off to the people who went on to build homes and businesses. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the majority of the land purchases and building construction occurred before the state was created.</p> <p>The agency serving the eviction notices insists the current residents encroached on the property, and they must now leave so it can be used for public purposes.</p> <p>A similar situation recently occurred in another area of this state, which resulted in the demolition of several homes and a church building.</p> <p>Two GFA-supported missionaries serving in the area, Pavita Sushan and Ravendra Joh, have combined congregations of about 75 people. Their ministries have been extremely fruitful, and many have chosen to follow Christ.</p> <p>They shared the following prayer requests:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>Ask the Lord to intervene in this situation and protect the believers who face the loss of their homes. Ask the Lord to come to their rescue.</li> <li>Lift both churches to the Lord, asking Him to protect the churches from demolition.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/">GFA-supported missionaries need your prayers. Find out more ways to pray for them here</a>.</li> </ul>

20th - Winning Over the Skeptics

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/042011-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Ranak gave Ankur and Ihit Gospel tracts. Even before reading them, the young men wanted to ask him questions.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/042011-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Like Ranak, many pastors hold meetings in their homes or in the homes of believers.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In the suburb of a bustling urban area, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Ranak Vasant is watching God enlighten and transform people's hearts. </p> <p>He started his ministry by renting a house and inviting people to come to prayer and worship meetings. Soon, he had 15 people coming to the meetings there every Sunday.</p> <p>However, this fledgling church faced its first trial&mdash;from Ranak's landlord. </p> <p>The landlord, Dabeet Chopra, holds strongly to the area's predominant religion. He became angry when Pastor Ranak tried to share the Good News with him and disapproved of Ranak having prayer meetings in the house. One day he told Ranak to either stop conducting the prayer gatherings or vacate the house. </p> <p>Pastor Ranak prayed earnestly for God to intervene in this situation, and He sovereignly changed Dabeet's heart. When Dabeet learned of Ranak's integrity, hard work and passion to minister to people despite hardships, Dabeet relented. He allowed Ranak to stay there and continue leading prayer meetings. </p> <p>God's mighty intervention has allowed Ranak to continue discipling people&mdash;people like Ankur Rao and Ihit Chauhan.</p> <p><strong>Two Friends Find Truth</strong><br> One day Pastor Ranak met these two young men, both of whom had many doubts about life. He gave them some Gospel literature, but they started asking questions even before reading the tracts. In the midst of their confusion, they found Ranak's answers truthful. </p> <p>Ankur had recently experienced the loss of his father, who died of a heart attack. Ankur's father had wanted to give his son the opportunity to travel but lacked the finances. In the midst of these sorrows, Pastor Ranak prayed for him. Seeing the love of Christ manifested through Pastor Ranak, Ankur decided to follow Jesus and began regularly worshiping with Ranak's congregation! Moreover, God answered their prayers, allowing Ankur to travel to the Middle East twice. </p> <p>Ihit, who was working as a tailor, asked Pastor Ranak how to find peace. Ranak pointed him to the Bible, where Ihit found all the answers to his questions. Like his friend Ankur, he chose to believe in Christ, and they both shared their testimonies at a nearby church. </p> <p>These young men are only two of several new believers in Pastor Ranak's congregation whose eyes have been opened to the light of the Gospel. Please pray for them to grow spiritually and for God's grace to continually be upon Pastor Ranak's ministry. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a national missionary like Ranak</a>!</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/lawyer-family-fight-church-building/">Believers in South Asia often face challenges in finding a place to worship. Read about a congregation wanting to construct their own church building</a>.</li> </ul>

20th - Republic-Day Rejoicing

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/042011-wns11-49/images-wns11-49.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> On January 26, believers around India celebrated Republic Day, the holiday commemorating the enactment of the Indian constitution. They held patriotic events, did service projects and shared the love of Jesus in their communities. In Rajasthan, a flag-hoisting ceremony started off the day. <br> After singing the national anthem, listening to a message about being a dedicated Indian citizen and praying for the country, some Bridge of Hope students shared a dance. <br> While the Women's Fellowship ladies, Bible college students and GFA-supported staff broke up to do various service projects&mdash;like cleaning a police station and distributing blankets&mdash;the Bridge of Hope students took part in a drawing and painting competition. <br> This same art competition, known as "Colors of Hope," also occurred in other parts of the country, like Maharashtra. <br> Both young children and teenagers had the opportunity to draw pictures based on several different topics, such as "my dream home with a garden" and "a green environment." <br> When they were done, they had some beautiful artwork to display! <br> These Bible college students in Haryana got to take part in a flag-hoisting program, which included an encouraging speech from a local official. <br> Afterward, they headed out to clean up a bus stop. <br> In Lucknow, staff and Bible college students spent the day in a similar manner. After a patriotic celebration in the morning, they cleaned a dental hospital. <br> Miles away in Jharkhand, the Bible college students held a lively cultural program. <br> They presented dances and skits, had a singing competition and competed against each other during games. These events showcased the talents of many staff and students, revealing ways they can use their gifts for God's glory. <br> Most importantly, they gave thanks and praise to the Lord for all He has done for them and their country. <br> Believers throughout India are grateful for the freedom with which God has blessed them, and they want to serve Him wholeheartedly. One correspondent wrote, "True patriots of our country…fought tirelessly for the independence of our nation and cared little for their lives and comforts to achieve their goal. This is a day for us to remember how important it is to follow the same principle in serving our Lord and Savior, by bringing freedom to hearts that are bound in sin. Let our hearts forsake the comforts and cares of life for achieving this goal and following His call on our lives." <br> date posted 04/20/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#republic-day-rejoicing">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

19th - Spreading Dual Messages of Prevention and Love on World AIDS Day

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/041911-web11-03/images-web11-03.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Gospel for Asia-supported workers throughout Asia took to the streets of their cities on Dec. 1&mdash;World AIDS Day. This global observance serves to educate the public about the disease and remember those who have died from it. <br> Each GFA team kicked off its own personalized events with a prayer of dedication. <br> Then they took to the streets. These Bridge of Hope students marched with slogans displayed on placards. <br> In some places, the parades were organized and carried out by Women's Fellowship groups from the local churches. <br> These Bible College students found some little helpers who wanted to carry signs in their parade. <br> This missionary posted AIDS prevention posters along the way. <br> These missionaries handed out Gospel tracts printed especially for this day. The tract, titled Hope for the Hopeless, contains information about AIDS prevention and the hope found in Jesus Christ. <br> People were eager to receive the tracts. <br> Most people stopped what they were doing and read them on the spot. <br> Misinformation about AIDS is rampant in South Asia, so many of the teams also invited medical doctors and public health officials to talk about how to prevent the spread of the disease. <br> One group of Bible college students even wrote and performed skits tackling the misconceptions about AIDS. Many people paused their daily routine to watch the street performances. <br> Even GFA-supported film teams got in on the action by showing AIDS Awareness videos in makeshift street theaters. <br> The rallies were so successful that many of the teams were interviewed by the media. This gave them an opportunity to talk about how Jesus compels them to care for those suffering from AIDS. <br> At the end of the day, these teams had carried the important message of AIDS prevention&mdash;and the hope found in Jesus Christ&mdash;through hundreds of cities in South Asia. <br> date posted 04/19/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#spreading-dual-messages-prevention-and-love-world-aids-day">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

19th - Job Search Ends in Insanity

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041911-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Evil spirits prompted Sabhya to jump from a moving bus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sabhya Halia left for Mumbai in search of a well-paying job so he could take care of his family, but days after his arrival, his sanity unexpectedly left him. Instead of working as a laborer or with a company, Sabhya found himself roaming the streets like a mad man. He slept on the sidewalks, unaware evil spirits had taken control of his body and mind.</p> <p>When his parents and wife found out about his condition, they felt devastated and were distraught. They approached a witch doctor and spent around 20,000 rupees (US $500) for Sabhya's healing.</p> <p>"He will come back home within 10 days," the witch doctor told them. </p> <p>With eager expectation, Sabhya's family waited. But the 10 days came and went, and still Sabhya did not return. Finally, his father, Salim, decided to go search for his son. When he found Sabhya, he convinced him to return home. However, on the bus ride back, Sabhya suddenly jumped from the moving vehicle and hid himself. Salim went looking for him among the mass of people , but with a heavy heart, he returned home&mdash;without his lost son.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Sabhya continued to wander the streets. He did not eat, and children threw stones at him and chased him out of their communities. </p> <p>The evil spirits had complete control over him, but their powers were weakening. While they tormented Sabhya, his family shared their struggle with Ragini Silva, a believer who attended a Gospel for Asia-supported church. </p> <p>"Don't worry," Ragini said. "Tomorrow our pastor and the church believers are coming to my house to fast and pray. We will pray for Sabhya."</p> <p>The next day, Sabhya's wife and mother-in-law attended the prayer meeting. After days of praying, Salim surprisingly received a call from his son asking him to bring him back home. Through the power of prayer, the evil spirits left Sabhya, and the Lord restored his sanity. </p> <p>Sabhya and his family gave their life to the Lord, and they now serve Him with their whole hearts.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/why-are-you-running-away-me/">A woman's erratic behavior terrified her entire community</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/former-witch-doctor-stands-firm/">Read another story about how demons caused a woman to act violently</a>.</li> </ul>

15th - Bikes, Book and Bridge of Hope

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/041511-wns11-43/images-wns11-43.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Believers in a northeastern state of India known to be hardened toward Christianity have a lot to be thankful for as they witness prayers being answered! Bible college students rejoiced as they received 10 new bicycles from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog. The students will use the bicycles when they go into the community on weekends to share Christ and His love with the people. <br> The church in this area is thankful God allowed them to release an adult literacy book called A New Beginning. Illiteracy is widespread in this state. According to Operation World, there are few printed resources in local languages. But now the people have their very own book to help them learn how to read and write. <br> A local government official who spoke at the book dedication ceremony thanked the church's efforts to provide literacy training and reach out to the people with God's love. <br> In a state known to be the poorest in the country and, according to Operation World, considered a byword for deprivation and misery, a Bridge of Hope has sprung up. The state opened its 10th center, giving children and parents a reason to trust in a better future. <br> Another Bridge of Hope center had its grand opening, too. The dedication was a special time to show how the center will nourish children physically, mentally and spiritually through medical checkups, meals, education and learning about Jesus&mdash;their Savior. The children who will attend the center celebrated by performing dances. <br> date posted 04/15/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#bikes-book-and-bridge-hope">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

14th - GFA Film Team Threatened, Movie Shut Down

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041411-wns11-41a.jpg"> <small>Extremists shut down the screening of a movie about the life of Jesus when they tried to attack the missionaries showing the movie.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A Gospel for Asia-supported film team that had been warmly received by villagers was run off by anti-Christian militants recently while showing a movie about the life of Christ.</p> <p>When the trouble began, about 150 people&mdash;children as well as adults&mdash;were watching the film, which was being projected on a large outdoor screen (a sheet hung between two poles!). </p> <p>Film team leader Sarwar Howlader was working with a local pastor, Gayak Samaga, who is a GFA-supported national missionary. The film team was invited to the village by a local businessman, Lakshan Jatan, who watched the movie when the team showed it in another city. </p> <p><strong>Warmly Received</strong><br> After about 45 minutes of music and singing, everyone was excited when the show about Jesus began. Then, after the crowd watched intently for more than an hour, a group of six anti-Christian radicals approached the film team, threatening them and warning them to stop the showing.</p> <p>Declaring that they had permission from the village leaders to show the film, Sarwar insisted that it continue. And as the film team began to worry that the militants were about to physically attack them, the crowd began to shout down the radicals.</p> <p>As it was clear that the villagers wanted to see more of the Jesus movie, the militants became more enraged, cursing the team and telling them to show "worldly" films instead.</p> <p><strong>Radicals Frustrated</strong><br> Finally, the invaders tried to incite the crowd against the GFA-supported missionaries by saying that they were trying to force the people to become Christians. </p> <p>Frustrated and angry, the six militants finally surged forward with the intentions of physically attacking Sarwar and the rest of the film team. The missionaries, not wanting to create problems for the local church by being involved in a fight, retreated and left the village, much to the dismay of the people.</p> <p>"There are two film teams working in this difficult area," GFA President K.P. Yohannan noted. "Let us pray for their safety, even as we pray for the ministry of the team that was attacked."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/humans-demons-oppose-womens-film-teams/">Read how a women's film team also faced opposition—from both humans and demons</a>.</li> <li><a href="/showing-the-way-to-jesus/">Watch this PhotoShow to see how GFA film teams are showing the people of Asia the way to Jesus</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - From Struggling Student to Star Stand Out

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041411-wns11-36a.jpg"> <small>Hundreds of students, just like Janty and the girl shown here, are finding help with their studies and the hope found in Jesus at Gospel for Asia Community Education centers. </small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Janty Tamang was a struggling student. She went to a good school, but found the courses difficult and realized she needed a little extra help. That's exactly what she found at a Gospel for Asia Community Education center in her hometown.</p> <p>The center, run by a Gospel for Asia-supported worker, provides academic assistance and counseling for students who do not need the full attention from a Bridge of Hope center. The centers operate in one specific area in Asia where the local workers saw this need and created the centers as a way to help the youngest residents. </p> <p>Janty is one of 24 students who were being tutored at the center. She was in the sixth grade when she started attending the center. She struggled with the demanding curriculum and difficult tests, a trademark element in Asian educational systems. </p> <p>After getting the extra help at the Community Education center, her academic abilities exploded and she jumped to the top rank in her class! </p> <p>She was also curious about Jesus, the God her instructor, Abulam Deban, worshiped. So he told her about the love of Jesus. She told her family about the love of Christ, and soon, the entire family realized their need for Him. </p> <p>All throughout Asia, students like Janty, are meeting with tutors who help them pass those tough exams, while at the same time, learning about the God who loves them, no matter what grades they get in school.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/jassi/">Meet a girl named Jassi who is also realizing her academic dreams</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Fighting Tuberculosis with Prayer

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041411-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Daily life for people in South Asia is difficult and can seem insurmountable. This man, just like Raj, found strength in Christ.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>For Raj Bakla, tuberculosis was the last straw. He did not understand why his gods had let him down. </p> <p>Raj is a single father&mdash;his wife died from cancer in 2002&mdash;leaving him to scrape together a meager living and care for his children. His oldest child, Haniya, was 14 when her mother died, and she saw the sadness in her father's eyes. She knew life was hard on him, but she was proud that he somehow always came through for them.</p> <p>Then Raj was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and this fragile family was plunged deeper into despair. They already lived in poverty, and everyone knew there was no money for medical treatment. So they watched their father struggle.</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anchi Taidy heard about the family's troubles, so he began visiting them and encouraging them from God's Word. Seeing the love that these believers had for them, the family started to investigate the claims of Christ. The missionary, and everyone at the church he pastors, prayed for Raj. Soon they understood His love and they all decided to follow Him.</p> <p>As they prayed, something amazing happened&mdash;Raj was healed. He never took any medication for his condition, nor did he spend time in the hospital. Instead, he gives glory to the Great Physician for taking away the disease.</p> <p>Yet, while the family is at peace and their father is healthy, the Bakla's are still struggling. Their extended family and their neighbors now ostracize them for their newfound faith. There is tremendous pressure to turn back to the gods they once worshiped, but the family is standing strong in the face of opposition.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/special-report-why-healings/">Why healings</a>?</li> </ul>

13th - He Died for Them!

<div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041311-wns11-45a.jpg" style="float:right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px"> In the midst of obstacles such as rain and landslides, film teams are traveling throughout one South Asian region to share a film about Jesus with people who don't know of the sacrifice He paid for them.</div> <br clear="all"> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/041311-wns11-45b.jpg" style="float:right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px"> Through their labors, the teams are watching the Lord captivate people's hearts. During one film showing, a man named Amresh Sharma began wailing loudly while he watched Christ suffer on the cross. Amresh repented of his sins and&mdash;along with 14 others&mdash;decided to follow Jesus that night.</div> <br clear="all">

7th - Feeding Stomachs, Cleaning Houses and Refreshing Spirits

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040711-wns11-38a.jpg"> <small>Manu Rangarajan, pictured here with his family, leads a growing fellowship of believers, some of whom joined him in sharing God's love through a flood-relief service project.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040711-wns11-38b.jpg"> <small>Recent flooding in Sri Lanka destroyed crops and homes, leaving many people without food or shelter.</small> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In the midst of destructive flooding that soaked Sri Lanka during the past few months, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Manu Rangarajan and members of his congregation encouraged flood victims in a badly affected area of the country, distributing food packets and cleaning homes. </p> <p>These believers traveled more than 150 miles to a Gospel for Asia-supported church in this region and gave out 85 food packets. The packets contained foods common to Sri Lankan households, like rice, lentil beans, sugar, soya meat (textured vegetable protein) and coconut. The packets also included soap. </p> <p>Taking the opportunity to shine Jesus' light to those who don't know Him, the relief team also cleaned the mud and debris out of flood-soaked houses. Pastor Manu requests prayers that God will continue to restore and bless the flood-affected areas and that the people there will choose to follow Jesus.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/send/extras/congregation-energized/">Meet Pastor Manu and his congregation</a>.</li> <li><a href="/flood/srilanka/">Learn more about the flooding in Sri Lanka</a>.</li> <li><a href="/pray/compassion-teams/">Find out how you can pray for Compassion Services teams</a>.</li> </ul>

7th - A Chance Encounter?

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040711-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>The weight of alcoholism burdens many people in South Asia, like Misal and his family. People often brew their own liquor using ingredients like these small, yellow fruits.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040711-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>When missionaries like Arvind take the time to share Christ's love, God often opens doors to speak with just the right people who need to hear the Good News.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Twelve years of alcohol addiction were enough for Misal. Although he and his family devoutly worshiped their gods and goddesses, he had no power to overcome his alcoholism, which led to other bad behaviors. It escalated to the point that he was spending most of his earnings on immoral pleasures. </p> <p>Because of this, his wife and children often went to bed with empty stomachs. Misal's home life was in shambles. His parents pleaded with him to stop drinking. </p> <p>But God saw the family's pain and divinely orchestrated an important event in Misal's life. One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Arvind Tambe was visiting houses and happened to meet Misal. Arvind shared the Good News with him, emphasizing God's love for him and the meaninglessness of life without Christ. </p> <p>Arvind's words grabbed Misal's attention. He listened eagerly, and God opened his eyes. Without questions, Misal repented and chose to follow Jesus that day. </p> <p>Misal's new relationship with Christ changed him. Desiring to honor God, he no longer wasted his time and money—or brought pain to his family&mdash;by appeasing his addictions. Seeing the transformation in his life infused his family with joy, and they chose to follow Jesus. Misal and his family now worship the Lord with Pastor Arvind's congregation regularly. </p> <p>Misal's story represents many others about how God's power dramatically alters the lives of people struggling with addictions. Alcoholism and other damaging habits have a strong chokehold on South Asian society, but many find freedom through Christ when they encounter the Gospel. Many GFA-supported missionaries have had the privilege of pointing people toward Jesus and seeing them make a decision to follow Him. Those once lost experience victory over the sins that wrecked their lives. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Support a national missionary like Arvind</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/once-addict-now-example/">Read a story about two former alcoholics who now have new lives</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - Parched! Drought in Jharkhand and Bihar

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-32a.jpg"> <small>This tree, killed by a previous drought in India, has a watermark showing that a lake once surrounded it. </small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-32b.jpg"> <small>Drought brings great hardship to many farmers in India. This farmer had to go to work as a tailor to provide enough income for his family.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-32c.jpg"> <small>GFA leaders in Jharkhand want to install 100 Jesus Wells, which provide clean water to people regardless of caste or religion.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>As summer begins in India, the first signs of serious drought are ominously working their way throughout the northeastern states of Jharkhand and Bihar. </p> <p>"All the rivers, dams and ponds go dry as the summer intensifies," writes a GFA correspondent in Jharkhand. </p> <p>The water table has receded below normal levels in both states. Jharkhand experienced drought during the past two years, and the state lacks adequate water facilities to supply all its citizens' needs for water, including both personal and agricultural use. Bihar faces the potential of severe drought this summer due to climactic changes and uneven rainfall distribution that has occurred during the past three years. In both states, farmers may suffer devastating loss in crop yields.</p> <p>Another problem that occurs during droughts is that people resort to drinking dirty, contaminated water, leaving them prone to illnesses. A newspaper in Jharkhand reported that in many of the state's districts, arsenic was found in the water, making it unsafe to drink.</p> <p>One Gospel for Asia-supported pastor said many people in his village had resorted to digging small ditches in a local riverbed to store water. Thankfully, about 25 families from this village and a neighboring village receive clean water every day from a Jesus Well, which was installed last year.</p> <p>In one region of Jharkhand, many people&mdash;especially the poor&mdash;are struggling to meet their daily needs. The lack of rain has left them without enough water for drinking, bathing or washing clothes. Drilling wells is unaffordable for most people. As a result of the hardships in this area, people are moving to other places just to survive. One pastor sent word that 12 people in his congregation had moved away.</p> <p>In light of the crisis, the GFA state leadership is praying and planning to install 100 Jesus Wells in Jharkhand. One city in the northeastern part of the state hopes to drill 80 Jesus Wells and distribute 300 BioSand water filters. Please pray God will provide the funds for these Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters&mdash;and for more in other states, like Bihar. GFA leaders in Jharkhand and Bihar also desire prayer for the following:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>God to provide rain and adequate water in Jharkhand and Bihar.</li> <li>The state and national governments to have wisdom and take necessary steps to improve the water scarcity.</li> <li>The people affected by the droughts&mdash;that they will not contract illnesses from drinking unsafe water.</li> <li>That the Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters will be a testimony of God's love for the people.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/water/">Provide a Jesus Well or BioSand water filter for a community in desperate need of water&mdash;and the Living Water</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/water-shortage-wellsprings-life/">See how God used a Jesus Well to transform a village</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - Refusing to Give up: A Missionary's Faithfulness

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-eml11-02a.jpg"> <small>Pastor Vatsal spent three days seeking the Lord's will through fasting and praying for the village he served in.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Vatsal Yadav wasn't seeing any results from his time spent praying, distributing Gospel tracts and sharing the Good News with those in his neighborhood.</p> <p>The Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serves in an area that is home to an important historical pilgrimage site. The people who live there staunchly adhered to their traditional faith.</p> <p>But Vatsal refused to give up.</p> <p>He set apart three days fasting and praying for a breakthrough in his ministry, and the Lord graciously revealed His will to Vatsal. Vatsal knew the Lord would faithfully soften the hearts of his lost neighbors.</p> <p>Vatsal and his wife started having worship services in a rented house. It began with only the two of them praising and giving thanks to the Lord Jesus, but slowly, the Lord's Spirit began to move in people's hearts, and many people started to attend the church.</p> <p>But as his church grew, Vatsal began to face a lot of opposition. Some extremists in his village even threatened to kill him if he did not abandon the church. But Vatsal persevered and remained faithful to the calling the Lord placed on his life. </p> <p>Now 45 people worship the living Savior at Vatsal's church.</p> <p><strong>Finding Faith</strong><br> Gudiya is one of those believers. Through Vatsal's shepherding, her faith in the Lord has strengthened. Her husband, Rushil, however, used to harass her for being a Christian. He would mock her and refuse to give her money for household expenses. She ended up working in people's homes just to meet the daily needs of the family.</p> <p>Rushil's harassment increased to the point where Gudiya felt she could no longer attend church. She asked her fellow believers to pray for her situation and her husband's salvation. It wasn't until their son became afflicted with epilepsy that Rushil's hardness of heart began to give way.</p> <p>As his son's condition got worse, Rushil grew deeply worried. Out of desperation, he approached Pastor Vatsal and asked him to pray for the boy's healing&mdash;and the Lord answered, healing him completely.</p> <p>This miracle changed Rushil's life drastically, and he started to believe in Jesus Christ. He turned away from all his bad habits and started attending the church services with his family. His love for Gudiya reignited, too. </p> <p>He publicly testified of his new faith and trust in the Savior, and because of the testimony of his life, many are choosing Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Support a national missionary like Pastor Vatsal</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/changed-lives-testify-to-missionarys-faithfulness/">Read a story about another missionary's faithfulness and the lives he helped change</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - Fire Engulfs Students' Homes

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-31a.jpg"> <small>Arivali's and Pia's homes were destroyed by a fire that broke out in their village.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-31b.jpg"> <small>These are the remains of one student's house.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-31c.jpg"> <small>Nothing is left but the clothes they and their families were wearing that day.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On March 8, a fire broke out in a village near a Bridge of Hope center in Northeast India. The fire destroyed six houses, two of which belonged to Bridge of Hope students, Arivali Kumar and Pia Arjun. </p> <p>Arivali, Pia and their families were at the Bridge of Hope center enjoying a cultural program when the blaze engulfed their homes. Fortunately, they were unharmed, but the fire left them homeless and without any essential items like clothing and cooking utensils.</p> <p>They request prayers concerning their situation, that the Lord will provide shelter and help them rebuild their homes.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/235-families-lose-their-homes-fire/">Back in 2010, a fire destroyed 235 out of 300 homes in one village located in Northeast India</a>.</li> <li><a href="/countryprofiles/">Learn more about the countries where GFA-supported missionaries work</a>.</li> </ul>

6th - Fury, Fists Over Funeral Arrangements

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040611-wns11-33a.jpg"> <small>Christian funeral ceremonies are often seen as taboo in parts of South Asia.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Haniya Pradhan stood her ground&mdash;her husband would have a Christian funeral no matter what threats his relatives threw at her. She would make sure he was honored during the ceremony.</p> <p>Haniya's husband, Rasul, died after a heavy-loaded truck hit him, killing him on the spot. He had been traveling for work as a daily laborer. </p> <p>When his body was delivered to his home village, Rasul's relatives immediately stirred up trouble, saying the funeral had to be conducted according to their religious customs. But Haniya said "no" to their demands and had the funeral ceremony performed by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Kamukh Madavi, who serves in the area.</p> <p>Ten days after the funeral, a prayer service took place for the bereaved family, which is the regular custom after a person dies. Rasul's relatives, yet again, caused a commotion, wanting a priest from their traditional religion to conduct the prayers. But Haniya refused and asked Pastor Kamukh to be the one to say the prayers during the service.</p> <p>This enraged Rasul's relatives. The night after the prayer service, they went to Pastor Kamukh's house and beat him&mdash;even harming his wife and three children. They left him bleeding and bruised. Pastor Kamukh went to a hospital where doctors treated his injuries, and then they released him. He went to the police station the morning after and reported the incident to the officials. The police responded positively, saying they would take necessary action to protect him and his family from further attacks.</p> <p>Pastor Kamukh requests prayer for his healing and for Haniya's family to stand firm in their faith in Jesus. He also asks for prayers for those who harmed him, that they will open their hearts to the true God.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/christian-mans-death-stirs-opposition-village/">Read a story about how a Christian man's death stirred up an entire village</a>.</li> <li><a href="/countryprofiles/">Learn more about the countries where GFA-supported missionaries work</a>.</li> </ul>

5th - Once Forbidden From School, Now a Successful Student

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040511-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Atmaja, once depressed because she could not go to school, now has access to an adequate education through Bridge of Hope.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040511-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Atmaja, like these girls, is learning to love Jesus and engage with other students through Bridge of Hope.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040511-eml11-01c.jpg"> <small>Bridge of Hope children, like Atmaja, receive hygienic supplies, such as soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Twelve-year-old Atmaja, along with her parents and two younger siblings, lived a pitiful life. Their home was a roadside hut, and because they don't have any land to farm, they never had enough food or adequate clothing. But hope has replaced the strife they once experienced. </p> <p>Atmaja's father, Bratindra, had inherited land, but he squandered his money by buying luxuries and lost the property. </p> <p>Bratindra and his wife Karishma didn't earn enough money to provide for all the needs of their three growing children. So Bratindra forced all of his children to go to work. If they didn't earn enough money, he beat them. </p> <p>Bratindra and Karishma didn't want to send their children to school, but Atmaja wanted to continue her studies. Depressed about the difficult circumstances in her life, she lacked peace. Even though Atmaja wasn't a Christian, she had heard of Jesus Christ. She had no one with whom she could share her feelings, so she prayed silently to God. </p> <p>She wanted to learn more about Him by going to Sunday school, but she knew her father would become angry if she went. Sometimes Atmaja secretly joined her friends in attending Sunday school, where she learned songs and heard the Word of God. Through her Christian friends, she received encouragement in the midst of her struggles. </p> <p>But one day, Bratindra found out Atmaja had been going to Sunday school and spending time with Christian friends, and he mercilessly beat her. </p> <p>Atmaja ran away from home and stayed at her uncle's house for a short period of time. When her mother went to bring Atmaja home, the preadolescent girl still refused to return to the lair of her abusive father, but Karishma's pleas finally persuaded her. </p> <p>Atmaja told her mother about what she had been learning at the Sunday school and said she wanted to follow Jesus. Karishma supported this decision, but her husband did not approve. Without his knowledge, Atmaja got permission from her mother to go to Sunday school. </p> <p>Bratindra continued demanding money from his daughter. And if Atmaja could not give him the desired amount of money, he would chase her from the house, and she would stay at a friend's home. Karishma could not control her husband's explosive, violent tendencies and ill-usage of his children to earn money. </p> <p>Bratindra still discouraged Atmaja from going to school and told her she should earn money to pay for her younger siblings' studies because she was the oldest. Heartbroken, she stopped going to school for some time. </p> <p>"If your father discourages you by being unable to support your education, your mother will support your education," Karishma told Atmaja. </p> <p>Karishma approached the principal of Atmaja's school and requested that the school officials allow her daughter to resume school. </p> <p>Atmaja went back to school, but soon her father found out. Furious, he beat Karishma. The stress of the situation overwhelmed Atmaja's young mind and nearly pushed her to the brink of suicide. </p> <p>During this period of darkness when Atmaja almost considered killing herself, a pastor visited her home. He shared the Good News with her parents, much to Atmaja's excitement. Karishma opened up to the pastor about her husband's evil behavior, and the pastor continued to visit the home to speak with Bratindra. </p> <p>Bratindra's behavior gradually improved, although his lust for money still made him reluctant to send Atmaja to school. But when Karishma learned about the Bridge of Hope program and enrolled her daughter, Atmaja's future brightened. The program provided for her school fees. </p> <p>Through Bridge of Hope, God transformed Atmaja's life. She learned many new things and grew in all aspects of her life&mdash;physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Atmaja grasps the material quickly. Although she was once shy and wouldn't talk to people, she has blossomed socially. Complementing the holistic education she is gaining, she also receives personal hygiene supplies, clothes and other gifts.</p> <p>Now Atmaja attends both Sunday school and the Bridge of Hope center regularly. The transformation in her life made a huge impact on her parents and her community. </p> <p>When Bratindra witnessed his daughter's changed behavior, he repented of his immoral lifestyle and stopped spending money on worldly pleasures. Their family life finally became more peaceful. </p> <p>The Bridge of Hope staff are rejoicing at Atmaja's progress, and even people in the village have witnessed the changes in this girl's life. </p> <p>Atmaja, whose future once appeared completely bleak, is thriving. Because of God's blessing through Sunday school and Bridge of Hope, she now has access to a foundational education and goes home to a peaceful atmosphere. Truly, God "raises the poor out of the dust, and lifts the needy out of the ash heap." (Psalm 113:7 NKJV)</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/jassi/">Through Bridge of Hope, Jassi's life changed, too</a>.</li> <li><a href="/child/">You can take part in changing the life of a child like Atmaja</a>.</li> </ul>

5th - They Couldn't Find a Church, so a Missionary Came to Them

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040511-web11-02a.jpg"> <small>Manjushri, like this woman, received prayer from a GFA-supported missionary. Through the faithful prayers of him and his congregation, the Lord healed her!</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/040511-web11-02b.jpg"> <small>Manjushri and her family now worship Jesus at Pastor Govind's church.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Manjushri's family was at a loss: They did not understand what was causing her strange illness. But when a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary shared God's love with them, the Lord solved their predicament. </p> <p>Immigrants from another nation in South Asia, Manjushri Dutta and her family faced many challenges in adjusting to their new country. They moved from place to place to find good jobs and worked hard just to earn enough money to feed themselves. </p> <p>Although they worshiped various gods and goddesses, they experienced many hardships&mdash;and they also had the problem of Manjushri's mysterious illness. Their neighbors and relatives advised them to take her to a hospital. But when they took Manjushri to a hospital, the doctors couldn't discern what was wrong with her. They suggested that her family find a better hospital for her, but they couldn't afford to do so. </p> <p>Manjushri's health declined day by day. As a last resort, the family went to different pilgrimage sites and offered sacrifices to gods and goddesses. Still, her condition did not improve. Her pitiful state made even her neighbors desperate to find a cure. They encouraged the family to take her to a church. </p> <p>Sadly, Manjushri's family could not find a single church nearby, but Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Govind Rao heard about their problems and found them. </p> <p>When he saw Manjushri, he realized she was possessed by an evil spirit. He prayed for her and encouraged the family to look to Jesus. In addition, he asked his congregation to fast and pray for Manjushri for the next two days. Manjushri came to their prayer meetings, and when the believers started to pray and worship, the Holy Spirit set her free from the demon. </p> <p>Manjushri's deliverance astonished her relatives and neighbors and also led to another amazing transformation: Manjushri and her family started attending the church, and they chose to follow Jesus! In a time when help seemed elusive, God brought a missionary to show this family that He cared for them. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a national missionary like Govind</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/kicking-demon-out-house/">Like Manjushri, Sunita suffered from demon-possession disguised as a strange illness</a>.</li> </ul>

3rd - Graduating to a Life of Suffering

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/040311-web11-02/images-web11-02.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> After three years of study both in the classroom and on the field, hundreds of students are graduating from GFA-supported Bible colleges this month. <br> The graduation ceremonies at each GFA-supported Bible college follow a similar pattern. First, the students line up and march in. At one Bible college, they played the famous hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers" as the students marched in. <br> Hundreds of proud friends and family came to see the students graduate. Some students had no family members present because they are against their decision to follow and serve Christ. <br> The graduation celebration included special music, some of it written and performed by the students themselves. <br> Unlike the speakers at other graduation ceremonies who often encourage graduates to "follow their dreams," these graduates were challenged to symbolically dig their own grave and be ready to suffer and even die so that others can hear about Christ. <br> Of course, theology degrees were conferred. <br> And finally, the students were bathed in prayer as they made their final commitment to serve the Lord. <br> These new missionaries would like everyone to pray that God will make them channels of His blessing for many people. <br> date posted 04/03/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#graduating-life-suffering">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>


31st - Brain Tumor Leaves Missionary Paralyzed, Unresponsive

<h1 style="color:#CC0000">UPDATE: <em>04/26/2011</em></h1> <p>Thank you for praying for Brojen and his family. Brojen died on April 11 and his family conducted a funeral service for him on April 12. He was 23 years old. Please pray for God's peace and comfort on Brojen's wife, Ailia. They had only been married one year when he died. </p> <div class="hr-tight"></div> <br> <p class="pub-date"><strong>First update</strong>: from 03/31/2011</p> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/033111-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Brojen Matthew is seriously ill from a brain tumor.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Brojen Matthew is struggling to recover from surgery to remove a brain tumor. </p> <p>Brojen was hospitalized in February and had a series of operations to remove the tumor. He seemed to be recovering well, so the doctors sent him home from the hospital. But after a few days at home, he became violently ill again and was readmitted to the hospital.</p> <p>The doctors told Brojen's family they have done all they can for him and sent him back home. </p> <p>Brojen, who is only 23 years old, is paralyzed and unresponsive. He cannot walk, talk or eat on his own. Brojen serves as a national missionary in an area where the majority of the people follow the Sikh religion. He is pastor of a church with about 30 passionate believers who are very committed to helping him tell others about Jesus and His love. </p> <p>Brojen and his wife, Ailia, have only been married a short while.</p> <p>This young missionary came to know the Lord when he was in college. At that time, he was also very sick, so his parents sought the prayers of a Christian minister. As a result of those prayers, Brojen was healed. His entire family chose to follow Christ after witnessing this miracle. He then answered the Lord's call and, with his family's blessing, completed the program at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college and went on to serve the Lord in his home state.</p> <p>Those same family members are deeply grieved and feel helpless and hopeless about the situation. They are trusting God for Brojen's life. They ask you to join them as they pray for a healing touch on his body. They are also seeking prayer that they will stand firm in their faith during this difficult time.</p>

29th - Worshiping Where He Once Wreaked Havoc

<!-- ClickTale Top part --> <script type="text/javascript"> var WRInitTime=(new Date()).getTime(); </script> <!-- ClickTale end of Top part --> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/032911-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Haroon led a destructive mob, similar to this one, against Christians.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/032911-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Haroon damaged this church, where he now worships.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/032911-eml11-01c.jpg"> <small>The believers in Haroon's village had the joy of seeing their church and many of their houses rebuilt, and they also witnessed the transformation of some of their former persecutors.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In 2008, believers in Orissa, India, suffered intense persecution at the hands of anti-Christian extremists. They destroyed Christians' homes and burned churches to the ground. They went so far as to beat, rape, burn and murder believers. </p> <p>Haroon Das helped lead this brutality against Christians. When the riots against believers in Orissa began, he traveled throughout his district to stir up violence. </p> <p>On August 27, 2008, Haroon returned to his home village. He led a mob that damaged the church building of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. Haroon was one of the extremists who shattered the windows, broke the cross on top of the building and set fire to the contents of the building. </p> <p>The riots subsided, but Haroon himself began experiencing a problem. One of his legs became weak and caused him great pain. Eventually, one side of his body was completely paralyzed. </p> <p>With all his physical strength evaporated, Haroon's normal daily life came to a halt. He didn't understand why this happened. </p> <p>He went to doctors and spent lots of money on medical treatment, but he remained paralyzed. </p> <p>Someone was brave enough to tell Haroon that when Christians pray, a person can receive healing from any kind of sickness. He thought about going to church, but then talked himself out of it. </p> <p>"I have persecuted these people very badly, and if I go to them, how can they pray for me?" he asked himself. </p> <p>Haroon finally mustered up the courage to go. </p> <p>He showed up at a prayer meeting on a Tuesday night. He was shocked when the believers happily joined in prayer for him&mdash;the man who destroyed their church! Haroon brought his whole family&mdash;his wife, two children and his mother&mdash;to church the following Sunday. </p> <p>When the worship service ended, the pastor, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bhajan Sen, led the whole congregation in prayer for Haroon's physical ailments. </p> <p>Haroon and his family continued coming to church functions, and after some time, God completely healed him! Thankful and repentant, he confessed that the Lord had done this miracle. Haroon and his family decided to give their lives to Jesus. </p> <p>Although he is facing opposition from his older brother and from some of the other villagers, Haroon refuses to turn his back on Christ. His brother is threatening to cut him off from the rest of the family, but Haroon says he will stand firm in his relationship with Jesus regardless of the consequences. </p> <p>Like the people of Israel in Ezekiel's day, Haroon was called by the God who says, "As I live…I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways!" (Ezekiel 33:11 NKJV) By the mercy of Christ, Haroon no longer harasses the Lord's people. Instead, he joins with them in worshiping his Savior.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/orissa-persecutor-turned-worshiper/">Read how one of the persecutors from Haroon's mob also turned from his hatred of Christians</a>.</li> <li><a href="/persecution/orissa/">Find out about the reconstruction work that is happening in Orissa</a>.</li> </ul> <!-- ClickTale Bottom part --> <div id="ClickTaleDiv" style="display: none;"></div> <script type='text/javascript'> document.write(unescape("%3Cscript%20src='"+ (document.location.protocol=='https:'? 'https://clicktale.pantherssl.com/': 'http://s.clicktale.net/')+ "WRc5.js'%20type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var ClickTaleSSL=1; if(typeof ClickTale=='function') ClickTale(14644,1,"www03"); </script> <!-- ClickTale end of Bottom part -->

22nd - Children Celebrate Bridge of Hope

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/032211-web11-09/images-web11-09.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Children throughout South Asia are flourishing in Bridge of Hope centers. To celebrate their center's third anniversary, these kids held a special event. <br> Their teachers and leaders had planned the program, which highlighted some issues now facing their society, such as divorce and alcohol abuse. The children prepared many different presentations. <br> They acted out skits, ... <br> ... presented cultural dances ... <br> ... and praised Jesus through song! <br> In another region of South Asia, a large festival commemorated two Bridge of Hope centers' third anniversary. More than 700 people&mdash;from students and parents to community leaders and pastors&mdash;took part in the event. Some people even watched from their rooftops! <br> The children performed a vibrant talent show. <br> The celebration also featured special programs affiliated with Bridge of Hope, like the graduation of a tailoring class and the launch of a literacy initiative for women. <br> One exciting part of the event was the graduation of five Bridge of Hope students. God has blessed these children with an education that can open doors for them in the future. <br> In another part of South Asia, Bridge of Hope students participated in a special craft exhibition, showcasing their own handmade items. <br> The children made a variety of crafts and artworks from materials such as yarn, clay, wood and paper. <br> It looks like one of the patriarchs made a guest appearance. <br> A few students even constructed miniature Bridge of Hope centers! <br> These festivities were a great time of rejoicing in how God has touched children's lives through Bridge of Hope. <br> Not only do they have access to necessary education, but they are learning that the Lord loves them. <br> date posted 03/22/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#children-celebrate-bridge-hope">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

22nd - Providing Nourishment for Waterlogged Bodies and Souls

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/032211-web11-03/images-web11-03.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Weeks of intense rains spawned floods that left thousands of Sri Lankans homeless and feeling hopeless. <br> With their homes damaged or even destroyed by the storms, thousands fled their villages and waited for the water to recede. <br> But their physical condition&mdash;and their spirits&mdash;were lifted when Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams came to their aid. <br> The team stopped at one relief camp where about 100 families had set up temporary living quarters in a government building. <br> They distributed dry ration food packages which contained rice, dal (lentil beans), sugar, tea, powdered milk, dried fish and onions. The people were thrilled to receive the food. <br> The food packages helped feed the people for several days, according to the missionaries. <br> Helping the people with their immediate need for food is just one aspect of the Compassion Service teams' job. They also minister to their spiritual needs by praying for them and sharing the love of Jesus. <br> Once the people are able to return home, they'll need help clearing away the remnants of the storm and restoring their lives to normal. And GFA-supported missionaries will be there helping them for years to come. <br> date posted 03/22/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/compassion-services/flood-relief-59641033/"><strong>You can help care for Sri Lanka's flood victims</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#providing-nourishment-waterlogged-bodies-and-souls">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

18th - No Longer a Two-Face

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031811-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Gospel tracts can be a powerful tool for missionaries to introduce the Good News to people like Raksha.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031811-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Raksha sometimes plays the <em>tabla</em> (a kind of drum) in worship.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Twenty-year-old Raksha knew how to look pious on the outside. Born and reared in a town with not even one Christian, Raksha devoutly followed the rituals of his community's religion from a young age. He took a leadership role in the village's worship practices, helping organize festivals in honor of their gods and goddesses. </p> <p>But he lived a divided life. Although he performed all his religion's ceremonial duties, he lived a wayward lifestyle. He sought pleasure above all else and drank excessively, even while observing worship rituals. </p> <p>One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Vineet was visiting Raksha's village to share the Good News. In spite of their differing convictions, Raksha welcomed him to his house. Vineet talked with Raksha about his life and family and gave him some Gospel tracts before returning home. </p> <p>Two weeks later, Raksha went searching for Vineet, not knowing his life was about to change permanently. The two men ended up talking at a nearby church, where Vineet had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Raksha and pray for him. </p> <p>That day, Raksha chose to follow Jesus and started regularly attending worship services at the church. In fact, he sometimes slept there because he was concerned his parents might find out about his new faith. </p> <p>In spite of the risk he takes by following Jesus, he continues to grow in his faith and encourages others by using his musical talent to honor the Lord. He plays guitar and drums during church services and sometimes leads worship. Although he once dutifully worshiped his community's deities, he now praises Jesus enthusiastically.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/once-addict-now-example/">Read about two other young men who found freedom from alcohol</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/literature/">Provide Gospel literature so more desperate people can learn about Jesus</a>.</li> </ul>

16th - Elephant Stampedes into Home

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031611-wns11-28a.jpg"> <small>Raging elephants are a common story in parts of South Asia.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A wild elephant broke through the wall of Danvir Mehra's house as he and his wife, Sadaf, slept peacefully. </p> <p>The elephant rolled the couple out of their bed, kicking and stomping their bodies. Just as quickly as it came, the elephant left, vanishing into the nearby jungle and leaving them unconscious&mdash;and nearly dead.</p> <p>Danvir and Sadaf got medical attention and are mending from the severe injuries. They are now able to walk with some assistance.</p> <p>It wasn't the first time Danvir and Sadaf had encountered this elephant. A few weeks before, it charged into their home and took a bag of rice. During that encounter, the elephant left them alone.</p> <p>"It just touched them gently and did not attack," reported a GFA field correspondent. </p> <p>The elephant also made an appearance near the home of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daniel Saxena who serves in the Mehras' village. Although the elephant spared Daniel and his house, it destroyed his new bicycle.</p> <p>Pray for the Mehras' complete recovery from the elephant attack.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/elephants-trample-believers-homes/">Read about a herd of elephants that destroyed homes in West Bengal, India</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/rampaging-elephants-help-spread-the-gospel/">A group of stampeding elephants helped spread the Good News</a>.</li> </ul>

15th - Once an Addict, Now an Example

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031511-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Salim and Jitendra both experienced freedom from alcohol addiction, as this man did.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031511-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Alcoholism is a major problem throughout South Asia.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Jobless and addicted to drugs and alcohol, Salim Banerjee spent his time loitering on the streets. He never imagined his life was about to take a dramatic turn. </p> <p>One day Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Benjamin Masih met Salim and some other men and shared the Good News with them. </p> <p>"How much money will you pay us if we become Christian?" Salim asked. </p> <p>Benjamin responded that he wouldn't give them any money but would help them find eternal life. He invited Salim to attend his congregation's worship service.</p> <p>Two months later, Salim finally visited Pastor Benjamin's fellowship. He even told Pastor Benjamin all of his struggles and problems and asked the pastor to pray for him. </p> <p>That same day, Salim repented of his sins and chose to follow Jesus. He began regularly attending church services, and his sister Vasanti opened her heart to Jesus, too!</p> <p>Salim also began attending prayer meetings in another village where Benjamin was ministering. While traveling to the village, Salim met Jitendra, an alcoholic. Traveling to and from the prayer meetings, Salim invited Jitendra to come whenever he saw him. Although Jitendra never accepted the invitation, Salim faithfully prayed for his salvation.</p> <p>Eventually, Jitendra showed up at the prayer meeting. He had been suffering from stomach pain, but after receiving prayer, the pain diminished. Witnessing God's healing touch, he began regularly attending the meetings. As time went on, he experienced total healing from both his stomach pain and from his spiritual sickness: Jitendra chose to make Jesus his Lord. </p> <p>Through Benjamin's ministry, God transformed two lives. He even used Salim's background of addiction to share hope with someone in the same bondage. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/a-sons-quest/">Melbin's depression led him to alcoholism, but God freed him</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Sponsor a national missionary like Benjamin</a>!</li> </ul>

14th - Stay Away From My Son

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031411-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Satish often took his son with him to the temples to perform sacrifices to their gods and goddesses.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Satish took pride in his duties as a village priest. He strongly adhered to the traditional religion and made sure his children knew all the rituals and customs. He even took his 12-year-old son, Gupjan, with him to the religious festivals so he could learn how to offer the sometimes-bloody sacrifices that would please their gods.</p> <p>But one day, after returning from the temple, Gupjan began acting strangely and complained of a headache that wouldn't go away.</p> <p>Satish immediately knew an evil spirit possessed his son. The only way to rid him of the demon would be to take him to the local wizard&mdash;or so Satish thought.</p> <p>Both he and the wizard performed rituals according to their beliefs, but Gupjan's condition only got worse. The boy's speech became slurred, and he was partially paralyzed.</p> <p>Satish and the wizard continued offering sacrifices on Gupjan's behalf, although they could clearly see it was doing no good.</p> <p><strong>Persistence Prevails</strong><br> The news of Gupjan's problems reached the ears of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Thevan. </p> <p>Thevan approached the family, eager to help and pray, but when he began sharing God's Word, Satish adamantly refused to listen&mdash;he hated Christianity. </p> <p>Thevan left Satish's house disappointed, but his concern for the young boy prompted him to pray fervently for the Lord to open a way for him to reach out to the family. </p> <p>When a group of women from a nearby Women's Fellowship came to visit Thevan and his church, he explained Gupjan's situation to them. They decided they would try again and visit Satish once more. </p> <p>Satish became upset when he saw the missionary and the women at his door. But these believers weren't giving up. They promised they would leave after they prayed for Gupjan. Finally, Satish consented and led them to his son. </p> <p>As Pastor Thevan and the sisters prayed for Gupjan, the young boy screamed from the pain and anguish he felt within his body as the evil spirit fought to maintain control over him. After an hour of prayer, God delivered Gupjan from the steely grip of Satan.</p> <p><strong>He Refused to Believe</strong><br> Even then, Satish remained rebellious toward Jesus, not believing that the power of prayer in Jesus' name had healed his young boy. He witnessed his son's health return and watched as Gupjan talked, played and moved around&mdash;something he was not able to do under the demon's possession&mdash;yet he refused to believe.</p> <p>Days later, he took his son to another festival and let him perform the sacrifices. Again Gupjan came under demonic influence, but this time it was much worse. </p> <p>Satish and the family felt helpless. Although they know of God's healing power, they are refusing to let Thevan pray for Gupjan again. Meanwhile, the 12-year-old boy still remains in Satan's grip.</p> <p>Pastor Thevan asks people to pray for Gupjan to be forever delivered from the evil attacks and for his whole family to surrender to the saving grace of Christ's love.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/former-priest-follows-jesus-pastor-faces-threats/">Through his wife's sickness, a temple priest discovered the real God</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/jesus-dramatically-changes-priests-life/">A film opens a temple priest's heart to the saving grace of Jesus Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Church Prays, Fasts for Backslidden Man

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/031511-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Sushanta's entire church congregation willingly spent time fasting and praying for her husband to return to the Lord.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Raahi Chattopadhyay stopped going to church when the lure of drugs and other negative influences from his old life drew him away. His wife, Sushanta, knew something had to be done to bring her husband back to the Lord, but she wasn't sure what.</p> <p>Sushanta watched as her husband's backslidden condition worsened. Friends had tried to speak to him and encourage him to turn from his old ways, but he ignored their words. So Sushanta began to pray.</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Saatvik Jayaraman wondered what happened to make Raahi suddenly quit attending. When Sushanta approached him to ask that he and the entire church pray for her husband, Pastor Saatvik declared they would fast as well.</p> <p>Saatvik, Sushanta and the church members lifted their fallen brother into the arms of Christ with fervent prayers. They shed tears before the Lord, asking Him to work in Raahi's life, and as they fasted and prayed, Raahi's heart began to change.</p> <p>A few Sundays later, Pastor Saatvik and the church family welcomed Raahi back as he rededicated his life to Jesus! Joy filled Sushanta, knowing God had faithfully honored and answered their fasting, prayers and many tears shed over her prodigal husband. </p> <p>Raahi's return to the Lord also helped strengthen the believers' understanding and trust in the power of prayer. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/">Check out our monthly prayer points, so you can join us as we pray for people like Raahi to find Christ</a>.</li> </ul>

4th - Two Women, Different Lives, Same Lord

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030411-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>Once despairing because of her husband’s alcoholism and the strange sicknesses that afflicted her family, Saheli now worships Jesus and knows His peace.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030411-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Saruprani made Jesus the Lord of her life after He healed her of a difficult illness.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Saheli and Saruprani both worship among the congregation of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bibek Rangan. Although these two believers are at different stages of life, they have both experienced struggles related to mysterious illnesses and alcoholic loved ones. More importantly, they both found what they desperately needed: hope. </p> <p><strong>Family Freed from Sickness and Shame</strong><br> Before Saheli chose to follow Jesus in 2006, her household lacked peace. Her husband's drinking brought heavy burdens upon her family. Her children misbehaved, lacking respect for Saheli. Her husband acted like an animal when he came home after drinking. </p> <p>Another problem plagued Saheli's family. Whenever anyone in her family became ill, the sickness would last for an exorbitant amount of time&mdash;even months. Saheli's neighbors blamed her and mocked her for these odd, oppressive bouts of illness.</p> <p>One day as he was sharing the Good News with people, Bibek met Saheli. Desperate for an end to her troubles, she explained her plight to Bibek. He encouraged her by sharing from God's Word and prayed for her husband. </p> <p>In a miraculous answer to Bibek's prayers, Saheli's husband stopped drinking! </p> <p>Saheli started coming to church services and chose to follow Christ. Then her husband started having regular chest pain and was diagnosed with a heart problem. </p> <p>Although Saheli had to borrow money for the operation, God answered her prayers for her husband's speedy healing. </p> <p>The strange sicknesses in Saheli's family ceased. A household once in turmoil now enjoyed peace through Saheli's decision to follow Christ. </p> <p><strong>Another Miraculous Healing</strong><br> Saruprani experienced similar hardships. She contracted a mysterious illness. As she grew paler and weaker each day, her body would not respond to any of the medical treatments. </p> <p>Some students from a GFA-supported Bible college used to visit homes in Saruprani's neighborhood, and her mother had actually been attending services at Bibek's church, which is affiliated with the Bible college. When Saruprani's mother told the students about her daughter's condition, they went to pray for her. As soon as they left, Saruprani realized that God healed her!</p> <p>After witnessing this miracle, Saruprani knelt beside her bed and chose to give her heart to Jesus. Her family still faces challenges, including alcoholism, but she and her mother both worship Jesus as their Savior. </p> <p>Pastor Bibek requests prayer for Saheli's and Saruprani's families and for God's provision in their lives.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/biblewomen/">Help more women like Saheli and Saruprani experience the love of Christ. Learn about GFA’s Women’s Ministry</a>!</li> </ul>

1st - A Little Food, and a Glimpse of Hope

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030111-web11-02a.jpg"> <small>The floods wreaked havoc on many areas of Sri Lanka, even leaving coconut trees underwater.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030111-web11-02b.jpg"> <small>This lady, along with 49 others, received a food packet from a Compassion Services team member.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030111-web11-02c.jpg"> <small>This girl and her family now have a supply of food that will assist them while transportation is still difficult and food prices are high.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>On February 7, a Gospel for Asia Compassion Services team in Sri Lanka blessed people devastated by recent floods. </p> <p>The team brought 50 packets of dry rations to distribute to flood victims. The recipients eagerly accepted the packets, which included dal (a lentil bean commonly eaten in South Asia), tea, milk powder, dry fish, onions, sugar and rice. </p> <p>The team hopes these packets will provide ample nourishment for the recipients for many days&mdash;especially since most roads are still underwater and flood victims are still in relief camps. Due to cold weather and polluted water, many people in the area have become sick. Once the water recedes, the teams will make way for GFA-supported missionaries, who will minister to the people’s needs for years to come. </p> <p>The team would appreciate prayers for the following:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>That God will provide for all the needs of people who lost everything because of the natural disaster, including those who lost their homes.</li> <li>That God will divinely heal and protect the flood victims.</li> <li>That the government will take action to restore affected communities.</li> <li>That more medical teams will be able to come to the aid of those who are sick.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/flood/srilanka/">The recent floods in Sri Lanka have impacted thousands of people&mdash;including many believers</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/new-roofs-new-hope/">Read about people in Sri Lanka who received another resource&mdash;roofing</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Privileged, Prosperous...Yet Hopeless

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030111-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>Jhansi, like this woman, suffered demonic possession until a GFA-supported missionary prayed for her.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/030111-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Having chosen to follow Jesus Christ, Jhansi, like this woman, now has hope as she raises her three children.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Jhansi Sen's health was deteriorating, and she lost her ability to think rationally. Controlled by demons, this high-caste woman would shriek and scream. Her worried family members consulted many doctors and spent a lot of money on treatment, yet she experienced no healing. </p> <p>However, a friend told her family members about a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Vajra Dutta, and said Jesus could heal Jhansi. Her husband Baldev and the other family members went to Vajra and told him about Jhansi's predicament. </p> <p>Vajra went to their home and prayed for three days, and God supernaturally freed Jhansi from the demonic bondage! Her body experienced complete healing. </p> <p>Jhansi, Baldev and their family chose to follow Jesus. However, fear held them back from worshiping with the local congregation because her husband worked in the government and had a prominent position in the village. </p> <p>Pastor Vajra asks that you pray for the following: </p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>Baldev, Jhansi and their three children to stand firm in their faith and have the boldness to follow Jesus.</li> <li>Other families in this village to come to salvation.</li> <li>Safety in this particular area of South Asia, which is dominated by a rebel group.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/seizures-drive-high-caste-woman-feet-jesus/">Although many high-caste people still reject Christianity as a low-caste religion, a number of them have chosen to follow Jesus</a>.</li> <li><a href="/send-extras-serving-with-her-family/">See how God has transformed the life of another high-caste lady, Namisha</a>.</li> </ul>


25th - At Last, a Family Finds Freedom

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-wns11-01d.jpg"> <small>Jyothirdar's wife, like this woman, once suffered under strong demonic possession. Now, she's set free and worships Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Jyotirdhar Patil did not know what to do. A demon had possessed his wife and caused her to go hysterical, creating problems for her family. Although Jyotirdhar tried almost everything to get the demon to leave, including consulting witchdoctors and mediums, nothing worked. </p> <p>Jyotirdhar began going to prayer meetings at a local fellowship. He still did not know Jesus, however, and his wife remained demon possessed.</p> <p>At the prayer meetings, he met Pathik, a believer who belonged to a church led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Mihir Gavde. Pathik invited Jyotirdhar to his fellowship. </p> <p>At first Jyotirdhar was hesitant to visit a new church, but the Spirit compelled him to go. </p> <p>When Pastor Mihir noticed him in the congregation for the first time, he recalls sensing "a feeling of dejection and demonic attack upon this family." After the service, Mihir went to Jyotirdhar and asked him about his family, and Jyotirdhar opened up about some of the woes they were facing.</p> <p>Mihir went to Jyotirdhar's house, prayed for his wife, and the demon immediately left her! She started acting normally and doing her usual household tasks. </p> <p>That very day, Jyotirdhar and his wife chose to make Jesus their Lord. Jyotirdhar is even serving as the treasurer of the church! Following Christ faithfully, they join hands in prayer whenever either of them is sick, and God hears them. </p> <p>Please pray that Jyotirdhar and his wife continue to grow spiritually and remain steadfast in their faith, undeterred by their circumstances, to bear fruit for their Savior.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/demon-flees-gods-power/">A demon nearly destroyed Laila's life&mdash;until God delivered her</a>.</li> <li><a href="/sponsor/">Help other missionaries like Mihir share God's love with people like Jyotirdhar</a>!</li> </ul>

25th - Asthma Brought Her to Christ

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-wns11-01c.jpg"> <small>Ganika struggled with asthma, which depressed her to the point that she thought she would die.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Asthma disrupted Ganika's life. For seven years, she had to deal with the wheezing and breathlessness. No amount of medication or spiritual rituals could eliminate the suffering.</p> <p>She prayed to her gods and goddesses, hoping for a cure that never came. Ganika changed from being a happy person to thinking her sickness would surely kill her.</p> <p>Even though she was of a different religion, Ganika visited a Christian church where Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Nirmalya Gavde serves. After she shared the agony she was experiencing, he explained to her the miracles Jesus Christ did and told her he could pray for God to heal her of her asthma too. </p> <p>After Pastor Nirmalya prayed for her, she felt a strange sensation in her body. In a few days, she realized her asthma was completely gone. </p> <p>With a heart full of gratitude over her healing, Ganika began regularly attending Sunday worship services at Nirmalya's church, where she experiences close fellowship with her Savior. </p> <p>But now Ganika faces another problem: Her family opposes her new faith in Christ, despite witnessing the miracle of her healing.</p> <p>They threaten her, but Ganika continues to stand strong. Her husband, on the other hand, has come to understand the truth of Christ through Ganika's faithfulness, love and prayers. He has seen the dramatic change in her since coming to Christ, and he now worships alongside his wife. They both play an active role in their church and proclaim Jesus' name wherever possible.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/healing-breath-of-life/">Read about Jaren who had a vision of Jesus during his most severe asthma attack</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/twelve-peoples-quest-rewarded/">When Vincy's husband gave up caring for her during her asthma attacks, she found a God who wouldn't leave or forsake her</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - The Wrath of Angry Gods

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Hasit thought he faced death after he forgot to cleanse himself before performing sacred rituals to his gods.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Hasit hated Christians. He didn't want any believer sharing the Good News with him. He didn't even let them get near him. Instead, Hasit constantly looked for opportunities to condemn and persecute Christians. Little did he know it would be the prayers of a Christian man who would save him from death.</p> <p><strong>The (Un)fortunate Turn of Events</strong><br> Hasit was a village priest who worshiped tigers and elephants, which he believed would protect his house, property and crops in exchange for his reverence. He often performed black magic and held onto superstitious beliefs. His gods required strict rituals and sacrifices that had to be performed the right way or else it would provoke their wrath. </p> <p>Unfortunately for Hasit, he fell sick one day with a fever and forgot to cleanse himself with a bath&mdash;a step before performing the rituals. He assumed this misstep had angered the gods he worshiped. His sickness grew worse, and he fell unconscious. His wife thought he was dead, but he revived only to fall unconscious again. </p> <p><strong>A God Who Loves</strong><br> Seeing his struggle for life and receiving no help from their gods, Hasit's wife sought the prayers of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Saul Dutta, who was serving in their village. Despite knowing the hatred Hasit had for followers of Christ, Saul was intent on sharing and showing God's love to his enemy. </p> <p>When Saul arrived at their home, he shared the Gospel and explained some of the miracles Jesus performed while on Earth. He assured them Jesus could heal Hasit if they believed in Him. Without hesitating, Hasit's wife trusted Jesus to do a miracle in her husband's life.</p> <p>Saul prayed for Hasit, and the next morning the Lord healed him! Now Hasit and his wife worship and attend Saul's church where they're growing more in love with Jesus every day.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/a-new-way-of-life">Mala lived a life of endless rituals to appease her gods until she heard a sermon that would change her life</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/who-is-the-real-god/">Paresh came from a wealthy family that was strict in performing their daily rituals to the god they thought was superior to all others, but his life had no peace</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - Healing Power Leads Family to Christ

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-web11-01a.jpg"> <small>After experiencing the love of Christ over a period of time, Gaurang and his entire<br> family&mdash;like this family&mdash;decided to follow Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Persistence, prayer and the power of God to heal the sick allowed a Gospel for Asia-supported national missionary to see an entire family place their faith in Christ in one South Asian village.</p> <p>Nadia Sarin, a GFA-supported woman missionary, began visiting regularly with the family of a man named Gaurang after meeting them during a door-to-door ministry opportunity. She began patiently building a friendship with them and sharing the Good News about Jesus.</p> <p><strong>Hesitant to Change</strong><br> Gaurang, a self-employed truck driver, was very committed to his traditional religion&mdash;as was his wife and three children. While they were becoming friends with Nadia, Gaurang and his family were not willing to accept her message of Christ's love for them.</p> <p>However, their hearts began to change when one of their daughters came down with both malaria and typhoid. </p> <p>Even though Gaurang and his wife were unsure about Nadia's God, they trusted her and asked her to pray for their daughter's healing. In response, Nadia and some other missionaries gathered and interceded for the girl.</p> <p>Miraculously, God answered their prayers, and Gaurang's daughter was completely healed of these two diseases&mdash;either of which could have taken her life!</p> <p><strong>Short-Lived Joy</strong><br> The family's joy was short-lived, however, when a few days later, their oldest daughter was stricken with an unknown illness.</p> <p>Again, the family called upon Nadia and her missionary colleagues to pray for healing. And once again, God answered their prayers.</p> <p>Although the family was filled with joy and in awe of God's power to heal them, Gaurang and his family were still not willing to follow Jesus.</p> <p><strong>Hearts Changed</strong><br> Nadia didn't give up, but continued to pray for and minister to them. Looking back at all Jesus did for them, their hearts were finally melted. Gaurang, his wife, son and two daughters all chose to receive Christ into their lives.</p> <p>"As a family, we will serve God," Gaurang declared. </p> <p>And they all affirmed that they now know Christ is the true God, and they are excited to serve Him.</p> <p>Today, Gaurang and his family are an active part of a church led by Pastor Sajan, a GFA-supported national missionary. This is the church from where Nadia conducts her ministry.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/chronic-headache-ends-prayer/">See how the Lord healed a man whose headache lasted for several years</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/bedridden-man-now-walks/">Read about a man healed from tuberculosis through the prayers of a national missionary</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - More Than Turkey and Pumpkin Pie

<p>In a South Asian village, a group of believers gathered last fall for their very own Thanksgiving service. Gospel for Asia-supported workers held the worship service and shared from the Bible about true thanksgiving.</p> <table class="figure-alt"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-wns11-20a.jpg"> <small>Believers spent time worshiping the Lord and giving Him thanks.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022511-wns11-20b.jpg"> <small>People brought offerings of rice, vegetables and handicrafts to thank the Lord for His provision.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <br clear="all"> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/celebrating-christ-non-believers/">See how a group of children shared Christmas with their community</a>.</li> </ul>

24th - New Roofs, New Hope

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022411-web11-03a.jpg"> <small>Sanjiv's wife receiving the roofing supplies.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022411-web11-03b.jpg"> <small>Ishita realized Jesus loves her when she received much-needed roofing supplies.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In Sri Lanka, a nation torn by civil war and natural disasters, Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services assisted families weighed down by poverty. On October 30, a group of pastors shined the light of Christ by distributing 24 roofing sheets.</p> <p>One of the recipients, Sanjiv, lives in a shanty home near a lake. The polluted water of the lake and the house's lack of a proper roof left him and his family prone to illness. Sanjiv worked as a laborer, looking for temporary jobs in various places. However, he became sick. He grew so physically weak that he could not work. His wife became sick, too, so they had no means of income to provide for their three children, including a newborn.</p> <p>The GFA Compassion Services team donated 12 iron sheets to Sanjiv and his family for the repair of their roof. Because of this act, the family now has a safer shelter, and they realized Jesus loves them.</p> <p>Ishita's family also had great need of roofing repairs. Her husband, a laborer like Sanjiv, does not usually have a permanent job. He and Ishita struggled to care for their three children.</p> <p>The family lives in a small, wooden house. All they have for light is one lantern, and they did not have a sufficient roof. Damage from wind and rain had created large holes in the roofing, allowing water to gush inside. On rainy days, the family had to move to one corner of their house to stay dry. The children often became sick as a result of the inadequate shelter.</p> <p>When the Compassion Services team gave Ishita 12 iron sheets for roofing, her heart welled with happiness, and tears came to her eyes. Even though she follows the area's traditional religion, she saw Christ's love manifested in the team's actions.</p> <p>According to the GFA correspondent, "... through the team's act of kindness Ishita realized how Jesus helps the needy and loves all people."</p> <p>After distributing all the gifts, the team reached home safely, grateful to God for allowing them the privilege to help others. They ask for prayer that Sanjiv's and Ishita's families will choose to follow Jesus.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/flood/srilanka/">Flooding has taken a heavy toll on Sri Lanka</a>.</li> <li><a href="/regions/country/sri-lanka/">Learn more about the country of Sri Lanka, a land of tea, exotic wildlife—and much sorrow in recent years</a>.</li> </ul>

23rd - Bridge of Hope Student Dies in Accident

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022311-wns11-16.jpg"> <small>Emmadi had been attending a Bridge of Hope center for four years before her life suddenly came to an end.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A Bridge of Hope student's life ended January 3 after an auto collision. Emmadi Asha and her family were riding in an auto rickshaw on their way to a New Years service at a Gospel for Asia-supported church when a motorbike collided with the vehicle at high speeds. The impact caused the rickshaw to turn upside down, damaging one of Emmadi's kidneys and breaking her right leg and left hand.</p> <p>Her family immediately brought her to the hospital. Doctors kept her in the Intensive Care Unit, but her condition only worsened. Two days after the accident, Emmadi got to see the shining face of her Savior in heaven. </p> <p>Emmadi was studying in the ninth grade. She joined the Bridge of Hope center in her area in 2006. Because of her witness, her family members began attending the local church where a GFA-supported pastor serves, and now they worship the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.</p> <p>They ask for prayer during this difficult time, that the Lord in His mercy will comfort them and bring them peace. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/sponsorachild/">Learn more about Bridge of Hope and how you can help a child know the Lord</a>.</li> </ul>

23rd - Jesus, the Great Dentist

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022311-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Tani received deliverance from the pain of a severe toothache, and in the process, she chose to follow Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Tani Kumar is a teen girl who lives in one of South Asia's largest cities. Like millions of others, she has little access to medical care. So when she came down with a bad toothache, her parents did all they could afford to do. They took her to the dentist, and he gave her some medication, but it did not clear up the problem. The pills did nothing to solve the primary cause of Tani's toothache. Instead, it continued to get worse. The problem tooth caused her gum to swell, which was extremely painful. It even affected her ability to speak clearly. Tani was also running a high fever. She couldn't even eat.</p> <p>Tani was in such despair that she thought it would be better to die.</p> <p>Her family did not have any money to take her back to the dentist. They were not Christians, but they heard about a woman named Jayana who prayed for the sick and they were healed. Jayana's son-in-law, Alhad Bapaiah, is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in the area.</p> <p>Even though Tani and her family followed another religion, they asked Jayana to come and pray for her daughter.</p> <p>Jayana went to their house and found Tani laying in a bed, with severe pain and burning up with fever. Jayana asked Tani if she would like for Jesus to solve her problem, and the girl said "yes." So Jayana prayed and then gave Tani a glass of water to drink. All at once, Tani's fever was gone. But the pain from her problem tooth remained.</p> <p>"If God healed your fever, He will surely free you from the pain, too. All He wants is for you to believe in Him," Jayana told Tani.</p> <p>So Jayana again prayed for Tani and gave her another glass of water to drink. After she drank it, the toothache was gone.</p> <p>Tani and her family were amazed at the miraculous answer to prayer. Tani knew she had found the Savior&mdash;the Great Physician. Or, in this case, He was Tani's Great Dentist.</p> <p>Almost three years later, Tani is a shining example of the redemptive power of the love of Jesus. She continues to serve and honor Jesus, even though her parents have yet to follow Him. Her greatest prayer is for her father, Vijay, that he would choose to follow Jesus. Right now, he is living a lifestyle that is causing great heartache to his family.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/special-report-why-healings/">Why does God so often use physical healing in South Asia</a>.</li> </ul>

22nd - Something to Smile About

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/022211-web11-07/images-web11-07.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Sevita didn't have much to smile about when her husband died. Left as a widow, her family and neighbors shunned her. She was considered a curse and was despised and reviled for being poor. <br> Her community refused to let her draw from their well, afraid she might somehow contaminate it. So she made her own well. <br> Sevita dug a pit deep enough to bring forth murky water, so that was what she drank. <br> When Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Devaj Sherma learned about Sevita's situation, he immediately petitioned for a Jesus Well to be dug near her home. <br> When the Jesus Well was finally built in her village, Sevita no longer had any worries. Her life of troubles and sadness vanished and her radiant smile returned. <br> She and her children used the well for everything: house cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, bathing ... <br> ... and especially for drinking. The water from the Jesus Well is so pure and tasty right out of the spout! <br> Pastor Devaj visited Sevita often, telling her and her children all about Jesus Christ who loves them even when everyone else ostracized them. <br> The seeds he planted soon began to take root in their hearts. Eventually they came to know the Lord Jesus personally, and a prayer meeting started up in Sevita's home. <br> At the meetings, Sevita and her family learned how to pray and worship the Lord. <br> Now they know firsthand of the redeeming power of Christ and His refreshing love. <br> And it all started with a Jesus Well. <br> date posted 02/22/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/major-ministries/jesus-wells/"><strong>Jesus Wells provide a basic need to desperate Asian communities, but most of all the opportunity to learn of the source of Living Water. Donate today</strong></a>!</p> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

21st - Pure Water for Pakistan Flood Victims

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-14a.jpg"> <small>This workman has an audience as he puts the finishing touches on one of the Jesus Wells drilled for Pakistan flood victims.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-14b.jpg"> <small>The new Jesus Well is a bright spot of hope in this village.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-14c.jpg"> <small>All the young people are proud of the new well in their village.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-14d.jpg"> <small>These children are getting water from the new Jesus Well to wash their hands.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-14e.jpg"> <small>Getting water at the new well is a family affair for these people in Pakistan.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>They survived the horrific floods that swept across their country during the summer of 2010. But life was not much better for the people of Pakistan when they returned to their villages after the flood waters dried up. Their homes were damaged, their crops destroyed and they had no water to drink.</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services workers were in Pakistan in the days after the flooding, giving the affected people food, clothing, blankets and other immediate needs. They also discovered that many of the villages they visited did not have an adequate supply of clean water&mdash;even before the floods hit. So they decided to do something about it. </p> <p>During the months after the floodwaters receded, several Jesus Wells were drilled in the villages affected by the floods. And several more wells are in the works, too. </p> <p>"The work of our Compassion Services teams is twofold. First, we want to meet the immediate needs of anyone who is suffering as a result of a disaster. That’s why they are often the first ones on the ground offering food, water and clean clothing to individuals and families," said Gospel for Asia president K.P. Yohannan. "But we don’t want to simply touch down and take off again. So the second facet of our Compassion Services Ministry is to help these people rebuild their lives. That’s why, months later, you will find Gospel for Asia-supported workers in villages rebuilding houses, providing seeds to replant crops and in this case, drilling wells to alleviate a long-term need. The love of Christ compels us to love these desperate people and to ease their many burdens."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/taking-food-clothing-and-hope-people-pakistan/">See the GFA-supported Compassion Services teams in action</a>.</li> <li><a href="/jesuswells/">Learn more about Jesus Wells</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - A Friend's Prayer of Freedom

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Reshma's deliverance from demon possession stirred curiosity about Jesus among the villagers in her community.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Reshma's change in appearance and demeanor caused her parents to panic. When she was just a young girl, an evil spirit possessed Reshma. As she grew older, the spirit never left but continued to torment her and wreak havoc in her life. </p> <p>Whenever the spirit attacked, Reshma would fall unconscious and remain unaware of her actions. She oftentimes became hostile and would pound her fists on the floor and walls. </p> <p>Her demonic possession also affected her marriage. She wasn't able to properly care for her husband, Dajiak, and their children.</p> <p>Her husband and parents sought treatment for her condition, unaware it was demonic. They took her to temples and pilgrimages, but nothing brought deliverance. Because of this, her parents disowned her, and Dajiak began to live in frustration.</p> <p>One day, as Dajiak was out walking, he ran into one of Reshma's friends, Malila, and shared with her the struggle his wife was having. A believer in Christ, Malila hurried to find her dear friend and share the Gospel with her. As she was speaking about Jesus, Malila realized her friend was a victim of demonic possession. She prayed fervently for Reshma's freedom from the grip of Satan in Jesus' name. Two days later, Reshma's behavior turned to normal and she was freed from the evil spirits that had kept her captive since her childhood.</p> <p>Now she is a completely different person. Dajiak and their childen are grateful to God for delivering her. They now attend a church where a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serves.</p> <p>Reshma's healing piqued the interest and curiosity of her fellow villagers who now want to know more about Jesus&mdash;the God of miracles.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/evil-spirit-manifests-deceased-husband/">Basanti's husband had passed away, but she still frequently saw him&mdash;and it frightened her</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/humans-demons-oppose-womens-film-teams/">A women's film team encounters earthly and spiritual opposition</a>.</li> </ul>

21st - Film Teams in Training

<table class="figure-alt"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/022111-wns11-09.jpg"> </div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Film teams are one of the most effective tools for sharing the story of Jesus with millions who have yet to hear. The young men and women in this photo have all graduated from Bible college and are now learning how to be part of a film team.</p> <p>Once their training is complete, they will pair up with their peers and travel throughout South Asia showing a film about the life of Christ.</p> <p>They will sacrifice stability and comfort, while willingly spending months away from their families, but they know that it’s worth it. Thousands of people choose to follow Christ every year after watching the movie.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/ministries/film/">Read more about the work of GFA film teams</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - Children's Day Celebrations

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/021811-wns11-05/images-wns11-05.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> In honor of the Asian Children's Day holiday, Bridge of Hope centers and Sunday school classes celebrated with traditional songs, dances and messages from God's Word. <br> The children performed cultural dances ... <br> ... and entertained the crowds with their singing and dancing skills. <br> The Bible college students put on puppet shows ... <br> ... performed skits ... <br> ... and even sang worship songs for the special occasion. <br> Many of the children chose to dedicate their lives to Christ that day. <br> At the end of the Children's Day programs, awards were given out to the best students in Sunday school classes. <br> And other gifts, like blankets, were distributed as a token of love to the children and their families. <br> On top of the fun, all who attended the event learned about Christ and how precious His children are in His sight. <br> date posted 02/18/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#childrens-day-celebrations">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

16th - Sewing A New Future

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/021611-wfr11-01/images-wfr11-01.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Gospel for Asia workers offered the love of Jesus to women in Asia who were in great need by training them how to sew. See how this training changed their lives! <br> Aditi was part of a tailoring class in 2007. Now with skills to sew many types of clothing, she has her own shop and makes 4,000 rupees ($88 US) per month, a good wage in her area. <br> Dhara never went to school. So when her husband lost his business, they were in great need—that is, until she was given the chance to learn tailoring! Now she helps her husband support the family. <br> Atisha had to care for her younger siblings while her parents worked. Uneducated, she wasn't considered eligible for marriage. This changed as she was able to work as a seamstress and take care of herself. The Lord blessed her with a husband, too. <br> Hema heard of the tailoring class from her friend. As a result, she now has a shop and earns plenty of money to support herself and her parents. <br> Since she was a child, Seema has been unable to speak or hear. With no one else to help her, Seema learned to support herself through the loving attention of her tailoring teachers. Now she knows Jesus, too. <br> Jasleen enrolled in the tailoring class when a GFA worker visited her home and invited her to join. She completed the course in 2007, and today she has her own shop and earns about 6,000 rupees ($132 US) per month. <br> Jasleen says that during her life-changing training, she learned to sew, handle money and run a business. She also learned something more important: that the Lord Jesus loves her. <br> date posted 02/16/2011 </div> <br><br> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#sewing-new-future">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul> <BR><BR> <a href="/sewing-hope/"><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/sewing-hope/sewing-hope-for-asia.jpg" alt="Interested in homemade doll clothes? Read more about one woman's desire to give hope to the women of Asia through her sewing skills." /></a><br> <p><a href="/sewing-hope/"> Read more about one woman's desire to give hope to the women of Asia through her sewing skills </a>.</p>

15th - Opposition Results in Deep Commitment

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021511-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>Film team members were out distributing Gospel literature when they encountered anti-Christians, who later had Pastor Philemon thrown in jail and tortured.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Sahil was the village leader where Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Philemon Sandhu served. He often helped Pastor Philemon with matters concerning the village and its people. But it wasn't until he witnessed the amount of suffering and hardship his pastor endured for the sake of the Gospel that Sahil decided to take a more proactive role in sharing the Good News.</p> <p><strong>A Sudden Interrogation</strong><br> A group of GFA-supported film team members arrived in Sahil's village desiring to get permission to screen a film on the life of Jesus. After they received Sahil's approval, they didn't delay in going door to door to hand out Gospel literature and inform the villagers of the film show that would take place later that night. </p> <p>But as the team was out doing ministry, they stumbled upon a group of anti-Christians who began interrogating them. They asked many questions concerning the Christian faith and about the film team's reasons for handing out Gospel literature. Not satisfied with the team's responses, the anti-Christians called the police to complain. </p> <span class="pullquote">He stood shocked to see the pastor's physical condition, but his heart was deeply moved as he witnessed Philemon's commitment through suffering for the name of the Lord.</span> <p><strong>False Accusations and Threats</strong><br> Before the police arrived, the anti-Christians arranged for some people to give false reports about the team. When the police began their investigation, one by one, the people began to accuse the film team of forcing people to convert to Christianity. </p> <p>"Sir, these men are converting the people and this is happening not only today but every day," one person told the police.</p> <p>And then another said, "They are getting lots of money for converting the people."</p> <p>As the false accusations piled up, the police officers became furious. One turned to a film team member and said, "Tell me correctly what you are doing here, otherwise I will put you in prison." Not assured that the first police officer's inquiry would be truthfully answered, another policeman chimed in, "If you are asking without harming them, they will not tell. Give me that stick; I will ask properly."</p> <p>Then he took a stick and began threatening the film team.</p> <p>The missionaries stood firm, honestly and politely informing the police they were only distributing Gospel literature and nothing more. Then someone suddenly called out, "Yesterday these people came to our house and told us to become Christians, saying they would give us money if we would become Christians."</p> <p>As the tension escalated, one of the team members slipped away to find Pastor Philemon and inform him of the situation. Pastor Philemon rushed to the scene. The police caught hold of him and began asking several questions that were difficult for Philemon to answer. Believing he was the head of the team, the police took him to the station where they tortured him.</p> <p><strong>The Fruit of Suffering</strong><br> When Sahil, the village leader, found out what happened, he immediately went to the police station to see Philemon. He stood shocked to see the pastor's physical condition, but his heart was deeply moved as he witnessed Philemon's commitment through suffering for the name of the Lord.</p> <p>That day Sahil dedicated his life to work for the Lord and help the pastor in ministry.</p> <p>After Pastor Philemon was released from jail, Sahil began to accompany him as he traveled house to house sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Through Sahil's renewed devotion, many have come to know the Lord as Savior.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/film-teams/">Pray for GFA-supported film teams</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Feeding and Clothing the Body While Nourishing the Soul

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/021411-web11-03/images-web11-03.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> South Asia is home to 578 million people who don't get enough to eat. South Asia's hungry number more than the entire population of North America. <br> Children suffer greatly when there's not enough to eat. In Nepal alone, 50 percent of preschool children are chronically malnourished. This lack of adequate nutrition causes health problems and prevents these precious children from normal development. <br> Several Gospel for Asia-supported workers decided to bring the issue of hunger to the forefront on World Food Day last October. This Women's Fellowship group prepared food packets to distribute to children who live in a slum area in Delhi, India's capital city. <br> The children in the slum were eager to see what the women brought for them. <br> The women also knew that the hungry children did not have proper clothes to wear, either. So they brought them some new clothes, too. <br> The kids were happy to pose for a photo in their new clothes, holding the bags of food they received. <br> In a suburb of Delhi, another Women's Fellowship group distributed food packets to the destitute. This woman gave a meal to a homeless beggar. Rarely do this society's outcasts experience such demonstrations of love. <br> The group also visited a settlement where people with leprosy are forced to live. The leprosy patients are totally cut off from society and were so appreciative of the kind gesture. <br> Several hundred people were blessed with a meal that day. And as a result of these women showing the love of Jesus, many people are now attending a local fellowship and hearing about the Savior who loves them. <br> date posted 02/14/2011 </div> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#feeding-and-clothing-body-while-nourishing-soul">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

10th - What She Wanted for Christmas: a Cow

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wfr11-03.jpg"> <small>Natkuna received a cow a few weeks before Christmas&mdash;a truly practical gift for her and her family.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>At only 32 years old, Natkuna Mehta is already a widow and a single mother of four. She had been praying for a cow to help provide for her children, and God used Gospel for Asia's <em>Christmas Gift Catalog</em> to answer her prayer. </p> <p>Natkuna came to know Jesus through her husband. Before her marriage, she faithfully worshiped many gods and goddesses. But she married a Christian who belonged to the congregation of GFA-supported missionary Ujwal Shah. Natkuna's husband showed her the love of Christ, and she eventually chose to follow Jesus. God blessed their marriage with happiness and with four children&mdash;two sons and two daughters. </p> <p>But in 2006, Natkuna's husband fell ill with malaria. Because they lacked financial resources and access to proper medical treatment, he died. </p> <p>Natkuna's life took a challenging turn. Her husband's death left her with four children under the age of five to take care of. With many questions about the future spinning in her mind, she felt anxious and helpless. She did find some work as a day laborer, but some days she had jobs and some days she didn't. She used her meager earnings to feed her children. </p> <p>During this trying time, Natkuna received spiritual support by participating in Pastor Ujwal's prayer fellowship. Because Natkuna knew a cow would provide milk both for her family and to sell and make money, she diligently prayed, asking God for a cow. On December 8, Gospel for Asia hosted a Christmas gift distribution program in their community, and she finally received her cow! </p> <p>"Really God is a very good God to me who gave me this cow," Natkuna says, very thankful for God's answer to her prayers. "Now I will milk the cow and will nourish my family in a proper way. I praise God for His love and care."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/donation/browse/items/from-the-stable/cow/">You can provide a cow&mdash;or other animals&mdash;for a family like Natkuna's</a>!</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/two-pigs-and-bicycle/">See a PhotoShow about other families who experienced God's provision through gifts from GFA's <em>Christmas Gift Catalog</em></a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Wild Elephants Destroy Believers' Homes

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wns11-11.jpg"> <small>Not-so-gentle giants: Elephants frequently destroy homes in certain parts of India, especially during the rainy seasons, when flooding drives them to village areas.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wns11-11b.jpg"> <small>These believers pray as they prepare to build a new church building after elephants leveled their first one.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Around midnight on January 2, two believers and their families experienced a life-altering tragedy of losing their homes. But it was not one of the usual culprits&mdash;fire or storm&mdash;that decimated their houses: It was a herd of elephants. </p> <p>A herd of approximately 30 wild pachyderms stampeded the homes of Gunalan Mistry and Dilawar Jaiteley. These two families have little money, and the elephants trampled their few belongings. </p> <p>Shaken but safe, the families are taking shelter at a government primary school. Samuel Yadav, the Gospel for Asia-supported missionary who serves as their pastor, praises God for preserving their lives. </p> <p>Sadly, rampages by wild pachyderms are not uncommon in this part of India. During the rainy season, they often wander into villages and wreak havoc. </p> <p>Pastor Samuel and GFA staff in the area request prayer for God to protect each villager from further elephant attacks and their potential harm to people's lives.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/rampaging-elephants-help-spread-the-gospel/">Read about an elephant rampage that God used for growth in the Body of Christ</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/elephants-trample-believers-homes/">Read another story about believers who lost their homes due to wild elephants</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - Doctors Gave Up on Him, But the Great Physician Didn't

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Doctors had given up on Joydeb, but then he met the Great Physician.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Joydeb Murmu was shocked and devastated by the doctor's news. The physician told Joydeb's family to take him home; there was nothing more they could do for him at the hospital.</p> <p>Joydeb landed in the hospital after his body began to swell to an abnormal size and he began having trouble breathing. Joydeb's condition greatly alarmed his wife, Lalita. She began praying to her gods, asking for his healing. She also performed multiple rituals in the temples, hoping the gods would have mercy on Joydeb.</p> <p>But her prayers and rituals had no effect on her husband's condition. It grew worse and worse. She took him to several doctors, who gave him a variety of costly medical treatments, including a lengthy stay in the hospital. As a result, Lalita spent all the family's money on her husband's care. To hear the doctor pronounce this final word on Joydeb brought great grief to the family.</p> <p>Joydeb and Lalita live in a village that is a few miles away from the home of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Dileshwar Ekka. When this missionary heard about the family's plight, he was compelled to go see them.</p> <p>What he witnessed broke his heart. Joydeb's body had swollen to a grotesque size. He was lying on a bed, helpless. His family members, including his young son, surrounded him. Dileshwar could see the hopelessness and frustration on their faces. His heart was moved even further by Lalita's sobs.</p> <p>Many of the family members recognized Dileshwar from his role as pastor of a local church, and they were surprised that he came to their home since they were not believers.</p> <p>But they poured out their hearts to him, telling them about the pain and trouble in Joydeb's life. After listening attentively, Dileshwar shared the hope found in Jesus. He shared scriptures to comfort the family and then he prayed fervently for Joydeb to be healed.</p> <p>He left the family's home that day burdened about their situation and promising that he and his congregation would continue praying for Joydeb and his family.</p> <p>When Dileshwar returned a few days later to check on Joydeb, he found him feeling a little better. A week later, Joydeb was completely healed! The swelling went down and the young man's body returned to its normal state. And he was able to breathe again!</p> <p>The news about Joydeb's healing spread throughout the village and the miracle astonished everyone. Many people started to express an interest in the Good News.</p> <p>Joydeb was quick to give God credit for his healing, and soon after his recovery, he and his entire family chose to follow Jesus as their Savior. </p> <p>That same week, five other families also chose to follow Jesus. These five families, like Joydeb and Lalita, had been staunch followers of their traditional religion. Today they are no longer offering sacrifices to gods as before. Instead, they are worshiping Jesus, who sacrificed His life for them.</p> <p>Pastor Dileshwar is rejoicing about Joydeb's healing. He also asks for prayer that Joydeb's testimony will continue to resonate with the villagers and that it will cause them to examine the claims of Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/the-long-journey-through-bhutan/">Dileshwar previously served on a GFA-supported film team. Read a report about how he took the Gospel to the people via a movie</a>.</li> </ul>

10th - The Witchdoctors’ Failed Prediction

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wns11-07.jpg"> <small>Angarika suffered from demon possession for three years, but now she has freedom through Christ.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wns11-07b.jpg"> <small>On October 15, Mahish and Pratap prayed for both women.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/021011-wns11-07c.jpg"> <small>Rupali, having experienced the Lord's healing and protection, now follows Him.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Angarika and Rupali awaited October 15 with fearful apprehension. This date occurred during a special festival in their community, a time to honor a beloved and feared goddess. </p> <p>But according to some witchdoctors, October 15 would not mark a joyous celebration in these two women's lives: It would be the day they were to die. </p> <p>Angarika Das, 32, and Rupali Dasgupta, 26, are not related, but they both live in the same village and experienced the same problem.</p> <p>Both women had suffered from demonic possession for three years. Although their families devoutly followed the area's prominent religion, their prayers for Angarika's and Rupali's deliverance came to no avail.</p> <p>Then they sought the help of local witchdoctors. Rather than freeing Angarika and Rupali from the demonic clutches, the witchdoctors proclaimed that both women would die the day of the festival. </p> <p>As their situation seemed completely hopeless, a flicker of light shone for these two women. Two Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students, Mahish Dutta and Pratap Chattopadhyay, had been visiting the women's village every Sunday to teach Sunday school and pray for people. After hearing about their plight, they started praying faithfully for Angarika and Rupali. After about one month, God set them free! </p> <p>Angarika and Rupali wanted to give their lives to Jesus, but fear of what might happen on October 15 held them back.</p> <p>On that ominous date, Mahish, Pratap and some GFA-supported staff visited the two women. They earnestly prayed for them, and to the ladies' relief and amazement, nothing happened to them that day. The witchdoctors' prediction fell flat! </p> <p>Through seeing God's protection of their lives, Angarika's and Rupali's faith in Christ blossomed. Even some of their family members chose to follow Jesus! Mahish and Pratap have continued to visit the women and exhort them through God's Word. </p> <p>On the day they were predicted to die, they discovered new life in Christ instead. </p> <p>The missionaries request prayer for Angarika and Rupali to know Christ more intimately. Please also pray for more people in the village to come into a relationship with the Lord.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/delivered-after-three-years-demonic-torment/">Angarika and Rupali aren't the only South Asian women who have been freed from long-term demonic torment</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/biblecolleges/">Learn more about GFA-supported Bible colleges, like the one where Mahish and Pratap study</a>.</li> </ul>

8th - Hearts Ignited for God

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020811-wns11-06.jpg"> <small>Two hundred South Asian youths worshiped together in September during one of the youth events.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020811-wns11-06b.jpg"> <small>This Gospel for Asia-supported missionary taught the teenagers from God's Word.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020811-wns11-06c.jpg"> <small>These children sang Sunday school songs for the youths.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In 2010, Gospel for Asia-supported leaders exhorted teenagers in South Asia to follow Christ more closely. They held youth events in various regions where the teens worshiped together and listened to Bible teachings, which resulted in many young people drawing even closer to the Lord.</p> <p>Throughout April and May, a GFA-supported speaker traveled to multiple cities to host some of the youth camps. He challenged the teens to grow close to God and opened the invitation for them to attend GFA-supported Bible colleges.</p> <p>At the first camp, 75 youths, ages 14 through 19, experienced an inspiring&mdash;and stretching&mdash;three-and-a-half days.</p> <p>"I think this was a different camp for most of them," the speaker said. "Usually the camps are meant to be a time of fun, games, songs and maybe some preaching. But this time was a concentration on learning the Word of God. I must say that it wasn't easy for most of them&mdash;especially the morning devotion at 6 a.m.!"</p> <p>By the end of the camp, 16 teens had decided to follow Jesus and four made commitments to serve the Lord in full-time ministry.</p> <p>The next camp went well, too, in spite of a few obstacles. When the missionary speaker arrived May 6, he noticed the town was in the midst of a heat wave, and the temperature had reached a 40-year record high!</p> <p>But that did not stop 52 young people from attending the camp. Some even traveled seven hours just to get there.</p> <p>In spite of the heat and electricity outages that frequently occurred, the sessions proved fruitful. The speaker and other missionaries discovered that the teenagers in attendance took their relationships with God seriously. Thirty-three committed to going deeper in their walk with Christ. </p> <p>By the end of the program, even more teens' lives had changed. Two chose to follow Christ and 10 decided to pursue full-time ministry. </p> <p>On September 29, missionaries in another region of South Asia conducted a youth meeting, with 200 teenagers from various Gospel for Asia-supported churches attending the event. </p> <p>The theme for the event, "Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth," came from the book of Ecclesiastes (Eccl. 12:1). The youths enjoyed a variety of programs, from skits to cultural dances to Sunday school songs.</p> <p>The missionaries request prayer for the teenagers who made commitments to wholeheartedly pursue Christ at these events. Pray for them to stand firm and for continued fruit from the meetings. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/518-youths-hear-christ/">Catch a glimpse of what took place at another transformative youth camp</a>!</li> <li><a href="/send/indias-young-people-transformed/">Read about the miraculous work God has done in the lives of youth in Delhi, India</a>.</li> </ul>

8th - Faithful Missionary Dies of Leukemia

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020811-eml11-02.jpg"> <small>Pastor Kalla pictured with his family. He faithfully served the Lord for 11 years.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kalla Emanuel served the Lord for 11 years. Now he is with Him in heaven, where he can begin to see&mdash;from an eternal perspective&mdash;the fruit of his years of service on earth.</p> <p>Pastor Kalla worked as a missionary after graduating from Bible college in 1999. He served as pastor of a congregation of 60 believers who had been touched by his ministry.</p> <p>About a year ago, Pastor Kalla fell ill and doctors told him it was cancer. As it progressed, they sent him to a more specialized hospital. However, the doctors could only give him medicine to make him more comfortable for the short time he had to live. On February 4, he passed away at home.</p> <p>Pastor Kalla leaves behind his wife, Suganna, one son and two daughters.</p> <p>Please pray for Pastor Kalla's family. Suganna and her children need the Lord's comfort and strength in the days ahead. Please pray as well for provision for all the medical expenses incurred over this past year of treatment.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/womens-ministry/sharing-her-hope/">Read how another missionary's wife faced trial with courage when her husband was falsely accused and imprisoned</a>.</li> </ul>

7th - From Water Shortage to Wellsprings of Life

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/020711-web11-06/images-web11-06.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Daily life is difficult for the people in this South Asian village. <br> They live in simple homes and engage in farming and raise livestock to feed themselves. Their homes are built on stilts because they live near a major river that is prone to flooding. <br> There never seems to be the right amount of water in the village. It's either flooded from monsoon rains pouring out of the river banks or so dry that it's very hard to get even a bucket of water from the river. <br> A few people have their own personal wells, but they were not willing to let anyone else, especially the Christians, draw from them. <br> The water from the wells is not good quality either. It has an extremely high iron content and has to be filtered, which doesn't remove all the chemicals. <br> Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Naved Nair and his wife, Malati, are serving the Lord in this village. Seeing the lack of clean water, Naved encouraged the believers to pray and have faith that God will provide pure drinking water. <br> He also filed a request to a Gospel for Asia district office asking that the village receive a Jesus Well. They all prayed and waited patiently, and in 2009, their Jesus Well was drilled! <br> The people of this village are so grateful for their new well. The women no longer have to walk hours to get water; now they just go to the well that is near their own homes. <br> Because a Jesus Well is dug much deeper than any other well in the community, the water is cleaner, too. The water from the river would make people sick with worms, diarrhea or jaundice. <br> The livestock even enjoy the clean well water. <br> The well has had another positive effect on the village. Since he met their need for something as simple and basic as clean water, the people trust Pastor Nair to tell them about the Living Water—Jesus Christ. <br> Having experienced Christ's love through the gift of the Jesus Well, 12 people in the village chose to follow Jesus. Katina, one of the new believers, says, "We came to know the Lord ever since He answered our prayers and gave us this Jesus Well. Pastor Nair shared the love of God with us, and it is because of the Jesus Well that our faith in the Lord started taking root in our hearts." <br> Today there is a thriving Christian fellowship in this village. The people are so happy that they are now tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. <br> date posted 02/07/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/donation/browse/items/major-ministries/jesus-wells/"><strong>Your donation to Jesus Wells will quench the physical and most important spiritual thirst of many</strong></a>.</p> <!--<ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#laying-first-stone">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>-->

4th - Influential Woman Seeks Help for Family

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020411-wns11-04.jpg"> <small>Kala and her family received Bibles and Gospel literature after their visit with the Women's Fellowship leader.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Kala Singh's brother-in-law was not taking care of his family. He nursed his alcohol addiction instead of looking after his wife and children. Kala was an influential woman in society, and her brother-in-law's alcoholism heaped shame on the family.</p> <p>Holding on to hope, Kala made a call to the Women's Fellowship leader in her area to ask for prayer for her family. Although she belonged to another faith, a special Mother's Day event organized by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries had softened Kala's heart toward Christians and Jesus Christ. That's where she heard about the Women's Fellowship group.</p> <p>She asked Nadia Kapoor, the state Women's Fellowship leader, if she and the church members could pray for her and her family.</p> <p>"No problem," Nadia said. "We will pray for him. God will surely deliver him from his addiction to liquor."</p> <p>The affirming words filled Kala's heart with happiness. The next day, Kala visited the church, bringing along her husband, sister and brother-in-law, Neeraj. Nadia and her husband shared the Gospel with the family and counseled Kala's brother-in-law about his addiction. They prayed for them, and after the prayer, Kala and her family said they were feeling very peaceful.</p> <p>"Neeraj was refreshed in his mind and decided to stop living a bad life," remarked a GFA field correspondent.</p> <p>Kala and her family's belief in Jesus have deepened because of this event, but they have yet to fully give their hearts to Christ and believe He is the one, true God. Please pray their eyes will be opened to His truth and that Kala's brother-in-law will continue to resist any temptations to alcohol.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/womens-ministry/">Learn more about Women's Fellowship</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/outreach-international-womens-day/">Watch a slideshow about a Women's Day outreach</a>.</li> </ul>

3rd - Battered Sri Lanka Believers Need Help; Houses Collapse

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020311-wns11-26e.jpg"> <small>About 2,000 families in Sri Lanka have no shelter.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020311-wns11-26c.jpg"> <small>As the floodwaters rise, more and more believers have to walk away from all they own to save their lives.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020311-wns11-26d.jpg"> <small>Many believers have nowhere to go as even their church buildings are flooded and can't be used for shelter.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>In reports that only get worse and worse, stories of loss due to Sri Lanka's floodwaters abound. Homes are collapsing, leaving families without shelter or any of their basic possessions. But more immediately, people in widespread areas are desperate for food and clean water.</p> <p>Among those suffering is a large group of believers from Gospel for Asia-supported churches. GFA's correspondent in Sri Lanka reports that there is extreme misery. Crops, which provide sustenance for these believers, are damaged; day laborers also cannot work to earn money for food, which is being sold at inflated prices and is largely unavailable due to blocked roads. In that situation, people who lose their homes have little hope of getting supplies to fix the damage.</p> <p>"Many of our believers' houses have collapsed in these flooded areas," wrote GFA's correspondent, "and most whose homes have not collapsed can't live in their houses because of the damage."</p> <p>Gospel for Asia Compassion Services in Sri Lanka has been active in bringing aid to the flood victims. But the excessive, prolonged flooding is stretching the resources for this desperately needy body of believers.</p> <p>"My friend, imagine if, in one day, you lost your house, your crops and your ability to earn money. This is the reality that our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka are facing right now," said GFA president K.P. Yohannan. "I'm asking you to take a moment to pray for these fellow Christians as if you were there. Your prayers will make a difference for the suffering believers."</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/caring-flood-victims/">See a Sri Lanka Compassion Services team in action</a>.</li> </ul>

3rd - Wild about Salvation

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-wns11-08.jpg"> <small>A statue overlooks the crowded festival.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-wns11-08b.jpg"> <small>Staff and Bible college students shared the message of hope by handing out Gospel tracts.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-wns11-08c.jpg"> <small>The missionaries also set up a table, which had books about walking with Jesus.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Every year, thousands of people congregate in a South Asian town to see a vast array of animals. This town hosts a livestock festival that occurs for a few weeks each fall, and some Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries joined in the excitement to spread their enthusiasm for Jesus.</p> <p>At this event, people trade various kinds of livestock&mdash;from chimpanzees to water buffalos to cats to ponies to bears to rabbits! Typical farm livestock, such as poultry, pigs and sheep, also are at the festival. But the biggest attraction there is the large number of elephants, which are often used for labor in this area.</p> <p>GFA-supported missionaries decided to share the Good News at this fair. They prayed and planned, then grabbed their Gospel tracts and went to the festival on November 27. </p> <p>For 12 hours, they shined the light of Christ for many people. The team, consisting of four Bible college students and six staff members, gave out approximately 6,000 Gospel tracts and 100 New Testaments. They also set up a book table for those interested in books about walking with the Lord. </p> <p>The missionaries request prayer that those who received the literature will read it and experience God's blessings through it.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/sharing-christ-christmas">At Christmastime, God opened the door for South Asian believers to reach out with His love, too</a>.</li> <li><a href="/ministries/biblecolleges/">Learn about Gospel for Asia-supported Bible colleges</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Three Days, Two Movies, Hundreds of Tracts, Many Changed Lives: The Journey of a GFA Film Team

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-wns11-03.jpg"> <small>A GFA-supported team, like the one pictured here, spent three days sharing God's love by giving out Gospel tracts in the local marketplace, showing a movie about the life of Christ and praying for those who had needs.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-wns11-03b.jpg"> <small>The film team workers, like this missionary, know praying for people is a powerful way to show them Jesus cares.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Reaching Nepali villages with the Gospel is no easy task. In this land dominated by the Himalaya Mountains, traveling anywhere takes planning, lots of trekking and plenty of perseverance.</p> <p>A Gospel for Asia Women's Fellowship group raised the money to send a Gospel for Asia film team to one certain area of Nepal known for its mountainside villages&mdash;and curvy, dangerous roads. The women wanted to give the people in this area an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus and knew that sending a film team is an efficient way to share the message.</p> <p>A normal GFA-supported film team is comprised of two to four workers, but due to the complexity of the area where they were going to work&mdash;and the short time they set aside to be there&mdash;12 workers joined together for the task.</p> <p>The team chose to work in the location to help GFA-supported missionary Madhab Koirala, who has a small fellowship of about 25 believers. The team arrived at their first destination at 2 p.m. and went into the small town's busy market area where they distributed hundreds of Gospel tracts and New Testaments. One of the men began preaching the Good News, which attracted an audience. About 450 people heard the Gospel that day.</p> <p>Rather than going out into the marketplace to greet throngs of shoppers, the team spent the next day ministering to one individual family. The family's adult son, Rastriya Tamang, had been suffering from a disease that attacked his mental capacity. Team members spent most of the day with him and his family. They earnestly prayed for Rastriya, which was a tremendous encouragement to the family.</p> <p>The next day, the team was back out in the community distributing tracts and telling people about the love of Jesus. At noon, the team set up their equipment inside a local community center to show the film <em>Naya Goreto</em>, a Nepali-made movie about the life of Christ. Many came to watch the show, including a local official who allowed them to use the community center. He was so impressed with the movie that he asked for a copy of it so he could show his family.</p> <p>Later that afternoon, the film team conducted a Gospel meeting at Pastor Koirala's church. At the conclusion of the meeting, the team announced they would be showing the <em>Naya Goreto</em> film again that same evening. At 7:30 p.m., more than 150 people showed up to watch the movie. </p> <p>After three days of sharing God's love with people, it was time to trek back home. The team members are now praying for much fruit from their three-day visit and eagerly anticipate reports from Pastor Koirala about the growth of the church.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/videos/a-day-in-the-life/">See a GFA-supported Mobile Team in action</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - Assessing the Needs of the Outcast and Unloved

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/02011-web11-02a.jpg"> <small>Leprosy patients in South Asia are cut off from society. They are forced to live in squalor and suffer the horrific effects of their disease in virtual isolation.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/02011-web11-02b.jpg"> <small>Gospel for Asia sends medical personnel into these settlements to treat the wounds of the leprosy patients. They will also tell them about the love of Jesus Christ.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Surya Bandi knew exactly where to find the most unloved people in his community. They all lived in the same place&mdash;a small slum area outside the main city. Their homes are shacks cobbled together from whatever bits and pieces of wood, paper and plastic they can find. Their clothes are ragged, and most don't have shoes to wear. They can't work, and all they have to survive on is whatever some sympathetic person brings them.</p> <p>They live in a place where very few are willing to show them simple acts of love. Such is the life of leprosy patients of South Asia.</p> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Surya Bandi recently led a women's fellowship team into two leprosy colonies near his church. The pastor and the believers wanted to get to know the people and hear about their needs.</p> <p>What they learned was staggering and hard to comprehend. There are about 42 families&mdash;roughly 2,500 people&mdash;who live in the two settlements.</p> <p>The people came to the leprosy colonies from their homes, which are as far as 50 miles away. When their leprosy was diagnosed, they were kicked out of their family homes, fired from their jobs and sent away. Some of the people living in these squalid areas used to own property&mdash;a rare thing in South Asia&mdash;but it was taken from them upon their diagnosis. Others had good jobs&mdash;one man was a carpenter and another worked in an office. But all of that evaporated when they contracted leprosy.</p> <p>They never receive visits from their families. Of those that have children, only a handful are able to see them. Most of their children go to school somewhere else or live with relatives. </p> <p>Few people come to visit them&mdash;not even doctors come to offer any sort of treatment.</p> <p>In one leprosy colony, 22 families share two toilets. The property they are illegally settled on belongs to the government, which could bulldoze down their little huts and force them to move without giving them notice. There is no furniture in their huts. There is no steady supply of water. </p> <p>A few of the patients venture out to look for day labor jobs, while others are so physically impaired all they can do is beg for a few rupees to buy rice for a meal.</p> <p>What Surya and the Women's Fellowship team discovered that day was a place where people are in desperate need of medicine, proper shelter, food, clean water and the love of Jesus.</p> <p>In the days to come, this missionary and the team of women will return to these humble homes. They will provide for the people's needs by giving them food, clean clothing and household items. They will take care of their medical needs by bringing in trained personnel to treat these suffering men and women. </p> <p>Most importantly, they will take time to love these people whom the rest of the world have rejected as unlovable. And these desperate people who are shunned in their society will get the chance to meet the Savior who accepts them just as they are.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/cs/leprosy-ministry/">Learn more about Gospel for Asia's leprosy ministry</a>.</li> </ul>

1st - A Dream Stirred His Soul

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-eml11-01a.jpg"> <small>In Rijul's dream, Jesus helped him cross a river.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/020111-eml11-01b.jpg"> <small>Rijul learned about Jesus after his wife secretly attended a GFA-supported film show.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p style="margin: 0 10px 20px 10px"><em>Rijul stood by the river as night descended. He had to cross it to reach home, but he had no one to help him. He wasn't sure what to do, until a man drove up inquiring about Rijul's situation.</em></p> <p style="margin: 0 10px 20px 10px"><em>"What happened to you?" asked the driver. Before Rijul answered, he asked the man who he was. <br> "I am Jesus," the driver replied, "whom you heard about from your wife."</em></p> <p style="margin: 0 10px 20px 10px"><em>"I need to cross the river to get home," Rijul explained, "but there is no one to help me."<br> "I would like to help you cross," Jesus said. "Will you get in the vehicle?"</em></p> <p style="margin: 0 10px 20px 10px"><em>When Rijul got in the car, he looked in the backseat and noticed there was an abundant amount of Bibles and Gospel literature.</em></p> <p style="margin: 0 10px 20px 10px"><em>"Why are you carrying this many books?" Rijul asked. "There are many people who have yet to know me," Jesus said. "Take all these books and distribute it to the needy."</em></p> <p>Rijul Sen suddenly woke up from his sleep and began pondering the dream he just had about Jesus.</p> <p>He wasn't a believer, and he had even forbidden his wife, Daya, to go see a film show about the life of Jesus Christ that same day. But without his consent, Daya went ahead and saw the movie screened in her village by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries. When she returned, she told her husband about the film and was surprised to find Rijul paying keen attention to all she told him instead of reprimanding her for disobeying him.</p> <p>Rijul shared everything he had experienced with his wife and asked her questions about this Jesus whom she had seen a movie about and who invaded his dreams. Daya explained the film to Rijul, telling him Jesus is the Savior of the world, and He needed Rijul to share the Gospel with those who were perishing without Him.</p> <p>Later, Rijul and Daya went to meet with the film team to find out more about Jesus. The team expounded the Gospel message and shared about Christ's love. It was then that Rijul and Daya decided to follow Jesus. Now they attend a GFA-supported church and are ready to publicly testify of their faith. </p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/pray/film-teams/">Learn how you can pray for the ministry that shared Christ with Rijul and his wife</a>.</li> </ul>


28th - His Leprosy Vanished

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012811-web11-01.jpg"> <small>Hundreds of thousands of South Asians are afflicted with leprosy each year. It is one of the leading causes of disfigurement in this part of the world.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012811-web11-01b.jpg"> <small>Pastor Peter prayed for Jonjin, a leprosy patient like these men pictured here, and he was healed from a severe case of the disease.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>When the white patches began appearing on Jonjin Dola's skin, he didn't worry too much. He thought it was just a rash that would heal up. Jonjin continued about his daily life unaware that he had leprosy.</p> <p>For most of the Western world, leprosy is a disease that no one really thinks about anymore. The disease, which attacks the skin and peripheral nerves, is rarely seen in the West. When a case does crop up, it is treated with a simple, inexpensive drug therapy, which clears everything up in a matter of months.</p> <p>In South Asia, however, leprosy is much more common. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 100,000 cases of leprosy are reported in South Asia each year. There are more than 1,000 colonies set aside for leprosy patients. When someone, like Jonjin, is diagnosed with the disease, the social stigma is nearly as bad as the physical suffering. Leprosy patients are shunned by society; many are kicked out of their homes and live the rest of their lives in one of these colonies&mdash;even if the disease is cured. Despite the best efforts of groups like WHO, not all those who contract leprosy receive treatment in time to avoid devastating disfigurement.</p> <p>That is what happened to Jonjin. By the time he sought medical treatment, the disease was ravaging his body. His skin was so decimated that it began to emit a foul-smelling fluid, which drenched his entire body. Jonjin's condition was so bad that no one wanted to be near him, so he spent his days alone in a small bedroom in his house. </p> <p>The seemingly hopeless situation caused Jonjin to sink into a heavy depression.</p> <p>Jonjin's pastor, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Peter Kasoh, was filled with compassion for this believer. The pastor was moved to launch a 15-day prayer vigil for Jonjin. And he started by doing what no one else would do: He went to Jonjin's room to visit with him.</p> <p>Jonjin recognized his pastor's genuine burden for him and his love for Jesus as he stood by his bed lifting him up in prayer. </p> <p>Pastor Peter spent a lot of time with Jonjin during the 15-day vigil. He comforted him from the Scriptures, reminding him of God's love for him and the promises outlined in the Bible. </p> <p>The people in the village watched in curiosity as Pastor Peter repeatedly visited Jonjin. They were also surprised to hear that Jonjin's health was gradually improving as the prayer vigil stretched on.</p> <p>At the end of the 15-day vigil Jonjin was completely healed of his leprosy! The people in the village were in awe of God's power. God used Jonjin's desperate battle with leprosy&mdash;and the shame it brought to his family&mdash;to show His power to heal.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/rescuing-the-perishing/">See how children of leprosy patients are learning about Jesus at a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center</a>.</li> <li><a href="/cs/leprosy-ministry/">Learn how Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are reaching out to leprosy patients in a variety of ways</a>.</li> </ul>

28th - Deck the Halls with "Oinks" and Wheels

<p>Gospel for Asia leaders held a Christmas Catalog gift distribution late last year. Among those who received gifts were two needy believers, who saw God's loving provision in giving them a way to make a living.</p> <table class="figure-alt"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012811-wfr11-02.jpg"> <small>This Christian man received a pig, an animal that quickly reproduces to provide the family with pork and piglets to sell.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012811-wfr11-02b.jpg"> <small>A rickshaw will provide this man with a steady income much greater than that which he had before.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <br clear="all"> <p>A local official attended the gift distribution, saying he was privileged to be part of helping people in such need. He encouraged those who received gifts to make the best use of them to bless their families.</p> <p>"We thank God for the success of this program!" wrote GFA's correspondent.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/gift/">You can be the answer to another needy family's prayers</a>.</li> </ul>

27th - Cleaning a Hospital for the Holiday

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012711-wns10-97.jpg"> <small>Two students cleaning a corner in the hospital.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/012711-wns10-97b.jpg"> <small>The enthusiastic team of students, excited for their opportunity to serve their community with Jesus' love.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>A team of 45 young women, students at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college, chose to do something a little different with their day off. In honor of Ghandi's birth, which is a national holiday, they served their community by cleaning at two local hospitals.</p> <p>After receiving permission from the hospital staff, the ladies started their long day of cleaning with enthusiasm. At the same time, GFA staff shared Jesus' love with the people they came across. </p> <p>It was a large state hospital, but by the time the girls were finished cleaning, the head nurse was amazed.</p> <p>"If all our cleaning department worked up to a month, it would have been hard to get this much done," she said. "But you girls have done an astonishing work!"</p> <p>From this hospital, the team moved on to another private hospital to clean there as well. This hospital had partnered with GFA previously to provide medical clinics for Bridge of Hope centers. </p> <p>The students were grateful to be able to show Jesus' love to their community in this way.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/sharing-christ-christmas/">Read what happened when GFA-supported missionaries visited a hospital at Christmas time</a>.</li> </ul>

25th - Christmas Comes to Those in Need

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/012511-web11-05/images-web11-05.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> All these people gathered together to celebrate Christmas a little bit early in 2010. Many of them received gifts that had been donated through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog&mdash;gifts to help them earn their livelihoods. <br> GFA-supported pastors and leaders in the area had the opportunity to welcome some local officials as special guests. <br> Children from a Bridge of Hope center performed a cultural dance for the guests. <br> The guest of honor, a minister in the local government, applauded the churches' efforts to help people break out of poverty. She said the government can't do this work alone. <br> The leaders distributed various gifts to people in some of the most difficult life circumstances&mdash;widows, orphans, those with physical disabilities such as blindness, and poor people without property or steady jobs. This woman received a sewing machine. <br> This man was given a bicycle that will provide him with transportation to work. <br> A blind woman received a pay telephone, by which she can earn money when people make calls from it.<br> By the end of the program, 70 gifts were distributed. With these items, men and women in need have an opportunity to earn income and care for their families. <br> date posted 01/25/2010 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="/gift/"><strong>Give a gift that shares Christ love and hope to poor families in Asia</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#christmas-comes-those-need">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

25th - Caring for Flood Victims

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/012411-wns11-13/images-wns11-13.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Rains that caused the massive flooding in Sri Lanka have finally stopped, and now everyone is surveying the destruction. <br > In some places, the water has receded enough for residents to return to their villages. This brings them face-to-face with their damaged homes. <br > Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and Compassion Services teams went to the villages to meet the needs of survivors. One of the first things they did was cook meals for survivors. <br > For seven days straight, missionaries and volunteers chopped and prepared curry. <br > They made massive pots of rice and dhal (lentil beans) . . . <br > and bread—loaves and loaves of bread. <br > They cooked the meals in makeshift kitchens wherever they could find a dry spot. <br > Then they took the food out to the people, including those staying in relief camps. <br > Other volunteers packaged up meals to distribute in the villages. <br > This woman, who was back in her washed-out home, was thankful to receive the meal packet. <br > This man received his meal in a relief camp where he is staying. <br > Spending time in the damaged villages also helped the missionaries get to know the people better. They also determined who was most in need of long-term help. <br > After surveying the destruction, the teams know they have much hard work ahead. But they will gladly do it in order to be Jesus' hands and feet to these hurting people. <br> date posted 01/25/2011 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="http://www.gfa.org/donation/browse/items/compassion-services/flood-relief-59641033/"><strong>You can help rebuild these villages by donating to GFA Flood Relief</strong></a>.</p>

19th - Celebrating Christ with Non-Believers

<div id="flashphotoshow" params="imagesXML=http://www.gfamedia.org/slide/011911-web11-04/images-web11-04.xml"> <p>If you cannot see the PhotoShow, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you have the latest free Macromedia Flash plug-in. <a herf="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" target="_blank">Click here for the free plug-in.</a></p> <hr> Text from this PhotoShow:<br> <!-- insert text from this photoshow here --> <br> Children in one Indian state donned bright holiday hats and celebrated the birth of Christ alongside those of various faiths. Most of the people invited to the Christmas celebrations organized by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries practice many other faiths, but they were curious about Christmas. <br> To kick off the festivities, a GFA leader opened with prayer and shared the Christmas message of Christ's birth along with the joy and peace a person receives when Jesus is born in their heart. <br> Special guests were invited to attend the Christmas celebrations honoring Christ. Even though many of them were not believers, they acknowledged the greatness of Jesus' life. <br> The children performed cultural dances as part of the celebration... <br> ...they put on skits that touched everyone's heart... <br> ...and the adults sang Christmas carols in their native Asian languages. <br> During the celebration, students with high grades on Sunday school exams received awards for their hard work. <br> Of course, there were presents. Some needy families and children received blankets and winter clothing to keep them warm during the cold months ahead. <br> The Christmas celebrations were times of great joy for many. "It was a chilly evening," one participant said. "There were lights and decorations. It looked as if the stars in heaven had come down." <br> date posted 01/19/2010 </div> <br><br> <p><a href="http://www.gfa.org/news/articles/independence-day-excitement-celebrating-serving-their-country/"><strong>See more photos of Bridge of Hope children teaching others how to wash their hands</strong></a>.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/photo/">PhotoShow Home</a></li> <li><A href="http://www.gfa.org/resource/powerpoints-2011#celebrating-christ-non-believers">Download the PowerPoint version of this PhotoShow.<img src="http://gfamedia.org/images/icons/icon-ppt.gif" border="0" alt="PowerPoint"></a></li> </ul>

18th - Parents Threatened After Siblings Embrace Christianity

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011811-eml11-04.jpg"> <small>Dristi and Satya have been forced to leave their studies at a GFA-supported Bible college because of threats against their parents.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <h1 style="color:#CC0000">UPDATE: <em>04/04/2011</em></h1> <p>Satya and Dristi are no longer in any physical danger. However, their parents will not allow them to return to the Bible college to resume their studies. They are asking for continued prayer to remain strong in the Lord and for their parents to truly understand the love of Jesus. Pray the Lord will open the door for them to return to Bible college.</p> <br> <br> <p class="pub-date"><strong>Update</strong>: <em>from 01/18/2011</em></p> <p>Two Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students are rushing back to their parents' home after anti-Christian extremists threatened to burn the house down. The extremists are angry Satya and Dristi left the traditional faith of their village when they chose to follow Christ.</p> <p>The siblings fear their mother, Trishna, will be tortured. The extremists said they will not carry out their threats if Satya and Dristi come back home and begin practicing their traditional tribal religion.</p> <p>Satya is in his second year of studies, and Dristi is in her first year at the Bible college.</p> <p>Their father, Virat, worked as a tailor, but he didn't make enough money to care for all the needs of his household. In frustration, he turned to heavy drinking.</p> <p>Dristi dropped out of school after seventh grade and went to work as a servant in her neighbor's house. She did not get to keep any of her wages, instead she had to turn them over to her father. There were many times she considered suicide, thinking it was the only way to escape.</p> <p>Then her younger brother, Satya came home and told her his life was drastically changed because of Jesus Christ. He told Dristi about the change and shared the way of salvation with her. As soon as Trishna and Virat heard about their son's new faith, they kicked him out of the house. He enrolled at the Bible college and began preparing for a life of ministry.</p> <p>Soon Dristi also chose to follow Christ. Her devastated parents kicked her out of their home as well. She joined her brother at the Bible college.</p> <p>In an interview in September, 2010, Dristi said she has no regrets, even though she could no longer see her parents.</p> <p>"I have peace and joy in my heart, and I have found a reason to live," Dristi says.</p> <p>Although Dristi and Satya did go back home to help their mother, they will not return to their old faith. Their plan is to return to the Bible college and continue their preparations to serve in ministry.</p> <p>Here are some prayer requests they shared:</p> <ul class="dotted"> <li>Pray God will intervene and protect Satya, Dristi, Trishna and Virat from the actions of the extremists.</li> <li>Ask the Lord to give them supernatural power to withstand the pressure to turn their back on Christ and begin worshiping the tribal god. Pray that they will stand strong and honor their commitment to return to the Bible college.</li> <li>Pray for their persecutors, that they would come to know Jesus as a result of Satya and Dristi's testimony.</li> </ul> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/persecution/orissa/">See how one state is recovering from mass persecution of Christians</a>.</li> </ul>

18th - A Tribal Girl is Delivered

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011811-eml11-01.jpg"> <small>A missionary is praying for a young girl, like Yatharth, who was suffering from demonic oppression. This is a common occurrence for GFA-supported missionaries working in areas where the people worship multiple gods.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Yatharth's family was very worried about her. The once healthy and vibrant girl was now out of control. Her erratic behavior suggested she might be having a serious mental breakdown. But the truth was much more frightening.</p> <p>Yatharth was born into a tribal group in a remote area of Asia. Her family was diligent in worship of the traditional gods and goddesses of their tribe. They performed the rituals and recited the prayers to appease these gods. So when Yatharth's strange behavior started, the first thing they did was offer sacrifices and lift up prayers on her behalf.</p> <p>But their gods were silent. The young girl's bizzare behavior worsened. They could tell she was under some kind of attack, but didn't really understand what was happening to her. </p> <p>After their gods and goddesses remained silent, Yatharth's family scraped together what little money they had and traveled a great distance to find medical treatment for her. The doctors failed in their efforts to heal Yatharth as well.</p> <p>With no more money and nowhere else to turn, Yatharth's parents came back to their village totally defeated. </p> <p>That's when God brought Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mahim Singh Kolam to their door. Mahim is pastor of a small but growing church in the area where Yatharth and her family live. Mahim heard about Yatharth's plight and recognized that the young girl was being tormented by demonic spirits. He visited the family and told them about Jesus and His love. He invited the couple to bring their daughter to church, where his congregation would pray for her. </p> <p>With no other hope of healing, Yatharth's parents brought their tormented daughter to a worship service. Mahim and his small congregation gathered around Yatharth and lifted their voices to heaven on her behalf, praying in one accord for the Lord to release Yatharth from the attacks and oppression. The Lord answered their prayers and delivered Yatharth.</p> <p>Yatharth immediately understood the spiritual significance of what had happened to her and she chose to follow Christ that very same day. Her family, however, is still skeptical about the claims of Christ and are still clinging to their traditional gods and goddesses.</p> <p>Mahim asks for prayer that Yatharth's testimony will continue to be a powerful witness of Christ's love and will result in many people, including her parents, giving their hearts to Christ.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/send-extras-we-have-been-healed/">GFA-supported missionary Hirla has helped many escape from demonic oppression</a>.</li> <li><a href="/news/articles/loosed-chains/">Chains were the only thing that could control this 17-year-old, until the Holy Spirit intervened</a>.</li> </ul>

17th - Two Families See God’s Power

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011711-web11-01.jpg"> <small>As God answers missionaries' prayers, many lives in South Asia are changed forever.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries Bhavi and Dipan are the pastors of two growing churches in South Asia. They have seen God's power in the lives of many people in their congregations.</p> <p><strong>Giri's Story</strong><br> Giri suffered from ongoing kidney stone problems. After six operations failed to cure him&mdash;but succeeded in using up nearly all of his money&mdash;Giri didn't know what to do. The unbearable pain of kidney stones seemed to have triumphed over his efforts for relief.</p> <p>It was then that Giri heard about the church where Pastor Bhavi served. He approached with great hope, and after Pastor Bhavi and the other believers prayed, the Lord healed Giri. With great joy and thankfulness, Giri and his family chose to serve the Lord.</p> <p><strong>Meenu's Story</strong><br> Meenu and his wife received an equally powerful miracle in their lives. After years of marriage, they had no children and were looked down upon by society. Their empty home was a shame as well as an unfulfilled longing. But when they heard of Jesus' loving power from a GFA-supported Bible college student, they had new hope! They went to visit Pastor Dipan, who explained God's promises to them.</p> <p>With new faith, Meenu and his wife prayed with Pastor Dipan, and the Lord blessed them with a baby boy. Like Giri's family, Meenu and his wife now serve the Lord wholeheartedly after seeing his merciful answers to their prayers.</p> <ul class="arrowed"> <li><a href="/news/articles/rickshaw-pulled-them-out-financial-ruin/">See the miraculous answer to another family's great need</a>.</li> </ul>

14th - Missionary One of Thousands Who Lost Homes as Floods Devastate Sri Lanka

<table class="figure"> <tr> <td> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03a.jpg"> <small>Floodwaters are making travel nearly impossible for some people in Sri Lanka.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03b.jpg"> <small>Water rushes past a flood control dam in Sri Lanka.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03c.jpg"> <small>The strong storms brought down trees and power lines as well.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03d.jpg"> <small>A GFA Compassion Services worker wades through a flooded street to bring food to people affected by the floods.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03e.jpg"> <small>These people are dodging high water in order to get back to shelter with the bags of emergency food supplies they received from GFA Compassion Services teams.</small></div> <br> <div><img src="//www.gfamedia.org/images/newsupdate/011411-eml11-03f.jpg"> <small>This woman received a bag containing emergency food rations, along with soap to help prevent the spread of disease. GFA Compassion Services teams handed out 200 bags on Sunday, and they are preparing hundreds more to assist people affected by Sri Lanka's massive flooding.</small></div> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anthony lost his home and everything in it as floodwaters washed through his village this week in Sri Lanka.</p> <p>Anthony, who also serves as a pastor in the Batticaloa district, took refuge with relatives. Thankfully, he, his wife and children all escaped injury as the house collapsed due to the flood waters, but they did lose all of their possessions.</p> <p>Anthony, and hundreds of believers from churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors, are reeling from this blow. They have lost their homes, their crops lay ruined and they have nowhere to turn for help.</p> <p><strong>The Latest Blow</strong><br> Sri Lanka has borne the brunt of several major flooding events in the last 12 months. This latest flood is the result of unusually heavy monsoon rains that began in November and continue to fall. The worst-affected areas are in central and eastern Sri Lanka&mdash;with the districts of Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee seeing the most damage.</p> <p>The people in this region of Sri Lanka were just beginning to emerge from the horrors of a 20-year-old civil war, which ended in 2009. Many had finally made strides in recovering from the 2004 Asian Tsunami, which devastated much of this same coastal region.</p> <p>According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 million people have been affected by this round of floods&mdash;more than half of them in the Batticaloa district alone. The death toll stands at 18 and includes a 6-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl who were killed in landslides on Sunday.</p> <p>The Sri Lankan military has even been called out to rescue hundreds of people who were trapped in the flood waters.</p> <p>At least 5,000 homes have been washed away and more than 200,000 acres of crops&mdash;including the country's staple rice paddies&mdash;are under water. </p> <p>"The people of Sri Lanka are suffering in a way that is almost unimaginable," said Gospel for Asia President, Dr. K.P. Yohannan. "The country has not yet recovered from the record rainfalls that brought severe flooding last year, and now they are battling the same thing again. They need relief, and they need our prayers."</p> <p>Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams are already venturing out into the affected areas to bring emergency relief to the people. On Sunday, they took 200 food packets to people in the Batticaloa region. Each food packet contained rice, lentil beans (dhal), sugar, dried fish and soya meat (soy protein and meat substitute). The families also received soap so they can prevent the spread of disease which happens frequently after floods.</p> <p>The teams also handed out mats to the people who are sleeping on the floors in the emergency shelters, which are mostly in schools.</p> <p><strong>Feeding Body and Soul</strong><br> The teams do not just drop off food and run on to their next destination. They spend time with the people, who are desperate for someone to listen to their sorrows. </p> <p>"Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services Teams are there to help, to listen, to pray and to share the love found in Jesus Christ," Dr. Yohannan explained. "Of course we will meet their immediate physical needs, but we'll also be there to tell them about a cure for their spiritual hunger and a love that will long outlast the food we give them."</p> <p>The teams encountered difficulty reaching the affected areas because of high water; however, they persisted and their vehicles were able to make it through some of the flooding, for which they a