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Missionary Mahadev


I was born May 13, 1991, into a non-Christian family in India. Following the footsteps of our ancestors, I visited the temples and offered sacrifices to the gods and goddesses.

As days went by, my mother was affected by a certain sickness. In this situation, my father took her to the hospital. But after checkup, the doctor told us she was anemic. And he told us that once in a month she had to get fresh blood in her body. Hearing this, my father was depressed because we could not afford such expenses.

During this time, one of our neighbors who was a believer suggested us to take my mother to the church. Hence we took her to a nearby church. There we met a servant of God. My father told him about my mother’s sickness. He encouraged us through the Word of God. Then along with the elders of the church, he prayed for my mother’s healing. To our amazement, instantly my mother got healing. While praying, I confessed my sins and received Christ as my personal Savior.

Eventually, I had a great desire to share the Good news. Thus, I dedicated myself for His kingdom. With the help of our church pastor, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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