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Missionary Gnanaprakasam


I was born on May 12, 1969 into a nominal Christian family in India. I hardly took time to pray or read the Bible. Thus my Christian life went on without any real depth to it.
Days went by, and I began to realize that whatever I did could bring no peace or joy in my life. Thus I was fed up with life.
It was during this time that I happened to receive a copy of the New Testament. I started to read it, and for the first time I came to know of Jesus so much in my life.
Meanwhile, I moved away from home in search of a job. Now settled there, I happened to pass by a place where an evangelical meeting was going on. I listened to the sermon and the Word of God came right across to me, and I received Jesus as my Savior.
Life has changed a lot since then. I started reading the Bible regularly and was burdened with a need to share the Gospel. When the Lord confirmed His calling, I enrolled in a Bible school to equip myself for the ministry.

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