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Missionary Kensing



I was born on April 15, 1981 into a non-Christian family in India. Since childhood, I was trained to follow all the customs prescribed by this faith. Even after doing these, there did exist a vacuum in me.
Meanwhile, this quest to fill the emptiness of my life lead me to the various sinful entertainment provided by the world and kept plunging deep into this miry pit.
At last I decided to end my life, but heard a man at the preaching about salvation. The servant of God was preaching about Jesus. These words worked deep into my heart, and I received the Lord as my personal Savior.
Subsequently, I became regular to the local church. This new found faith of mine was detested by my folks and they tried their best to get me deny it.
As days went by, the spiritual growth triggered a hunger in me to serve the Master to win the lost. This I presented to Him in prayer and upon receiving confirmation, I joined a Bible school to get myself equipped.

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