Life at GFA World

A True Christ-Centered Community

GFA's campus near Dallas, Texas, provides a unique place to serve God in a Christ-centered community. Ministry in our office provides the opportunity to combine your faith and gifting to impact the life and faith of communities across the world.

Serving as a Family

GFA provides a family-oriented experience where ministry and family don’t compete. Instead, they complement one another as the entire family can participate in serving Jesus together.

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GFA is a ministry founded on, committed to and sustained by prayer. This emphasis on prayer began more than 40 years ago with just a handful of staff gathered in K.P. and Gisela Yohannan’s home every Tuesday night for prayer. This Tuesday prayer night continues today. We gather as a staff family to seek the Lord for our needs, the needs of the mission field and the world. Most days begin with intercession, and office work stops at different times of the day for prayer and reading God’s Word together. On the first Friday night of each month, we have an extended night of intercession. Prayer chains, special prayer meetings and other gatherings also sustain and breathe life into the ministry of GFA.

Connection to the Mission Field

We are privileged to hear news and information about the work we are supporting on the mission field. A constant flow of encouraging reports and stories from our field partners provide our staff with reports from the field that help us see how God is at work in Africa and Asia and keeps us encouraged in our labors.

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Hear from Our Team

"Many of our friends and family members have expressed to us that they do not understand how we could give up the American Dream and life of ease we had achieved. But we know we have not given up anything, as 100 years from now, we will experience heaven with millions who have experienced the love of Jesus through GFA. We are truly humbled that the Lord has given us the privilege to serve Him with GFA."
—Chris and Cindy, GFA World staff for 20+ years

“By serving on staff, we feel this is where we are the most effective in being part of what God is doing around the world. It is such a privilege to be called, to be led by God to assist those on the front lines!”
—Tony and Kelly, GFA World staff for 10+ years

“I am honored and blessed that God would hand-pick me and entrust me with a calling to serve at GFA World. There are millions needing to know of Christ, and each day is another day that the Lord allows me to represent His love among those in Africa and Asia!”
—Shareen, GFA World staff for nearly 15 years

"After years of pouring myself into IT work at a large corporation, I relish the opportunity to devote my energy and technical experience directly to the work of making disciples."
—Jonathan, GFA World Staff (IT Coordinator)

“We are honored and humbled to pour out our lives for the sake of the Good News. We are excited to serve the Lord at GFA so that many can hear the name of Jesus for the first time, and experience eternal hope in Him.”
—Bruce and Shelley, GFA World staff for 10+ years

"Through my service at GFA, I want to make as much of an impact as I can; to be a part of taking on the Lord’s burden so many can be reached with the Good News. It is a privilege to learn what it means to actually serve and to be a part of something that is much bigger than myself."
—Myia, recently joined GFA World Staff

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GFA's Bridge Builders answer
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