The Gospel for Asia Women's Ambassador Program

Empower your audience to reach the most despairing women in Asia with Jesus' love.

Did you know that over 50,000 female children are aborted every month in South Asia? Females are the last to eat and the most likely to be illiterate. They're the first to work as child laborers, and sometimes even sold to become one of 1.2 million child prostitutes. As they grow they gain little respect.

They live in the most unreached parts of the world—places that have yet to hear the Gospel. And many women cannot be approached by men due to cultural customs, making their slim chance of hearing the Gospel even slimmer.

Gospel for Asia has a burden to reach them. We believe that uplifting the lives of these women is one of the most significant things that can come about to transform families and communities for Christ.

By becoming an ambassador with GFA, you will:

  • Bring hope to oppressed women in Asia with the love of Jesus.
  • Multiply the impact of your ministry to the far reaches of the world.
  • Help women replace abuse and despair with love, dignity and economic opportunity.
  • Touch the lives of women in unreached parts of Asia no one else can reach.
  • Make it possible for gender barriers to be overcome so women in Asia can hear the Gospel

Read below to learn specific ways you can make a difference for women in Asia. Help women who are faced with difficult choices, and in many cases, have no choice at all for a way out of their desperate plight.

Geeta's choice — To Sin or Die

After six years of marriage, Geeta's husband abandoned her and her children. They were left alone in a slum—one of the filthiest and most dangerous environments in the world.

She began a low-paying job earning 500 rupees per month, only enough to cover her rent. She soon found a second job, but after the cost of bills, little was left for food.

There was no money for her children to attend school. Between two jobs she had no time to be at home. Her children would wander into trouble with no one to protect them.

Video Highlight: To Sin or Die

Watch as Geeta is faced with one of life’s most difficult decisions. Her story is echoed thousands of times by widows in South Asia.

In time, she lost one of her jobs and could no longer pay the rent. She faced the threat of being kicked out into the street. The thought caused despair.

She wanted to die in order to escape the grief, but she shuddered at the thought of what would happen to her children. When her neighbor's husband committed suicide, she saw the woman and her children on the street, ravaged and without protection.

Geeta knew her children would soon enter their teens and become sexual prey in the slums. In fact, in parts of South Asia over 50 percent of children are subject to sexual abuse.

But one day a woman gave her a Gospel tract. It spoke of a God who loved her and cared for her. She had never heard that before and began attending a local fellowship. Through this, her children were able to attend a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center—made possible by sponsors in the West. This gave them education, a daily meal, and a healthy spiritual environment to grow in. Geeta no longer had to worry about her children as she was gone for the day. Through this time, Geeta grew in the Lord.

But her landlord began pressuring her for sexual favors and threatened to kick her out of her home if she didn't comply. Geeta struggled. If she refused and they were kicked out on the streets, her children would suffer the most. But she was a Christian now, and it would be sin. So she and her children prayed.

Through women in the church, her need became known to the local pastor. He himself struggled because Geeta was only one of many women in desperate need. But through the Hope for Suffering Women Fund, enough money was available to help Geeta. The pastor was able to negotiate with the landlord and provide Geeta with a large supply of food.

A few dollars made all the difference.

For Geeta it was only a few dollars that changed her fate. Millions of women are desperate for small amounts like that.

Women like Geeta can also be helped through help for their children.

That is why we also focus on children in GFA's Bridge of Hope. For many women, no other way exists to see their children have an education, good health and a bright future.

It was a day of grief for Lalita. When her husband died, so did her only source of income.

Lalita lived each day in trepidation, not knowing if she'd be able to feed her two children.

Moreover, the future of her children was at stake. She no longer had money to pay for their tuition—a fee even required for elementary school. She herself was illiterate, never having had the opportunity to go to school.

She had the rare opportunity to remarry, but it would mean suffering for her children. In her culture children are treated poorly in remarriage. It was not a choice she was willing to make.

For a time she would sell whatever she could to bring in money, but it was rarely enough to take away the pain of hunger.

But one day, a GFA-suported woman missionary, a pastor's wife, became aware of her plea. Through the generous gifts of donors in the West, sewing machines had been made available to distribute to women in need. The woman missionary urged that Lalita be helped. As a result, the sewing machine soon arrived at her home.

Lalita was overcome with joy. For the first time since her husband's death she had a means to provide for her family. In a matter of weeks she had more work than she could accept. Her children went back to school and Lalita became a witness for the Lord. Unable to contain her joy, she began sharing the love of Christ with everyone who brought her sewing work.

This was all made possible through a woman missionary and an $85 sewing machine—a simple gift Lalita could never afford on her own.

Video Highlight: One Widow's Answered Prayer

Unable to feed her children, this widow cried out to God. See how her prayer was answered.

Lalita represents not a few, but millions of women in need.

Most are like her—illiterate and uneducated. For many, their husbands have died. Others have been tragically abandoned.

Families in Asia are often so poor that they can only survive by taking extreme measures.

For the mother this means prostitution. For their children it means child labor, sex trade, or early marriage.

Three ways you can make a difference for women in Asia

We've identified the three most impactful ways women in Asia can be helped. These are ways in which your audience can take part.

1. Woman Missionary Sponsorship

Gospel for Asia is supporting over 1,000 women missionaries on the field. Their goal is to reach every woman who hasn't heard the Gospel. They play a vital role in ministering to women in need. The need for more missionaries is great.

Support women missionaries and have a direct impact in sharing the love of Christ in Asia.

2. Hope for Suffering Women Fund

Many women in Asia, especially widows, struggle to feed their families. They face pressure to become prostitutes or sell their children into child labor. A few dollars can ultimately make the difference for many of these women.

A $50 donation can provide a woman in crisis with emergency food and supplies for up to a month.

3. Bridge of Hope

Many mothers in Asia had no opportunity for education as children. This means they don't know how to read, train their children properly, or even perform basic hygiene practices. The cost of tuition also keeps their children from elementary school. Other times children must work to feed the family.

Change the fate of their children by providing education and a healthy spiritual environment to grow up in. Also give parents much-needed training, all with a dose of Jesus' love.

How it works

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