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Missionary Peroj


I was born on June 30, 1992, into a believers’ family in India. My parents were devout followers of Christ and took much delight in sending us to Sunday school and church activities regularly.
Growing up, the bad company of friends whom I entertained in my life influenced me into the worldly activities. Eventually, I continued to lead my life in accordance with the pattern of this world.
As the years passed by, one day I happened to meet my pastor who shared from the Word and the Gospel he shared convicted my heart greatly. Being deeply convicted, I repented all my sins and received Him as my personal Savior.
Following, I became regular to the church and participated in all the activities sincerely. By constant reading of the Word, I began to walk closer with the Lord.
As the days rolled by, the Scripture helped me to develop a deep passion to study the Word of God in a systematic manner. Eventually, I received His calling and joined a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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