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Missionary Boronson



I was born on February 15, 1980 into a non-Christian family in India. My parents saw to it that I was aware of every rite and ritual prescribed by our faith. But these never brought about satisfaction.
Soon I was hooked into intoxicating substances. Now the major problem faced by me was, money and for me the easiest way was stealing and this I started doing it.
Meanwhile, I realized the hopeless condition in which I had gotten myself into. I tried for solution in my faith and was disappointed. Once, a servant of God came and began sharing the Gospel of Christ with me. I requested him to pray for me, and later I was totally freed from it.
I was surprised by the changes, for now I could live without drugs. I went to the pastor, and he enabled me to receive the Lord as my personal Savior. At this point the burning desire within me was to serve my Master and so I prayed. Upon getting a confirmation, I enrolled myself in a Bible school.

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