How Supporting a Behind-the-Scenes Missionary Works

  • A GFA behind-the-scenes missionary lives a simple lifestyle and typically needs $1,600–$3,500 per month to be fully supported, depending on family size and needs.
  • Your pledged gift of $50 to the Behind-the-Scenes Missionaries Fund will link you with a Mission Support Team member, whose service in an administrative office facilitates the ministries of more than 100 national missionaries in Asia. (To pledge more than $50 monthly, please call us at 1-800-946-2742.)
  • For every $50 monthly commitment you make, you will receive a photo and the personal information of a behind-the-scenes missionary of your choice. You can start praying for and building a relationship with them right away.
  • Your Mission Support Team member will send you updates via newsletters that will help you stay connected with the work on the field and with their life. You may also email or write to your behind-the-scenes missionary.

Partner with a behind-the-scenes missionary

Common Questions

Will my behind-the-scenes missionary serve in Asia?

Behind-the-scenes missionaries may be able to see the work on the field and to meet the national missionaries they are helping to equip, but they do not serve long term in Asia.

The function of the Mission Support Team is that of a remote support team, connecting ministry sponsors across the globe with the hands-on work happening in Asia. As such, their roles do not typically send them to serve in Asia.

How is the support amount for a behind-the-scenes missionary determined?

The amount of financial support each behind-the-scenes missionary is required to raise is determined on a case-by-case basis. The Mission Support Team is encouraged to live a simple, economic lifestyle to enable as many resources as possible to go to the work in Asia. At the same time, GFA desires to ensure behind-the-scenes missionaries have the resources they need to adequately care for themselves and their families.

Typically, Mission Support Team members serving in administrative offices receive $1,600–$3,500 per month. Their monthly income can vary based on considerations like size of family, health issues and local living expenses not by skill level, age or ministry position.

What is the impact of my partnership with the Mission Support Team?

Since GFA’s formation in 1979, behind-the-scenes missionaries have raised financial support to help GFA offset personnel-related ministry costs. That enables GFA to focus on meeting needs on the field. However, that process takes a large amount of time and effort. Many behind-the-scenes missionaries have not been able to raise 100 percent of their support goal.

Your decision to partner with one or more members of the Mission Support Team will enable them to spend more time focusing on their specific ministry roles instead of on fundraising. You will also enable GFA to direct more resources toward on-the-ground ministry in Asia.

Does my gift go directly to the Mission Support Team member?

Your one-time or monthly gift of support to GFA for behind-the-scenes missionaries is used to help GFA collectively pay for a variety of general personnel costs related to the Mission Support Team, such as salary and medical insurance premiums. As your donation for a behind-the-scenes missionary is processed, it is applied toward that individual’s support goal but does not pass directly to the individual. This is in keeping with IRS guidelines regarding tax-deductible donations.

Can I pledge more or less than $50 per month for a behind-the-scenes missionary?

Some people choose to sponsor a behind-the-scenes missionary for more or less than the standard pledge amount of $50. If you wish to do that, please call us at 1-800-946-2742, and we will gladly help you set up your desired pledge amount.

What are the minimum qualifications required of behind-the-scenes missionaries?

Each behind-the-scenes missionary must meet the minimum requirements of being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, agreeing with our Statement of Faith and having been a believer in Jesus for at least three years.

See our Statement of Faith

Is there an age limit for those serving behind the scenes with GFA?

No. The ages of behind-the-scenes missionaries range from 18 to 80+, from high school graduates to retirees.

Do behind-the-scenes missionaries need experience in a high-level skill set to serve with GFA?

While skilled personnel are greatly needed in GFA’s administrative offices, members of the Mission Support Team are not required to hold experience in any specific skill set.

Ultimately, GFA looks for people with a heart to serve in whatever capacity necessary, a love for God and His children, humility and a desire to see lives transformed in Asia.

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