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Missionary Kattam



I was born on December 12, 1978 into a non-Christian family in India. I worshiped numerous idol gods. Daily I went to the temple and bowed before the idols.
One day I fell sick with high fever. I prayed to the idol gods and offered sacrifices to them in order to be delivered from my sickness. But all my attempts ended up a failure.
During this period one pastor happened to visit my house. The pastor encouraged me by sharing the Good News of Jesus, which brought a ray of hope in my life. I realized that I needed Jesus in my life. And I accepted Jesus as personal Savior. The Lord set me free from my sickness through constant prayer. I committed my life for full-time ministry as I was assured of God’s calling. To be well versed in the Scripture, I joined a Bible school where committed people are trained to be effective.

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