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Missionary Mantu



I was born on April 4, 1968 into a non-Christian family in India. I belonged to a tribal (Santhali) family and we worshipped many gods and goddesses. We worshipped demons, too, and had to offer sacrifices to appease them. I became addicted to alcohol. I was in complete darkness and there was no peace in my family.
Then the Lord intervened and changed my life. Once a pastor shared to me from the living Word, and my attention was captured by the Scriptures. He asked me to put my faith in Jesus, and I gave myself wholly to the Lord.
Jesus changed my life. Peace welled up within my heart, and I became a new creation in Christ. By God’s grace, soon my whole family came to the Lord. But many of our relatives became enemies and they broke all relationship with us.
The Lord was my refuge and strength in the time of trials. Later when God inspired me to become a minister, I yielded my life to Him and joined for a short-term Bible course.

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