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Missionary Paul



I was born September 10, 1970, in a non-Christian family in India. As a family, we worshipped a host of gods and goddesses and spent hours in performing rituals.

My younger brother was studying in a Christian school. During those days, he would receive tracts and booklets from the school. Once, my father noticed these tracts, as he read them he wanted to know more about Christ and asked the nuns to come home and share more about Jesus Christ. They took this opportunity and shared the love of Christ with us. As a result, we were touched by the message and along with my family I confessed my sins and received Christ as my personal Savior.

Our friends and relatives came to know about our newfound faith, they began to oppose us. In the following days, my father passed away. To earn our living I went to another place along with my family.

As days passed by, the love of God began to increase in my heart. In the meantime, a desire grew in my heart to serve the Lord as long as I live. Thorough constant time spent in prayer I was confirmed of His divine call and I enrolled in a GFA Bible School

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