Donate Toward Winter Clothing

In winter's biting cold, a simple gift makes a world of difference!

In many regions of Asia, winter temperatures can drop well below freezing. Imagine spending hours outside in frigid temperatures, trekking miles to minister in remote villages or laboring to provide for your family without a warm coat.

Even in more temperate areas, people don't have central heating to warm them in wintertime, and some people have only rags to cover their shivering bodies at night. Imagine trying to sleep through the night in a cold home—or on the streets—without a blanket.

For many in Asia, including GFA workers—and especially poor or vulnerable people who've been overlooked by society—winter is a desperate struggle.

You can help sustain their bodies and warm their hearts in the cold.

  • Not all of Asia is hot and humid. In India, temperatures lower than -20° F have been recorded!
  • Winter clothing and blankets can be incredibly expensive in Asia, especially in remote, mountainous areas.

Bring Warmth Through Simple, Affordable Gifts

These affordable gifts will provide opportunity and hope in Jesus' name.


  • Protect multiple family members from freezing on winter nights. They are especially vital for children or the elderly, whose lives can be more easily at risk in extreme cold.
  • Exemplify God's love for people in need, especially those neglected by the rest of society. GFA-supported workers are frequently able to provide blankets to people such as leprosy patients, widows and the homeless.
  • Provide a good night's sleep so gift recipients have energy for a day of work or ministry.

Winter Clothing Packets

  • Protect the health of missionaries or other recipients as they minister or labor outdoors in the winter.
  • Encourage national missionaries and help them minister in more homes and villages when the cold weather keeps people indoors.
  • Allow people with outdoor labor jobs to work longer hours in the cold and earn more income for their families.
Film Showing

Read a story about how receiving winter clothing changed the lives of a national missionary and a laborer.

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