Jesus Well Refreshes Parched Villagers Part II

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Gospel for Asia missionary Harish Kumar was already actively serving the Lord in this village in Uttar Pradesh, but the drilling of a Jesus Well brought much growth to his ministry.
Neelam and her family have come to Christ as a direct result of the Jesus Well that was drilled there.
Beenita, Neelam’s 16-year-old daughter, often helps out by fetching water for the family. Thanks to the Jesus Well, now she doesn’t have too far to walk—just across a field!
"We were going two miles to get good water to drink and for our household needs," Neelam shares. "Now we do not need to go such a long way to get water."
"We are so happy about this Jesus Well. We are drinking this water, using it to cook food, and giving it to our cows and buffalo to drink. We are also washing our clothes and bathing with it."
Neelam and her family are now believers. They are eagerly attending Harish’s church for worship, teaching and fellowship.
Subhaga, another woman in Neelam’s village, has also benefitted from the Jesus Well. Subhaga often draws water for her family, and having the Jesus Well right there in her village has helped her so much.
Touched by the caring gesture of the Jesus Well—as well as Harish’s faithful witness—Subhaga joyfully put her trust in Christ. “The pastor is good to us,” Subhaga shared.
date posted 11/27/07