Is It Worth It?

Yes, It’s Worth It.

GFA staff serve as the link between the work of national missionaries and the people who support them. Using administrative, financial, technical and communications skills, we enable national missionaries to impact millions with the love of Christ.

K.P. Yohannan

"It is a great privilege in life to give our time and our talents to see millions who never heard Christ's name before have the chance to experience His love. Either we go or we send others to share His love. Either way, we are doing the same thing: sharing the love of Christ with this world that is waiting to hear."

K.P. Yohannan
Founder and Director

Using Your Skills

GFA is a place where the skills and experience you may never have thought valuable for ministry work are invaluable in the growth of God's kingdom.

Working at GFA means you serve in an office to change lives for eternity, using the skills God has given you.

Missions is not just for those who take cross-cultural training. It’s for everyone.

For example, writers use their skills to communicate the ministry and the programs of GFA through stories from the field, advertising pieces, brochures and other publications. Through their efforts, many learn about GFA for the first time, while current partners of the ministry are informed and encouraged.

Graphic designers use their skills to bring visual excitement to what our writers have written, bringing color and freshness to brochures, publications and our website. Together, they bring to life what God is doing on the mission field.

Sacrifice and Perseverance

Serving in full-time ministry comes with challenges. It involves sacrifice, perseverance and the daily picking up of our cross. Society may say it's throwing your career or future away, but we believe it's all worth it. Not only do we get to follow Jesus alongside other like-minded believers, but we also have the joy of knowing our daily labors are resulting in communities being impacted by the love of Christ. And the dream of meeting those people in heaven is a future worth living for. There's no ladder to climb, just a call to lay down your life to make a significant difference in the world.

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“Not only did training and supporting national missionaries through GFA seem to be one of the best ways to tell this generation about Jesus and His love for them, but in my heart, I realized and knew that there are people—not just statistics, but real people—dying every day and going to hell without ever hearing the name of Jesus. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life than serving with Gospel for Asia."

GFA staff for 24 years

Hear from our Team

"After years of pouring myself into IT work at a large corporation, I relish the opportunity to devote my energy and technical experience directly to the work of making disciples."
—Jonathan, GFA staff for 3 years

"I believe I've experienced more growth as a believer during my time here than in the four years before I came [to GFA School of Discipleship]. The Lord has a unique atmosphere of godly people here. The leaders, especially, have impacted my life greatly. Their actions, more than their words, have spoken to my heart the most and have challenged me to live a life that truly reflects Christ. My heart is to please God and only Him. I'm glad I'm in a place where I have good examples I can follow. Never have I been certain that I was in the will of God until this year."
—Damelia, SD alumni class of 2015

"Many of our friends and family members have expressed to us that they do not understand how we could give up the American Dream and life of ease we had achieved. But we know we have not given up anything, as 100 years from now, we will experience heaven with millions who have experienced the love of Jesus through GFA. We are truly humbled that the Lord has given us the privilege to serve Him with GFA."
—Chris and Cindy, GFA staff for 15 years

"I am only one person, and I have limited abilities and experience. Part of what excites me about serving at GFA is that it gives me the opportunity to enable thousands of others to minister in Christ's name to some of the neediest people on earth—mostly in areas where I can't go or where my abilities and experience wouldn't be effective."
—Rebecca, GFA staff for 4 years

"Serving here for the last 15 years has given my family an eternal perspective. Living our lives for what is going to last for all eternity is what really counts."
—Jeff, GFA staff for 15 years

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