Jesus Wells: More than Water

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The arid, hot climate and rugged, hilly terrain of Rajasthan, India, make it unfavorable for agriculture, yet poor villagers continue to do their best to scratch a living out of the hard, stubborn ground.
One of the major problems the people in Rajasthan face is limited access to clean water for cooking and drinking.
Imagine if you had to walk for miles to get any water and then had to carry the heavy pots of water all the way back home. This can be even more difficult for the Dalits ("Untouchables") because the high cast people often won't let them draw from the local community wells.
This is where a GFA World Jesus Well comes in. The wells are more than 200 feet deep and cost about $1,000 to drill. But to the people who previously had to walk for miles just to get a drink, they are priceless.
GFA has already drilled dozens of wells in Rajasthan so that everyone in the village—including the Dalits—can have a dependable source of water.
Jesus Wells give GFA missionaries opportunities to share the love of Christ in a practical way.
Missionary Chandan Pandit watches over the workers finishing up the new Jesus Well in his village. The well will vastly improve the people's lives.
Chandan has noticed that the new Jesus Well is already having a very positive effect on his ministry. People are much more open to hearing the gospel because of the way the Jesus Well has blessed their lives.
Because the Jesus Well provides pure, clean water, the people are more accepting of Chandan's message of the living water that Jesus offers.
Missionary Jaiman Kumar wants the same benefits for his village in Rajasthan. There is no electricity or running water in Jaiman's village. Because clean water is hard to find he has been continually praying for a Jesus Well.
Maybe next year the Lord will bring a Jesus Well to his village. But for now Jaiman is thankful for the new Jesus Well that has been installed in a nearby village. The nearest well used to be several miles away, with long waits to draw water. Now water is closer and can be drawn several times a day without a lengthy wait.
Through the Jesus Well, these people are finding the living water offered by Jesus Christ, as a result, many are entering into eternal life with Him.
date posted 08/25/08