Jesus Well Makes A Huge Difference

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Vincy is the only believer in her family. When she came to Christ, they disowned her. The local villagers opposed her, too, and would not let her come to the well to get water.
She and the other Christians in this area of Rajasthan state, India, had to carry drinking water in pots on their heads from as far away as six miles.
But now, GFA World has drilled a Jesus Well in her village.
Vincy no longer has to travel long distances to get water. The new well is just a short walk from her house.
The Jesus Well in Vincy’s village is 180 feet deep, and the water is sweet and clear.
GFA World missionary P. Kumar, who ministers in this village, invites anyone to pump water from the Jesus Well, regardless of caste or religion.
Not only does the Jesus Well make life easier for the believers, but it is also helping Pastor Kumar to reach the village with the Gospel.
Pastor Kumar is already seeing fruit through the recent growth of his church. He has plans to construct a church building to make room for his growing congregation.
The Jesus Well is proving to be a very good investment in God’s kingdom. In time, many more will come to Christ in this village because of the Jesus Well.
posted 08/08/2006