About the Mission Support Team

The Mission Support Team bridges the gap between prayer partners and supporters around the globe and the thousands of national workers in Asia. Comprised of behind-the-scenes missionaries who serve in administrative roles, this team of dedicated individuals and families plays a vital part in enabling GFA-supported national ministers to fulfill their roles on the mission field.

These administrative missionaries serve in a variety of roles within their country’s office. Whether they are answering phones, processing gifts, maintaining GFA office buildings, writing publications or handling HR policies, they are challenged to do all as unto the Lord. Although their daily work is not the typical work of a boots-on-the-ground missionary, their efforts are used by God to result in countless changed lives in nations desperately needing God’s hope and healing.

In addition to their office tasks, behind-the-scenes missionaries actively intercede for the communities and national workers their lives are linked with. With a strong focus on prayer and integrity, the Mission Support Team strives to glorify God both through their work and through their interactions with those inside and outside the office.

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Why Partner with Behind-the-Scenes Missionaries?

Vital Support for 40 Years

Since GFA’s formation in 1979, God has used behind-the-scenes missionaries to provide crucial support for the once-fledgling—and now established—work in Asia. Today, the Mission Support Team is linked to field partners in more than a dozen nations who are ministering in regions home to the highest concentration of people in the world who don’t know Christ. Channeling ministry information to donors and enabling ministry to take place in Asia has resulted in countless lives changed for eternity.

Exponential Ministry

Missionaries serving in behind-the-scenes administrative roles facilitate funds and reports to flow between sponsors and the field. Each behind-the-scenes missionary essentially enables the ministry of more than 100 national workers in Asia and represents more than 500 children who are receiving education and love. In addition, behind-the-scenes missionaries equip thousands of believers around the world to pray for those who have yet to hear about Christ.

Personal Connection

A behind-the-scenes missionary serves as a personal connection to the ministry of GFA and what’s happening on the field. Their firsthand knowledge and experience with GFA’s ministry provide valuable perspective for their prayer and financial partners. There is no language or physical distance barrier between them and their partners, so they can easily communicate via mail, phone or email.


Many behind-the-scenes missionaries have moved across the country, leaving behind promising careers or financial security, in order to serve with GFA. Armed with the conviction of their God-given purpose in serving with GFA, they live economically, focusing their energies and resources into things that carry value in God’s kingdom. Through their office roles, they are able to make a powerful impact on Asia without the high cost of overseas travel.

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A Far-reaching Impact

Every day in Asia, national workers—whose ministry needs are being met through the Mission Support Team—are establishing fellowships, often in areas where there has never before been a gathering of believers. These indigenous congregations are home to new believers whose testimonies are evidence of the fruit of a unified Body of Christ.

Through GFA World’s Bridge of Hope Program, 70,000 children are receiving the opportunity to gain an education and change the direction of their lives. These children are linked to personal sponsors through the Mission Support Team. Without behind-the-scenes missionaries processing child sponsorship donations or preparing and shipping letters between children and sponsors, the program could not function: The field would lack the resources needed for each child’s education and care. Also, communicating with sponsored children—or knowing how to personally pray for them—would be impossible for child sponsors.

These are just two of many examples of what God is accomplishing through the background support provided by the Mission Support Team.

What Can I Do?

Your role as a partner for a behind-the-scenes missionary is just as crucial to the ministry.

Through your prayers and financial support for behind-the-scenes missionaries, they will be able to continue functioning in the roles God has assigned to them. Together, as all members of the Body of Christ fulfill their own God-appointed roles, we can see communities in Asia transformed by God’s love.

You can partner with behind-the-scenes missionaries for as little as $50 per month and enable them to continue supporting the mission field. God alone knows the multitude of lives that will be impacted because of your partnership!

Sponsor a behind-the-scenes missionary

For every $50 pledge to GFA World’s Behind-the-Scenes Missionary Fund, you will receive a packet that includes the photo and personal information of a behind-the-scenes missionary you can pray for and contact. Their personal newsletter updates will help strengthen your relationship and inform you about what God is doing in Asia.

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