We are dedicated to impacting the life and faith of this generation.

Since GFA started in 1979, our heartbeat has been to bring physical and spiritual hope to communities across the world—and we’re now serving in more than a dozen Asian nations. Our team is committed to making a difference for families and communities in Asia, all in the name of Jesus.

A Message from Our Founder and Director, K.P. Yohannan

“You can commit your life to touch the lives of multiplied millions in this world by giving your life for prayer and working behind the scenes. That’s what GFA’s staff is doing, both in America and many nations. So, may I urge you to consider giving your life as a missionary behind the scenes along with GFA’s staff? You have an incredible opportunity waiting for you to invest your life for eternity.”

K.P. Yohannan

Serving at GFA is work that makes a difference.

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Is GFA a good fit for me?

Consider serving with GFA if you:


Are a Christian

We know and follow Jesus as the foundation of all we do—and it’s the uniting factor among the staff family.

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of Faith »


Have a passion to share Christ

We are committed to seeing communities across Asia discover the joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

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Seek eternal investment

We invest our God-given skills and abilities to make an eternal impact. More than a typical job, we follow God’s call to a life that changes lives.

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Believe prayer
is vital

We believe nothing is accomplished without prayer. We invest significant time praying together for our work, for the mission field and for the world.

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Desire Christ-centered community

Our families and staff members form a caring and supportive community—praying, serving and growing in Christ together.

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Have questions or want more information? Contact us at staffinfo@gfa.org.

Hear from Our Team

"Many of our friends and family members have expressed to us that they do not understand how we could give up the American Dream and life of ease we had achieved. But we know we have not given up anything, as 100 years from now, we will experience heaven with millions who have experienced the love of Jesus through GFA. We are truly humbled that the Lord has given us the privilege to serve Him with GFA."
—Chris and Cindy, GFA World staff for 20+ years

"Serving here for the last 15 years has given my family an eternal perspective. Living our lives for what is going to last for all eternity is what really counts."
—Jeff & Paula, GFA World staff for 20+ years

"I believe I've experienced more growth as a believer during my time here than in the four years before I came [to GFA School of Discipleship]. The Lord has a unique atmosphere of godly people here. The leaders, especially, have impacted my life greatly. Their actions, more than their words, have spoken to my heart the most and have challenged me to live a life that truly reflects Christ. My heart is to please God and only Him. I'm glad I'm in a place where I have good examples I can follow. Never have I been certain that I was in the will of God until this year."
—Damelia, SD alumni class of 2015

"After years of pouring myself into IT work at a large corporation, I relish the opportunity to devote my energy and technical experience directly to the work of making disciples."
—Jonathan, GFA World Staff (IT Coordinator)

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