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Missionary Suman



I was born on in a nominal Christian family in India. Even though I went to church regularly and practiced liturgies, I did not live according to the Word.
One day, I fell severely sick due to the attack of the powers of darkness. I consulted with several doctors, but they were unable to find the reason behind my sickness. In the meantime, my father happened to visit one of my relatives’ home where he met a pastor. When the man of God shared the Word, my dad was deeply touched. He asked the pastor to pray for me. The pastor came home and prayed for me. As a result, the Lord set me free. That very day, my entire family surrendered our lives to Jesus and received Him as our personal Savior.
Along with my family, I regularly attended a believers’ church. The Scriptural teachings I heard there nourished my inner man.
As I matured in my faith, the Lord placed a burden in my heart to reach the perishing souls with His love. When I was confirmed of my call, I joined a GFA Bible School.

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