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My GFA Story

The Lord gave me a love for the people of Asia at a young age. My parents joined staff with GFA 25 years ago, and our family's involvement played a large role in shaping that love. The Lord impressed upon my heart a strong desire to bring hope to the hopeless, and when I finished school it became my great delight to serve the Lord as full-time staff. 12 years later, the work I do in the office is motivated by the people I've met, the testimonies of restoration and grace (in both hemispheres!) I've heard, and the life-change that is taking place every day. It is rewarding to be part of the astounding work of God, but when all is said and done, it is all about Jesus. Serving is a way of worshipping my Lord, becoming more like Him, and making Him known to all peoples.

What I do

It is my joy to work with the supporters of GFA, by building relationships with our partners in ministry and serving as a point-of-contact. Through phone conversations, correspondence, and prayer I seek to help each individual grow closer to Jesus and more connected to the mission field, with a deeper understanding of their own far-reaching impact. Through interacting with GFA supporters over the years, I have grown passionate about the beautiful way the Lord works through the whole Body of Christ--brothers and sisters across the world all laboring together for His glory!

More About Heather

Where I'm from


Where I Serve

Ministry Partnerships

Favorite Bible verse

Hebrews 4:15-16

Favorite Field Ministry

Women's Ministry

Hobbies and Interests

Watercolor, fresh air, homemade bread

About Partnering with Behind-the-Scenes Missionaries

You can help provide for a member of the Mission Support Team for as little as $50 per month. For each monthly pledge to GFA World’s Behind-the-Scenes Missionary Fund, you will receive a packet that includes the photo and personal information of a behind-the-scenes missionary you can pray for and contact. (To pledge more than $50 monthly, please call us at 1-800-946-2742.)

Whatever role the team member plays in their administrative office—from contacting ministry supporters to processing donations or designing web pages—each one fills a crucial need within the ministry and enables more than 100 national missionaries to minster in Asia.

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