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Missionary Dhanraj


I was born on July 21, 1979 in a non-Christian family in India. I went to temple to worship idols. However, I was not away from bad habits. I involved in all wrong activities and became an alcoholic.
My addiction to liquor made me seriously sick. I prayed to many gods and goddesses to heal me, but my prayers were not answered.
At this hour, a servant of God came to our house to share the Gospel. After explaining the love of Jesus, the pastor prayed for me. That moment, I began to feel changes taking place in my body. Later, I was completely healed. That day, I understood that Jesus is the true God. I repented of my sins and received Christ as my personal Savior. Soon my family also enthroned Christ as their Savior.
From then on we started attending church. The Word that we learned from the pastor enriched us spiritually.
As the time went by, I perceived a call from the Lord to serve Him full time. I responded to His call and enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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