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Missionary Keshob


I was born on August 17, 1986 into a non-Christian family in India. My parents were staunch in their faith toward the deities, and paid regular visits to many temples.
Even though I worshipped many gods, I always had a feeling of emptiness in me. As the years passed, I started to feel more empty and lonely.
Once, I met a pastor who stayed in a nearby village. On the course of our conversation, the pastor said that Christ is the only One who would fill the void in me. On that day, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
My life changed completely. The Lord started to do great wonders in my life. The empty feeling in me vanished and I was filled with the presence of the Lord.
As I grew up in the Lord, I felt an urge within me to proclaim the Gospel to the perishing souls of my state. I understood God’s call and committed my life. Later, I joined a GFA Bible School to equip myself for His ministry.

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