Fruit from Gospel Tracts

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Literature is valued in most South Asian nations, especially when written in lesser-known languages or dialects.
Gospel tracts and booklets are rarely thrown away, but rather passed from one person to another.
As the Psalmist says, "The unfolding of Your Word gives light." This light pierces the hearts of even the illiterate, who will have tracts read aloud to them.
Gospel for Asia's publications coordinator has a burden to reach the lost, and he knows that an effective way of doing that is through using Gospel literature and Bibles.
That's why GFA is committed to producing Bibles, New Testaments and millions of pieces of Gospel literature in order to spread the light of Christ.
GFA's four printing presses produce approximately 25 million pieces of literature each month. After production, the literature is boxed and shipped to hundreds of missionaries, pastors and churches.
Missionaries like Joseph carry large bags of tracts for miles in order to bring the Gospel to remote villages.
But their hard labor is worth it when eyes once blinded to the truth are opened for the first time.
"The influence of literature is very high in our country, and the literacy rate is growing rapidly," says Narayan Sharma, GFA's leader in Nepal. "It would be a total failure on our part if we ignore the value and effectiveness of literature evangelism."
Please pray that the Lord will continue to use Gospel tracts to bring the lost to salvation, and fill them with joy in finding Jesus.
posted 02/14/2006