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I was born into an orthodox non-Christian family in Bhutan. Since childhood, I along with my parents offered some sacrifices to our deities. Moreover, my grandfather was one of the most popular witchdoctors in my village, and it was the reason we strongly opposed Christianity and their teachings. One day, I along with my older sister happened to attend a Gospel youth meeting and there I learned about Jesus and was convinced to believe in Him.

Sadly, after two months of this incident, I felt severely sick. Immediately my parents took me to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed that it was brain tumor. The doctor discovered that it was not possible to operate unlike other brain tumor case. So, my parents took me to a witchdoctor and did all the sacrifices to our deities but nothing worked out. So, I prayed to the Lord to heal me from my sickness. As an answer to my prayer, the Lord healed me. Finally, in front of my parents I revealed my faith in Jesus and received Him as my personal Savior.

Since then, I was rejected by my parents and relatives. In spite of all opposition, I was filled with peace in my heart. Eventually, I developed a desire to serve the Lord. Being confirmed of my call, with the help of a pastor, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.


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