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Missionary Padda



I was born on July 25, 1967 into a nominal Christian family in India. I had the privilege to attend Sunday school and worship services. But the truth about salvation was hidden to me. I lived within the framework of church traditions.
Unfortunately with time my health was greatly affected with a severe lung problem, and there was not much strength left in me. Medicines and doctors could not help. My life became miserable with every passing day.
Then once quite by chance I attended a prayer meeting in a believer’s home. That day became the turning point in my life. God spoke to me through His Word about my sinful state. And I was cut to the core of my being. Thus I accepted Jesus into my heart.
Seeking the will of God for my future, I was directed to do full-time ministry. And being filled with the burden for the lost millions I dedicated myself for the Lord’s service with much joy. Later I was enrolled in a Bible school to train myself for the task ahead.

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