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Missionary Amrit



I was born on November 7, 1976 into a non-Christian family in India. I visited many temples and worshipped idols made by human hands, trying to attain peace and salvation. Yet, none of my efforts or religious practices brought happiness or peace in my life.
During this period, I heard a man of God who preached the Salvation message of Jesus Christ. At first I rejected the truth, but later, I understood that it was for me that Jesus had sacrificed His life on the Cross. I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to forgive me. At once the loneliness within me departed and heavenly peace and contentment replaced it.
After my encounter with the Lord I started attending the worship services and prayer meetings in the church. The joy deep down in my heart inspired me to share the love of Jesus to the lost souls in my village. Soon, I sensed my Savior’s call for the ministry. Joyfully I accepted it and soon enrolled in a Bible school to acquire knowledge of the Word.

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