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Missionary Gangipogu



I was born on June 4, 1980 into a nominal Christian family in India. I could not comprehend the meaning of Christianity. Since childhood I had a frivolous attitude towards life. I would hang around with friends indulging in bad habits. I had practically no spiritual life. My parents were worried over my behavior and future.
One Sunday, I with my friends decided to attend the church service just for the fun of seeing ladies. But I was taken off guard by the spiritual atmosphere of the church. I began to feel a spiritual thirst in my soul. Then the pastor preached about Jesus’ crucifixion. I realized that I was a sinner. While concluding his sermon the pastor said that we only needed to ask God’s forgiveness to be freed from our sins. Hearing this, I gave my heart to Christ and decided to live as a new creation.
As I drew closer to the Lord, I felt God’s calling upon my life. In obedience to His call I enrolled myself at a Bible school.

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