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GFA’s missionaries serving in behind-the-scenes administrative roles function as a key connection between ministry supporters in the West and on-the-ground national workers in Asia.

By partnering with a behind-the-scenes missionary, you will be part of upholding their vital support of the mission field. Together, you will enable countless lives in Asia to be touched by the truth and kindness of God’s grace.

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Where I'm from: Texas

Where I serve: Ministry Partnerships

The Lord gave me a love for the people of Asia at a young age. My parents joined staff with GFA 25 years ago, and our family's involvement played a large role in shaping that love. The Lord impressed upon my heart a strong desire to bring hope to ...

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Where I'm from: Illinois

Where I serve: Human Resources

When God called me to be a missionary in 2010, I had no idea where He would lead me. I had served on three short-term trips in various countries and they gave me a huge burden to reach those who don't know Christ. They also showed me how ineffective ...

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Where I'm from: Iowa

Where I serve: School of Discipleship

Approximately 2 billion people in Asia have never heard the name of Jesus before. They don't know how much He loves them, or that they'll face an eternity spent in agony without Him. But by serving here in Gospel for Asia's office, staff members are enabling men ...

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Where I'm from: Pennsylvania

Where I serve: Donor Relations

Growing up in a small church, I was taught that all believers were called to support missions by either supporting workers or going to the field. I enjoyed hearing missionary stories and how God answered their prayers when they came to speak at the Sunday evening services at my church ...

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Rob and Rebecca

Where we're from: Iowa

Where I serve: Information Technology

During college, God stirred a passion in Rob's heart for investing his life in what has eternal significance, especially missions. When a friend gave him a copy of Dr. K.P. Yohannan's book "Revolution in World Missions," he was amazed to discover how effective national workers are and ...

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Jonathan and Erica

Where we're from: Arkansas

Where I serve: Information Technology

In August of 2014, after months of study and prayer leading us toward serving at GFA, God grabbed our hearts with Romans 10:14-15: "How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how ...

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