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Missionary Nandu


I was born on September 7, 1986 into an non-Christian family in India. I followed the non-Christian religious practices of worshipping nature and ancestral spirits. But I never received peace or happiness in my life.
I chanced to attend a prayer meeting in our village. The pastor preached the Word of God and explained about the consequences of sin and Jesus’ love toward a sinner.
I began to think deeply about my life and understood that I was a wreck. I also realized that I could come out from the sinful habits only through Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.
As I met my Savior I was filled with peace and joy. I experienced the blessings of God.
I began to look at the lives of many who live around me, and realized their pitiful condition of living without Jesus. Thinking of their eternity, I started asking God to guide me to reach them. The Almighty called me to work among the perishing. I dedicated my life to His service and enrolled in a training center.

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