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Missionary Rameswar


I was born on April 2, 1965 in a non-Christian family in India. I worshipped numerous gods and goddesses.
As I grew older, I often found myself in the midst of a wrong group and wasted my time. Yet, I never experienced the real peace within, and on the other side people misunderstood me that I was a bad person. In the meantime, I married and had two children.
Years later, my wife began to be tormented by the powers of darkness. Though we took her to many witch doctors, nothing good resulted. During this time, a believer asked me to take my wife to a nearby church. I then took her to the church, and the pastor prayed for her. She was delivered from the powers of darkness. We confessed our sins and along with my wife I received Jesus as my Savior.
Instantly, our hearts were filled with great joy. Soon, I grew in the Lord. Gradually, the Lord called me for His service and I enrolled in a Bible school. Later I joined with Gospel for Asia ministries to build His kingdom.

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