How to Pray for Girls in Asia

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It’s hard to talk about what many young girls go through in Asia, because their suffering is so intense. It’s difficult to grasp some of these realities.

The lives of many girls are in danger before they’re even born. In fact, in some parts of Asia, it’s illegal for women to get an ultrasound for their baby, because once they find out their child is a girl, many will want to abort her right away.

If a baby girl in Asia is born to the world without being aborted, her life might be one we would never want to imagine our own daughters or nieces going through . For instance, if a family doesn’t have enough food for each family member on any given day, the daughters may eat last—or might not get to eat that night.

But what’s even more heart-breaking is the harsh reality that some girls (as young as 4-years-old)are forced into a life of prostitution. Others are the first of the children sent to work a hard labor job to help provide for the family.

Though we can’t see these girls’ beautiful faces in person, God sees each one of them, and He won’t stop until every girl knows their value and worth to Jesus. As we observe International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, let’s pray for these girls facing unimaginable suffering and trust God that He will do miracles.

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