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Missionary Vilas


I was born July 20, 1987, into a traditional non-Christian family in India. My parents were farmers. They were followers of our faith and worshipped gods and goddesses and observed all the rituals at the temple.

During my teens, my father suffered from some kind of sickness. We took him to hospitals and gave lots of medicines but there was no improvement. By seeing our father’s condition, we were so much discouraged and we lost peace and happiness in our lives.

One day, a Bible woman came to our home and shared about Jesus. She said that Jesus could give peace. Those words motivated us to have faith on Jesus. The Bible woman prayed for my father and he got healing. That very moment, I committed my heart to Jesus. I realized that I was a sinner. I then confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

As days passed by, I started to pray and read the Bible everyday. As I spent time in God’s presence, a desire grew in my heart to serve Him. After prayer, God confirmed me of His calling and I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School to equip myself for the ministry.

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