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Missionary Binod



I was born on July 6, 1988 into a non-Christian family in India. As a child, I was very interested in idol worship and venerated our numerous gods and goddesses.
Even though I was very staunch in my faith, I lacked peace and joy. To attain these, I wallowed in sinfulness. This only led me to destruction and never filled my empty heart.
One day, one of my cousins came to see me. Since he was a born-again Christian, he started sharing the Gospel with me. God’s love so touched my heart that I made a decision to follow Him. I confessed my trespasses to Jesus and asked Him to be my personal Savior.
Immense peace and happiness flooded into my heart. I was no longer a worldly person.
When my family realized my faith in Jesus, they persecuted me. The villagers too opposed me. Neither persecution nor difficulties could take away my love for God. In the days that followed, I felt that God was calling me to serve Him full time. Confirmed of the divine call, I enrolled in a GFA Bible school.

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